Language of the heart – Author Ramesh Sharma believes being spiritual is being human

Language of the heart – Author Ramesh Sharma believes being spiritual is being human
by Bissme S.

Since young, Ramesh Sharma has been fascinated about finding out the true purpose of human life. As he grew older, he continued with his quest, even going on trips to India to meet up with spiritual gurus.

Two years ago, the 53-year-old former salesman decided to write down his experiences.

A Buddhist Disciple Muk Tho’s Journey of Spiritual Mystic (Pristine Books, RM33.80) tells of some experiences which might seem ‘miraculous’ and somewhat out of this world.

For instance, there is the story about a garland his mother had placed on a photograph of Indian mystic Sathya Sai Baba which, his mother claimed, had grown longer.

“When she first told me about it, I didn’t believe her,” says Ramesh (bottom) at a recent reading of his book. “So when my mother told me again that the garland had grown longer, I was ready to prove her wrong.”

He decided to measure its length. To his surprise, he found the garland had actually grown longer! In the end, it grew so long that it touched the floor of the prayer room where the photo was placed.

Ramesh, who was 12 then, was speechless and spellbound.

Then when he was 15, he was stung on the hand by a bee. While getting ready to go to the hospital, his maid suddenly went into a trance and acted like she was possessed by the monkey god Hanuman (an Indian deity).

She grabbed his hand and sucked out the poison.

“I was trembling at that time,” he recalls. “Amazingly, the swelling on my hand went down.”

Another story also concerned his mother. During a trip to see Sathya Sai Baba in India years ago, she was given a locket by this holy man. But on the day she died, the locket mysteriously disappeared and was never found.

Of course, sceptics might have a hard time digesting some of these stories but Ramesh remains unperturbed.

“Miracles and divine interventions are experienced by people of all religions and races,” claims the author, who grew up in Penang.

“Spirituality cannot be found in books nor can it be intellectualised. It needs to be experienced through self endeavour and enquiry. Do not take my word for it.”

He encourages people to go on their own journey to find the meaning of life, love and god. “You cannot look for those things from other people’s experiences,” he adds.

Ramesh also believes that the human race will always want to be one with the Creator. “But man must be sincere in his quest to be connected to God. Being sincere means not asking for material wealth all the time. The human race always asks for the wrong things from God.

“Real happiness is not always equated to the material things in life but rather, it is within you – the way you feel and see things in life with contentment.”

He believes that God wants the human race to lead a fruitful life. “You should ask for virtues that will make you a better person. You should ask for strength and guidance.

“When you leave this world, you’re going to leave your money behind and where you’re going will depend on your good deeds.”

He dismisses the notion that being spiritual is about wearing robes, chanting mantras and meditating in a cave. “Being spiritual is being human,” he says. “And being human is about touching someone’s heart.”

Pointing to the late Mother Teresa as an example of a truly great human being, Ramesh says she once brought home a dying homeless man and bathed and cleaned him. She held his hand as he breathed his last.

“Before dying, the homeless man apparently told her: ‘I had lived my life as a pauper but I’m going to die as a king’.

The man was grateful that there was someone who loved him enough to clean him up and hold his hand on his deathbed. It is love that everyone is craving for, and not material wealth.”

It was his mother, Nivedita Joshi, who triggered his interest in spirituality. She was an ardent reader of books on this subject.

He was especially struck by a line in one book, Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. It says: “Why do you search for me when I am within you,” which he found very comforting.

Years later, when he inherited most of her books after her death, he read all of them and they opened up a whole new world of experiences for him – one that he cherishes till today.


Dr. Wayne Dyer – Experiencing Swami From Within

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer – Experiencing Swami From Within
– By Ted Henry

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a prominent American best-selling author and internationally recognized lecturer. Recently he was interviewed for a television news programme in Cleveland, Ohio. In the course of that interview Sathya Sai Baba’s name came up, and at the first mention of Sai Baba tears appeared in his eyes. He has never seen Sathya Sai Baba in person but said that he was well acquainted with Baba because He appeared often in his dreams.

How come Sathya Sai Baba is blessing Dyer by regularly appearing in his dreams? That is because Dyer is an intensely spiritual person. He is regularly featured on Public Television in America and he is considered one of the foremost inspirational speakers in the field of spiritual growth and personal development. He has written 25 books over the last 30 years, many of which have been bestsellers throughout the world.

