Fighting The Smears – Htaccess Redirects And Framed Webpages

Fighting The Smears – Htaccess Redirects And Framed Webpages
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Sai Baba Critic Robert Priddy And The $1,000,000 Legal Suit For Defamation Against Him

Sai Baba Critic Robert Priddy And The $1,000,000 Legal Suit For Defamation Against Him
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Robert Priddy’s Disgusting Lie About Joy Thomas

Robert Priddy’s Disgusting Lie About Joy Thomas

Robert Priddy (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba and others) blatantly lied about Joy Thomas and viciously and erroneously claimed she was “left to bleed to death in a Sai Hospital by a prominent Sai doctor”. See the following screen-cap taken from Robert Priddy’s Anti-Sai website:

Robert Priddy - First Time Lie About Joy Thomas

Robert Priddy - First Time Lie About Joy Thomas

Needless to say, this is a malicious lie, one of many spread by Robert Priddy on his error-filled Anti-Baba websites and blogs. Notice how Robert Priddy did not divulge the name of the “prominent Sai doctor”? As a matter of fact, a common theme among Robert Priddy’s writings are his reference to unnamed people. Robert Priddy does not know the names of the people he references because the stories he attributes to them are fraudulent (just as in this case with Joy Thomas).

Moreno personally knew Joy Thomas and was at Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram in Puttaparthi when she moved out of her round-house flat and returned to the USA. The following comment was posted on Joy Thomas’ former official website: “In Loving Memory: Our beloved Joy peacefully merged with Baba at 12:50 p.m. Saturday, April 17th, 1999 at Hemet, California.” (Reference).

Joy Thomas Died In The USA

Joy Thomas Died In The USA

Joy Thomas died in her home in the USA. She was not “left to bleed to death in a Sai Hospital” as Robert Priddy erroneously and maliciously contended. Robert Priddy adamantly refuses to correct this bold-faced and shameless lie on his defamatory and error-filled Anti-Sai website.

November 23rd 2007 – Joy Thomas Update:
Even though this article was originally released on May 25th 2006, Robert Priddy wrote another blogged article on September 18th 2007 (sixteen months later) and still repeated his brazen lie about Joy Thomas being left to die in a Sai Hospital by a prominent Sai Doctor. The only difference is that Robert Priddy claimed the prominent Sai Doctor was “reportedly some Dr. Singh”.

Robert Priddy - Second Time Lie About Joy Thomas

Robert Priddy - Second Time Lie About Joy Thomas

Even though the facts are staring Robert Priddy in the face, he purposely ignores them because he is a tabloid-like leech who feeds off of the sleaze and slime in Anti-Sai gutters. Ex-Devotees adamantly refuse to correct their errors because they wish to inflict emotional trauma on unsuspecting Sai Devotees by deceiving them with fraudulent information obtained through rumors, gossips and unnamed sources.

Robert Priddy’s ‘Bomb Argument’ Explodes In His Face

Robert Priddy’s ‘Bomb Argument’ Explodes In His Face

Robert Priddy (a caustic critic of Sathya Sai Baba) recently published a blogged article in which he castigated the website for deleting a quote allegedly taken from Sathya Sai Baba’s convocation discourse. To bolster his claim, Robert Priddy shrieked that he screen-captured the saibabaofindia webpage before the quote was deleted. Robert Priddy said:
Typical of the cover-up of all Sai believers, and as I predicted on this blog site some days ago – has also removed their web page in which they rashly posted what Sai Baba said only days before the Mumbai terror attacks. (The have reposted the Convocation address without the blunder on another URL. What a disinforming propaganda website!) The original was at link, and the crucial part was captured on screen before it was deleted (see on right).

The offending text, which may well have influenced the blind devotee, former Union Minister of Home Affairs Shivaj Patil, to take it easy on the terror threat- was:-

“India is the only place where people are not worried about any attacks. In America , Germany and other countries, they cant eat well or sleep well. There is fear of bombs always in those countries. But in India, there is no fear of bombs. India will never have any such attacks.” Sathya Sai Baba 22-10-2008

Since Robert Priddy believes it is OKAY to screen-capture webpages to other websites (and does not see it as an issue of infringment), I am providing the following screen-capture to his absurd article that was posted on his Anti-Sai WordPress blog:

Robert Priddy’s Absurd Claim

Robert Priddy’s Absurd Claim

Since Robert Priddy is a proven pathological prevaricator, I decided to re-check his alleged “scholarly” claim for myself.

