How Sathya Sai Baba Came To Me

by James Sinclair

James Sinclair

James Sinclair

Mr. James D. Sinclair is a reputed businessman, who has made a very big mark for himself in the field of mineral prospecting. That apart, he is also a person who has been coming to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for spiritual guidance for several years for now. After having acquired his degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, Mr. Sinclair, in the year 1975, set up the Sinclair group of companies for which he became the President and the Chief Executive Officer. Thereafter, he established, in the year 1981, the James D. Sinclair Financial Research Institute, for which he became the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. Later on his interest increased in the field of television and telecommunications, wherein he became the founding partner of the company Cross Country Cable TV. Presently, he is the Chairman and the Executive Officer of the Tanzanian American Development Corporation. The manner in which James Sinclair of America became a devotee of Sai makes a thrilling story. Sinclair had never heard of Baba but he had a deep yearning for God in his heart; that was enough. For the rest of the story, we turn to Sinclair himself:

“How is it possible”, I used to wonder, “that I was born at this time and age?” As a Christian, it seemed so unfair that here I was in the 1950’s, and Jesus was on this planet two thousand years ago. I used to pray as I drove to New York City for business work: “I know you are out there, but I can’t find you, Dear Lord. Instead, You must find me!” Those prayers were not wasted. They were heard and answered in the positive.

I will tell you of an event that at that time seemed shocking but would take thirty years to become fully clear. It has to be kept in mind that neither I nor my wife at that time had any understanding or inclination towards Eastern tradition or philosophies. In 1964, just a short while after our marriage, my wife and I accepted an invitation to stay at a friend’s woodland cottage. As we were going to sleep, I saw an old man standing over my bed in the moonlight. My feeling was not one of fear but rather like one has while a mother is looking at her son. The old man then turned and walked across the room and through the wall! Just then, my wife said in a loud voice, “Jim, are you awake?” She screamed since she was watching the old man as he walked through the wall. Barbara had never seen anything like that in her life and was shaken by the experience. Now let us leave this experience and move ahead to 1968.

Our married life had produced our first daughter. Business was not going well. My health was not so good. The IRS [Internal Revenue Service, which is the name for the Income Tax Department in the U.S.] was looking for me. I had just sold my car to pay the month’s rent for our living quarters. I was frustrated about the way things were going and my apparent inability to change the circumstances. One day, it just became too much for me to bear. I went into my cellar where I had a desk. I sat down and prayed:

I don’t know who You are.
I don’t know where You are.
I don’t know what You are.
But this I do know: You are!
So, You have to take over,
Because I have made a mess of everything.

I resolved not to leave the cellar till the Divine literally took over, whatever that meant. All of a sudden, I looked to my right and saw what appeared to be a little royal child dressed in gold and jewels. The child had long hair, so I thought it must be a girl. Suddenly, all my fear was gone. I was totally at ease. I got up and went upstairs. The fun was about to begin.

I began to meditate twice a day. The environment slowly began to improve. I had an interesting experience. My meditation was on the light from a candle. Every time I started my meditation looking at the candle flame, I saw a little fellow in the flame wearing an orange robe with a great shock of black hair. Then I would transcend thought. I also began to have the same dream every single night. It went on for years. I saw myself walking up a hill, led by three men in the darkness of night. One was an old man in white. One looked somewhat like Jesus Christ. The one in the middle had an orange robe. This dream occurred night after night for years. At that time, I had no knowledge of Shirdi Sai Baba or Sathya Sai Baba. For that matter I had no idea of any Avatar and did not know what the word meant.

Now we move ahead another eighteen years to 1984. I have been meditating now for fifteen years. I am a vegetarian, and I keep a special room in my house for my meditation. It is a tiny hut, completely private. My meditation has lost form of any kind. A friend who then was a technical commodity market analyst knew my interest in meditation. He suggested that I might like the tape he has. He told me that he it played before and after his meditation. It gave him a great spiritual feeling. I was most grateful and began the same practice for relaxation before and after meditation. Wow! It was powerful.

Now comes the spectacular story. Please understand that I don’t feel special in any way. In fact, I believe that someone had been knocking hard on my door for a lifetime. I was too stupid to know. Therefore, this person had to blow a bugle in my ear to get my attention. Well, the bugle blew in Connecticut, East Coast USA, one winter evening.

I was walking from the lavatory in the night. You know how you get a feeling someone is there. I did. I turned around and there He was. I hadn’t the slightest idea who He was. This handsome figure dressed in a long orange robe, with a shock of hair you wouldn’t believe, was in my hallway, looking at me silently. I nearly jumped out of my skin. As fast I had seen Him, He was gone. Well, it happened a second time. Not too much later, I was in my meditation room, and this same figure was standing when I came out of meditation. I rubbed my eyes. He was still there. He motioned as if I was to do something with His Feet. I knelt down and touched His Feet. As I looked up, He was no longer there. This time I didn’t feel scared, I felt out of my mind. I didn’t know which I needed more, spiritual or professional medical help! I was determined to find out who this fellow was that visited me. I certainly wasn’t going to tell my wife.

Off I went to the fort of spiritual knowledge in New York City, Samuel Weiser’s bookstore. I approached the clerk. He asked if he could help me. I said, ‘I certainly hope so.’ I described my visitor, of course without giving details of the visit. I wanted to know if there was any book about someone who looked like the description of my visitor. He said, ‘One moment. I will be right back.’ He returned and handed a packet of whitish grey powder and a book titled Holy Man and the Psychiatrist written by a doctor [this book is by Dr. Sandweiss]. The salesman told me that he himself was a devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Now I knew that the name of the form was Sathya Sai Baba. Was I in for a surprise when I recognised that the recurring dream had been of Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai, and Prema Sai walking up the hill night after night for many years? The figure in the flame was also Him.

Sai Baba Trinity

On my first visit to Prashanti Nilayam, which is a story in itself, I was granted an Interview with Baba. As I entered the room, He said, “All I have given you, and you have never been happy one moment in your life. I CAME TO YOU TWICE. Would you do something for Swami?” My answer was, of course, yes.