For the first decade of his life, Dyer lived in an orphanage and foster homes. He now looks back on those years as being some of the most formative years of his life, a time during which he learnt the important lesson of self-reliance. He sees himself as the Eternal Soul who is disguised as an author, lecturer, father, husband and a thousand other things – he obviously takes his Advaitam seriously.

Part of Dyer’s popularity is due to the inclusion of many quotes from Swami in his books and presentations. One of his observations demonstrates his closeness to the Teachings of Sai Baba: “Send out love and harmony, put your mind and body in a peaceful place, and then allow the universe to work in the perfect way it knows how”.

In public lectures around the world, Dyer invariably brings up the name of Sai Baba. “I am not sure why He comes to me,” he says, “it just started happening several years ago. This is a Being who lives at God Consciousness who has, as Jesus had, the ability to manifest at will (like Jesus manifested fish and loaves). All of us have the ability to manifest, but there is the timeline between what we think and what we do.”

In a recent TV interview Dyer exclaimed, “Even as you speak (about Sai Baba), I get very emotional. I could almost break down and cry right now. It’s not a tear of sadness; it’s not a feeling that I am hurt in any way. It’s just the most blissful, peaceful (feeling). Do you know what it feels like to be in a warm shower when you have been out in the cold? It’s like having a warm shower running inside of you.”

This is how Dyer describes Baba’s appearances in his dreams:
“It’s an energy that moves up and down your spine and gives you goose flesh; only, it’s internal goose flesh. It’s just bliss. That’s the way it is and that’s how I feel.”

When asked why others don’t have such access to the many qualities of Sathya Sai Baba, Dyer replied that everyone has access but they do not want it. He adds, “It’s just that they believe they don’t. It’s like your question itself (about this) has resistance built in to it. You know the idea is that if you believe you don’t have something, then you don’t have it.”

Dyer says this is how people create resistance to what they want. “If you use phrases like ‘the worst-case scenario’ then you just can’t have ‘the best-case scenario’. You know, ‘as a man thinks, so he is’. It’s based on simple metaphysics. Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

Often in his talks and frequently in his writings, Dyer teaches about non-attachment. About meeting Sai Baba in India one day he says, “I am not attached to it at all. Honestly, I am not. I don’t have any illusion that if He were to walk into this room right now, that it would be any different from this very experience (of talking about Him) right now”. Dyer adds, “It’s because I already feel Baba’s presence in this room right now. It’s just that strong.”

Dyer says, “I have a very, very strong internal knowing about my connection to Source (God) and Sai Baba is someone who lives at this level of God Consciousness. In David Hawkins book Power v/s Force, he speaks of a handful of people who live at this God-Realized level. He says they are steadfast in their abstention of thoughts of harm, that they don’t exclude anyone and that they include all, and Baba is one of those beings that calibrates at one of those exceptionally high spiritual levels that is commensurate with Source. He is Source Energy. He lives at Source Energy. He is God. We are all pieces of God, and He is there all the time.”

The latest book written by Dyer, The Power of Intention, describes the force brought to an individual’s life by ego and how it interacts with fear. “When you get ego out of the way,” he says, “when you just allow (life to be) and if you knew who it was who was walking beside you at all times on this path, then you would have no fear”. Dyer continues: “One of the quotes I like from Swami Paramananda is that when you reach God realization, nothing can go wrong, nothing can go wrong. All you have to do is live at the level I am speaking about and you don’t have to go around practising or worrying about it, you just have to reach for higher vibrational energy at any moment, which means staying connected to Source. One of the great questions to ask is, ‘Would God have this thought?’, and then to remind yourself that you are God, that you are a piece of God.”

Dyer says that by definition, anything that excludes cannot be spiritual. And he says that nearly all religions exclude. It’s one of the thoughts that makes this famous author so popular among those who know him. His life is dedicated to inclusiveness. It’s one of the reasons he speaks so forcefully about Sathya Sai Baba. He knows Sai Baba is all about inclusion. If Wayne Dyer is against anything for anyone, it is exclusion.


