Prof Kasturi And His Story Of Gowrie A Bright Student

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

Prof Kasturi And His Story Of Gowrie A Bright Student
(An article shared by Ram Chugani)

Prof Kasturi describes this letter: A shrill note piercing through the bathroom shattered the absolute calm.

Vasantha her mother was terrified, and ran from the living room. She knocked loudly the closed door of the bathroom. Gowri had bolted the door from inside and she screamed from a severe back pain which had immobilized her.

Slowly she managed to open the bolt. Vedanta rushed in and helped her move to the bedroom. Gowrie was in agony. She lay in bed. The family physician was called. He came and after examining her pronounced it to be a muscular seizure.

Injections and medicines were given. Gowrie went off to a drowsy sleep, not aware of her pain. “That is what doctor do, so also God’s grace, making you not aware of pain”.

Swami says, you have to suffer Karmic pain because you have asked for it, but God’s grace makes you not aware of it. That is blessings Swami may grant.

This was on 21st December 1982. From her childhood Gowrie was an active girl. Apart from being a bright student, she participated in various cultural activities. She was an enthusiastic member of the debating society, the drama association, the dance troupe and literary circle.

She had enrolled as a student of bharatanatyam, a south Indian style of dance under a well-known guru of Tanjore tradition, at young age of seven years. For ten long years she practiced bharatanatyam and she was qualified for the first stage Performa dance before the public in 1979.Later she danced in prestigious halls like Shanmukhananda Hall.

As well as many famous Halls in Bombay. She was a member of a group of Bharatnatyam dancers who gave performance in ASAID auditorium. She was a celebrated dancer.

She was practicing hard to perform a dance ballad scheduled for 23rd December 1982 when the tragedy struck her. Leading physicians, surgeons and experts examined her. Close X-rays and repeated medical tests showed no clinical evidence of any injury or illness. By mid January 1983she suffered severe cramps at the lower back which left her in agony and exhaustion.

A leading orthopedist examined her and suspected a serious problem in her nervous system and started treatment It gave Gauri some relief, but she continued to suffer from pain in the lower back. She was absolutely unable to sit. She had a stoop and could not straighten herself. She had to be helped to lie on bed. She violently shivered.

Months passed in agony for gowri and all of us. As astrologers and tantrics were consulted. Some of them said, she might have become a victim of evil eye! Poojas were performed. The orthopedist continued his treatment. By May 1983 Gowrie improved. She could sit for a while and stand up promptly. She maintained steady progress after October 1983. But progress seemed to be elusive.

She started suffering bouts of several times a day, and late evenings were spent in restlessness. By November her conditions deteriorated. She complained of severe pain in her neck and shoulder. Days and weeks were spent in sheer agony.

It was already December 1983 and a year of agony was nearing completion. At this time, a schoolmate of Gowrie casually dropped to enquire about Gowrie health. She was shocked and distressed to see her condition. She decided to something about it. She went back home and told her mother about Gowrie’s illness.

Gowrie’s friend and her mother were staunch devotees of Sri Sathya sai Baba. They spent lot of time in the service of the poor, and the old and the sick. They decided they would pray to Baba to help Gowrie into Gowrie’s house. Gowrie and her mother were happy to receive them.

They were sad to see Gowrie’s condition. They talked sweetly to her, consoled her and advised to pray to God and quietly took a packet of vibhuti and gave it to Gowri, and asked her to apply to that part where it pained her, and told her to mix it in the water and drink when the pain became unbearable. They said it was the vibhuthi from Sathya Sai Baba.

We felt there was no harm in using it. After all we had tried all methods of cure and now why not this? But, Gowrie’s friend and her mother added, you should have full faith in Baba. How could it be? We had just heard about Him! They repeated their assurance that the vibhuthi was a powerful cure. They had a video cassette with them to be screened somewhere. We asked whether we could view it. They handed over the cassette and once again reminded us to pray to Baba and take the vibhuthi. “Shrotavya” is to hear about God. “Drushtavya” is to see God. Seeing video was Drushtavya, seeing Swami’s form.

We had all kinds of doubts. How can we have faith in him? Who is Sathya Sai Baba? How does He look like? What about his vibhuthi. All kinds of doubts. The entire family crowded around and viewed the cassette. We were spell bound at what we saw. We were charmed at the red robed apparition.

Baba looks so beautiful! The crowd seems to adore Him! He looks so compassionate and kind! All of sudden He waved His right hand and created vibhuthi! He gave it to all devotees who were sitting. Baba making vibhuthi flow from an inverted vessel on to an idol of Shard Baba was unbelievable!

His message of Sathya, Dharma, shanty and preamp, and there is only one religion, the religion of love, there is only one God, He is omnipresent stimulated unification of humanity! We were thrilled to hear it. We were moved at the splendor of Baba!

