More Proof That Critics Of Sai Baba Are Liars And Deceivers

More Proof That Critics Of Sai Baba Are Liars And Deceivers

Reinier Van Der Sandt, the webmaster for the largest Anti-Sai website on the world-wide-web (, recently created an Anti-Sai WordPress blog in which he solicitied an image of Sathya Sai Baba as an authentic picture of a “demon”. The following screencap shows the relevant extract (click to enlarge):

Fraudulent And Altered Picture Of Sathya Sai Baba

Fraudulent And Altered Picture Of Sathya Sai Baba

RFJ Sandt: 1) Has a known history of creating and distorting images against Sai Baba (Ref); 2) Confessed to using numerous fake online identities (Ref); 3) Believes that it is OKAY to visit child-pornography websites as long as one is “not a customer”, even admitting that he visited “lots of kiddie porno websites” (Ref); and 4) Repeatedly claims that Sathya Sai Baba is engaging in questionable sexual acts in full view of thousands of devotees while being recorded on video. For example, see the edited Ex-Baba movie clip entitled Sai Baba Groin (approximately 950kb, wmv file).

The picture duplicated on RFJ Sandt’s ExBabaBlog was actually stolen from the SaiBabaOfIndia website (which is not affiliated with the Sai Organization) and was purposely and maliciously distorted. View The Original Picture Here.

Original Picture That Was Distorted By A Critic Of Sai Baba

Original Picture That Was Distorted By A Critic Of Sai Baba

Image Shack Pictures Linked Directly To The ExBaba Admin:

The following image shows two versions to the same picture of Sathya Sai Baba. The picture on the left was taken from ImageShack (attributed to an anonymous person) and the picture on the right was taken from Reinier van der Sandt’s blog (an image he created himself):

Image Shack On Left - Reinier Van Der Sandt’s On Right

Image Shack On Left - Reinier Van Der Sandt’s On Right

As one can see, the style used to post defamatory comments against Sathya Sai Baba is the same. The same font was used. The same white box in the upper left hand corner was used. The same sexually-twisted interpretations were given. Therefore, one can only logically conclude that Reinier Van Der Sandt was the person who created both images, one under the guise of anonymity.

More Sexually Twisted Images Posted By Reinier Van Der Sandt:

Reinier’s Picture Entitled ‘How Close Do They Get’

Reinier’s Picture Entitled ‘How Close Do They Get’

Image Shack Picture On Reinier Van Der Sandt’s Domain

Image Shack Picture On Reinier Van Der Sandt’s Domain Saying ‘But when sai is with girls he keep distance’

In Conclusion:

Needless to say, Critics of Sathya Sai Baba are dishonest and bitter individuals who have been fully exposed by Joe Moreno on his domain to be pathological liars, mentally unstable defamers and sexual deviants (fully documented with links, screen-caps and verifiable references).

Critics try very hard to con the general public into thinking they are honest, reliable, non-vindictive and moral individuals not given to slurring, defamations, ridicule, prevarication or deception. Needless to say, the facts prove that critics are gutter individuals who have zero crediblity and zero integrity. Therefore, why should anyone give credence to their unsubstantiated and unsupported accusations against Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who has never (ever) been charged with any crime?

The truth is finally being made known and thank goodness for that!

22 Sai Students Respond To The Allegations Against Sathya Sai Baba

Swami Sai Baba

Swami Sai Baba

Twenty Two Sai Students Respond To The Allegations Against Sathya Sai Baba
An Amazing Set Of Emails Suppressed On The English ExBaba Domain

» Sai Students Menu (click on a link to go to relevant section):

» Introduction: TOP
Just recently, Lisa DeWitt found a webpage on the Dutch ExBaba domain whose contents were never divulged on the English ExBaba domain. The ExBaba webmaster (Reinier Van Der Sandt) purchased access to the website and obtained a list of 206 names and emails of Sathya Sai Students attending the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School and the Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning (both in Puttaparthi, India).

