Warner Bros Arranges A Strange Trip

Warner Bros Arranges A Strange Trip

There is no trace of impossibility in the world of Baba!

Indra Devi, an ardent devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba taught Yoga in Canada. It is said that she witnessed numerous miracles of Sathya saibaba in her life.

Once Indra Devi had not planned to attend the birthday of Baba as she was due to visit the country later. After her meditation session one evening, she looked at Baba’s picture and wished, “Bhagavan take me to Puttaparthi for your birthday”.

Two years later, the devotee received a phone call from a young man who used to frequent the Sai Baba Centre in Los Angeles, called Chuk Wein. Chuk Wein said that he was calling from the Warner Brothers Motion Picture Studio and asked if she would go to India the very next day to seek Sai’s permission to make a documentary picture of His life! He also added that Warner Bros will bear the cost for her travel.

Indra Devi started for India after two days. She learnt from the manager of Air India, Los Angeles that the “Warner Bros” had paid for her tickets. She arrived just when the celebrations of Baba’s birthday had commenced, early morning when Bhagavan hoisted the Prashanthi Nilayam flag and delivered His birthday message.

Sathya Sai Baba declared that He was an incarnation of ‘Shiva Sakti’ in order to guide men towards God. He stressed the necessity of a pure heart and the need to cleanse it in order to gain discrimination and love through grace. He said that He was born as ‘love’ in each and everyone and only the day when love is born in one can ever be His birthday!

Swami then proceeded from the temple to the auditorium in procession. Easwaramma, Sai’s mother garlanded Him and anointed His head with a flower dipped in fragrant oil. Sai Gita, the elephant headed the whole procession.

Indra Devi also had the good fortune of Sai to bless her just the day before her departure. When she was about to leave, Sai materialized a gold medallion of Goddess Lakshmi. Indra Devi pleaded that she did not want anything. But Sai pressed her to accept it saying that it was for the protection of her house, “This is not for you… for the protection of the house – no more fires”.

Little was the devotee aware of the difficulty that was about to befall if not for the divine protection of Sai, as she was about to loose her ranch.

Having returned from India, the blessed devotee visited the Warner Bros Studio. Wonder of wonders not a soul ever knew Saibaba, leave alone her trip to India that they sponsored!

It was yet another Leela or the Divine play of Baba!

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I Am Involved

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

I Am Involved

Fatal fate stared at her for a moment in a car accident before she was miraculously saved by men who responded to an ‘anonymous’ call…a thrilling account by Muriel J Engle of Santa Barbara (from Sanathana Sarathi 1979)

Once again, my humble thanks to Sathya Sai Baba for Life, for preservation, and for the miracle of close protection. A midnight return from visiting a friend brought me down mountain Drive, just up beyond the Mission in Santa Barbara, a very narrow road, a dark night and a light drizzle: An unyielding wall made of huge rocks rose sheer on my left, black limbo down the canyon on my right. The car was moving too fast; I geared down. Still too fast, approaching a spot known as “suicide curve”. Not enough rain to wash off the slick, I noted. I touched the brakes, and the car skidded. Heavier braking, wheels seemed to lock, as if no brakes at all! I could not believe what was happening. Over the curb, and then time slowed as motion accelerated. Everything in me screamed, “No, No! No… Baba!”

The car lurched, skidded, banged, leaped, but did not roll over. A huge limb loomed, and I thought “decapitation.” But the car slipped under and I heard the heavy branch and leaves brush roughly over the top. Another lurch into black abyss and light showed a great tree coming head on, but a slip to the left which smashed both doors on the driver’s side veered the car slightly to the right to miss the tree and wedge me between the trunk and a large rock. I could hear glass crashing, but it blew out, not in. Just a few very small flying splinters struck my face, to make me aware of my good fortune, I guess, at no disfigurement. A sudden stop, motor still running, full tank of gas under the right side of hood and no explosion.