We regretted ourselves we did not see Him earlier! But never mind, it is never too late. We saw Him again and again. The more we saw the more we loved Him. It was an experience, when the two devotees came next day, they had brought a couple of books on the life and teachings of Baba. That is “Mantravya” knowing about Him.

We used vibhuthi as directed. True, the pain seemed to reduce and disappear when vibhuthi was mixed in the water and taken. It made her a little bright and cheerful. What was happening? A dream or imagination? A sort of make believe?

We wanted to see further development. Subsequently vibhuthi was smeared at the spot where it pained most, and gave her generously water mixed with vibhuthi to drink, which stopped her pain, particularly in the left arm which had gone numb! We were delighted, but kept our peace for fear of some evil eye robbing her of this newfound remedy!

When the stock of vibhuthi declined we felt concerned. But many devotees who vested us filled up the container. In fact they themselves were surprised, and they could hardly conceive the happening and the wonder that vibhuthi had done.

They all decided to take Gowrie for Baba’s darshans. On the 13th February 1984 , they all had Swami’s darshans. Kasturi report that there was a messenger from Baba calling them for interview.

Lady members awaiting the interview stood near the sidewall. Soon Baba came out, He waived us. It was simple direct gesture, we were right in His presence. All of sudden He turned to Gowrie who was sitting on chair as she could not bend to sit on the floor.

“What have the doctors to say?” He asked. She replied the doctors found nothing wrong and father gave additional report that she was Bharatantyam dancer.

“I cure her right now, she should be quite normal” Baba said. We were astounded, speechless, Baba was telling “Right now!” It was turning moment Baba got up and went near her. Gowrie was already on her feet, and though she could not bend, she went down on her knee and did namskar.

What better proof we wanted other than what we were witnessing! It was happening after fourteen months. Medical experts had cautioned her not to attempt at such thing. But here she was right at his feet doing namaskar. She tried hard fighting back tears flooding out of her.

Other members could hardly conceal their joy and emotion. We followed Gowrie and we were right at Baba’s feet, His grace, His love and compassion pouring on all of us in abundance. Perhaps He accepted our devotion when He permitted us to hold His feet for such a long time.

Baba broke the silence, and assured that Gowrie would be all right, and when she visited next time, she would be a great dancer! He distributed vibhuthi to all of us in generous measure. It sighted the end of the interview..

It was time for morning Bhajans and we joined devotees in singing. After we came out to find the whole world new. He has given you a new eye, a new vision. Gowrie discarded the chair and pillows kept for her. In the Bhajan hall she sat on the floor. Some members who had seen her agony broke into spectators joy at her transformation.

The news had spread all around, and loving volunteers too were filled with joy.

“The miracle is one poster to announce that the AVATHAR has come.”

Sai Ram

The Unbelievable Sathya Sai Baba Prophecy

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

The Unbelievable Sathya Sai Baba Prophecy

He is Sathya, The Truth…Whatever comes out from Him is bound to be true…is bound to happen….be it a simple forewarning or a classy statement with a grand vision. Read on…an extract from Sanathana Sarathi, Aug/Sept 1972 by Pujari Lakshmaiah, Chennai.

Is it true? Can it be true? A boy calling himself Sai Baba! And consoling the dispirited, curing the ill, exorcising ghosts and teaching the old! I heard of this sixteen year old prodigy and entered Puttaparthi, with a woman, mad since two years, and her husband. That was in 1943.

At Bukkapatnam, people laughed at us; they thought all of us were mad to believe in the miraculous powers of that boy. Yet having come so far, we decided to complete the journey, instead of turning back. We engaged a bullock cart for twelve annas and came to the riverbed. I left them there and moved into the little haggard group of houses, along narrow tracks.

I peeped into a Brahmin house (Karnam Subbamma’s house); the verandah was full of groundnut heaps. Inside I found a charming young boy, with a bright, intelligent face, talking with the labourers. I accosted him and asked, “I heard there is a boy in this village who has become Sai Baba; it seems he cures madness. Which is his house, can you tell me?”

The boy looked at me very lovingly and replied. “Poor fellow! The mad woman you brought with you is giving terrible trouble to her husband in the river! Go and take bath; and bring them also after their bath is over. I shall then show you the boy you are after.” While returning from the river, the woman ran wildly hither and thither and it was a job to bring her to the Brahmin house. Sai Baba (for, it was none other than He) told me, “I’ll call you one by one” and took me in, first. He created Vibhuti and applied it to my forehead. Then, He called in the couple. They had bought some bananas at Bukkapatnam for Sai Baba. He gave the woman to eat one banana out of the number. He also gave them both the materialised Vibhuti.

It was six in the evening, by then. Coming out on the road, the wife told her husband “Well; what about our meal? Get some rice from the shop; and ask for vessels. I shall cook food for us, pretty quick.” The husband was overjoyed; her madness had gone!

But, Baba called us in and we sat with Him, for the night meal. Baba mixed all the items served by Subbamma into tolerably big balls, and He gave one for each of us. It was tasty beyond words!