Swami went on, “BE HAPPY”. I had told absolutely no one at that time of the visit. In a 1994 Interview, Swami said to my wife and myself, “I came to you thirty years ago”. He said it right out of the blue. 1964 was the year when we had the experience in the woodland cabin with the figure of the old man in white. That was indeed thirty years ago.

Who was the royal little girl in my cellar when I was at my wits ends? I believe it was Baba in the form of Baby Krishna, welcoming me as a spiritual baby onto His path. Thank You, Swami!


RadioSai Reference

Christian Missionaries Take Aim At India – Deceptive Bible & Other Questionable Tactics

Indianized Bible

Indianized Bible

The Bible Takes An Eastern Influence
Matt Wade in New Delhi
August 9, 2008

THE words of the Bhagavadgita, the songs of a Hindu mystic and the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi have all found a place in a controversial Bible published in India.

An illustration in the new version depicts the Holy Family as poor Indian villagers – Mary wears a simple sari and has a bindi on her forehead alongside Joseph in a turban and loincloth. There is also a full-page portrait of Mother Teresa, the nun who served the destitute on the streets of Kolkata, above the words “pure and blameless religion lies in coming to help orphans and widows”.

Promoters of the project, called the New Community Bible, claim it will help Indian readers understand the Bible by drawing on “the rich culture and religious heritage of our motherland”.

A team of 30 Indian biblical scholars worked for more than 15 years on the new edition, which has been approved by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India and is published by the Society of St Paul.

“I am sure this Bible, made in India and for Indians, will bring the word of God closer to millions of our people, not only Christians,” said Oswald Gracias, the Catholic Archbishop of Bombay.

A simple English translation of the whole Bible is accompanied by extensive commentary notes to assist readers interpret the verses.

This commentary draws on the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu holy book, as well as Indian epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata to help explain the Bible to an Indian audience.

Jesus’ words about storing “treasure in heaven” in the gospel of Matthew are compared to the Bhagavad Gita’s teaching that “work alone is your proper business never the fruits it may produce”.

The commentary refers to the songs of Mirabai, a popular 16th-century Hindu mystic. Her hymns of devotion to Krishna, a Hindu deity, are used to illustrate Mary Magdalene’s attitude to the resurrected Jesus.

The teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore, Asia’s first Nobel laureate, are also referred to in the commentary.

The New Community Bible has 24 line drawings by Christopher Coelho, which use common Indian cultural scenes to illustrate biblical texts. One depicts a Hindu temple, a Muslim mosque and a Christian church with shoes and sandals left outside the door – a tradition in many places of worship in India. Another shows a poor Indian family living in a shanty hut below towering skyscrapers.

The general editor of the New Community Bible, Reverend Dr Augustine Kanachikuzhy, admitted that references to Indian scriptures had generated complaints.

“This was expected,” he said. “It will take some time for the [new Bible] to gain acceptance.”

Dr Kanachikuzhy denied the new edition watered down the Bible’s message.

The manager of the St Paul’s bookshop in New Delhi, Father Stephen, said the New Community Bible had only been available for about a month but the first edition of 15,000 copies had almost sold out. A new print run is being prepared.

“People in India are really appreciating it, especially the pictures,” he said.

The 2200-page hardcover costs 250 rupees ($6.60).

According to local tradition Christianity was brought to South India by the Apostle Thomas – “doubting” Thomas – in AD52.

Christianity is the third largest religion in India after Hinduism and Islam. India’s last census in 2001 found there were 24 million Christians, about 2.5 per cent of the population, although some estimates put the proportion above 5 per cent.

It is alleged many poor communities do not admit to being Christian because they fear losing benefits reserved for low-caste Hindus.


Hindu Contrary View:

Christianity cannot tolerate and respect other cultures and religions. They have destroyed nearly 90% of the cultures around the world. Christianity failed in India and in Muslim countries miserably but that has not stopped the Vatican and missionaries from perusing its hidden agenda of conversion. Timesonline in an article titled ‘Vatican hopes Indian Bible will translate into surge of converts’ discuss this yet another attempt by Christianity to harvest souls in India.

‘The calculation is that India is the last great missionary front on Earth,’ John L. Allen Jr, a Vatican expert based in Rome.

The tactic to conquer the last great missionary front is to use the secular culture of Hindus to attack them. It might sound strange but Vatican never has the guts to apply such cheap tactics against Islam. And everyone knows Why? Christianity encourages religious fundamentalism in other religions through such dirty tactics. They give enough ammunition to the fundamentalists and often quietening the voice of moderates in Islam, Hinduism and other religions.

Extracts from the article in Timesonline:

The New Community Bible is part of an attempt by the Vatican to attract more converts in India as congregations decline in Europe and North America.

“I am sure this Bible, made in India and for Indians, will bring the word of God closer to millions of our people, not only Christians,” Oswald Gracias, the Archbishop of Bombay, said at a ceremony on the Bible’s release.

The notes even quote Hindu scriptures, such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics, to help to explain Christianity to prospective converts. “We wanted to show the parallels between the themes in the Bible and in Indian religions,” Father Tony Charanghat, a spokesman for the Archbishop, said. “We’ve put the sacred text in a local context.”

Some of the new tactics employed in the Hindu Bible:

  • Virgin Mary: Barefoot and wearing a sari, with a bindi on her forehead and a naked baby on her shoulder.
  • Joseph: Clad in a loincloth and turban.
  • When Jesus tells disciples to turn the other cheek, the notes compare this to Gandhi’s creed of non-violence.

What is baffling is Christianity’s utter contempt for other cultures and religions. When discussing the topic of conversion Roman Catholic priests and other missionaries hide behind the veil of education and saving the poor. They have miserably failed in saving the poor and providing secular and quality education all around the world.

Instead of creating free individuals, Christianity creates more poor and people who are always dependent. Only free individuals can create a free society and which will lead to economic freedom. Sadly, Christianity cannot tolerate free thinking individuals.