I turned off the motor; no lights. It was not quiet. All the noises of the night tuned loud and, below, the rush of Mission Creek, the boisterous frogs and the crickets. Gingerly, I moved arms, legs, body. I was shaking, but whole. The door on the driver’s side swung out but I could not tell where I would drop if I stepped out, or whether I would dislodge the car, which now and then shuddered a little. In a quavering voice, I heard myself say aloud, “Oh, Baba, Baba, I can’t handle this myself. What will you do with me?”

The dash clock said one or two minutes after midnight. I could not see any escape, in any direction; no mark where I come down the embankment, or how I could get out; no clue to where the road was which I had left so abruptly. The car was tipped uncomfortably to the left but slowly I reached for my personal things that had been thrown violently around the car, including my slippers which had apparently detached. I could not see or hear any signs of civilisation near me. There had been no other car on Mountain Drive when I went over the edge. I expected, then, to stay there until daylight.

The clock showed almost 12:20, when suddenly a powerful light beamed down from about 45° above me. I moved carefully to the right door, rolled down the window and called for help. I could hear male voices behind that big searchlight and when they had determined that I was alive and uninjured, they identified as police officers and told me the Fire Rescue Team was on the way. I watched the first man come down on a security chain, then three others followed. It took half an hour with a winch and four firemen to bring me up on a safety litter and when they stood me on my feet on the road, no one, including myself, could believe I was intact.

“How did you find me, or even know where or how to look for me?” I asked the officer bringing me home. “I got the radio call from the station at 12:11. Somebody must have called in.” Because I was anxious to personally thank whoever reported the accident, the officer called his headquarters when we arrived at my home. Looking at me, he shook his head, with the telephone in hand, “An anonymous call,” he said. “Man or woman?” I asked. “Couldn’t tell,” and he hung up. “Why, would anyone make an anonymous call in a situation like this?” I queried. The Officer shrugged “Many don’t want to get involved, I guess”. I walked behind the officer to the door, then distinctly heard the words in my head, “I am involved.”

Baba, with all my heart I am grateful, and I thank you. I solemnly pray that for whatever reason you chose to save me, I will cooperate 100%.

Several times since, I have awakened re-living that terror—but the calm comes when, again, I hear the words, “I am involved.”


A Sai Miracle To Smile About

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

A Sai Miracle To Smile About
by Sudha Ram

It happened around 1988. There were about 1400 students in the hostel of Swami’s College in Brindavan at White Field near Bangalore. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba visited the hostel one night. The delighted students respectfully stood in His presence. Suddenly the electricity went off. In the darkness, Swami moved quietly towards a boy and whispered to him in his ears, “Athul, I will give you something, hold your hand.” The boy extended his open hand and Swami placed a laddoo in it. He further whispered to the boy, “Don’t show it to anybody. Put your hand behind you.”

Suddenly the electricity was restored, Bulbs came back to life. Athul looked around. Surprisingly, all the 1400 boys assembled there were keeping their hands behind them. Everyone was having a laddoo in his hand. That is Swami! We get astonished at the amazing leelas. Our reasoning power abandons us, tongue fails us, mind refuses to function; nothing can be understood. How can we comment upon, much less explain, such displays of Swami’s divine sport?


A Dumb And Lame Child Is Miraculously Cured By Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

A Dumb And Lame Child Is Miraculously Cured By Sathya Sai Baba

Mr. Russi Patel, a Parsi from Mumbai, had an experience connected to his little daughter’s health that was nothing short of a miracle. Howard Murphet had the opportunity to met him personally and here is what Murphet records:

At Prasanthi Nilayam in 1967 I met Mr. Russi C. Patel, a Parsi of Bombay, and his wife. From them I learned the story of their little daughter, Ketu.

At the age of 2½ years Ketu could not speak, walk or even stand. She had been given various kinds of medical treatment, including modern drugs and physiotherapy. But nothing seemed to have any effect.

