James Redmond And Sathya Sai Baba

James Redmond is a professional film maker, video producer and audio & video recorder who resides in the city of Rogers, Arkansas, USA. James Redmond was known throughout the Sai Movement as one of Sathya Sai Baba‘s official videographers and his films have been sold since 1988 – 2004. James Redmond is the owner and webmaster for the following four domains:

  1. alayarahm.com (purchased April 2nd 2004)
  2. jamesredmond.com (purchased August 15th 2000)
  3. dynamicvideos.net (purchased March 18th 2004)
  4. saivideos.com (purchased October 17th 1996)

All of these website domains resolve to:

registrant-firstname: James
registrant-lastname: Redmond
registrant-organization: Dynamic Videos, Inc.
registrant-street1: 15135 Dutchmans DR
registrant-pcode: 72756
registrant-state: AR
registrant-city: Rogers
registrant-ccode: US
registrant-phone: +1.4799256273
registrant-email: james@jamesredmond.com
admin-c-firstname: James
admin-c-lastname: Redmond
admin-c-organization: Dynamic Videos, Inc.
admin-c-street1: 15135 Dutchmans DR
admin-c-pcode: 72756
admin-c-state: AR
admin-c-city: Rogers
admin-c-ccode: US
admin-c-phone: +1.4799256273
admin-c-email: james@jamesredmond.com
(Refs: 01020304)

Barry Pittard said the following about James Redmond:

“Sai Baba’s Official Videographer Shoots Frauds in Secret.I may add that James Redmond has told a number of us former followers of Sai Baba he has various film footage in which it is clear that Sai Baba is faking miraculous materializations.However, after satisfying himself first hand of the truth of accounts that Sai Baba has long been a serial sexual molester of boys and young men, James Redmond, informing a small number of former Sai Baba devotee activists – among whom were the late Glen Meloy of Palm Desert California and me – of what he was doing, continued to film Sai Baba. Now primed precisely to train his cameras on Sai Baba’s sleight-of-hand tricks when ostensibly materializing objects, Redmond obtained ever more damning footage.After a few months, James Redmond sent out a letter to the large mailing list for his videos, mentioning convincing first-hand reports to him of Sai Baba’s sexual molestation of boys and young men and associated frauds as reasons for ceasing his attachment to Sai Baba.”

I emailed James Redmond on August 2nd 2005 and asked him:

“I came across an article written by Barry Pittard in which he said you were no longer a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and that you believe that Sai is a pedophile and/or homosexual. Would you characterize these as being accurate statements?”

James Redmond tersely responded to my email and said that Barry’s statements about him were not accurate. However, in light of Barry Pittard’s recent posts about James Redmond I emailed him again and he has not responded.

Barry Pittard made mention to a letter that James Redmond sent to a “large mailing list” and claimed that Redmond mentioned “convincing first-hand reports to him of Sai Baba’s sexual molestation of boys and young men and associated frauds as reasons for ceasing his attachment to Sai Baba”. Needless to say, Barry Pittard’s comments are gutter fabrications and blatant exaggerations of known facts. James Redmond released the following letter on September 30th 2000 and ended it with a “Sai Ram” (a phrase typically uttered by Sai Devotees) and did not mention anything about “convincing first-hand reports to him of Sai Baba’s sexual molestation of boys and young men”. The only reference that Redmond made to the allegations was about “unusual experiences of young men with Sai Baba that are now circulating”. See for yourself:

The Video Education Company
Specializing in Professional Videos about Sathya Sai Baba

September 30, 2000

Dear Devotees,

After 12 years of making professional videotapes on and about Sathya Sai Baba, I have decided to close our office that distributes these videos. I’ve very much enjoyed doing all the audio and video recordings at the special events in India and at various Sai Retreats that I’ve been invited to in various countries around the world. Now, I believe, it is time for me to move on.

The Video Education Company will close its door on Nov. 30, 2000!

I’ve decided to close our office for several reasons:

The birth of my son Benjamin. Now my spare time is devoted to my family. I don’t have the extra time like I used to, to work for income and then do long hours of editing Sai related videos.