That night, we slept in the verandah of that house. We were disturbed often, by the howling of packs of jackals, and the braying of donkeys. At about three, some woman shrieked, “I am dying”; she was stung by a scorpion”! A few minutes later, some one cried, “Kill; Kill” and many ran in that direction. It was a cobra, this time.

Early morning, we touched Sathya Sai Baba‘s feet and stood before Him. “No sleep? Too many snakes, in this place. This is a very holy place; but, under a curse! Sai will save it” He said and then added, “The Sai Pravesh (Advent) will make it the Prasanthi Pradesh (Region). Upon that hill, I shall have a grand Bhavan. By that time, hundreds, (why hundreds?) thousands, (why thousands?) lakhs, All India will be here. The whole world will come and wait for Sai Darshan.” I said, on hearing this, “What? I cannot believe this will happen.” He laughed and said, “You will have to believe it when you will be standing at a great distance, trying to catch a glimpse of me!”

Now, in 1972, I stand at a great distance and yearn for Sai Darshan; I now believe in the Prophecy He made in 1943.


Saving Grace

Sai Sadguru Chananam

Sai Sadguru Chananam

Saving Grace

When Sathya Sai Baba appears in a dream, it is no longer a dream. It is the way He awakes us to the Atman. It was on one such occasion that He appeared and told me: “you know the story how one gopika crossed the turbulent river Yamuna with namasmarana alone to serve as her guru. Do you want to know the condition of her mind then?” Abruptly the scene changed. There was a splendid golden yellow light, no form (not even Baba). Time has no relevance in such a state. It was blissful and all pervading. At one stage even these feelings were not known. After sometime I was aware that I was part of that light and so was Swami. Suddenly there was a rapport between us. “You know now this state is really indescribable. Even the nearest descriptions like ‘Tatwamasi, Aham Brahmasmi …… ‘ when once put into words are far away from the Truth.” This blissful state continued for some more time.

Swami told me two more words which I could not recollect later inspite of my best efforts, partly because I have no knowledge of Sanskrit and mainly because of my ignorance of the Upanishads. The reader can well imagine the depth of my ignorance if I say it took me nearly a year to recall the missing words which were communicated to me by Baba. They are “Pragnanam Brahma and Ayamaatma Brahma”. I also came to know that these four constitute the “Maha Vakyas” (great pronouncements) taken one from each Veda—‘Pragnanam Brahma’ from the Rigveda, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ from Yajurveda, ‘Tatwamasi’ from Sama-veda and ‘Ayamaatma Brahma’ from Adharvanaveda. Still more recently I was amazed to see these were the Maha Vakyas with which Sri Adi Sankara was initiated by his guru, Sri Govindapada.

Acquisition of this book knowledge itself makes an interesting story. In 1972 my mother-in-law became sick and both her lungs showed extensive lesions. Experts varied in their opinion—lung cancer or massive tuberculosis. In either case, the count down had begun in her life. I thought that if it was cancer then there was nothing that could be done at that late stage. If it was advanced tuberculosis, I thought that injection of streptomycin and other drugs could be tried, hoping against hope. This was explained to the old lady. She wanted to have the darshan of the Lord before her last breath. Immediately my wife, Dr. Sanyasamma, and her mother took the next available train. This they did simply because we had heard that Swami wanted to start some Summer Course (the first Summer Course) and that He would be at Whitefield. On April 30, 1972 both the ladies were seated in the Bhajan mandap. Swami asked Dr. Sanyasamma abruptly, “why are you still sitting here? What has happened to that Kasturi?” Later, Sri Kasturi explained that Swami had instructed him the day before to hand over a badge and ask her to stay for the whole summer course. This clearly showed that Baba’s will and will alone put the two ladies in the train and drew them to His feet.

Later her mother had a reeling sensation—a reaction to the streptomycin injections she was receiving. She thought it could be remedied only by placing her head on Swami’s Feet or if Swami placed His hand on her head. The very next day Swami, while talking to the lady doctor about the symptoms of her mother, created vibhuti and was about to hand it over to her. He then said: “if I give it personally, the patient would be more happy.” He went among the crowd of devotees and stood before her. She made use of this opportunity and immediately bowed down at His feet. While getting up Swami placed His hand over her head and blessed her, thus fulfilling both her wishes. Immediately all treatment was discontinued. When she returned after three weeks to Vishakhapatnam, her X-ray picture revealed that both lungs were absolutely normal.

Dr. Sanyasamma brought all the notes of the summer course in long hand and both of us studied the originals one by one and came across the ‘Maha Vakyas’. Then it became apparent that whatever Sathya Sai Baba says either from the stage or in a side talk or even as an apparent joke is pregnant with meaning, always paving the way to the final goal of knowing our own self.