The source of the trouble was a mystery. Some thought it was a matter of mental retardation, others said that it was some unknown deep-seated nerve trouble.

This was the state of affairs in February 1965 when Mr. Patel decided to go to Puttaparti and see Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. His wife, who was a very orthodox Parsi, was not in favour of the idea, thinking it a waste of time and money.

Shivaratri festival was on when Mr. Patel arrived at the ashram and huge crowds were there. Although people urged him to seek an interview, he was diffident about doing so – especially as he felt that Baba knew all about his trouble and why he had come, without being told.

Several times he wrote a note, intending to hand it to Baba as the latter passed through the crowd near him, but each time, when he saw the little figure with the luminous face, full of the light of understanding, he decided that it was not necessary and tore the letter up.

“When Baba wants me, He will call me,” Patel said to his friends.

But the days passed and he was not called. Streams of people were going in to see the great saint, but not Patel. Then one morning, some days after the Lingodbhavam, it was announced that there would be no more personal interviews.

However, Sathya Sai Baba came onto the balcony and gave His blessings to all visiting devotees assembled there before they went home. Mr. Patel felt the great compassion pour onto the crowd and into his own heart. Yet, in the train on the homeward journey his faith and spirits sank to a low level. He thought of the days he had spent there and the chances of speaking to Baba he had missed.

He thought of his poor little daughter still unable to stand or utter a word. He imagined his wife’s reproaches about the time and money he had wasted. He arrived at the door of his home very depressed indeed.

When he opened the door, the first sight that met his gaze was little Ketu, who could not even stand when he left, walking down the hallway to meet him, calling out “Daddy, Daddy!”

He picked her up and embraced her; then he embraced his wife, while both of them wept with joy over the miracle that had somehow taken place. On checking the facts with his wife Mr. Patel found that Ketu had first begun to walk and speak on the day before he arrived home – just after Sai Baba had given his blessings from the balcony to the assembled devotees.

Some time afterwards Mr. Patel took his wife and daughter to see Baba when the latter was on a visit to Bombay (now Mumbai). In the midst of the many thousands that crowd around him in that metropolis, Sai Baba saw them, and in the words of Mr. Patel, “greeted the little girl as if she was an old friend returned after a long absence”.

He took her on His lap; materialised some Vibhuti, and put it in her mouth. Soon after that, her speech improved greatly and she began using longer words.

Reference: “Sai Baba: Man of Miracles” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 121-122 (Paperback edition). Published by Macmillan India Ltd, 1972.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Restores Dr. Ravi Kumar’s Eyesight Twice

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Restores Dr. Ravi Kumar’s Eyesight Twice

This is the story of how Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba restored the eyesight of Dr. Ravi Kumar, twice! Dr. Ravi Kumar is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry in the Brindavan Campus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He came to Swami decades ago as a young boy and ever since then has been with Swami, first as a student and now as a teacher in Bhagawan’s College. His entire family is greatly devoted to Bhagavan, and all of them have had many thrilling experiences.

In 1985, while engaged in some experiments in the chemistry laboratory, hot acid splashed into Ravi Kumar’s eyes and he became blind. Here, in his own words, is the story of how Swami restored his eyesight:

It was July 1985. I had by now enrolled for the Ph.D degree, and busy with my research. One morning, I was working in the lab when the lunch bell was given. A fellow-student asked me, “Are you not coming for lunch?” “Not immediately,” I said adding, “I shall finish this experiment and then come. You go ahead.”

I was trying to detect steroids on a thin layer plate. For this, it was necessary to prepare a special reagent by mixing acetic anhydride and concentrated sulphuric acid. Even as I was busy doing this, there was a sudden explosion and the next thing I knew was that the chemical I was preparing had splashed into both my eyes. I shouted ‘Sai Ram’.