Over the past years I’ve been fortunate that I’ve always had other business going on that would support the Sai related videos. At times those businesses provided offices, phones, secretaries, and other staff at no charge to the video business. Now that those businesses are gone I now need to devote my working time to producing an income for my growing family.

The Sai related video business has not been totally self-sufficient. Over the past 12 years, it has not paid me a salary to work on these videos. Now that income is a priority for me, I need to drop those things that are not income producing. Also, it costs me to keep the doors open with a part time staff member, rent, utilities, etc.

The sales of Sai related videos have been going down, not up. This is due to several possible reasons: devotees are not as interested in Sai Baba recent discourses; and/or since a large number of other discourses are readily available the newer ones are not that popular; and/or some devotees copy the videos we produce.

Some devotees owe us for tapes that we shipped. Over the years, we’ve used the honor system with shipping out videos. Unfortunately this has not always worked.

The final reason that I’ve decided to close the office is because of the unusual experiences of young men with Sai Baba that are now circulating.

We’re having a closing sale on all videos, audio & CD’s.
Before it’s too late, you can save up to 50%.

We have inventory of a lot of the vidoes, some of the audio cassettes, and some of the CD’s. We will substantially discount these to move them out. It’s going to be first come, first serve. Once we’re done with a particular tape, that’s it! We will not duplicate more tapes. We don’t know if you will be able to get these videos in the future. If you want to make sure that you have a particular tape or set of tapes, now is the time to stock up. Remember some tapes, we only have a few of. Those that order first get them.

If you order 2 to 5 videos save 20%, 6 to 9 videos save 30%, 10 to 19 videos save 40%, 20 or more videos save 50%. To qualify for this discount you must pay when you order.

These special discounts also apply to CD’s and audio cassettes as separate categories not to be combined with other categories (such as video tapes). To qualify for this discount you must pay when you order. If you order 2 to 5 CD’s, you save 20%, if you order 6 to 9 CD’s, you save 30%, if you order 10 to 19 CD’s, you save 40% and if you order 20 or more CD’s, you save 50%!

We have 1 new video from July 16, 2000, the Guru Poornima Discourse.

Last year I was able to work out with the ashram officials the permission to be able to videotape in India. From my understanding, I am one of a few individuals that have this priviledge. I went in July and now have edited the Guru Poornima Discourse.

I also want to thank all of you that have offered words of encouragement and support and have been loyal customers over the years. You have been great! Now is the time for me to move on…

All the best and Sai Ram, James Redmond

P.S. If you have an email address please send us an email with your address.

270 Country Road 9652
Green Forest, AR 72638


e-mail: info@saivideos.com
Phone 1 (870) 553-2699
Fax 1 (870) 553-2697

For some mysterious reason, the saivideos.com website was continuing to sell Sai Videos (through the “Video Education Company”) on the internet until April 2004, almost four years after James Redmond allegedly closed down his video store (Refs: 010203). At the bottom of the referenced links, one will notice the pages state they were last modified on March 6th 2004 (meaning that the website was active and was being updated up to March 6th 2004).

The reason why James Redmond stayed in business for four years after allegedly closing down his Sai Videos store was one of subterfuge. Barry Pittard explicitly stated that James Redmond defected from Sai Baba but secretly stayed on with the intent to capture acts of fraudulent manifestations on film:

“…after satisfying himself first hand of the truth of accounts that Sai Baba has long been a serial sexual molester of boys and young men, James Redmond, informing a small number of former Sai Baba devotee activists…of what he was doing, continued to film Sai Baba. Now primed precisely to train his cameras on Sai Baba’s sleight-of-hand tricks when ostensibly materializing objects, Redmond obtained ever more damning footage.”

Strangely enough, Barry Pittard fully believes that Sathya Sai Baba possesses genuine paranormal powers. See my article entitled Shanti McIvor, Baba Slings, Sai Isa & Sathya Sai Baba’s Genuine Paranormal Powers.