These emails were personally obtained from Sai Students by Reinier Van Der Sandt (a fierce and relentless critic of Sathya Sai Baba) and he published them in March 2001. Therefore, the integrity of these emails are vouched for by an Anti-Sai Activist himself. The ExBaba webmaster emailed 206 Sai Students (promising them confidentiality) hoping to get an admission of, or knowledge about, sexual abuse allegations against Sathya Sai Baba. What he received were 22 emails from Sai Students (many attending Baba’s schools for many years) where all of them (without exception) denied the allegations against Sathya Sai Baba and related positive encounters and experiences with him.

These emails wholly refute the numerous claims (made by Anti-Sai Activists) that Sai Students are all aware of Sathya Sai Baba’s alleged sexual behaviors among themselves and that they are imprisoned, isolated, desperate for help, etc. It is also important to point out that many of these Sai Students had graduated and were not living at Baba’s Ashram when they received Reinier’s email. Therefore, they had nothing to hide and were at liberty to say whatever they wanted.

This purposely suppressed webpage also provided a source (i.e., where a list of 155 Sai Student Names could have been obtained. In September 2001, on several Anti-Sai forums and sites, an anonymous person using the name “Ex-Sai Student” (since exposed as “UsedByBaba“) posted a list of 155 Sai Student names and claimed that all of them were sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba. In the past 5 years, not even one Anti-Sai Activist, Anti-Sai Media or Anti-Sai Rationalist has been able to confirm even one single case of sexual abuse from any Sai Student in the list of 155 names (or anywhere else, for that matter).

Reinier Van Der Sandt attempted to equate a “no response” (to his email inquiries) with a “hesitatation to respond because of an other reason” (implying that Sai Students were hesitant to respond because they were sexually abused). Since Reinier (the ExBaba webmaster) believed this (as evidenced on Email 10) it is entirely possible that the list of 155 Sai Student names was published in an attempt to force these Sai Students into giving some sort of confession. Needless to say, it didn’t work. This also shows to what extreme Anti-Sai Activists are willing to go to smear Sathya Sai Baba and his students when they don’t get a response to their vitriol and baseless accusations. Reinier relied on paranoia, speculation and presumption to base his belief that Sai Students were sexually abused.

» (Reinier Van Der Sandt) ExBaba Webmaster’s Email To Sai Students: TOP
Referenced from:

25 March 2001

Dear Student,

I am the webmaster of a Dutch site, that explores the activities of Sai Baba.

You are receiving this email, because I am deeply concerned about the complaints against Baba, I have heard, that Sai Baba, your Avatar, is sexually molesting students and other male devotees, is this true?

Would you be honest in telling me whether this really happens or not?

I understand that you might have trouble in telling me, because I am aware that these things cannot be written so easily, especially when you are (or were) a student in Prasanthi Nilayam.

There are a few questions I’d like to ask, maybe you have heard them spread by other people too, and they made you shiver, but please, I am very serious, I don’t have a sick mind in asking you this:

  1. Did you ever have an Interview with Baba?
  2. Did he put his arms around you, just as lovers use to do?
  3. Was there some kissing between you and Baba during this Interview?
  4. Did Baba ever rub oil into your genitals?
  5. Was there any kind of masturbation, and did you let him do this to you?
  6. Did you gratify him orally?
  7. Did you like what you were doing?
  8. Was he gratifying you?
  9. Did you like what he was doing, or not? Or did you think:
  10. That it was necessary to let him do this to you, claiming that it helped to release your sexual tension, or that it helped to give you some ‘Spiritual Cleaning’?
  11. Did Baba say not to mention anything to anyone about what had happened?
  12. Do you have friends who may have had these experiences?
  13. Have you ever heard of anyone, who has had such kind of treatment?

I should like to explain my modest point of view on these activities; even the slightest worse, putting his arms around you, or the kissing, is, in my opinion, not right, not even in India, not even done by Sai Baba in India. I can image that, in case of any disease, a doctor should investigate your genitals, but I think, all other cases in which this happens, are not ok.

Sexual activities like these, could be normal between lovers, these things may happen, but not when you are consulting Baba, in an so called Interview, where personal problems should be treated with, in your case, some extrasensory perception or some other form of New Age psychotherapy.