Hearing my cry, a few students were still in the neighbourhood, came running towards me. They anxiously asked, “What happened?” I just cried out, “Take me to the nearest tap please!” My eyes were just burning and the pain was terrible. There was no water in any of the taps in the lab. (Later I learnt that the water line had been closed for doing some plumbing work for the library building that was just then coming up) By the time my friends found a tap with water flowing, the acid mixture must have burnt my eyes for nearly two minutes. My eyes were washed continuously; meanwhile I discovered that I could not see anything.

“Let’s go and see the doctor,” said my colleague who was helping me. So saying, he took me to the General Hospital which, in those days, was adjacent to the Ashram. When we went there and explained the problem, the duty nurse said, “What a time to come! Our (only) eye-specialist, Dr. Wamsa, has gone away to get her visa extended.” My heart sank as the nurse examined me, tut-tutted and said, “I suggest you go to Bangalore…”

I did not go to Bangalore but instead went for [afternoon] Darshan, of course assisted by my friend. I could not see anything. Everyone was waiting silently for Bhagawan to come out. There was no Darshan music those days, and I did not know whether Swami had come out or not. It was then my friend whispered, “Swami has just come out…. He has turned to the left …. He is now on the ladies side …… Now He has come towards the gents side….. He is approaching us….” I could hear the rustle of silk as the Lord passed by me; I was utterly miserable even as I thought, “How unlucky I am not to be able to see the Beloved Face….”

And then suddenly I heard Swami’s enchanting voice. He was saying, “Take this Vibhuti Prasadam for three days, and everything will be alright.” With these words, He placed three packets of Vibhuti in my hand.

The world was absolutely dark. I was looking forward to the end of the third day. I had the last dose of Vibhuti even as the night prayer was being said in the Hostel. I still could not see.

I could not control my tears as I recalled all my hopes and aspirations. I was just four and a half years old when I lost my mother, and since then, I was literally brought up by Swami. I had been eagerly looking forward to serving Swami after completing my studies but here I was, blind and dependent on someone else. Was this to be my fate for the rest of my life?

I was totally shattered and literally cried myself to sleep. The next thing I knew was that someone was knocking the door of my room. I said, “Please come in.” I turned and saw [without actually realising it then] that one of my students had brought coffee for me. I said, “Oh, it is you Sridhar. Have you brought coffee?” The boy exclaimed, “Sir! You can see!!” That was when I realised what had actually happened. Overwhelmed, I said, “Yes, I can see clearly!”

During Darshan that morning, Swami came straight to me and asked, “How are your eyes?” I had no words to offer. My eyes took over and washed His Feet with tears. As I looked up with misty eyes, Swami said, “Go to Bangalore and get yourself a pair of spectacles. Always wear them in the lab; and be careful the next time!”

I got myself a pair of spectacles, and took great care to wear them as commanded. Four years passed. I was in the lab and engaged in an important experiment. Suddenly, my spectacles slipped, fell down and broke.

I could not afford to stop my experiment; if I did, it would mean that the work of the past two months would all go waste. So I decided to continue with my experiment, telling myself that I would be very careful. I prepared some hot chromic acid, poured it into a sintered funnel, and, to finish the work quickly, connected the system to a vacuum aspirator – it was a brand new machine that had just arrived from Japan. Nothing happened for a while, so it seemed. I went near the apparatus to have a close look, and just then the flask imploded, tipping about 30 cc of hot chromic acid into my eye. There it was, the second time! I shouted ‘Sai Ram’.

The acid streamed down my face on to my shirt, eating it up. I was assisted to a nearby tap (this time, the tap was mercifully not dry!), and water was continuously splashed on my eyes and face. Even after 45 minutes of washing, the burning sensation was just unbearable.

Once more Dr.Ravi Kumar was taken to the same General Hospital – this time the doctor was there but there was precious little she could do except to bandage the two blind eyes. Then …

As I sat for afternoon Darshan with my bandaged eyes, many thoughts raced through my mind. “Had not Swami warned me clearly and explicitly? Why on earth did I have to disobey His command? What would He say now? Would He be angry with me? Am I, after all, destined to be blind all my life?”