Instead of creating more trouble around the world by cheap conversion tactics, Christianity and its bosses should bring the word of God (Bible) closer to political leaders in Western Countries. Ask them to stop attacking other nations. Ask them to stop selling weapons around the world. It is time for Christianity to educate its political leaders in Bible – You must love your neighbor just as much as you love yourself. In simple terms stop creating wars and other problems in Africa, Asia and in Muslim and Communist countries around the world.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said:

Different people call God by different names: some as Allah, some as God, and others as Krishna, Shiva, and Brahman. It is like the water in a lake. Some drink it at one place and call it ‘jal’, others at another place and call it ‘pani’, and still others at a third place and call it ‘water’. The Hindus call it ‘jal’, the Christians ‘water’, and the Moslems ‘pani’. But it is one and the same thing.

Hindus have never poked fun off or criticized Christ. For many Hindus, he is just another path to self realization. But Christianity and its priestly class cannot tolerate and respect the beliefs of Hindus. And their lies the great difference between Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) and Christianity. (Reference)

Christian Contrary View:

“There just cannot be a dialogue or genuine peace between Christians and Hindus unless we stop proselytization,” says the Reverend Karen MacQueen, popularly known as Mother Karen.

“This does not mean that someone who has witnessed Christian work, say at a charity institution, wants to find out more about Jesus and the church (should be discouraged). But denigrating another religion and insisting that there is only way to salvation is not a good thing at all,” she said.

Mother Karen, who first visited India in 1977 to work with Mother Teresa in Kolkata, and got drawn into studying Hinduism, has promoted Hindu-Christian dialogue in Los Angeles for many years.

She was one of the key movers behind the Indian Rite Mass held on January 19 at St John’s Cathedral in Los Angeles. The cathedral is run by Episcopalians, an influential branch of the American church.

A vegetarian since her first visit to India, she says one of the reasons the church issued an apology to Hindus for the attack some Christians have made on Hindu beliefs and way of life, is the continuing controversy about conversions in India.

“We continue to be appalled by the action of many fundamentalist Christian preachers and aids organisation that sought to exploit the tremendous tsunami tragedy in many Asian cities and towns,” she said from her office near Los Angeles. “The missionaries were telling the people that unless they became Christians, they would not get the relief aid.”

She decided that the Mass would be celebrated in Indian style, using aarti and kirtans. “The Indian style Mass is being celebrated in many Christian ashrams in India,” she said.

There are over 50 such ashrams in India where Christianity is presented as an Eastern faith. You will see Christ looking like an Indian sadhu, and Mother Mary picturised wearing a sari.

Mother Karen has sojourned at several of those ashrams, particularly at Shantivanam Ashram, a Camaldolese Benedictine community made famous by its former prior, Bede ‘Dayananda’ Griffiths.

The Shantivanam ashram looks like a rishi’s home transported from Vedic times to the banks of the Cauvery river, at a forested place near Trichy in South India, wrote Hinduism Today magazine.

‘A pilgrim’s first impressions are strong, and very Hindu: the elaborately colorful Hindu shrine; the bearded, saffron-robed swami seated cross-legged on a straw mat; devotees practicing yogic meditations, even chanting Hindu scriptures.’

The Christian priests who run such ashrams get criticised by conservative Christians and by Hindu groups who think they are trying new conversion ploys. But Mother Karen says the most important mission of Shantivanam is to foster better understanding with the Hindu community.

‘The impressions at the Christian ashrams lead to another kind of reality. First, the eye detects that the courtyard shrine is for Saint Paul and that puja is actually a daily Mass, complete with incense, aarti lamps, flower offerings and prasadam,’ Hinduism Today wrote.

‘Finally, one meets the swami, learning he is Father Bede “Dayananda” Griffiths, a Christian sanyasi of impeccable British background…’

Some of the critics of such ashrams may remember a few Italian priests, who, in the 16th century in Go,a lived like sanyasis and were trying to convert high caste Hindus.

‘These ashrams,’ wrote Hinduism Today ‘which are variously described as “experiments in cross-cultural communication,” ‘contemplative hermitages that revolve around both Christian and Hindu ideas,’ or (less charitably) “institutions to brainwash and convert India’s unwary masses.”

Are these places to be endorsed by Hindus as worthy attempts to share each other’s spirituality? Or are they a spiritual oxymoron, a contradiction of terms, because the Christians are interested in sharing — dialogue is the term they use — only as a means to conversion?’

Mother Karen would like to see such ashrams grow in number as long as they have a clear mission in holding genuine dialogue and involve Hindu spiritual leaders in the nearby community.

She believes that the recent Indian rite Mass was not a one-time event. “We want to see a Gandhi pilgrimage center in a temple where Christians could go and meditate,” she says, “and even get involved in social action.”

She also plans to meet with immigration officials and lawmakers at the national and state levels to make changes in the immigration law, so that it becomes easier for Hindu priests from India to serve at the American temples and ashrams. (Reference)

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Orissa Clash and Christian Missionaries, by Nithin Sridhar
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Virgin Mary In A Sari

Virgin Mary In A Sari

Alternate Views Of Jesus Christ In Art – Pictures – Society

Alternate Views Of Jesus Christ In Art – Pictures – Society
As an update to the former article entitled Jesus Photos – Sathya Sai Baba Crucifix – Sketches, Art, Pictures Of Jesus Christ, this blogged post will look at alternative artistic depictions of Jesus Christ.

Mandala Image Of The Shroud Of Turin Jesus’ Eyes:

Shroud Of Turin

Shroud Of Turin

Reflections On The Christian Jesus Of Nazereth:

Reflections On Jesus

Reflections On Jesus

A Different Perspective Of Jesus. He’s Looking Down, We Are Looking Up:

Looking Up

Looking Up

Father, Son & Holy Spirit – Indian Depiction Of Jesus Christ:

Indian Jesus

Indian Jesus

Black Jesus:

Black Jesus

Black Jesus

Black Jesus

Black Jesus

Race Of Jesus – Wikipedia (select quotes):

The race of Jesus has been a subject of debate since at least the 19th century. The physical appearance of Jesus of Nazareth was debated by theologians from early on in the history of Christianity, though with no explicit emphasis on race.