Let me play things open and explain what I am doing:

I have found four Baba schools on, I am investigating two of them:

1. Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School (21 addresses)

2. Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning (185 addresses, there are a few more, but the letter ’O’ on didn’t work )

I have sent and email to all students, I received 22 answers, they were all very positive about Baba and his teachings and the general atmosphere in the Ashram, they are all convinced that there is no such thing as sexual abuse, my email bounced 4 times, means that I couldn’t reach four persons, so 184 students didn’t answer. 

I hope that you will decide to e-mail about it. In that regard I want to let you know that, if necessary, help is being offered to you. I know some people, one of them is a school psychologist, that are willing to write, phone, or e-mail with you to help in painful situations. 

Don’t be afraid, I won’t take advantage of your story, your email will be handled very discrete, and besides that, your name won’t ever be published, it is just that I’m trying to help, and to remind you, that all people in Holland are deeply concerned about your situation in the Ashram of Sai Baba in India.

Very, very nice greetings,

A Friend

XXX (Reinier Van Der Sandt)

» Sai Students Respond To The Allegations: TOP
The ExBaba Webmaster withheld the identities of these students (as he promised in his letter above). Reference to “XXX” refers to the ExBaba Webmaster (who withheld his name as well). These emails were obtained and published by a critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba. Consequently, the authenticity of these emails is vouched for by an Anti-Sai Activist himself:

» Email 01 TOP


I’m sorry but all this information is false and so there is no evidence to give. I don’t know why you believe all this crap. You people have no shame. I’m an ex-student and so is my brother and we have gone through nothing rubbish by Swami. Please stop all this non-sense talk.


» Email 02 TOP


All the allegations against Sri Sathya Sai Baba are baseless and are false. I was a student of Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. I know almost all the students in the School and the Institute as all of us lived in the same hostel. With the interaction I had with Baba and all the students, I can say with confidence that no such thing as sexual molestation happens in Prasanthi Nilayam. All this is pure blasphemy intended to defame Baba, the divine.



» Email 03 TOP

It’s NOT true. I studied there for 7 years and there is no such thing. I have 2 masters degrees from SSSIHL for which I paid nothing in the form of tuition fee or any other fee. I am a better man it’s all because of the teaching of Sai Baba and my teachers at the university.

As a webmaster you should be able to understand the kind of facilities we had at our computer science lab and compare them with other universities. We had (in 1997) a DEC Alpha server and 3 Alpha work stations for just 9 students of our class. Each of these servers can support hundreds of users. Most of the professors we have are from IITs(India’s premier technical institutes) and a few from well known universities in USA(Cornell etc.)



» Email 04 TOP

Dear fellow devotee,

This is really absurd. I do not know where you are getting this information from. Rumors always exist. In all cases these were started by some jealous people. I have studied at Prasanthi Nilayam from 1979-1984. There are always some students who spread these rumors to cover up their bad behavior. For example, a student whom I know quite well (he was in my class) was caught smoking in the college. The warden kicked him out of the college for smoking. When he left the college he started some silly rumor.

So my honest opinion is just ignore.


» Email 05 TOP

Sairam XXX

Any way I appreciate that u asked frankly. I am one of the fortunate to know about saibaba what media is writing is just junk. there is nothing wrong happening in ashram. See few people when they do not get what they want they can go to any extent. why go so far take a couple who loved for years got married when they get divorce they say he/she is not good but till other day she/he was everything. just the media is creating hype which is junk. Swami (saibaba) takes care of everyone so well even my parents would have not taken care of me that well. If at all u are true to your profession go head and publish what I am telling see in this world people know only to speak bad about others they do not want good. when Jesus was on earth people crucified him but today there are billions of followers let us not make the same mistake. This mail is not structured what came to my mind I wrote it. Feel free if you want to know more.
with regards

and love


» Email 06 TOP

Dear friend,

I was a student of Prasanthi Nilayam and I came out from there with an education not only in my field of specialization but also as a much better human being than I was before. I value what I obtained there and that is enough for me. I do not think I would be making an overstatement if I state these are the feelings echoing from the heart of every student who has come out of there.

Please be kind enough and refrain from sending me any more e-mails of this sort. Kindly also remove me from your mailing list.