There was a hush. I knew Swami had come out to give Darshan. I could now feel His presence near me. And then I heard His sweet voice, “Ravi, what happened?” Even as I tried to get up, He patted my cheek and said, “I told you to be careful the next time, did I not? Careless, careless! Here, hold out your hand.” As I stretched my hand, He gave me some Vibhuti that He had materialised and said, “Eat this Vibhuti; Swami will always protect you; everything will be fine.”

I ate the Vibhuti with much relief and joy. What an assurance it was to hear from the Divine Himself that everything would be all right! The following day, I went to the doctor to have the dressing changed. She removed the bandage, examined me and exclaimed with wonder, “Sai Ram! What a miracle!! Your eyes are perfectly OK!” Yes, everything was fine exactly as Bhagavan had said the previous day, and I could see clearly once more.

Reference: “Love All Serve All” published by Sathya Sai Publications of New Zealand. Page: 302-304.

Swami Amrithananda’s Penance Is Rewarded With A Vision Of Lord Ganesha

Sathya Sai Ganesh

Sathya Sai Ganesh

Swami Amrithananda’s Penance Is Rewarded With A Vision Of Lord Ganesha

The experience of Swami Amrithananda, a very senior disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi is a testimony to the fact that Sathya Sai Baba is in fact the embodiment of all Gods and Goddesses. Prof. Kasturi narrates this incident thus:

As soon as Swami Amrithananda reached Prasanthi Nilayam, Baba accosted him, “Amritham,” and, he was genuinely astonished at the familiarity and even the affection with which that call was saturated, for, he said, “Only Ramana Maharshi with whom I spent 17 years used to accost me thus and the voice and manner were exactly the voice and manner of the Maharshi!” This is a miracle, indeed.

Later, Baba asked the 85-year-old Swami, about a Ganapathi Homam (ritual worship of Lord Ganesha) that he had performed for 41 days in as a seven year old boy! He told the swami all the details of that Homam, including the long involved Manthra with which the offerings were placed each time in the fire.

Baba told him that he had repeated this Manthra a thousand times a day, for forty-one days and made as many coconut offerings in the Fire of the sacred Homa. “What is the reward promised in the Sastras?” Baba then asked the old ascetic.

He answered that the Sastras declare that if the Homa is done with scrupulous regard for ritual, Ganapathi Himself will appear in the Homakunda as the golden-coloured effulgent elephant-headed God and with His trunk He will receive the final and concluding offerings and He will grant everlasting Bliss by means of the Darshan.

Baba asked Him whether he had the Darshan. Amrithananda replied that it was not so easy for a seven-year-old boy to get the Darshan of the Lord, by the mere number and quantity of offerings and Manthras. But, Baba interrupted him and said, “No, no. It is due to all that Japa and all that Homa that you have come to Me now. You will today, after an interval of seventy eight years get the reward, mentioned in the Sastras.”

Then, He asked the Swami to look at Him and, lo, Amrithananda saw the golden coloured Elephant, the Ganapathi as described in ancient texts! He was beside himself for about four days after this Darshan and forsook food and drink and sleep, in the Bliss which he derived therefrom.

Reference: “Sathyam Shivam Sundaram”, Vol-I by Prof. N Kasturi. Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam.

How Sathya Sai Baba Answered The Prayer Of Sri S. N. Singh

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

How Sathya Sai Baba Answered The Prayer Of Sri S. N. Singh

Sri S. N. Singh, a successful businessman, is an ardent devotee of Bhagawan. He has had many thrilling experiences with Sathya Sai Baba, which have strengthened and solidified his faith in Him. Here is one instance of Baba infusing life and strength into Sri Singh’s mother in answer to his fervent prayers, narrated by Smt. Shakuntala Balu in her book, “Living Divinity”:

It happened in 1975 to his eighty-nine year old mother. In the first week of May, her kidneys and ankles were very swollen. Medical experts in Calcutta had attended on her, but none of them could do much to help her.