—Dr. M. S. Krishna Rao, Chittoor


Sathya Sai Baba Miracle Pictures February 2009

Sathya Sai Baba Miracle Pictures February 2009
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Sathya Sai Baba Miracle Pictures February 2009

Sathya Sai Baba Miracle Pictures February 2009

From time to time,Swami gives us something called a visiting card. In simple worlds, he manifests a miracle. Swami often says that miracles are for ‘nidarshana’ i.e establishing divinity and not for ‘pradarshana’ i.e exhibition. He points out the role of a miracle in the overall scheme of his plan: first chamatkar, a miracle. Then sanskar, or refinement. Next comes, paropakar, or selfless service and finally saakshaatkaar or the ultimate vision of the Divine. That is, He attracts us through the miracles, refines our hearts and minds with His teachings, and prods us along the path of selfless service which leads us to self realisation.

Swami is like the doctor who gives us the visiting card. There is no use glancing at the card and praising its beauty and expressing awe at the credentials of the doctor. One has to approach him, get diagnosed, take the prescription, follow it and get cured of the disease!

Om Sai Ram


Call Me Whenever You Need Me

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

Call Me Whenever You Need Me

Ms. Indira Devi narrates her first meeting with the Omnipresent in human frame…as extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, August 1967

I had never heard of Sathya Sai Baba before although I still was in Bombay during the first 3 days of His visit there. In retrospection, I am glad things happened the way they did, as otherwise I would not have gone to Puttaparthi to see Him if I had met Him at Bombay. I had first heard of Him only when I stopped off at Adyar, Madras, from Howard Murphet. When, after returning from Saigon to India, I was finally on my way to Puttaparthi, I kept asking myself, why am I going to see Him. I was, after all, not in need of any help or in search for a guru; but the Inner Voice calling me there was so strong that I could not disobey it.

It was a hot April afternoon when I arrived in Prasanthi Nilayam. I was given a room where Gabriella Steyer, a Swiss school teacher sweetly took care of me. She had spent a year and a half there. Listening to her experience during her stay there was like listening to a fantastic fairy-tale. She had witnessed many miraculous cures. She had seen Him multiply food, taking from the air any object He wished to give to His devotees and even produce Amrita by squeezing His hand and giving it to drink to about 500 people without refilling the vessel. Gabriella was not tired to go on with her stories, and I was not tired to listen to them. Finally she suggested that we go to sit outside the Mandir doorsteps. Then Baba appeared in the doorway. Except for the bright orange colour of His robe and the thick crop of His hair standing like a black halo round His head, He did not at all resemble the photographs of Him I had seen. His tiny, slim figure and finely cut features were exactly the opposite of the way He looks in photographs.

“May be, He will see you tomorrow morning before you leave,” whispered Gabriella. A few minutes later, Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared on the upper balcony and looked down. Our eyes met. Suddenly my heart began beating violently. I was called in for the interview. As I stood up I felt I was growing taller and taller. If Gabriella and other girls had not supported me, I would have fallen down upon entering the interview room, as I did not any longer feel the floor under my feet. Some one switched on the fan, but I was not feeling hot or faint.

“I don’t know why I have come here,” were my first words. “I was already in Saigon on my way home but the pull was so strong that I had to come and see You.” I also told Him about our Yoga Centre in Tecate and showed Him some pictures. “You must come there, Swami,” I said. He took my hand in His and tapped it three times, stating, “I say three times I shall come. I will keep My promise.” I told Him that I was guided here by Swami Vivekananda, who, so I was told by two clairvoyants, is my protector and guardian on the other side. At the end of our interview He asked me what I wanted. “Jyoti,” I answered, “since I want to start a crusade for ‘Light in Darkness.'” He made movements with His hand in the air and handed me a bright little image of Himself. And, although I had been told by the Murphets about His way of taking things from the air, yet seeing it happen with my own eyes did something to me. I kept looking at the little medallion with wonder, when He took it back saying, “Wait, I’ll give you some Vibhuti too.” A light movement of His fingertips and the ashes poured over the little image like a snowfall. Overwhelmed, I had to joke it off in order not to break into tears. “Don’t make it disappear now,” I said. “No, no, if I gave it to you……” “I am only joking”. And we both laughed.

“Call Me whenever you need Me and my Grace. I shall be with you,” were His parting words.


Sai Spiritual Showers – Issue 67

Sathya Sai Baba Prema

Sathya Sai Baba Prema

Sai Spiritual Showers – Issue 67

The Omnipresent One cares for you in your absence as much as He enthralls you in your presence. One such account by a student of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba‘s University sheds light on the affection par excellence of the Divine Mother. Read on for an account by Sri P.S. Priya Chakravarthi, an alumnus of Sathya Sai University as published in Fragrance – A Tale of Love, souvenir brought out by the School of Business Management – Accounts and Finance, Sri Sathya Sai University.

From Disability to Ability
It was during Dasera in 1995, just after my B.Sc. (Honours) Course, in the Brindavan campus of SSSIHL. All the Brindavan boys who stayed back for the vacation were accommodated in the old Hostel located near the Mandir. As usual, the students used to rush inside the Mandir and were often selective about their sitting locations. I used to have a particular seat where I sat for Swami’s Darshan. May be it was my perception, but Swami appeared to avoid looking in the direction where I used to sit.