Needless to say, to date no reputable organizations specializing in fraud have confirmed any acts of fraud in any videos relating to Sathya Sai Baba. Erlendur Haraldsson took one such video (where it was alleged that Sathya Sai Baba could clearly be seen “faking” a materialization) to a company specializing in corporate fraud and the verdict showed no firm evidence of fraud. As a matter of fact, Haraldsson wrote (cited from his book “Miracles Are My Visiting Cards: An Investigative Report on Psychic Phenomena Associated with Sathya Sai Baba”; ISBN: 8186822321):

“The quality and resolution of the tape leaves much to be desired and limits the inferences that can be drawn from it. Dr. Wiseman took the videotape to a company which specialises in investigating corporate fraud. This company posesses some of the world’s best equipment designed to enhance poor quality videotape. The technician kindly offered to enhance the videotape in question. The videotape was run thorugh a real time Snell & Wilcox Kudos Noise Reducer. The machine carries out three operations. First, it removes via recursive filters the random noise on the tape caused by repeated copying. Second, it improves the graininess of the video by median filters and finally enhances any edges on the the video through edge enhancement filters. After all this the video is certainly easier to watch, and did not contain much of the random noise present on the copy provided by the Deccan Chronicle. However, the resulting tape still did not reveal further information about the incident. In short, the reason for Sai Baba’s hand movements still appears unclear and is open for various interpretations, but the tape contained no firm evidence of fraud. The company also analysed several still frames taken from the video. These were scanned into a computer and run through an Improve image processing system (developed by the Home Office in Britain). Again, the images were enhanced via median filters and certain areas of the frames were enlarged. The resulting photographs show the crucial moment as Sai Baba’s hands touch under the memento, but do not reveal any further information…”

Therefore, despite the rants and ravings from Anti-Sai Activists, they simply cannot argue with the results of the analysis. The allegation of trickery in this GuruBusters video is completely unfounded. Why haven’t ex-devotees and James Redmond taken their alleged videos to companies specializing in fraud and have them independently back up their claims of deceit, sleight-of-hand and magic against Sai Baba?

Further strengthening the case that Barry Pittard’s claims about James Redmond are true, the fact that Mr. Redmond purchased and registered the domain name alayarahm.com is highly indicative that James Redmond is associated with the Anti-Sai Movement. The alayarahm.com index page simply states:

1 (479) 502-3535

The background image states “Manifest Entertainment” and the background image is named “cd face copy”.

Alaya Rahm was an alleged sexual abuse victim who made his accounts known through various media. However, much has been purposely suppressed about Alaya Rahm, including his claim that Sathya Sai Baba miraculously transformed his genitals from male to female twice. Alaya Rahm also wrote a love poem to Sathya Sai Baba after allegedly being sexually abused dozens of times. Alaya Rahm attempted to sue the Sathya Sai Baba Society and self-dismissed his own lawsuit after Lewis Kreydick (a witness Alaya Rahm himself named in “Response To Form Interrogatories”) came forward and refuted all of his claims. See:

Alaya Rahm Self-Dismissed His Own Lawsuit Against The Sathya Sai Baba Society
A Scathing Response To Critics About Alaya Rahm’s Failed Lawsuit
The Rahm Family – Allegations Examined
BBC Secret Swami Video

Lewis Kreydick testified in a video deposition that Alaya Rahm and James Redmond were together at Kodaikanal in 1998/1999 to see Sathya Sai Baba. According to Kreydick, James Redmond was there with his fiancee to have their marriage blessed by Sai Baba. Sathya Sai Baba did not bless Redmond’s marriage and both he and his fiancee were very disappointed (Refs: 01). Shortly after this time, the Rahm Family defected from Sai Baba and so did James Redmond (according to Barry Pittard).

All of this information highlights James Redmond’s deceit, dishonesty and subterfuge. While claiming to be a Sai Devotee (and speaking like a Sai Devotee), James Redmond was an Anti-Sai Activist who secretly allied himself with the Anti-Sai Movement and attempted to capture Sai Baba’s sleight-of-hand on film. He failed. After closing his Sai Video’s store in the year 2000, James Redmond was still selling Sai Videos on the internet (apparently trying to make a few quick bucks off unsuspecting Sai Devotees) up to April 2004. These are the type of individuals who are attempting to “expose” Sathya Sai Baba. The harder they try, the more egg ends up on their faces.