The swollen leg was nine inches wider than the other one, she could hardly eat and, for the last six weeks, she had existed on two teaspoons of barley water a day. Sri Singh was devoted to his mother who had brought him up singlehandedly as his father had died when he was only four years old.

During this desolate period, Sri Singh heard that Sri Sathya Sai Baba was to be in Bombay and he wanted very much to go there and see Him. Two days before his intended departure, his mother went into a coma. He sent a telegram to Professor Gokak (a close devotee of Baba) expressing his regrets and his inability to travel to Bombay.

That night, Sri Singh felt that worldly success, wealth and all its accoutrements were singularly useless, for they could give no succour to his sick and dying mother.

At midnight, he left his mother’s bedside and, before going to bed, prayed to Sri Sathya Sai Baba: “Swami, take her away if that is your will. But, please do not make her suffer. Give her perfect health and a good appetite till the very last and give her these for two or three more months. Then, take her to your lotus feet.” A tear escaped down his cheek. He cannot remember how he finally fell asleep.

Next morning, the nurse came running to his wife, excitedly saying that her mother-in-law was sitting up in bed and asking for khichri (a dish of rice and lentil). Mrs. Singh went to her mother – in – law and said, “how can you possibly want ‘khichri? For the last six weeks you’ve been on liquids only!”

The old lady-smiled and said that Sri Sathya Sai Baba had come to her in the night with a rope in His hand (such as is used for swings) which He swung about playfully and had said, “eat well and get well. . .. I will take you, when the time comes.” Then He had vanished.

She said that as soon as she woke up that morning, she felt absolutely well and quite hungry, so she asked the nurse to fetch some khichri. The mother’s condition improved so suddenly that the doctors were taken aback. There was no more need to keep her on a liquid diet. She ate well, very nourishing and even rich food. She could even relish all her favourite foods like makki roti (cornflour bread)!

Although the doctors continued to be mystified, the family was very relleved and happy. Though the old lady had not realized the extent of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s omnipresence and omniscience, Sri Singh attributed her remarkable recovery entirely to Him.

Later, when Sri Singh was in Puttaparthi, Sri Sathya Sai Baba said to him, “I got your two telegrams.”

Sri Singh said, “Swami, I sent only one, to Professor Gokak, about not being able to go to Bombay.”

“What about the second telegram from your heart?” He asked, touching Sri Singh’s chest.

Sri Singh was overwhelmed. Yes, it was true, Sri Sathya Sai Baba had heard even that silent and tearful nocturnal prayer he had addressed to Him about his mother’s suffering!

Reference: “Living Divinity” by Shakuntala Balu. Page: 231-232. Published by S. B. Publications, Bangalore, 1983.

How Sathya Sai Baba Assumed Multiple Forms To Save A Devotee

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

How Sathya Sai Baba Assumed Multiple Forms To Save A Devotee

Swami Satchidananda, a distinguished monk of Divine Life Society of Rishikesh, and a close disciple of Swami Shivananda Saraswati, narrated this astounding incident in the presence of Sathya Sai Baba on the 29th of June 1957, on the occasion of the Inauguration of the Tapovana (Meditation grove) in Puttaparthi. This incident convinced Swami Satchidananda beyond doubt about the divine nature of Bhagawan. Prof. Kasturi has recorded this incident thus:

Swami Satchidananda was in Sathya Sai Baba’s room one afternoon in the bungalow on Kodaikanal. Baba was reclining on His bed. Suddenly, He stood up and shouted, “Don’t shoot”, in Telugu and fell upon the bed, in what is called a ‘trance,’ but is best described as ‘going on a transcorporeal journey.’

His body became stiff and remained in that condition for about an hour. When He returned and took charge of His physical frame, He looked at those around Him and wanted a telegram sent urgently to an address at Bhopal! He dictated the message and the address. It ran, “Don’t worry; the revolver is with Me, Baba.”