A student

» Email 07 TOP

Dear Mr. XXX

I am glad you have sent me this mail.This indicates that you are seriously interested in knowing about Swami and not frivolous in believing hearsay’s/rumors.

I have been in Prasanthi Nilayam for 7 years and know for sure that there were no such cases of molestations.

In fact,we felt more comfortable at Puttaparthi than any where else for the warm feeling of love and togetherness which only true family/friends can provide.



» Email 08 TOP


This is not new to me. I have heard these stupid and dirty things before. The people who spread these things are mentally sick. May Baba shower his grace on them so that they can get rid of the sick mentality.

I have stayed in the ashram for three years. I had the chance to witness several miracles of Baba. He has cured many people. And rests assure that you are also having a very sick mentality. You are doing a great harm to yourself by sending this email around to each and every student on the list. Talking such things and spreading these words around is a big sin. As Baba says “No one can get rid of his or her Karma”. You should stop sending emails immediately. There is no truth in such stories. Some sick person says this and another sick person like you trusts this and thus spreads this disease around. If you have time and energy please utilize this in spreading good thins around. Email stories which praise the almighty.

Certainly their are people around who speak like this about your religion. Wise ignore all this. Don’t do all this. I am telling you this for your own benefit.

Sai Ram


» Email 09 TOP

Dear sir.

Thank you for writing to us and clarifying things rather than keeping doubts within you.

I am a person who has known Swami since I was in my first grade that  is past at least 19 years. I have studied in his Institute for about 7 years and in the time that I have spent there I can only say that such messages are but rumors and could be the act of people who  are more concerned about the spirituality of others than their own.

Believe me, to us, Swami (as we lovingly call him) is more like a mother father brother sister teacher friend all put together and there is no one, no one, I tell you, in this world who can reciprocate your love in such a way.
We have heard of lots of Gods and saints come by and gone but Sai Baba is a living example. I am not a fanatic. I am not insisting people to pray to him or follow him but just think a person who has:

1. build institutions throughout the country (with three main universities at Bangalore and  Andhra Pradesh) offering FREE education
2. build two BIG Super Specialty hospitals at Puttaparthi and Bangalore
3. done a major Water Project providing clean drinking water to lakes of people
4. whose guidance has made highly qualified people like Doctors engineers to offer their services free
5. who has made people think about their duty towards society and made people in the Sri Sathya Sai Seva organization one of the biggest Non Government Organizations to be performing yeoman service to people through out the world.

All this and many more and the reason behind this is only one single person: Sai Baba. Do you think such feats can be done by people who do not have control over themselves ?

To convince others first one must convince oneself and believe me Sai Baba’s conviction is like a mountain.

Rumors came and went by for even Jesus but his glory still remains.
If you need to swim, you need to first get into the water. In spirituality you first experience and then develop faith. Only in science you first observe for evidence and make the laws.

You need not believe in Sai Baba’s divinity but can at least get inspired to help someone out of your earning daily?

So friend please do not have such doubts. I am seeing some more of my friends to write to you so that you can rest at peace.

Thank you

May God bless you



» Email 10 TOP

Good morning! As I don’t have enough time to answer all your questions, let me tell you this: “You ARE completely mistaken to get such negative ideas about the Ashram and more over about Sai Baba. I consider that the Ashram is the best place on the Earth and I did not face any situation or event which could even get me a remote doubt about the sanctity of the place and people there.

I have read your mail and your logic makes no sense to me. I am writing about your logic that went on like

“I have sent 90 emails, it is just possible for me to send ten emails a day from, there are still 116 addresses to go, until now I received 8 answers from students, they were all very positive about Baba and his teachings and the general atmosphere in the Ashram, they are all convinced that there is no such thing as sexual abuse, so 82 students didn’t answer, let us say that 60 persons are not interested – this is just a loose estimate -, so that leaves us to 22 individuals, that hesitate to respond because of an other reason, and yes, I have to be honest, my email bounced 4 times, so that leaves me to 18 persons that should have another reason for not responding my email.”

First of all, all the students coming out of the SSSIHL are very well placed all over the busy world. Just because someone does not respond to your query, it gives no proof/disproof to any of your suppositions. For example, if I send some mail about some stupid stuff to all the presidents and/or prime ministers of all the countries, and do a survey like you are doing now, based on their not responding I can prove or disprove anything and everything in this world.