Different societies have depicted Jesus and most other biblical figures as their own ethnicity in their art; for example he is primarily white in the West, and black in Sub Saharan Africa. Such representations are not, in the modern day, usually intended to be historically accurate. The current dominant opinion among historians and scientists is that he most likely had olive skin, resembling modern-day persons of Middle Eastern descent. Others, however, have suggested other possible racial backgrounds. For some Christians the question is complicated by the belief that his birth was a unique miracle, an “incarnation in flesh of divine substance.”

By the Early Middle Ages the positive view of Jesus’ looks was bolstered by a number of descriptions of him purporting to date from his lifetime. Nicephorus quotes a description of him as tall and beautiful with fair wavy hair and dark eyebrows that met in the middle. He had an olive-tinted complexion, “the color of wheat.” One Publius Lentulus is supposed to have described him as perfectly beautiful in features, with “hazel-coloured” hair that flowed to his shoulders, and a forked beard. His eyes continually “change their color.” Epiphanius Monachus provides a similar description, in which Jesus is six feet tall, golden haired, with black eyebrows, light brown eyes and swarthy skin “like David’s.”

Not all depictions of Jesus are intended to literally represent how he is thought to have looked; many such representations are largely symbolic, spiritual, and personal, and the race chosen may be intended only to reflect, or more recently to contradict, local expectations. This may be true of both pictorial and cinematic portrayals.

Additionally, whether intended to be realistic or not, images of Jesus throughout history have almost always characterized him as being of the race of the artist or target audience, further complicating the task of determining Jesus’ race and sometimes leading to racial tensions. Categories of racial difference have also changed over time. While the German artist Albrecht Dürer often depicted Jesus as blond and the Spanish artist Velázquez depicted him as Mediterranean, there is no evidence that either of them would have interpreted these differences in terms of separate racial identities as they might be in modern America, in which “WASP” and Hispanic peoples are sometimes characterized as racially distinct. (Reference)

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Jesus Photos – Drawings – Sketches – Art – Pictures Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Photos – Sai Baba Crucifix – Sketches, Art, Pictures Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Photos – Drawings – Sketches – Art – Pictures Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Sketch

Jesus Sketch

Jesus Sketches – Sketchings Of Jesus Christ
Pencil Sketches Of Jesus
Jesus Sketch Artist – Jean Keaton
Beautiful Jesus Christ Sketches

Real Jesus Photo

Real Jesus Photo

This Real Jesus Photograph above has an interesting and unusual story behind it. The story, as printed in the book “Shri Sathya Sai, The Yugavata”, by S.D. Kulkarni, page 134, is as follows:

“An English couple went to Puttaparthi (Sathya Sai Baba‘s place of residence in India). The husband had faith in Baba but the wife believed in Jesus Christ. Baba called them in for an interview. The husband had an automatic camera which started clicking by itself during the interview. When the couple went back to England and had the film developed, they got this picture of the face of Jesus.

On their next journey to Puttaparthi, Baba called them in for another interview and asked them whether they liked the picture. He then told them that this was a picture of Jesus Christ at the age of 28 or 29 when he left India to return to Jerusalem.”

Jesus Art

Jesus Art

Large Collection Of Jesus Christ Art
Christian Art Prints Of Jesus By Stephan Sawyer

Jesus Photo

Jesus Photo

Jesus Photographs – Google Search

Jesus Christ In Single Stroke Of Pen

Jesus Christ In Single Stroke Of Pen

Pictures of JesusPhotos of The ChristJesus ArtYeshua ArtworkSketches Of Jesus of NazarethJesuIsaYehoshuaChristosAnointed One

Sai Baba Crucifix

Sai Baba Crucifix

The crucifix was created by Sathya Sai Baba on a most auspicious day, Mahasivaratri. Baba had reached a decision to halt the yearly public viewing of the birth of the lingam as it flashes from his mouth and comes to rest in his hands, cushioned by a silk handkerchief. Although that public portion of the holy festival of Mahasivaratri was now terminated, nevertheless the lingam would be created by Baba each year again and again, for it is a principal sign by which we may know the Avathar. In respect to the oval, eggshaped lingam which Baba produces from within his body on Mahasivaratri night, he says, “It is not possible for you to understand the divine purpose and gauge its potential, or to know the significance of its manifestation. In order to bear witness to the fact that Divinity is among you, it becomes necessary for me to express this attitude of mine. Otherwise the atmosphere of hatred, greed, envy, cruelty, violence, and irreverence will overwhelm the good, the humble, and the pious. … it is the most fitting symbol of the Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent Lord. Everything starts from it and everything is subsumed in it.”

We may also know the Avathar by the sixteen signs that accompany him: creation, preservation, dissolution, knowledge of incarnations, special Grace and the power to bestow it; each of these in the past, present, and future, thus totaling fifteen, with the sixteenth being Paramathma, the Divine, resident in the heart of each being. To these sixteen signs of the divine incarnation of the Avathar, Baba adds another sign, which he terms the most significant of all –divine love, universal and impersonal, yet personal.

The lingam has been seen by the writer a number of times. On the occasion of one Mahasivaratri night, I was sitting quite close to Sai Baba. When the moment came, I saw a flash of gold come from his mouth and saw the lingam caught in the silk handkerchief held by his hands. It was of gold. How an object that size came up Sri Baba’s throat cannot be explained. At another Mahasivaratri, the lingam was translucent, and there was a clearly visible flame in the center of the lingam.

The evening before the Mahasivaratri Day of 1973, we were told to be ready in the early morning for a trip; and that when the cars were loaded and ready, we would know the destination. Swami had decided that only a handful of people would be with him when the lingam became manifest.