Swami Satchidananda expressed a doubt whether the postal authorities would accept the message for transmission, for it spoke of revolvers, which come under the Arms Act. Others too supported him and there was some argument on the pros and cons.

Baba wanted that it should go quickly to Bhopal and alternative words to bypass the rules were discussed. Swami Satchidananda suggested the word, ‘instrument,’ for ‘revolver’ and Baba agreed that it would convey the meaning intended, so far as the recipient was concerned. The wire went quick, and fast, to Bhopal, a thousand miles away!

Every one was anxious to know what the nature of the averted tragedy was, but Baba parried all attempts to draw the information from Him. But, on the fourth day, a letter arrived from Bhopal, which was read out to all, a letter revealing that Baba was indeed the same Lord Vishnu who had saved Gajendra and Prahlada, and the same Lord Krishna who had come to the rescue of Draupadi!

The author of the letter, whose wife was an ardent devotee of Bhagawan, had served in the Second World War and was now occupying a high position in Government Service. He was very much upset by the administrative rearrangements following the Reorganisation of States, for persons far junior in service were hoisted on top of him. He had no one nearby to assuage or comfort or even to listen to his tale of woe.

His wife was away at her parents’ village. Disappointed by the unlucky turn in his career, he decided to end his humiliation by means of a revolver. There was one handy; he tried one shot, just to see whether his hand would be steady for the fatal second; but before he could shoot next… Baba had shouted, “Don’t shoot!”

When suddenly, there was a loud bang at the door! Baba had come! Not as Baba, of course, but as an old college-mate accompanied (!) by his wife and a Chaprasi (porter), with a trunk and a holdall, to make the picture complete in every detail!

The officer ran into the bedroom, placed the revolver on the bed, threw a sheet over it, hurried back into the front hall, adjusted his lineaments to the new situation, and opened the door!

There, lo and behold, were the three forms of Bhagawan, ready to play their part. The college chum was very boisterous and demonstrative; Baba had become by instantaneous materialisation a friend, who had just the qualities that would remove melancholy and who could give the officer, the tonic that would cure him of despair.

He responded to the treatment and became quite normal, very soon. He even smiled and laughed at the jokes of his old friend, and as the conversation proceeded, all thoughts of suicide melted away.

The lady too joined in the talk, but, when they discovered that the mistress of the house was away, the visitor put on an air of profound disappointment and said that he would prefer to stay with another friend. In spite of the appeals of the person whom he had saved, the friend departed forty-five minutes after he materialised, with the lady, the porter, the trunk and the holdall, thus drawing down the curtain on the excellent dramatic performance!

After seeing them off, the officer hurried into the bedroom; he was stunned to find that the revolver was not there nor anywhere in the house! Who could have removed it?

He locked his house and ran in hot haste to the address to which the college-mate said he would be going. He got his doubt confirmed; there was no one there; the three visitors had melted into thin air, with the trunk and the holdall!

Back home, he was turning over in his memory the stunning events that had happened that day, when he was startled by another knock at the door! It was the telegraph messenger! The wire from Kodaikanal; “Don’t worry; the instrument is with me – Baba.”

Swami Satchidananda said that this incident is much stranger than the Parakayapravesam extolled in Puranas. Parakayapravesam is entering into another body which is existing at that time, but, this is Kayasrishti, the creation, at the very moment of willing, of three bodies and making the bodies act their roles of existing individuals, correct to the minutest detail of voice and inflection, gait and gesture, idiom and idiosyncrasy, and the recitation of incidents and anecdotes relating to decades past when they were both students of the same college!

This, concluded Swami Satchidananda, is possible only for an Avatar.

Reference: “Sathyam Shivam Sundaram”, Vol-I, by Prof. N Kasturi. Page: 102-105. Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam.

