Conny Larsson – Sai Baba Critic Turned Psychic Trance Medium – An Overview

Conny Larsson – Sai Baba Critic Turned Psychic Trance Medium – An Overview
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Indian Skeptic, Rationalist And Atheist Endorses Psychic Trance Medium

Basava Premanand - Indian Skeptic Rationalist Atheist Vouches For Integrity Of Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson

Basava Premanand - Indian Skeptic Rationalist Atheist Vouches For Integrity Of Psychic Medium Conny Larsson

Indian Skeptic, Rationalist And Atheist Promotes Psychic Trance Medium
In an amusing twist of events, Basava Premanand (a fanatic rationalist, skeptic, atheist and decades-long Sai Baba critic) published a book for Conny Larsson entitled “Behind The Clown’s Mask”, which was highly critical of the Indian guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Ref).

Attempting to sling mud at Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Basava Premanand blindly published and widely solicited a book for Conny Larsson, a man who openly claims to be:

  1. A bisexual; meaning he engages in heterosexual and homosexual sex (which Conny Larsson publicly divulged on the internet and in various Swedish newspapers).
  2. An internationally renown psychic trance medium for the spirit of Vyasa (Refs: 0102).
  3. An internationally renown psychic who can contact dead people, see dead people and hear dead people’s voices in his head (Refs: 010203).
  4. An internationally renown psychic trance healer (Refs: 010203).
  5. And pet psychic who can contact the spirits of deceased pets (Ref).
  6. A yoga instructor (an internet claim).
  7. A person who conducts (and charges for) private trance healing sessions in which a Spirit Guide helps him to diagnose problems with his clients (Ref).
  8. A meditation master (Ref).
  9. A person who teaches others (and charges for) a nine-step meditation program in which students advance from lower steps to higher ones using the TM (Transcendental Meditation) technique that he learned from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Ref).
  10. A Vedic mantra acharya (Refs: 0102).
  11. A person who charges people money to diagnose their illnesses and diseases by using a crystal pendulum (Ref).
  12. A person who teaches people how to use crystal pendulums (Ref).
  13. A person who charges people money to unblock their chakras (Ref).
  14. A person who teaches people how to “diagnose” blockages in auras (Ref).
  15. A person who claims that body piercing affect acupuncture and meridian points and are harmful on the “cellular level” (Ref).
  16. A post-Sai Baba disciple of Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (Ref).
  17. A person who claims to have 10,000 devotees / students (Ref).
  18. A person who conducts trance healing “seances” (Ref).
  19. A person who is on the Swedish board for Neal Donald Walsh’s “Humanity Team”. Neal Donald Walsh has written and published many books with his alleged and inspired “conversations with God” (Ref).
  20. A former professional actor in Sweden popularly remembered as the clown “Beppo” (wouldn’t those acting skills come in handy for a convincing portrayal of oneself as a psychic medium?).
  21. A psychotherapist (presenting himself as an authority figure who understands human emotions and thought-processes and thereby may influence and manipulate others into believing his psychic claims).
  22. A person who warns his audience against “charlatans” who charge large sums of money although he typically grosses US $1,400 in admission fees only and charges US $72 (per person) for individual psychic readings and US $58 (per person) for weekend meditation sessions (Ref).
  23. A person who adamantly refuses to submit himself to scientific observation or testing for confirmation of his alleged psychic abilities.

Since Basava Premanand blindly believes any and all material opposing Sathya Sai Baba, he apparently failed to conduct a remedial background search on Conny Larsson, a self-professed Psychic Medium. Needless to say, Basava Premanand believed in, endorsed, published and widely solicited Conny Larsson’s Anti-Sai-Baba book. Taking it a step further, Basava Premanand published material pertaining to Psychic Conny Larsson in his Indian Skeptic magazine and even sent copies of Conny Larsson’s book to various high-ranking Indian officials and his rationalist subscribers. Too funny! A skeptic and atheist vouching for the integrity, honesty and credibility of a self-professed psychic trance medium! It doesn’t get much nuttier than this, folks.

Of course, Basava Premanand’s nutty behavior is not surprising. Premanand is a malicious libeler who cares less for the truth and cares more for his agendas of smearing, slurring and defaming.