My point is that you must first know the basics of conducting a survey or poll. No logic in this great world accepts the “NO RESPONSE” as response “NO”. There is lot of difference between these two. I think you and your organization will be better off if you take some time to think about what I wrote. I am not interested in hurting anyone. I don’t need to prove/disprove anything to anyone. I am not doing that either. I care for you as a fellow being on this beautiful creation of GOD. Be happy and don’t waste your precious time. If you still want to spend time in this poll, do it in the right manner.

I request you that you please do not send me an email regarding any of your future polls like this, because I may not respond in which case you may get a chance to mis-interpret my “No response”.

Thanks for patient reading.

Have a great day


» Email 11 TOP

Dear sir or who ever u are,

I appreciate ur attempt to explore the activities of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai baba. But May I know with what capacity are u doing this, did someone personally complain to u.

I have the student of the ashram for a very longtime and know the place and people very well. I have acquired my knowledge and meaning for life only in the ashram. For me there is nobody more than Bhagawan and praying to him is the least I can do everyday to remember him.

Prasanthi Nilayam is abode of peace both for students and devotees. I think since you are getting such spiral misleading ideas it is better you visit the place and get some peace of mind. Only Bhagawan can help u in attaining peace of mind.

Dear sir, I have had lots of interviews with Baba and many a times a long chat but never had anything of such which u have mentioned happened to me. My sincere suggestion is before u start doing this exploration u better visit the place and have blessings of Baghawan and you might feel that the entire exercise you are doing is a futile one. I pray to Bhagawan to help you in taking right path in this short period of what you called life.

Sai ram

» Email 12 TOP

Dear Sir

Sai Baba is god …… All that has been projected, are all false allegations, do not consider them, only place in the world which is pure, serene, is Prasanthi Nilayam ……


Best Regards


» Email 13 TOP

Dear friend,

I was a student at Sathya Sai Institute at Prasanthi Nilayam and have had interviews with Baba and have friends who were very close to baba.To me Sai Baba is god incarnate on earth and I have not felt or heard from any real sources the allegations that are being wired over the net as well as the allegations raised in your email. Even I was disturbed deeply with the allegations on the net and did my own enquiry. I even contacted some of the students whose name had appeared in the net. Nothing of this has ever happened according to my enquiry.Some of the stories are circulated falsely under the name of some students who were close to Baba and these students have no clue of the news. I can give you names if you need. Some of the news circulated in the net is totally false and I know it because I was there at the time period mentioned and no such thing had ever happened. Do not be carried away by these wild allegations. Sai Baba is god incarnate on earth and I have had personnel first hand experience of his Godhead. If u have any more questions feel free to ask.

Love and SaiRams


» Email 14 TOP


By way of introduction , let me say I am K. and a student of mathematics. This intro is to help that I have a very curious mind and a very logical and scientific thought process.

Just to put things in a different perspective,  I would like to quote Benjamin Disraeli who said, there are 3 kinds of lies :


So, I would suggest that your thought that your rationale of following the number of people who have not responded to your mail , is not conclusive as proof in itself that ur statements are true. Do you have any qualitative proof on this topic?

Secondly , in this fast moving world , god knows  how many people have dismissed your mail as yet another junk mail from a jobless , faceless guy that they do not know. God knows how many people even read it in the first place.

Sorry to say that your theory does not hold water.

Waiting for your rebuttal



» Email 15 TOP

Dear Mr. XXX

First of all, I should commend you as an individual for having come out in the open with your doubts. That, I think, is an indicator of your willingness to form an opinion based on your findings rather than on hearsay.

Coming to your doubts, I would like to make one thing clear – Sai Baba, or Swami as we call him, is an Avatar. By definition, an Avatar is a highly-evolved being and will not, repeat, will not indulge in such a profane thing as sexual molestation. Why, any average human being will not indulge in such acts. What to  speak  of an Avatar! I speak this with the knowledge that I have gained from close interaction with Swami.