One day during Darshan, observing my vacant seat, Swami enquired about my absence from my brother (Vamsi, MBA 1995-97) and asked him where I was. My brother was perplexed and he feared that I was absconding from Darshan with no valid reason. Once the Darshan got over and Swami went inside the interview room with a few devotees, my brother immediately rushed to the old Hostel where I was sleeping. He approached me with anger but seeing me, his anger melted down. He saw me in lot of pain and my face wet with sweat. I was finding it difficult to even sit down on my bed. I was struggling with excruciating pain at the right lower side, but I had not mentioned about this to anyone.

He immediately went back to the Mandir and Swami again approached him and asked him as to where Chakravarthy was. My brother promptly replied that I was in agony and was experiencing unbearable pain. This shows the Omnipresence of Swami. Bhagawan exhibits His Love for all His beings where ever they are, immaterial of whether they are present physically in front of Him or not.

Swami smiled at him and immediately calling a doctor, told him to take me to the Super Speciality Hospital. He also directed my brother to accompany me. I was transported to the Hospital and was given medical attention. In the evening Swami again called my brother and the doctor, materialised Vibuthi and gave money to buy tender coconuts to be given to me with instructions that the Vibuthi should be applied externally at the place where the pain occurred. It reached me by evening. This act of Grace repeated for 3 days (Swami materialising Vibuthi, giving money to buy tender coconuts to be given to me)! The 3rd day, Swami instructed that the Vibuthi should be taken with water.

Then came the D-day, when the senior surgeon recommended that I should be operated upon immediately. I was in a dilemma and could not accept the fact that I was suffering from appendicitis. But the situation demanded surgery and I had no choice. Prior to my operation, I wanted to have Swami’s Darshan and possibly, a chance to talk to Him about my operation (shows my ignorance!). I was permitted for Darshan and was sitting in the front line, mainly to catch the attention of Swami. As usual Swami was busy and He was distributing Prasadam. I was not making any attempt to talk to Him as He was very busy, but the doctor on the verandah began insisting that I should take a chance to talk to Swami. Then, by Swami’s Sankalpa I got a chance to talk to Him. I told Swami, “The doctor says I need to be operated; I need your Grace and Blessings”. Swami gave a stern look and He moved away from me without saying a single wor d. This gave me a shiver that chilled my bones! I was baffled and scared.

My operation was scheduled for the next morning and the doctor administered some medicines. He advised his team to do an initial scan on me to get more clarity about my ailment. But lo and behold! When the reports of the scan arrived, the protrusion of the appendix was literally not visible! The team wrestled with the machine but it always showed a negative report for the protrusion. I was brought back to my ward. The senior doctor was astonished, but was ready to accept this as an instance of the Omnipotence of Swami. I was discharged in a day and I went for Darshan. This time Swami gave me a smile and moved on silently!

This is just one of the many incidents showing His Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience.

How Sathya Sai Baba Would Cause Vibhuti To Flow From An Empty Vessel

Sathya Sai Baba Preparing For Vibuthi Abhishekam

Sathya Sai Baba Preparing For Vibuthi Abhishekam

How Sathya Sai Baba Would Cause Vibhuti To Flow From An Empty Vessel

‘Vibhuti Abhishekam’, the worship of the silver idol of Shirdi Sai Baba with Vibhuti was one of the events associated with the Shivaratri festival. This abhishekam used to be performed by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Himself. Howard Murphet, who witnessed this astounding spectacle during the Shivaratri celebrations in February 1966 describes it in his book, “Sai Baba – The Man of Miracles”:

On the stage is a large silver statue of Sai Baba of Shirdi in His characteristic sitting posture. Mr. Kasturi takes up a small wooden urn, about a foot in height, and filled with Vibhuti. This he holds above the head of the silver statue, and lets the ash pour over the figure until the urn is empty. He shakes it well to make sure that the last grains have fallen out, then continues to hold it above the statue with its open top downwards.

Now Sai Baba thrusts His arm as far as the elbow into the vessel and makes a churning motion with His arm, as women did when making butter in the old days. Immediately the ash begins to flow again from the vessel and continues to do so in a copious stream until He takes His arm out. Then, the flow of ash stops.

Next He puts His other arm in and twirls that around. The ash streams out over the statue again. This process goes on, Baba using alternate arms, ash pouring from the empty vessel while His hand is in it, and stopping as soon as He takes it out. Finally Shirdi Sai is buried in a great mound of ash – much more than the vessel could possibly have held.

Now the urn is placed on the floor: the miraculous, ceremonial ash bath is over. There is a joyous, elevated atmosphere all around; Mr. Kasturi’s face is more radiant than ever, Baba’s movements and manner are the acme of unselfconscious grace. It’s all wonderful, yet having watched Him pull handfuls of ash out of the empty air I am not so greatly surprised to see Him stir it in large quantities from an empty pot.