  • First and foremost, Robert Priddy lied when he said the quote was deleted from the saibabaofindia website. It was not deleted, is still available (Ref) and I even obtained a recent screen-capture myself:
    SaiBabaOfIndia Recent Screencap

    SaiBabaOfIndia Recent Screencap

  • Secondly, the convocation discourse was delivered on November 22nd 2008, not October 22nd 2008 as erroneously and falsely claimed by Robert Priddy.
  • Thirdly, Robert Priddy misquoted the original post and said “India is the only place where people are not worried about any attacks…” instead of saying Talking about India Swami said, India is the only place where people are not worried about any attacks…” (which would have revealed that the quote was summarized by a Sai Devotee and was not an official translation).
  • Lastly, the quote in question (which was obtained from memory by a Sai Devotee in the crowd) did not come from the official discourse, was not published on an official Sathya Sai website and was not even a full translation to the full discourse (it was simply a personal summation recollected from memory)! Therefore Robert Priddy lied again when he attributed the quote directly to Sathya Sai Baba.

Barry Pittard, Brian Steel and Robert Priddy have written idiotic blogged posts claiming that Sathya Sai Baba said out of his own mouth that India had “no fear of bombs” just a week before the Mumbai Terror Attacks. Needless to say, no “bombs” fell on India during the Mumbai Terror Attacks and the official discourse (published the same day it was delivered) made no mention to bombs whatsoever.

Therefore, critic’s cannot say with any certainty that Sathya Sai Baba made that claim out of his own mouth although they directly attributed the “bomb” quote to Sathya Sai Baba as if they were citing an official translation taken from an official Sathya Sai website. The quote in question did not come from the official translation, nor did it come from an official Sathya Sai website.

Let us take a look at the quote in question (recollected from memory) made by a Sai Devotee on the saibabaofindia Yahoo Group:

Yahoo Group Quote: “…Talking about India Swami said, India is the only place where people are not worried about any attacks. In America , Germany and other countries, they can’t eat well or sleep well. There is fear of bombs always in those countries. But in India , there is no fear of bombs. India will never have any such attacks…” (Ref)

Even if one were to accept this summation as true, the context to the quote is quite clear:

  • The weapons in question are “bombs”.
  • The “bombs” in question are feared by America, Germany and other countries (indicating nuclear bombs).
  • India will not be attacked by these “bombs”, which are feared by other countries.

Needless to say, no “bombs” (which are feared by other countries) were dropped on India during the Mumbai terror attacks, hence the idiocy of critic’s strawman arguments and extreme, absurd and fanatic misrepresentations.

Therefore, the only “disinforming propaganda websites” are the ones belonging to Barry Pittard, Brian Steel and Robert Priddy. Far be it for Robert Priddy to call others “blind devotees” when he was a “blind devotee” for 17-26 years and even hailed Sai Baba as the Avatar of the Age and God Incarnate! The more Robert Priddy attacks Sai Devotees for their “stupidity”, “blindness”, “gullibility”, “naivete”, etc., the stronger he implicates himself as having possessed these qualities for decades.

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Kevin Shepherd And PhD Timothy Conway

Kevin Shepherd And PhD Timothy Conway

Although Kevin Shepherd is a staunch Anti-New Age advocate and Anti-Guru advocate, he devoted a lengthy section (on his page discussing the Sai Controversy) to Dr. Timothy Conway, citing him as a credible and intelligent reference against Sathya Sai Baba. See:

Although strong counter-arguments have been made against Dr Timothy Conway, Kevin Shepherd blindly referenced him although Timothy Conway is a true believer and promoter of Gurus [3], Mystics [3], Enlightened Masters [3], psychics [1] [2] [4], levitation [5], bi-location [5], miracles [5], remote-viewing [4], elementals, meditation [2] [6], paranormal powers [5], aliens [4] [10], rebirth [1] [7], reincarnation [1] [7], karma [8], oracles [2], I-Ching [2], sensitives [1] [2], channelers [1] [2], astrology [2], astrologists [2], palm-reading [2], non-duality [9], etc. (the list goes on and on).

For example, if you are looking for an answer to a difficult problem, PhD Timothy Conway suggested (Reference):

  1. Asking God for a sign and wait for several days, weeks, months or even years for God’s guidance to manifest.
  2. Using an Oracle such as the I Ching.
  3. Flipping a coin and looking for a pattern to emerge.
  4. Writing ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘wait’ on pieces of papers, scrambling them and then choosing one.
  5. Consulting a psychic.
  6. Consulting an astrologer.
  7. Consulting a palmist.
  8. Meditation.
  9. Looking for answers in dreams.
  10. Relying on ‘instant intuition’.
  11. Just accepting that whatever was meant to happen will happen.