I can understand your doubts – they are caused by a number of reports that have started coming now, on the Net, and elsewhere. I consider this to be a test of your faith in Him. In case you have any doubts regarding Baba’s character, then, as a webmaster you have the added responsibility of finding out the truth for yourself. If you approach Swami with an open mind, you will find that such rumors are totally baseless because He is the very embodiment of Divinity.

I would recommend a visit to Puttaparthi to see things with your own eyes. I would be more than willing to help you in this regard.

The joy He gives to people living thousands of miles away – even in countries like the embattled Croatia – is  just incredible. If He is not Divinity, I ask you, who or what is?



» Email 16 TOP

What is ur intent? I have been a swami’s student for the last 7 years. Do tell me ur understanding of how a God man should be.

tell me


» Email 17 TOP

Hello Mr. Sick XXX

My words can not change you or help you get out of the ugly and junk pot you are trying to stick your mind in.

I strongly recommend that you visit Baba once and I am sure Swami will put your sick mind at ease.

Without proper information, you have no right to stand on an intelligent pedestal and attempt to pose such stupid & outrightly junk questions at us.

Baba doesn’t need my vocal response to defend Him : He knows our hearts and we know His. You do not even deserve an answer or a response from any of us to your despicable emails.

But though I dont believe I can alter your filthy mind, I hope you stop sending these emails to my brothers and sisters. If you have the slightest guts and have even the slightest intelligence, go to Puttaparthi and give urself a week to get a true experience of the Divinity.

Help yourself, Even if Baba forgives you, I can not!


» Email 18 TOP

Thanks for ur concern, there’s nothing the way u r thinking is happening at Puttaparthi, so please dont bother anymore and next time before you begin your investigation from your office or your drawing room at your residence u better go to the place and start looking at what you want to find, you would get all your answers rather than trying to make your own stories or presumptions. That would help you a lot, I believe, and for Gods sake please stop bothering us about it and mind your own business.

your well wisher.

» Email 19 TOP

Hello Mr. XXX

I am the recipient of the mail you have sent from Alumni.Net.

There is something I would like to know from you. If there is no problem can you tell me the name of the website you are webmaster of.
Have you ever visited India and in particular Prasanthi Nilayam. Have you had the opportunity of observing how Baba conducts himself.

If so I would like to ask you do you believe in what you have written in this letter. and if you are so concerned and want to do good for others my advise would be that you make a visit and see for yourself. Even earlier there was mention of these kind of things by some people I think in some of the magazines in India itself but I feel all this is done to gain some publicity. In my opinion you should go and see the place for yourself and then go about asking questions.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes I did have an opportunity to have an interview with Baba, but nothing like what you have mentioned has been observed or experienced by me.

2. Yes he does put his arm around you but only to pat you on the back or shoulder not for any other reason.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.


» Email 20 TOP

Dear Friend.

Though I was a student I never had any interviews with Baba which eliminates all the questions you asked. But it certainly brought many facts of life to think about. But, I will not hesitate to say that my life is better now than it would have been.

Happy questing.

Another friend.

» Email 21 TOP

Hello XXX,

I never heard of such things happening! And, I just ignore what ever propaganda that’s going on against Swami.

I have enjoyed my stay as a student in Prasanthi Nilayam. I cherish those few years of my life very much. Even as old student I make regular visits to Prasanthi Nilayam to have His darshan. Many people told me that they were against Baba and they don’t believe Him, and some try to get into argument with me (which is never invited by me)…My only answer to all those people is, “I did not ask you to believe Him.. I appreciate if you let me live in my beliefs. I try to improve myself by practicing (in what ever little way I can) Swami’s teachings.

If you are not a believer/follower/devotee (what ever it is..) of Swami, please do not send any thing against Him to me.

I get hurt.

If you are a devotee of Swami, please never bother the crab that’s going on against Him.

With Best Regards,


» Email 22 TOP

Dear Friend,

Well, to really know Sai Baba one has to see, feel and experience Him personally. One cannot… never know Who He really is….He is Beyond our Mind… So I suggest that You should make a visit to India and see.. meet Him. I think then your doubts and queries will be answered.

I think nobody Will ever be able to clear your doubt Except Sai Baba…..

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


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