Former Followers Of Sathya Sai Baba On The QuickTopic Forum

Sathya Sai Baba On Quicktopic

QuickTopic Forum – An Introduction
QuickTopic is an instant messaging forum that allows anyone to create a board that can be used for online collaboration. These boards allow anyone to post any comment he/she chooses under the guise of complete anonymity. Even the board-moderator cannot view IPs unless the board has been upgraded to the Pro-version.

QuickTopic Board: “Sathya Sai Baba, 2005, Who Is He?”
On February 11th 2005, Freestone Wilson (a neutral party, open-minded to both sides of the Sai Controversy) created the QuickTopic board FE68KidtskS, which was named “Sathya Sai Baba, 2005, who is he?” After discussing the shocking behavior and vicious defamations being made by ex-devotees of Sathya Sai Baba on this board, Freestone Wilson (the original creator and moderator of the board) agreed to hand it over to Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno. On April 3rd 2007, Moreno officially became the moderator for the the board and promptly ugraded it to the Pro-version, giving him access to the IP history for all posts.

What is an ‘IP’? Information About IPs:
An IP is an acronym for “Internet Protocol”, which is an address that can uniquely identify a computer-user to his/her ISP (Internet Service Provider). An IP usually resolves to a “netname” and country unless it is a proxy IP. Proxy IPs are generated by masking one’s real IP with an anonymous IP generated through an anonymous server. An IP contains 4 sets of numbers that are separated by periods (for example: IPs usually fall within a “range” that makes the last 2 sets of number static. For example, the IP: would fall into the IP range: –

This means that the last 2 sets of numbers may vary between 64.0 to 127.255. Although these last 2 sets of numbers may be static, they will not change the ISP, netname or country that the IP resolves to and is not indicative of multiple users or different computers.

QuickTopic Deception By Tony O’Clery:
Tony O’Clery posted messages on QuickTopic, Wikipedia and Yahoo Groups that came from the IP range –

All of these IPs resolve to Delta, British Columbia, Canada and specifically identify O’Clery as the user. Tony O’Clery also posted under the IP range 24.207 on the QuickTopic Board and used the following fake names:

  1. sb cannot control karma
  2. J Edgar Hoover fbi
  3. sigmund freud
  4. pedohunter
  5. pedopatrol
  6. Angelic
  7. Joe Moreno
  8. nino
  9. Jedgar
  10. freestone wilson
  11. Juan
  12. sucked by baba
  13. joe108
  14. Simon Brace
  15. Simon
  16. bollocky bill
  17. Antoin O’Cleiragh
  18. Jai Hanumanji
  19. dingo
  20. tony o’clery
  21. CO2000


QuickTopic Deception By Sanjay Dadlani:
Moreno discovered Sanjay Dadlani‘s onetel IP through his own website when he traced it to several of his kinky, deviant and perverted blogs, including his StreetBitches Blog. Needless to say, Dadlani also posted his pic on his Gaurasundara’s Blog and it links to his onetel ISP website.

Under his user-name of “Sai Baba EXPOSED”, Dadlani posted under the IP ranges 212.85, 158.94 and 213.78 on the QuickTopic Board and used the following fake names:

  1. James
  2. bandbox3
  3. bandbox2
  4. Marquis de Sade
  5. Sathya Sai Baba
  6. Swami says
  7. Jehosaphat
  8. Bhivash
  9. Somasundaram
  10. Om Sai
  11. Josephine Kabutla
  12. edward
  13. Agnes Wiggsbottom
  14. kick his head in


QuickTopic Deception From The ‘saibabaexpose’ Website:
Anti-Sai Activists falsely attributed a QuickTopic post to Moreno that he did not make. They also selectively edited Moreno’s comments without providing links to his actual posts.

QuickTopic Deception From Robert Priddy:
Robert Priddy posted under the IP range 84.208 on the QuickTopic Board and used the following fake names:

  1. Lisa demoniser
  2. bandbox


Robert Priddy made anonymous posts on the QuickTopic Board and attempted to spam it with links to Anti-Sai websites.

QuickTopic Deception By UsedByBaba:
UsedByBaba posted under 7 IPs with the ranges 59.92, 59.144, 61.11, 61.17, 210.211, 221.134 and 202.43 on the QuickTopic Board and used the following fake names:

  1. abused for15years
  2. Anand krishnamurhti
  3. Angel
  4. Angelic
  5. Angeilc
  6. Anonymus
  7. baba
  8. balarama
  9. Barbara Dent
  10. blldexter
  11. CO2000*
  12. CO2OOO
  13. CO2000
  14. From CNN IBN
  15. Jedgar
  16. Joe
  17. Joe 108
  18. joe 108
  19. Joe Moreno
  20. Juan
  21. lalu_panju (usedbybaba)
  22. lalupanju
  24. Lisa
  25. Lisa,,with joe108
  26. Meera
  27. Meera Powar
  28. raghav
  29. sai baba
  30. Sathya Sai Baba
  31. sathyasaibaba
  32. Simon
  33. Simonbrace
  34. Simon Brace
  35. Someonenew
  36. Susan Olorenshaw (a person not involved with the Sai Controversy)
  37. The Real Truth Seeker
  38. Truth Seeker
  39. USB
  41. usedbylallupanju
  42. usedbylalupanju
  43. unknownstudent
  44. V.Prahaladh


QuickTopic Defamations By Barbara Dent:
Barbara Dent posted under the IP ranges 4.242 and 4.255 on the QuickTopic Board and used the following names:

  1. Barbara
  2. Barbara Dent
  3. Carolyn/KickBaabaaa’ass
  4. Carolyn/KickBaabaaa’butt
  5. Barbara the Barbarian
  6. Amen
  7. Kickbaabaa’s Ass
  8. Mother Bear
  9. Carolyn

References From QuickTopic Board FE68KidtskS

Sathya Sai Baba On QuickTopic

Due to the vicious and defamatory posts being made on a Sathya Sai Baba-related QuickTopic board, I asked Freestone Wilson (the original creator of the QuickTopic board) if he would agree to hand it over to me. He agreed and (as of April 3rd 2007) I am now the official moderator for the QuickTopic Board. As my current interest is in preserving the past posts made on the board, I prevented several users from accessing it entirely so that they cannot delete or modify their past comments (hopefully). I maintain a current archive to all posts (along with relevant IPs), which have been saved to CD. Currently, no more posts are being accepted on the board. These decisions were made because I now have access to all the IPs the posts were made under and I have discovered some very disturbing behavior and shocking posts by several key Ex-Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. The following articles (which are still being expanded) explains it all:

Shocking Behavior From Ex-Devotees On The QuickTopic Forum


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Sathya Sai Baba On Quicktopic