The Interviews

Sathya Sai Baba Interviews

Sathya Sai Baba Interviews

The Interviews

People of other countries referred to this country by several names. However, even now, when Indians go abroad, they introduce themselves saying, “I am from Delhi; I am from Kolkata; I am from Bengaluru”, etc., instead of replying “I am from Bharath.” These are actually cities and regions which form part of India. Hence, it would be appropriate to say that you are from India. Wherever you go, you must be proud to refer to yourself as Bharatheeyas. The name ‘Bharatha’ has great significance. ‘Bha’ refers to ‘Bhagawan’ or ‘God’ and ‘ratha’ refers to ‘Love’. Thus, Bharatheeyas are people who love God. The country of Bharath has acquired its name on account of such people inhabiting it. (Sathya Sai Baba: Divine Discourse on Onam, 12th September 2008)

“Are you staying a little time?” “Of course, of course!” I said “Come back the day after tomorrow, and I give one hour to discuss all these things.” The words, when read, might appear casual, but Sathya Sai Baba talks to you as if you are the only person in the world. He does so with tender concern, intimacy and emphasis, looking into your eyes, and with that beautiful, understanding smile. He gives everything…writes Peggy Mason.

With a last smile to us both, He turned towards an inner room through a curtain. He seemed to float away rather than walk, with that gentle movement which is indescribable. I have to keep on using the word “gentle” in connection with Sathya Sai Baba. He is the embodiment of Love. If, on occasion, He ever appears stern in any way, it is only the appearance, only out of love, if correction is needed, or in order to induce people to examine themselves, to “enquire within”, for their own sake.

I have no idea how long or how short that interview was, for time stands still in His presence. One is transported to another dimension. When He bestows personal attention, one experiences so much more than any actual words—from His expressions, movements, voice, and being within that radiant rose pink aura, ‘the memory of which can never dim once it has been experienced’.

The fact is that no one can attempt to analyse or explain anything about Him. As He once gave out: “I am beyond the reach of the most intensive inquiry and the most meticulous measurement. Only those who have recognised My love and experienced that love can assert that they have glimpsed My reality”

I passed a strange but wonderful night. My whole being, seemed galvanized into greater intensity and life.

During the interview Sathya Sai Baba did what I am sure He had planned to do the day before! He took hold of my chain and pendant again, and asked: “Wouldn’t you like a real one? This is imitation.” Whereupon He circled His hand in the air and produced a charming silvery disc with His face on one side and the OM sign on the other. What a joy! It was of course what I had secretly longed for, but would not ask!

A little later He asked Ron what He wanted. Ron said, “To love more, and something from you, Swami.” Immediately Swami circled His hand again, and produced a gorgeous oval ring made of Swami’s “five metals,” with a coloured picture of His head in enamel.

He leaned forward and pushed it firmly onto the fourth finger of Ron’s left hand. It fitted perfectly, and was exactly what Ron had day dreamed about in the aeroplane on the flight to India- even the correct finger!

But a further and most unexpected blessing was yet to come which completely overwhelmed me. During a general conversation Satya Sai Baba turned to me again, and asked, “Do you do sadhana?” (a form of prayer and meditation). “Yes, Swami.” “When?” “At night, Swami.” To my wonderment He circled His hand several times in the air. As everyone gasped, out fell a long, beautiful 108 bead japamala—rosary necklace. Its total length, were if undone, is 48 inches and can be worn doubled round the neck and still be ample.

It just streamed down from his fingers like a cascade of crystal light. With an almost casual gesture, He spread it out with both hands and threw it over my head onto my shoulders without touching a single hair. “Oh Swami!” was all I could say, hardly believing that I had been blessed with two gifts from Him at one interview! (And always there was Vibhuti).

This is what He has said about such gifts:

“Do not crave from Me trivial material objects: but crave for Me, and you would be rewarded. Not that you should not receive whatever objects I give as sign of grace out of the fullness of love. I shall tell you why I give these rings, talismans, rosaries, etc. It is to mark the bond between me and those to whom they are given. When calamity befalls them, the article comes to me in a flash and returns in a flash, taking from me the remedial grace of protection. That grace is available to all who call on Me in any name or form, not merely to those who wear these gifts. Love is the bond that wins grace.”

(from Sanathana Sarathi, September, 1980)