Basava Premanand Believes Psychics Are Con-Men, Liars And Frauds
Basava Premanand firmly believes (or so he says) that so-called healers, trance channelers, psychics, psychic healers, spirit mediums, mantra acharyas, crystal healers, etc. (all of which Conny Larsson claims to be), are con-men, liars and frauds deceiving others for fame and fortune (Ref). Therefore, Basava Premanand made the case that Conny Larsson is a con-man, liar and fraud deceiving others for fame and fortune. Thank you Mr. Basava Premanand.

As a matter of fact, Basava Premanand will offer Rs. 100,000/-Rs to any person who can demonstrate any type of psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability under his direct observation (Ref). Did Basava Premanand confirm Conny Larsson’s psychic powers? If not (he never claimed he did in his Indian Skeptic tabloid), then why did Basava Premanand deem Conny Larsson so credible, so honest and so convincing that he published a book for him? Does it have to do with the fact that Conny Larsson is a self-professed multi-millionaire (Ref)?

Needless to say, Basava Premanand’s association with Conny Larsson reflects badly on his so-called “rationalism”, “skepticism” and “atheism”. It appears that Basava Premanand is a pseudo-rationalist, pseudo-skeptic and pseudo-atheist who is willing to compromise his pseudo-scientific beliefs by publishing a book by a psychic trance medium who claims that the immortal rishi Vyasa speaks through him. If Premanand believes psychics are con-men, liars and frauds, then what makes Conny Larsson’s claims against Sathya Sai Baba any more credible than his claims of being a psychic trance channeler?

Basava Premanand is an Anti-Sai loon and clown who attempts to portray himself as a “rational” voice against superstition. Needless to say, even Ex-Devotees refuse to say one word about Conny Larsson’s psychic and cult-like claims. The truth is now out and there is no stopping it.


Psychics! Psychics! Psychics!

I found another very amusing article written by Tony O’Clery / “aoclery” (an ex-devotee of Sathya Sai Baba about how all the members in his family are “psychic” in various ways. O’Clery said:

FamilyPsychism.The family is quite psychic in different ways. My wife Jean is very sensitive and can feel and see “things”. Her mother can see and converse with disincarnates at will, almost. Brigid has lucid dreams but is extremely sensitive to feeling and when someone is sick she knows about it, distance doesn’t matter. Brigid also can see spirits and was the first to notice the previous dweller in our house, whose name she got. Tony is also psychic as well but he doesn’t explore it, however like many in the family he can see auras and other phenomena. Stella was a late bloomer in this field but is quite sensitive

Nicole has been psychic for as long as I can remember. Even as a child she could see Auras and talk to animals, as could Brigid and Tony. She could also see spirits and Angels would visit her. As she has become older this gift seems to have stabilised into clairvoyance and clairaudience as well. She can read the Tarot very well and has healing hands and has always been able to do Reiki. It seems that she has giant spirits that protect her. At one time she was being oppressed by spirits bothering her, pulling her hair, pushing her and otherwise scaring and tormenting her. She went to a Pundit but he had no lasting effect. Eventually the spirits stopped bothering her and she became quite strong in the meantime. The giant spirits came some time later and Nicole says they are very tall and she tells me they are blue and wear what they call “priyapanda” headbands.(Lovebands.)Nicole doesn’t speak Sanskrit so this word had to be translated.

A couple of examples of her work are her contact with Eilish and her communication with her fiancee’s father.

It seems that Nicole was awakened in the early hours by an apparition in her room accompanied by loud knocking. It was her fiancee’s father he had just passed away in hospital. He wanted to give messages to his family about the dangers of materialism. He had particular messages for his son William. One day he appeared to Nicole while William was there and he wanted to give William a fish. So as Nicole was the only one who could see the old man she told William to kneel in the middle of the room with his hands out. His father then put the fish in William’s hands and he could feel the cold wetness and the weight of it, even though only Nicole could see it. Nicole said that the smell of fish permeated the apartment all day. Eventually because the father wanted to give messages to all the family she organised a meeting of the family. She acted as an intermediatory for him and passed the messages and communications back and forth. After the session was finished Nicole told him that he had to go on to “the Light”. At that moment two Angels appeared and he went with them from this border plane to a place of rest.