Our destination was the Bandipur Game Sanctuary in Bandipur Forest, several hours away in Mysore State. We arrived at the Forest resthouse in the early afternoon. The next morning, we returned to our cars and, guided by the Forest people, took various winding roads, hoping to come upon one of the Forest’s wild elephant herds. As we moved through the trees and the open areas, in our minds we were hoping for a replay of the dramatic and fascinating encounter between Satya Sai Baba and a wild elephant herd which had taken place some years before when Swami and some devotees had made a holiday expedition to the Game Sanctuary. This time, however, the elephants remained in their secret places and not even one was seen. But the drive through the hills had another and more important objective. Swami intended to find a correct site where we could gather at dusk for the sacred event of the lingam birth. It was on this great and most mysterious occasion, unknown and beyond imagination to the world at large, that the crucifix came into being.

As we crossed a bridge above a sandy, dry riverbed, SaiBaba indicated that this would be the place. He said we would all return here just at dusk, and this we did. The cars halted at the side of the road, and we started to climb down the bank to the sandy river bottom. I was beside Baba. As we passed a bush, Swami broke off two twigs, placed them together, and asked me, “What is this, Hislop?”

“Well, Swami, it is a cross,” I answered. Baba then closed his fingers over the twigs and directed three somewhat slow breaths into his fist, between thumb and forefinger. Then he opened his hand to reveal a Christ figure crucified on a cross, and he gave it to me.

He said, “This shows Christ as he really was at the time he left his body, not as artists have imagined him or as historians have told about him. His stomach is pulled in and his ribs are all showing. He had no food for eight days.”

I looked at the crucifix, but found no words. Then Baba continued, “The cross is wood from the actual cross on which Christ was crucified. To find some of the wood after 2,000 years took a little time! The image is of Christ after he died. It is a dead face.”

I noticed something odd and asked, “Swami, what is that hole at the top of the cross?” Baba replied that the cross had been originally hung from a standard.

We continued down to the river bed, and Baba seated us in a rectangle, with himself at the head. It could be seen that Swami’s body was already in labor, and the group at once started singing bhajans (sacred songs of devotion and praise to Divinity). This continued without interruption until the lingam came out from Baba’s throat and was caught by him in a silk handkerchief. After the lingam had been admired by everyone, Swami put it aside. He then raised a small heap of sand in front of his knees, and with his finger sketched an outline on it. Then in a moment or two, he dug his hand into the sand and brought forth a silver flask filled with amrith. Then he moved his hand and created a small silver cup. Everyone, from his hand, was then given a portion of the amrith, nectar of the Gods. How delicate and delicious was the taste! It is unique. There is no other taste to compare it to.

Within a few weeks we were back at our home in Mexico and were soon to witness an amazing series of events in relation to the crucifix. The cross is so small that the details on the figure of Christ escape the eye. A friend, Walter, came down to our home and took some color photographs of the crucifix. The over-all length of the Christ figure is only one inch, and Walter was to make some enlargements to bring out the detail. When he mailed us a sample of the prints, my wife and I were astounded. I wrote to him and said that if the pictures were seen around the world, they would create an art sensation. I am sure it is the greatest sculpture of Christ ever made. In my estimation, it is the most extraordinary object Sri Sathya Sai has ever created for the joy of his devotees.

A few weeks later, Walter and his wife returned with color enlargements of the cross. These, along with the actual cross, were spread out on the dining room table, next to large french windows overlooking the sea. The time was about 5 p.m. The details revealed by the photographic enlargements were so extraordinary that all persons present were concentrating on this amazing vision of Christ, and on the mystery and wonder of Sri Bhagavan. On this afternoon, the sky along the Mexican coast was clear and peaceful. But suddenly, without any warning, there was a loud crash of thunder, and as our eyes turned to the windows, lightning flashed from a dark cloud where a moment before there had been only clear sky. A violent wind rushed through the house, causing windows and doors to open and shut with such force that glass was in danger of shattering. The curtains were flying in all directions. We were much startled by this turn of events, but my wife at once said, “It is 5 p.m., the time Christ died on the cross, and what is now happening is described in the Bible.” She later brought a Bible and we looked until we found the pertinent paragraph, which said that at the moment Christ gave up His life, a violent storm arose with lightning and thunder, and winds rent the curtains of the temple. We concluded that we had witnessed a wonder totally beyond our power of imagination. Before our eyes had occured nothing less than a recapitulation of events related to the crucifixion. The following day newspapers in San Diego carried a brief story commenting on the sudden and mysterious storm that had arisen without warning on the Mexican coast, near Ensenada. We and our friends concluded that this recapitulation of an event which had taken place some 2,000 years ago upon the crucifixion of Christ implied a great power connected in some way with that small cross and Christ figure materialized by Baba.

A year or so later, I sent a description of the event to Dr. Eruch B. Fanibunda for his book, Vision of the Divine. He showed the memo to Baba. After reading the memo, Baba said that the event occurred as described and that the significance attributed to it was correct.

It might be thought that the story of the cross was now complete, but there is still a sequel. I 1975, I made an unannounced trip to India to consult with Baba about arrangements for a visit to America that we hoped he would undertake. Swami had not been informed of my visit and was away on a tour when I arrived. On that day, he was having lunch with a few senior devotees and he said, “Hislop arrived in Bangalore just now and is waiting.”

One of the men at the table (who later told me of the scene) remarked, “You made a crucifix for him.”

SathyaSaiBaba replied, “Yes, I made it for him. And when I went to look for the wood, every particle of the cross had disintegrated and had returned to the elements. I reached out to the elements and reconstituted sufficient material for a small cross. Very seldom does Swami interfere with Nature, but occasionally, for a devotee, it will be done.”