How Sathya Sai Baba Appeared As Three Villagers To Help His Devotee

Shiva Shakti Sai

Shiva Shakti Sai

How Sathya Sai Baba Appeared As Three Villagers To Help His Devotee

In the Sri Sai Ashtotthara (the 108 names of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba), one of names is “Sri Sai Jodi Adipalli Somappa”. How this intriguing name came to be associated with Bhagawan is narrated by Prof. N. Kasturi. This is one of those amazing miracles when Baba assumed multiple forms at the same time to come to the rescue of His devotee.

On 26th November, 1958, three days after Baba’s birthday celebrations, a devotee, Sri Venkataraman left Prasanthi Nilayam for Bangalore by car after seeking permission from Baba.

On the way, his 2-year-old daughter was attacked by ‘fits’, which became so serious that the child was asphyxiated and it collapsed.

Baba knew this and presented Himself before them as a ‘villager’ with two other ‘villagers’ whom He created. He wanted the child to be given to Him and the two comrades supported the demand. ‘Give him: he will cure it. He has cured thousands’; they (the other two villagers) implored.

The villager (Baba) told them, ‘I was busy for the last 3 days; I just now laid myself for rest; but I came to know that a child was seriously ill on the road. So, I ran up”!

He placed the child on his lap and she was cured. He gave her back to the relieved parents. They offered him a rupee and when it was refused, they gave Him a fruit from the many that they had received from Bhagawan’s hands before leaving Prasanthi Nilayam.

They asked Him His name. He said “Jodi Aadipalli Somappa”. When asked later at the Nilayam, why He chose that name of all others, Baba said, “I am Somappa, Appa (Lord Shiva) and Sa Uma (Sa – along with; Uma – Goddess Parvathi, the consort of Lord Shiva) with Uma. The place of My residence is Aadipalli, the primeval village, Kailasha. It is Jodi (joined together) because it belongs to Sa & Uma ‘Shiva-Shakti’, – the Twin – Prakrithi and Purusha (Nature and God). This is therefore Baba’s most appropriate epithet, selected by Himself, for that profound miracle of grace. It reveals His truth as ‘Shiva-Shakti’.”

On another occasion when a devotee asked Baba, “How can we know that You are Shirdi Sai Baba?”

Baba said, “It is difficult for you; when I ‘went’ the other day, as an old man to save Venkataraman’s child on the road near Bagepalli, he did not recognise Me, he thanked Me profusely and held out a rupee coin towards Me (!). He believed that I was a villager named ‘Jodi Adipalli Somappa,’ when I gave that name!”

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How Sathya Sai Baba Came As An Old Beggar To Shardamma’s House

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

How Sathya Sai Baba Came As An Old Beggar To Shardamma’s House

Sharadamma, the daughter of Sri Seshagiri Rao, the temple priest of Prasanthi Mandir for many years, came to Baba in 1942 when He was still a young boy of 16 years. In her long association with Baba, she has had many wonderful experiences. Here is one of her experiences as narrated by Mrs. Shakuntala Balu:

She remembers an occasion when she had arranged Samaradhana Puja in her village. After the conclusion of the puja she had organized a feast for the Brahmins (priests).

While the puja was still under way, an old beggar arrived seeking alms. Sharadamma sent him away saying, “Come later. The puja is not over yet.”

The occasion went off very well. The old beggar never returned for the promised food and Sharadamma soon forgot about him.

A few months later, in Puttaparthi, she asked Sri Sathya Sai Baba to pay her a visit at home. He looked at her severely and said, “You invite me now, but if I come to you, you may chase me away saying the puja is not over yet”.

With a shock, Sharadamma realised that it had been Sri Sathya Sai Baba who had come to her that day to test her. She bitterly regretted her action of that day, but recognised that she had been taught a very good lesson: never to turn away a hungry person who comes begging for food.

Reference: “Living Divinity” by Mrs. Shakuntala Balu. Page: 180. Published by S. B. Publications, Bangalore, 1983.