Another time something similar happened was when a girlfriend’s cousin died in Ireland. Within hours of the death and almost immediately Nicole was informed, she was talking to the person that had crossed over. The deceased said that she was surprised by the after-death experience and it wasn’t anything like she had expected, as a Catholic. This communication helped her friend to come to terms with her cousin’s death. Nicole described the deceased and even knew that another relative had passed over pretty recently. The deceased had been met by members of her family and was quite happy to be deceased. She had died of cancer at about twenty eight years of age. Nicole relayed some messages and thoughts as well. Nicole had done the same thing for the same friend with regard to her friend’s mother, who had died, some two years previously. Nicole describes the appearance of the deceased without ever having known or seen her.(This seems to be a Seva work that Nicole is performing. For knowing what has happened to a loved one after they cross over seems to be very comforting, and the real nature of what death is understood better.)There are other examples but there is no point in recounting them all.

Her idea of God is Universal Energy or The Shakti, although she doesn’t use that term. Another daughter Stella is able to see spirits as well. She has seen old men sitting watching television, and then going out to look at the ocean view. She has sensed them around amd seem some previous dwellers of various houses. (Reference)

That’s right, O’Clery claims that his family can “sense things”, can see dead people, can talk to dead people, can see auras, can talk to animals, are clairvoyant, are clairaudient, have “giant spirits” protecting them, read tarot cards, can heal people with their hands and can see old, dead men watching television!

Tony even described himself as “psychic”. Tony also believes he can converse with dead people and hear their voices in his head and that he enters demon trances.

This is the Anti-Sai weirdo who blathers about others suffering from “True Believer Syndrome“.


Anthony Tony O’Clery’s Demon Trances

Believe it or not, Tony O’Clery (an ex-devotee of Sathya Sai Baba) believes that he can give people the names to demons that are oppressing them!

Here are some gems from O’Clery:

Namaste, I still have the names of the two ancient demons that are oppressing Lisa on behalf of sb. Their names begin with an e…….ONS…Tony (Reference)

Lucky I wrote them down when I was told about them for I never remember readings as they are not in my personal memory……Tony (Reference)

Namaste, They keep your mind in a fog of delusion, they make you think you are seeing, hearing, experiencing sb. They take his form in dreams and visit you. They are planning a place for you on the astral as a captive spirit and slave of sb……..ONS…Tony (Reference)

Namaste, None of this went through a legitimate court. By the way those two demonic astral denizens that I said were oppressing you on behalf of sb. I still have their names if you want them……Tony (Reference)

Namaste, If I have told you once I’ve told you are 100 times, take your meds!! you are getting delusional and bipolar again……Tony. Watch out for those two spirits of sb’s that are oppressing you, do you want their names yet? I still have them? (Reference)

Of course, this leaves Tony O’Clery looking very foolish and psychologically unstable. O’Clery claimed that he was able to divine the names to demons supposedly oppressing another person through “readings” not stored in his “personal memory” (because he was in some sort of trance)! lol Of course, this is the same guy who claims he can speak to dead people (as in the case of “Eilish”). The Anti-Sai Movement needs all the help it can get, even from a Ghost-Buster who divines demon-names and proclaims he can converse with dead people!

O’Clery is the kind of Anti-Sai whacko who is trying to take a rational and moral stance against Sathya Sai Baba. Laughable and lamentable!


Who Are You Going To Call? The O’Clery Ghost Busters!

Not only does Tony O’Clery (an ex-devotee of Sathya Sai Baba) believe that he can speak to dead people, he sadly and obviously brainwashed his own daughter (Nicole) into thinking that she can do the same thing.

On his personal website, O’Clery claimed that he and Nicole spoke to several disembodied entities (Reference).

Some amusing and very revealing quotes:
“NICOLE AND I TALK TO EILISH 10th February 1996”:

Nicole had smelt “death”,and soon after I told her about Eilish’s death she was in contact with her. It seems if a person who has passed over is thinking about a particular person, or the reverse situation, and a medium is involved, that sets up the link or channel. It is a three way connection, to start with, with the lower minds involved, especially if the deceased is still in the border plane.This chapter covers our questions and answer period with the newly dead Eilish.Who had only just passed away on the ninth of February 1996.The language may be stilted but this is how it was .