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Tal Brooke And His Tall Tales About Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Tal Brooke Avatar Of The Night - The Hidden Side Of Sai Baba Tal Brookes Book - Sai Baba Lord Of The Air

Introduction To ‘Robert Taliaferro Brooke’ – Tal Brooke:
Tal Brooke is the President and Chairman of SCP (the Spiritual Counterfeits Project); a Christian Evangelical organization located in Berkeley, California (read their Statement of Faith). Tal Brooke is the son of American diplomat Edgar Duffield Brooke. He lived part of his childhood in Europe and the Middle East, and in the mid 1960s was enrolled as a student at the University of Virginia from which he graduated. In the 1980s he graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Tal Brooke’s Involvement With The Indian Guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
Robert Taliaferro Brooke (an extreme fundamentalist and evangelical Christian) was the first person to make accusations of sexual impropriety against Sathya Sai Baba (a revered Guru living in India). Tal Brooke published his first Anti-Sai book in 1976 under the title “Lord Of The Air”. It was republished in 1979 as “Sai Baba, Lord Of The Air”, renamed “Avatar of Night” in 1982 with a reprint in 1984, was renamed “Lord Of The Air: Tales of a Modern Antichrist” in 1990 and reprinted again as “Avatar of Night” in 1999.

When Tal Brooke was with Sathya Sai Baba, he began to compose a work called The Amazing Advent. However the completed manuscript was never published and according to Howard Levin (author of Good Chances), Tal Brooke took the manuscript to be blessed by Sai Baba and the Guru refused to bless it. According to Tal Brooke (in his book “Avatar Of Night”), he received a “clear command from the Lord to utterly scrap the pro-Baba book, ‘The Amazing Advent’”.

99% of the allegations and rumors circulating against Sathya Sai Baba can be directly traced to Tal Brooke and his religiously-fueled Anti-Sai propaganda, which started in 1976 and continues to the present day through expensive internet ad campaigns on Google soliciting his Anti-Sai book.

Tal Brooke purposely exaggerated when he claimed he was Sai Baba’s number one Western follower (at best, a dubious and subjective claim). Those who met Tal Brooke in the early 70’s at Sai Baba’s ashram immediately recognized him as a fanatic Christian (contrary to his claim that he converted to Christianity post-Sai Baba). Tal Brooke wrote that Sai Baba was a hermaphrodite based on an alleged story related to him by an unidentified person named “Surya Das” who in turn related a story told to him by another unidentified man named “Patrick”. It was alleged that “Patrick” claimed he had coital (vaginal) sex with Sathya Sai Baba. Because of “Patrick’s” alleged story, Tal Brooke perpetuated the idea that Sathya Sai Baba was a hermaphrodite. Tal Brooke also claimed that Sathya Sai Baba told a man named “Wendell” the following about “Patrick”: “False lies. Blind jealous reaction after I tell him to go. Now others believing lies. His word over Swami’s!”

The only problem with all of Tal Brooke’s tall-stories is that none of the alleged witnesses he cited (who have never been identified as real people) have ever come forward in 30+ years to corroborate his stories.

The scholar Lawrence A. Bapp wrote in his book “Redemptive Encounters – Three Modern Studies In The Hindu Tradition” (which was critical of Sathya Sai Baba), “The animus of Brooke’s book (Lord Of The Air 1979) is too strong for one to have much confidence in its accuracy.”

In Tal Brooke’s book “Riders Of The Cosmic Circuit, The Dark Side of Superconsciousness”, he attacked Hinduism, suggested that enlightenment is an evil path and that God-Men and Gurus are in a state of perfect demon-possession. Tal Brooke believes that Sathya Sai Baba embodies a “timeless, demonic presence”.

Since Tal Brooke heavily relied on subjective, fanatic and religiously-based arguments to draw his conclusions that Gurus are in a state of perfect demon possession and that enlightenment is an evil path leading to Satan, what does this say about the integrity and objectivity of his claims against Sathya Sai Baba?

In an interview with John Ankerberg, Tal Brooke acknowledged as true that he had “spirit guides” come to him and that he had “out of body experiences”. Tal Brooke claimed that after he played with a ouija board when he was 11 years old, he felt “spirit presences” in his room and then began to have “out of body experiences”. Tal Brooke also stated that he became involved with “psychic stuff” (i.e., psychic gateways, reincarnation and routes to higher consciousness) during his teen years. These alleged experiences were what drew him to India in 1969. In January 1970, he encountered Sathya Sai Baba. However, Tal Brooke failed to discuss the fact that what really drew him to India was a drug-induced hallucination of being self-realized after taking a massive dose of LSD-25 (ten times the normal dose) when he was an undergraduate at at the University of Virginia.

Tal Brooke said of Sathya Sai Baba:

“Baba’s miracles purportedly mirrored those of Christ and baffled India’s top scientists. He drew vast crowds, and his following numbered over 20 million in India alone. Many of the greatest gurus and New Age teachers around the world went to Sai Baba just for his blessing.”

Tal Brooke stated that the reason he left Sai Baba was because he had a “demonic encounter”. When asked to clarify the alleged “demonic encounter”, Tal Brooke (looking perplexed and hesitant) said he had “out of body experiences” that were “very demonic” (new information that Tal Brooke never discussed in his Anti-Sai books). As a result of his alleged “demonic encounter”, Tal Brooke perceived an immoral side to Sathya Sai Baba that was “unbelievable”.