Timothy Conway is also set to release two books praising over 40 Gurus, “Wonder-Workers”, Sages, Saints and Tantriks in 2009. What is so amusing about this is that Kevin Shepherd often attacks New Age believers and Guru promoters as being brainwashed and mentally sick. However, when it comes to Sathya Sai Baba, Kevin Shepherd discards his “scholarly”, “academic” and scientific posturing and cites New Age believers and Guru promoters as reliable and reputable references against him. Since Kevin Shepherd heavily cited Timothy Conway on his domains, he apparently researched Timothy Conway’s beliefs and approved of them.

Timothy Conway cannot take a consistent position for or against Sathya Sai Baba. For example, Timothy Conway had the following to say about Sathya Sai Baba and his alleged paranormal powers:

  • Timothy Conway: “ I remain convinced that there are paranormal miracles (wondrous anomalies), and ‘deep, mysterious energies,’ perhaps involving multi-dimensional physics and paranormal or supra-normal power, that are occurring around and through the personality of Sathya Sai Baba.”
  • Timothy Conway: “Sathya Sai could be an amazingly accomplished but fallen yogi (yogabhrashta)…”
  • Timothy Conway: “We should also be aware that these energies and powers could be coming from Sai Baba of Shirdi and/or the Divine Absolute…”
  • Timothy Conway: “Perhaps he is just a highly adept but fallen yogi or an inter-dimensionally powerful but contaminated ‘channel’ for the former Sai Baba of Shirdi (d.1918).”
  • Timothy Conway: “the powers of someone who has some ‘elemental spirits’ or other entities helping him from interdimensional planes? (–no joke: it’s a very old, worldwide knowledge that one can derive certain powers by contacting such entities).” Ref: Conway Email No. 8.
  • Timothy Conway: “Now, a purna avatar would, it seems, incarnate the totality of God, including the polarity play of light-dark, purity-mischief, unattachment-lust, and so on. This is a disturbing concept, but perhaps quite applicable to Baba’s controversial activity. Moreover, the sexual activity, which we now know to apparently involve considerable lust, might be Baba’s way of transmuting the very heavy sexual energy among humanity at this time on the planet.”
  • Timothy Conway: “I have sometimes thought that Sai is lustfully ‘taking on’ (on a psychic level) the lust of humanity to clear our sexual karma.”
  • Timothy Conway: “I grant that much or most of Baba’s spectacular mission has been about teaching and demonstrating Love.”
  • Timothy Conway: “I do believe that there has been an astonishing amount of genuine goodness, compassion and spiritual upliftment in and around Baba.”

Does Kevin Shepherd agree with these statements by Timothy Conway as well, or are his agreements selective and self-serving?

Timothy Conway also believed and endorsed (Ref) the alleged experiences of Shirlи Klein-Carsh, a so-called “Indigo” (an alleged extraterrestrial alien that voluntarily incarnates in human form on Earth). Shirlи Klein-Carsh claimed she was psychologically, spiritually and artistically guided by a cleverly disguised alien from Sirius (the star in the constellation of Canis Major) who worked as an electronics repairman in a second-hand shop. Timothy Conway said:

“This is a fascinating study of someone with sensitivities hardly dreamed of by most persons. Other books present the carefully presented and reasoned case for the existence of inter-dimensional aliens interacting with humans. This book goes straight into the mystery and wonder of the human-alien contact.” – Timothy Conway, PhD., author of ‘Women of Power and Grace’

Furthering his alien and UFO beliefs, Timothy Conway attempted to argue that if Sathya Sai Baba possesses paranormal powers, he could easily “warp spacetime” by creating an “insular interdimensional environment” where he could engage in abuse without easy detection. Attempting to bolster this asinine argument, Timothy Conway argued that people who are abducted by aliens and who experience the “missing time” phenomenon, have been lifted, transported and relocated to other areas without their spouses being aware of anything amiss. That’s right, Timothy Conway believes that it is possible that Satya Sai Baba molested alleged victims on another dimension, which is why it is so difficult for them to prove their allegations and why there is an abysmal lack of witnesses supporting their claims (Ref: Conway Email No. 10) These are the amusing beliefs held by a PhD who attempts to take a sober and rational position against Sathya Sai Baba.

Timothy Conway, Ex-Devotees and Kevin Shepherd are hypocrites who immediately jump to the worse case conspiratorial view and adamantly refuse to coherently and legitimately provide factual and verifiable information to support their smear campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba.

Kevin R.D. Shepherd not only endorsed and cited Guru Advocate & New Age Promoter Timothy Conway, he also endorsed and cited Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson, New Age Practitioner & Reincarnator Alan Kazlev and New Age Ramtha Adherent Ullrich Zimmermann. What does this say about Kevin Shepherd? Kevin Shepherd is obviously a very gullible and naive person who is willing to give credence to New Age beliefs by claiming that New Age followers are intelligent, honest, credible and reliable individuals who are worthy of being referenced by him (an alleged “scholarly” and “academic” author not given to superstition or superstitious beliefs).