Reference: “Sai Baba: Man of Miracles” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 42-43 (Paperback Edition). Published by Macmillan India Ltd, 1972.

How the Aerodome Officer’s Cancer Was Cancelled With Sathya Sai Baba’s Vibuthi

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

How the Aerodome Officer’s Cancer Was Cancelled With Sathya Sai Baba’s Vibuthi

Captain Jagdish Oberoi retired as General Manager, Commercial, Indian Airlines. A devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for many years, he settled down in Prasanthi Nilayam after retirement and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave him the opportunity to serve as the Aerodrome Officer in the Sri Sathya Sai Airport, Puttaparthi for many years.

A lover of music, Captain Oberoi, used to sing Ghazals, a form of music popular in North India. He was advised by Swami to sing Bhajans. Towards the end of 1981, he developed a severe throat problem. Diagnosis showed it to be throat cancer. Oberoi came to Bangalore and found that Swami was flying from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Oberoi joined Swami on the flight. Capt. Oberoi describes what happened next:

During the flight, Swami called me and asked me to sit beside Him. When I was seated, Swami asked me about my health. I replied, “Swami is Antaryami [the In-dweller], and He knows my problem.”

Tears came to my eyes; I was moved. Swami wiped my tears and said, “I know, but I want you to tell Me. It will lighten your burden when you talk about it.”

I then told Him that the ENT specialist had diagnosed my ailment as throat cancer. Swami called for a glass of drinking water. He then materialized a blackish powder, dropped the powder into the glass, stirred the water with a spoon, and then gave the water to me to drink. The taste was very bitter but I drank it all.

Swami then rubbed the remainder of the black powder on His finger-tips and then on my throat. It was very soothing. The pain disappeared immediately, and the hitherto uncontrollable cough was almost gone!

Swami then asked me to consult Dr. Kameswar in Madras and get a second opinion about my problem. I pleaded that since I was now feeling better, I didn’t need to go through another painful physical examination. But, Swami insisted and said, “Apne Swami ka agya palan karo aur second opinion lo [Listen to the command of your Swami and seek a second opinion]”.

Oberoi went back to Madras and consulted Dr. Kameshwar, who after examination confirmed there was no trace of cancer – Swami had already cancelled it.

Reference: “Love All Serve All” published by Sathya Sai Publications of New Zealand. Page: 301-302.

Experiencing The Divinity Of Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

Experiencing The Divinity Of Sathya Sai Baba
Recounting a near death experience
Last year some time, I ate some food that I became allergic to. I had a reaction that came in the form of Anaphylactic Shock.

After ingesting the food in question, I started breaking out in a mild rash. The rash is experienced inside the skin. It feels like an itching/ burning sensation. The burning started in the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. I was scratching this burning sensation but it kept getting worse. Then the skin on my stomach broke out and I was in an itching frenzy. The burning sensation started getting so bad…one hour later that I tried taking a cold shower.

About this time, I started getting shortness of breath and a stabbing pain in my heart. Finally, the pain got so bad that I called a neighbour, and asked him to come over and take me to the hospital. Before my neighbour could come over, I was lying on the floor rolling around in great pain.

The whole time I was talking to Sathya Sai Baba aloud asking him to help me help myself. I was alone at home. I tried drinking some baking soda to alleviate the reaction my system was having to the severe allergic reaction. Then I finally remembered the Vibhuti that I kept in my room. So I stole into my room and sat in front of my picture of Baba hanging on the wall. By this time, I was crying. The chest pain combined with the severe burning under my skin was too much for me to handle. My skin was almost bleeding from the constant scratching. I took the Vibhuti and said a small prayer to Baba as I looked into the eyes of Baba’s picture. Immediately the burning under my skin went away. Then the pain in my chest started to diminish. I realised at that time that I had never truly surrendered my will to Baba and did so at that time.

In 30 seconds, the attack was completely gone except for my scratched skin. I cried a bit after the experience as I realised that Sai is always with me and is protecting me. It is just a matter of faith. It was a real awakening of Swami’s omnipresent spirit and love.

I died a small death that late afternoon as I realised Sai is the totality of who I want to become.

I will one day be born again into His love. His love is available to all, if we are open to it. And his love can heal all, if we are open to receive it. I know who Swami is and I know He truly lives in my heart! God is with us on earth. He resides in every inch of the universe. He is most perfectly expressed at this time in the physical body of Sri Sathya Sai Baba!

We are so blessed to share this truth!

Mike Gebhardt

How The Faith Of Little Mayan Gave Her A New Life

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

How The Faith Of Little Mayan Gave Her A New Life
Howard Murphet and his wife Iris met the Harrison family in 1976 and through them could see the unfolding of ‘a great Australian miracle’. For a detailed account of this incident, over to Howard Murphet:

Early in 1976 in Australia my wife and I became acquainted with Pearl Harrison, a retired secretary of the medical faculty of a university in Sydney. At first we thought this seemed to be just a chance meeting, but later we wondered.

