Huge Attendance At Sai Baba Temple Guru Purnima Celebrations

Sai Baba

Sai Baba

Huge Attendance At Sai Baba Temple Guru Purnima Celebrations
Thu Jul 24, 2008

MONTEBELLO,CA – An unprecedented flow of hundreds of devotees to receive the blessings of their guru Sai Baba marked the celebration of Guru Purnima at the Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan LA, here in an event spread over three days, July 17 – 20. With almost double the number of expected people showing up, volunteers were hard pressed to produce the Mahaprasad to feed all arrivals. However the army of volunteers responded to the challenge by setting up a kitchen on site for cooking and made sure that not a single visitor left hungry.

The event paying respect to the guru saw several aaratis, poojas and hawans performed during its duration which were all well attended and supported by eager followers of the Baba. The Lalitha and Vishnu Sahasranamams were also recited on different days, On Saturday, after the daily morning kakad aarati the final ceremonies commenced with the Samoohika Kserabhishekam. This service comprised the bathing of the sacred idol of Sai Baba with water and milk in which almost a hundred people participated.

Following this ritual the curtains were drawn and the idol was kept away from the sight of the public while it was draped for ‘alankara’ in fresh new apparel and the alter decked with flowers and food . There was much joy and excitement among the gathering when the drapes were drawn to a darshan revealing the Guru in splendid attire placed in beautifully decorated surroundings.

After the pooja of the Sadguru the priest had the growing congregation squat on the floor and immerse itself in the combined chanting of “Om” for a quarter of an hour which added a whole new spiritual ambience to the religious experience.

Addressing the devotees on the occasion , the founder of the temple, Dr Prabhakar Tummala reminded devotees how the temple when it was inaugurated last year, started with just the basics. He thanked Baba’s staunch devotees which has grown to over 4,000 strong and the volunteer ‘soldiers’ of Baba in converting it to a full fledged temple in a matter of months. He continued to say that this sanctuary is a “Shirdi away from Shirdi.”

Tummala announced upcoming events and said a neem tree would also be planted behind the structure to replicate the setting in Shirdi in India.

The morning rituals concluded with the ceremonial planting of the Udumbara tree when a puja was conducted in the courtyard of the temple with devotees doing three pradarshans around it while chanting “Om Sai Namo Namaha” and each one throwing a handful of rice into the receptacle holding the plant. This again was to duplicate the presence of a similar tree in Shirdi under which the Sai Baba spent several happy and peaceful hours.

In the afternoon there were bhajan sessions led by Suresh and a presentation of episodes from the Ramayana by children of “Bala Gokulam” which meets at the temple every Saturday.


Devotees celebrate “Guru Purnima”

Guru Sai Ram

Guru Sai Ram

Devotees celebrate “Guru Purnima”By ANI on Friday, July 18, 2008
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Varanasi/ Allahabad/ New Delhi, July 18 (ANI): A large number of devotees across India thronged temples to celebrate “Guru Purnima”, coinciding with the full moon day.

Hindus observe the day in praise of “Guru” (teacher).

In the national capital, devotees gathered at a temple of Shirdi Sai Baba. They offered garlands and sweets to the saint.

“The day is observed to celebrate the teacher-student relationship. Spiritual gurus are regarded as God. It is believed that the guru can enlighten a person. They play an important role in one’’s life. They help their disciples to come out of the whirlpool of life”, said Parmanand, a devotee.

According to a legend, Sai Baba who was a nameless pauper took shelter in a mosque in Shirdi town, but never asked for food or water, He hardly spoke.

Curious villagers took pity on the feeble and sparsely clothed man and donated fruits and clothing. But to their surprise, the “fakir” shared whatever he got with the destitute and even animals.

Soon “Baba” and “Sai” both words associated with saints were prefixed to his name and the poor, needy and the destitute from far off began pouring in to hear him.

People paid respects to their gurus in Varanasi that houses innumerable religious schools.

Devotees chanted hymns and made long queues to pay respects to their gurus.

“The student has a tendency to emulate the guru. There is a reflection of the guru in the student. It is the guru who provides the student with knowledge and guides the student to tread the correct path,” said Saraswati, a resident.

In Allahabad, people made offerings to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, well known as the Beatles” guru, who took transcendental meditation to the West.

This was the day when Krishna-dwaipayana Vyasa – author of the Mahabharata – was born.

The spiritual Gurus are revered on this day by remembering their life and teachings. (ANI)


Shirdi Trust To Observe 3-Day Gurupournima Festival

Sai Baba

Sai Baba

Shirdi Trust to observe three-day Gurupournima Festival
July 15th, 2008 – 2:06 pm ICT by ANI

New Delhi, July 15 (ANI): The three-day Shri Gurupournima Festival will be observed from July 17 to July 19 this year.

Organised by the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, this festival is one among three observed and celebrated in any given year, the other two being the Shriramnavami Festival and the Shri Saibaba Punyatithi (birth anniversary) Festival.

The Shri Gurupournima Festival is observed to make the general public aware of the ancient teaching tradition and relationship between the Guru (the teacher) and the Shishya (student). It is also known as the Vyas Pooja after the learned sage of ancient times Vyasa.

On July 17, the festival will begin with the Kakad Arati procession of Sai babas portrait and holy book. It will be taken around the town and will be followed by the Akhand Parayan or the continuous reading of the holy book, which is also known as the Shri Saisatcharitra.

Devotees will then be allowed to pay homage to Sai baba, and thereafter, several religious ceremonies will be observed throughout the remainder of the day.

July 18 will be the main day of the festival, and will pretty much follow the routine set out on the previous day. Devotional songs and obeisance will be paid to the Sai baba by hundreds of thousands of devotees.

On the last day (July 19), the festival will be gin with devotees taking a ritual bath. This will be followed by the Rudra Abhishek ceremony at the Gurusthan. There will be a mid-day arati and traditional programs like the Gopal Kala and the Dahihandi will be performed.

In the evening between 7.30 p.m. and 9 p.m., Shailaja Acharya of Ambarnath will perform the Shri Santwani program in the central hall of the shrine.

Jayant Sasane, chairman of the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shankarrao Kolhe, the vice-chairman of the trust, and other officials will participate in the festival. (ANI)