Nicole acted as the conscious medium and relayed all the messages. Without meditation I was unable to hear or see Eilish, but I could see the images in my mind’s eye. Eilish suffered from bone-cancer and died of pneumonia, in hospital. (Her family had kept from her the fact that she was dying but she indicated to Nicole and I that she was aware of the fact.)

Eilish not so confused in the border plane now, happy to communicate and starting to understand her present condition. She says that Angels/Devas appear as soon as she thinks of them.

During the session I held Esha’s hand twice and felt the vibration and heat; Esha was happy about it.

Nicole saw her take form twice whilst talking to her. She said that she talked sweetly and was small and pale but happy. She also said that Eilish was wearing a white or pearl necklace. I saw Esha’s face in my mind, or in Nicole’s. Esha said again that the after-death experience was nothing like she had been taught, (Catholic teaching.) (Eilish at this time of course was still in the Border Planes, or Bardos.)

She stayed with Nicole for an hour just visiting at her apartment and said that she was quite a little missy .She said that some suffering my wife had as a child was…..(Private message). Eilish was very impressed with this type of “radio” she was using to communicate with Nicole, and she was happy she could be where she wanted immediately she thought of it. She also said that a lot of Anthony’s friends are up here; (my friends).

The next day I did a meditation , and I explained the bhajan to her. She asked about the worshiping and what I was doing with the flame. I explained the Arti, Maya. (It seems that my psychic ability is far stronger on the astral and mental than it is on the lower bardos,where I am somewhat weaker, due to the late period of life that I took it up)

During one meditation I took Esha by the hand and we went up through the dimensions. As happened to me at an ashram in India. The next time I tried I was stopped by two Devas whe didn’t want us doing it, for whatever reason. (She wanted her grandaughter to have one of her names. I was to put the request in an envelope and send it to the family, to be opened after the little girl was born. This was done and the little girl was so named.)

On the 17th of February, 1997 I was meditating in the bath but could not hear Esha. I took my consciousness up to the vital plane, asking for my Higher Self’s, Blessing, passing mishapen ghoulies on the way. I found her shell floating with mouth open. Either abandoned or asleep, I decided abandoned, she had moved on. This was the second death.(I asked my Higher Self, for help during these sessions, and the process I used was to completely relax my body and go into a state of meditation, then visualise as much as possible until the visions came by themselves.)

I went up to see my uncle, Father Ted, on the Astral. He said Eilish had been there to his church but was not there now. Uncle John was dancing somewhere. Ted apologised for his rigidness whilst alive. I said not to worry, that was his belief system..

I went up to higher planes, there were formless beings, still couldn’t find Eilish. Good blissful vibrations at this level.

I heard Eilish call my name, she said lots of my friends are up here and lots of God’s Devotees have been helping and instructing her. I explained a little about God’s Dream, Avatars and about all being One, Also that all was a dream no matter what level or plane we’re on.

She was very happy and blissful and I talked about her husband Gregg. She said that she knew about him, she told me to buy him a book and send it to him. She was obviously very spiritual and could move through the different levels herself.

Around about this time I was getting visits in meditation from a soldier in uniform. He would appear as I was coming down through the dream plane. I mentioned it to my wife a few times, that a soldier was visiting me. I realised after a few visits that it was Basil Weston and that he was coming to me, looking for Eilish. Perhaps he was on a different plane from her. However I did have a vison of them together. He was her partner and had been killed in Burma during WWII, and received the V.C. for sacrificing his life for his platoon. On 22/4/96 I met Eilish again, she appeared young, with long hair and a coat. She was quiet at first, and I thought she was mad at me, but no, she embraced me-a thank you, I think.

I have found that I can communicate with Eilish if I meditate, go up the dimensions and visualise her. Last time I heard her “voice,” saying that the image wasn’t her, she was something else ,the image it seems is my mind’s way of communicating with her. The image is just the message that I am trying to communicate.

Weird. Very Weird!

Not only does Tony O’Clery claim that he speaks to disembodied spirits (like “Eilish”, “Father Ted” and “Basil”), he feeds his delirium to his own daughter and encourages it!

Tony O’Clery is an Anti-Sai Clown who tries to bamboozle others with his psycho-babble juggling act. The only people who believe O’Clery are the same gullible, naive, and biddable ones who believe O’Clery can divine the names to demons and communicate with dead people in self-induced trances. lol