Not only was Tal Brooke claiming “out of body experiences”, hearing the voices of “spirit guides”, seeing spiritual entities and having “demonic encounters” on the astral realm (whose descriptions matched the classic manifestations of sleep paralysis), he also admitted he experimented with LSD and was involved with a pro-LSD organization (i.e., Neo-American Church) founded by Arthur Kleps (who was a follower of the LSD-Guru Timothy Leary). It is entirely possible that Tal Brooke’s alleged “demonic encounter” was actually either a drug-induced bad trip or a hallucination induced by sleep paralysis (whose symptoms —paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations, buzzing sounds, being held or weighted down, seeing demons, etc.— he described perfectly). For example, Tal Brooke described one such experience and said:

“Then at 2a.m., I experienced the same semi-paralysis and borderline dream state that inevitably accompanied those rare times when I had apparently astrally projected in years past. Just the effort to get a single digit on the little finger to move would require huge will. In and out of this state any number of times, I let go and tried to drift into sleep. It would start up again: first the utter paralysis as though held down by 10 G-forces, then my mind would begin to hurtle, as a loud siren and jet-engine noise would start up in my head. It was during this prone state that I felt a certain baleful presence in the room. I was momentarily pinned down and unable to move. As I drifted deeper into the ‘buzz region’, as I used to call it, a large rat tore through the room, scampering right up the length of my body. When it hit my head, seemingly carrying an explosive static force, I saw a configuration of blue energy crackle around me, first in an electrical pattern, then materializing into the hideous shape of some demonic aerial creature. I broke out of the paralysis and tried to chase it through the wall, slamming into a thick block of mortar and pelting back on the floor mat.” (Avatar Of Night; pp 277-278, Chapter: “Telegram From The Abyss”)

The Original Kleptonian Neo-American Church was briefly in existence in the late 1960’s (around the time Tal Brooke first encountered Sai Baba). Needless to say, this information puts a new spin on Tal Brooke’s packaged and highly polished writings against the Indian Guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba. As it turns out, Tal Brooke’s alleged experiences with Sathya Sai Baba (and his subsequent defection) revolved around hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs he was experimenting with at the time and hypnagogic hallucinations induced by sleep paralysis episodes (which were not very well documented in the early 1970s).

Tal Brooke’s Alleged Picture Of Looking Like A Demon
Tal Brooke alleged a picture was taken by a friend of his when he was in the “wilds of Puttaparthi” on his way to a well for a swim. When the picture was taken, Tal Brooke claimed he made a conscious effort to surrender to Sathya Sai Baba. Upon viewing the developed picture with a magnifying glass (and later having the picture enlarged) Tal Brooke was shocked to discover he looked like a demon. Tal Brooke said:

“My face was grossly distorted – monstrous beyond normal limits. One eye, huge, globular, baleful, was four times the normal size. The other eye, a thin Mandarin slit, resembled the eye of death. The composite picture of both eyes resembled an ancient occult enemy staring up from the photograph. But for the horns missing, it was a powerful likeness to the Goat of Mendes, the Satanhead. I felt this was no accident, whatever the cause of it. A deep chill went through me.” (Avatar Of Night; p 281, Chapter: ‘Telegram From The Abyss’)

Needless to say, the alleged demon-picture was not provided in Tal Brooke’s book (although seven other pictures of him during his devotee-phase were). In all seven of Tal Brooke’s devotee-phase pictures, he looked very content, non-demonic and his eyes were definitely proportionate to the rest of his head.

Constance Cumbey Alleges Tal Brooke Is Anti-Semitic
Constance Cumbey, a devout Christian and Michigan lawyer, has openly accused Tal Brooke of being Anti-Semitic and that he plagiarized her writings. Constance Cumbey said:

“For the record: Tal Brooke IS anti-Semitic and aggressively so. This is one reason why I understand Ron Enroth (no angel as I am concerned myself) resigned from SCP. Tal Brooke was aggressively promoting Eustace Mullins’ writings! In my opinion, he did not leave the New Age Movement — he merely joined a different (disinformation) division! You may check with John Loeffler. He was one of the recipients of Tal Brooke’s threats that he would be blackballed in Christian media if he continued to associate with yours truly.” (Reference)

“To the best of my knowledge, although Tal Brooke’s publisher acknowledged it was my work, I had neither a correction nor an apology from Tal Brooke who has never once spoken to me, even though I tried to reach him by phone and told he was available — and then I was told he REFUSED to take the call. SCP is listed in my oldest New Age directories under its original name and present address on Dwight Street in Berkeley, CA as a New Age community ‘where people live together in order to get on with the aims listed under Center’. I too deeply admire Lee Penn’s work — but I’m not sure what Tal Brooke’s angle is in publishing it, but as St. Paul said, ‘For whatever motive they are preaching the gospel, still the gospel is being preached.’ I so very much admire your work and blogspot! Keep up the excellent work.” (Reference)

“Privately, Tal Brooke has been circulating some of the worst of the worst Jew baiting theories and giving his personal endorsement to same. Some have been passed on to me.” (Reference)

Eustace Mullins is the author of the virulently anti-Jewish book “The Biological Jew” (Faith and Service Books, Stauton, VA, 1968). Mullins, in this lengthy comparison of Jews with biological parasites, wrote:

“The Jew has always functioned best as a panderer, a pornographer, a master of prostitution, an enemy of the prevailing sexual standards and prohibitions of the gentile community….

We must remember that there is no Jewish crime per se, since the existence of the Jewish parasite on the host is a crime against nature, because its existence imperils the health and life of the host…

This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew’s entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off the blood of the host…

The Jews do not want anyone to know what Nazism is. Nazism is simply this–a proposal that the German people rid themselves of the parasitic Jews. The gentile host dared to protest against the continued presence of the parasite, and attempted to throw it off. It was an ineffectual reaction, because it was emotional and ill-informed…”

Mullins’ writings are a standby on the Klan/neo-Nazi circuit. A recent Sons of Liberty book list included Mullins titles such as “Jewish TV: Sick, Sick, Sick,” ”The Jewish War Against the Christian World,” and ”Easter,” which the catalog tells us give a ”look at the 5,000 years of history in the ongoing war between the Satanic-Jewish forces and their Babylonian religious system and the rest of humanity.” (Sons of Liberty Fall 1992 catalog, New Christian Crusade Church).