At that time the manuscript of my book ‘Sai Baba Avatar’, after much rewriting, was ready for the final, publisher’s draft. Pearl, although busy with volunteer welfare work, expressed a desire to type the manuscript. Why she should have this desire she did not understand, but she does now.

Anyway, arrangements were made for her to do the typing, and thus she was introduced to the miracles of Sathya Sai Baba. One of her two grand daughters, eight-year-old Mayan Waynberg would, at times, help Pearl by reading aloud the material to be typed. While the grandmother felt sceptical about the miracles, the granddaughter accepted them without question. To the child they seemed quite natural.

The typing of the first few chapters had been completed when Mayan, who had lately been looking very pale and had been bruising too easily, was taken to a doctor for a blood test. The doctor was appalled at the results. He phoned Mayan’s mother, Helen Waynberg, and strongly advised that the child should be collected from her school and taken home to rest without delay. He also made immediate arrangements for her to be given a bone-marrow test at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney.

At this stage the family became very worried indeed. Pearl told me about it when I called to find out how the typing was progressing. I could see she was afraid, very afraid, that her little granddaughter might have some drastic, killer disease, like leukemia. It proved not to be leukemia, but something equally lethal – aplastic anaemia, in which the bone-marrow fails to produce the vital blood components in sufficient quantity to maintain health and life.

Her blood picture at that time showed the haemoglobin count at less than half normality, the white components of the blood about a third the normal level and the platelets way down to one-fifteenth of the normal count. Mayan was put under the care of a specialist who told her mother that the only treatment was the use of certain drugs, one a male hormone named Prednisolone and another, Fluoxymesterone.

From both of these, distressing side effects could be expected, such as stunting the child’s growth, causing puffiness and obesity, hair growth on the face while causing baldness on the head. The patient would need to have constant blood and bone marrow tests to monitor her condition. As Mayan had a deep phobia about needles piercing her skin and blood vessels, this was a frightful ordeal for her and everyone else concerned.

But the most tragic part of the situation was that, after going through this treatment and suffering its side effects, she would still not be cured. The best that could be expected was a few more years of life, with very limited activity. The drug therapy was not a cure, the elders were told; all it could do was to delay the inevitable for a time. No one could say how long that period would be.

In this sad situation Pearl thought about the Sai miracles she had been typing. She writes:

“I must admit to complete lack of faith in religion, considering myself a Jewess by tradition but not by observance. I had typed about many miracles that Sai Baba had performed, and had thought how interesting it all sounded intellectually, but had not this dreadful illness occurred to my own granddaughter, I might have let it go at that.

Then it was as if my mind suddenly opened with a jerk, and I began to think that perhaps there was something real in all I had typed. Howard and Iris Murphet were most concerned when I told, them about Mayan. They said they would bring some Vibhuti over and Mayan could start taking it immediately.”

It has often been said and written that Sai Baba is specially interested in anyone in whom his devotees are interested. So the link was there. Yet, I remembered him saying emphatically that two necessary ingredients of divine healing are faith and surrender. Could we find such ingredients in this Sydney suburban home, where no one seemed to have religious or spiritual interests, and Sai Baba was a remote, almost fictional, figure in a far-off foreign country?

Well, we could but try. To Mayan I said earnestly, ‘You must really and truly believe in the power of Sai Baba!’

‘Oh, but I do’, she replied, and in the way she said it I sensed the simple, child-like faith that Christ had put of first importance.

A little later, Grandfather Jack Harrison made me feel that he too may be fertile soil for faith. He said, standing in the garden of their home, ‘I am going to India as soon as I can to thank Sai Baba for curing Mayan.’ He did not say, ‘If he cures her.’ The Sai treatment had hardly begun, yet he seemed to have no doubts about its effectiveness.

We may be born with faith, that inner certainty of the omnipotent Supreme, or we may acquire it, but we can never acquire it through reasoning and logic. In fact, the reasoning mind can be a handicap, blocking the birth of the deeper knowledge that men call faith.

Grandmother Pearl had her intellectual barriers but a very warm heart. Mother Helen was non-committal. Judging by her talk, she was atheistic but she was willing to try the Vibhuti treatment. We kept assuring the family of the importance of prayer – constant prayer. They agreed to pray to Swami for His help. My wife and I prayed to Him fervently and regularly.

There was, however, an urgent question to be answered. We knew from studying many cases that Swami sometimes cures people through drugs prescribed by doctors, while preventing any bad side effects. Sometimes, on the other hand, He will not let drugs be used at all. What would be His Will in the case of Mayan?

The only way to be sure was to ask Him. In the meantime, we thought, it would be best to let the child start the drug therapy, particularly as the doctors had said that no side-effects would become evident for about three months. We had to find some way of asking Swami the vital question as soon as possible. He must be asked directly.

By a stroke of good fortune, our friend Lynette Penrose was about to set off on a visit to Sai Baba. Incidentally, it had been in Lynette’s home in Balmain that we first began Sai meetings in Sydney. Lynette agreed to take to Swami a photograph of Mayan, and letters asking the vital question about drug treatment. We hoped, moreover, that she would have the opportunity of asking Him this question, herself, orally. She went off to India, and we all eagerly awaited word from her. It was not long before an airmail letter arrived.

Lynette told us that she had been granted an interview and had given the photograph and letters to Swami. When He looked at the photograph, she wrote, ‘His face had become very, very soft and compassionate.’ About the drug therapy His reply was, ‘No, no drugs, just Vibhuti in water twice a day.’

Pearl Harrison writes: ‘When this message came back, we had to decide whether to take her off the drugs and give her Vibhuti only.’

Mayan made up our minds for us. She said, ‘If Sai Baba says I should not take drugs, then I won’t take them.’

So after just three weeks on the drugs, she went off them and took nothing but Vibhuti from then on. This was putting complete faith in the healing power of someone no member of the family had ever seen, except in photographs.

We felt some responsibility as we had been the channel through which they had heard of Sai Baba. All we could do was to hold fast to our own trust and faith in the Lord. Then we thought of something that might help at the receiving end of the divine healing ray. We suggested that they start holding Sathya Sai meetings at the Harrison home in Greenacre. They readily agreed to this, and their house in Latvia Street became the second centre opened in Sydney for Bhajans and study.

The meetings were a success from the start, people coming from all parts of the metropolitan area, and from distant places in the Blue Mountains and the south coast. Soon Jack Harrison decided to convert his large garage into a Sai temple, buying a new carport to shelter his car. Within the Sai temple, lined and decorated with the help of devotees, a beautiful shrine was erected. The place acquired a sacred atmosphere and the size of the group expanded. It was surprising to see, both at the Greenacre temple and at Balmain, how quickly and wholeheartedly the Australians took to singing Bhajans.

Many learned to lead (the Bhajans), the child Mayan being one of them. Mayan’s health was soon showing a steady improvement. The family decided it might be better to let the doctors think, for the time being, that Mayan was taking their drugs. Every two weeks she was given a blood test at the hospital, and the medical people were delighted at the results. No doubt they were surprised too.

There was a dramatic rise in her red blood cell count, a good improvement in the number of white cells, and the platelet count was creeping upwards. After a few months of the Sai Vibhuti treatment, with no medical assistance whatever, the red and white cell count was back to normal. The doctors then decided that tests could be taken every two months only, instead of every two weeks as before.

Her platelets, in these tests, showed a rise of about 10,000 every two months. The doctors had earlier examined Mayan’s sister, Alona, who is about a year the senior, for bone-marrow compatibility with that of Mayan. When the results were known, and it was found that the sister’s bone-marrow was compatible, they advised a bone-marrow graft.

Even though Mayan’s condition was showing satisfactory improvement, the platelets were still far from normal, and it was felt that such a graft would help in arresting the disease. Thus another question was posed to the family and to us – should the operation be performed?

Fortunately another Australian devotee, just leaving at this time for Puttaparti, was able to ask Swami directly if the operation should be done or not. Swami’s reply was definite: ‘She is getting better and will soon be completely well. There is no need for such an operation.’

The news came back to Greenacre quickly, and immediately it was decided, to the great relief of Mayan, and indeed to all concerned, that there would be no operation. The family felt confident now that nothing was needed but Swami’s power, coming through the Vibhuti, to bring Mayan’s platelets up to normal, and so create a perfectly healthy blood picture.

But though climbing, the platelets were not normal when my wife and I left for India early in 1978. However, before we had an opportunity to speak to Swami about the case, we received a letter from grandmother Pearl, telling us that Mayan’s last blood test, given after we left had shown her platelet count up to normal – in fact, at 174,000, it was better than normal.

The child was completely cured of her ‘incurable’ disease. Early the next year Jack and Pearl did what he had declared he would do even before the treatment had begun. They came, bringing the two granddaughters, to thank Swami personally for the wonderful, miraculous cure. The family also, at the end, told the specialist in charge of the case that sacred Vibhuti had been substituted for the drugs he had prescribed. He was not so shocked as they had expected.

In fact, he said: ‘I thought it must be something like that as there were no side-effects.‘ Then he added, ‘My mother believes in spiritual healing.’ The doctor kindly gave the family all the figures of Mayan’s blood tests as documentary evidence. He also agreed to accept a copy of the book, ‘SaiBaba: Man of Miracles’.

When Pearl handed it to him, she said: ‘now don’t let it just lie on the shelf; read it, and then pass it on to somebody else. If you feel you don’t want to read it, please send it back to me.’ It has never come back.

Reference: “Sai Baba: Invitation To Glory” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 33-41. Published by Macmillan India Ltd, 1982.