In an interview hosted on YouTube ( [dead link]), Mr. Mullins once again alleges that ritual human sacrifice is (i) a central tenet of Judaism; and (ii) the singular source of anti-Semitism. It appears in this interview that Mr. Mullins believes that the Rockefeller/Rothschild funded Zionists were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

The Bombshell Truth About Tal Brooke by Lisa De Witt:

The Bombshell Truth About Tal Brooke and His Connection to the U.S. Information Agency and CIA

Christian fundamentalist Tal Brooke was the first person to make lurid accusations against the famous Indian holy man, Sathya Sai Baba in his book, Lord of the Air. In the first of several revised incarnations Lord of the Air was published under his legal name, Robert Taliaferro Brooke, by Lion Publishing in 1976. The 1990 edition again titled Lord of the Air, then retitled Avatar of Night in 1999, was published by Harvest House Publishers-a Christian owned publishing company. Just two years earlier, in 1988, former CIA Director and then U.S. Vice President, George H. W. Bush chose Harvest House Publishers to print and market his autobiography, Man of Integrity. There was a photo of Bush Sr. with the Harvest House owner, Bob Hawkins Sr. on the company website until this article was published and that page has since been removed. The archived link is posted below in the reference section. You may have to re-enter the link into the wayback machine to see the page.

In another twist, Tal Brooke admits to taking LSD and being involved with a group called the Neo-American Church (new members received five peyote buttons and a membership card). The Neo-American Church was a pro-LSD organization founded by Arthur Kleps, a follower of LSD guru Timothy Leary. Kleps was alleged to be anti-semitic, first by the Dutch police who expelled him from the Netherlands and later a church associate who was so disturbed by Klep’s fascist ideology he separated his Colorado-based Neo-American Church from Kleps. This should probably come as no surprise given the name of Klep’s organization.

Tal Brooke, who graduated from the 1963 Class of George Mason High School in Falls Church, Virginia, has also used the alias Tai Brooke. Brooke writes very little about his family in Avatar of Night, other than to say his father was an American diplomat in London and an atheist. In the preface of a book titled Harvest co-written with Chuck Smith, Brooke also wrote, “I grew up in an atheistic home.” In a later interview with Dan Wooding on Brooke’s Spiritual Counterfeits website he revises his father’s belief system to agnostic. In his mother’s obituary on the website, Tal Brooke’s father’s name is listed as Edgar Duffield Brooke. According to a National Security Files memorandum from the Kennedy Library, Edgar D. Brooke was appointed Director of Media Content for the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) by Edward R. Murrow in 1961. This bombshell evidence, which Tal Brooke has failed to reveal, shows Brooke’s father was in charge of the worldwide distribution of propaganda during one of the U.S.’s most racist periods in history. Famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. would be assassinated in 1968 and in 1971 it would be revealed there was a COINTEL program to discredit blacks and other worldwide organizations considered to be a threat to the U.S. agenda.

This information regarding Brooke’s father opens the question as to Tal Brooke’s true purpose in going to India in the late sixties. When Tal Brooke left India after two years, he alleges he had just canceled the publication of his pro-Sai Baba book and feared retaliation. Brooke opines in his book (1990 Harvest House edition),“What the enemy might do I had long ago anticipated, was trump up a civil offense charge against me that would be enough to incarcerate me for years.”

In a conversation with an inspector, Brooke further opines, “Listen to me. I came here on a diplomatic passport. Do you think I came here to do anything other than my intended mission of inquiry?” Since a person with a diplomatic passport has diplomatic immunity, Brooke’s fear doesn’t make sense. The only way Brooke could most likely lose his diplomatic immunity is if he had been found to be a spy.

So the question is, why was Brooke traveling under a diplomatic passport and why was Brooke so afraid of being held even though he had a diplomatic passport? What was his intended mission of inquiry? Was he a spy?

This would certainly explain why Prime Minister Vajpayee and two former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of India have signed a public statement declaring the allegations against Sathya Sai Baba to be concocted and malicious.
by Lisa De Witt
©2004 LisaDeWitt (Reference)

Tal Brooke’s Conspiratorial Views And Beliefs:

Brooke has been a controversial figure in his writings that oppose New Age spirituality. Part of his interpretation of New Age is framed around a conspiracy theory. He regards New Age as a Satanic conspiracy through which people are spiritually seduced and they may even be controlled by demons. He also interprets New Age as part of the human impulse for self-worship, and tries to chart those impulses in the context of late Twentieth century western culture. However, his advocacy of a conspiratorial interpretation of New Age differs from the standpoint that was taken by the staff of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project prior to his presidency such as in the SCP Newsletter (January-February 1984) and in the SCP book The New Age Rage (published in 1987).

Brooke’s controversial stance on conspiracy theory formed part of a brief news report by Robert Digitale in Christianity Today magazine in January 1990. Digitale speculated on the apparent shift in perspective at the Spiritual Counterfeits Project under Brooke’s presidency and with changes in the personnel of the ministry’s board of directors.

Other evangelical countercult apologists, such as Elliot Miller (Christian Research Institute) and Douglas Groothuis, have rejected the conspiracy interpretation of New Age as proferred by other apologists such as Dave Hunt and Constance Cumbey. Although Miller’s and Groothuis’ books were published prior to Brooke’s When The World Will Be As One, many of the points Miller and Groothuis cite in objecting to conspiracy theories generally seem to apply to Brooke’s argument.
Tal Brooke Wikipedia Reference

Even the internet is not immune to Tal Brooke’s paranoia and conspiratorial views. In Brooke’s book Virtual Gods (“Lost in the Garden of Digital Delights”, page 176), he argued that virtual reality on the World Wide Web will inevitably lead to a Godless universe. Brooke described global computer networking as the “Tower of Babel” and believes that the internet fosters an environment of “the worst kind of alienation – from reality and from God”. Brooke believes that by connecting to the internet, people are inspired to hide from “reality” and play God. Despite this amusing and poorly reasoned belief, Tal Brooke, the SCP, numerous Christian organizations and numerous Christian churches are all heavily invested and involved with the internet and their online solicitations pose an interesting contradiction.

Tal Brooke believes that Hollywood is also part of a conspiracy against Jesus Christ because it “vigorously injects Eastern mysticism” into the American culture through television, movies, dvds, etc. (as related in Tal Brooke’s interview with Russell Chandler, Redwood City, Calif., 23 November 1987). Some of the movies and films that Tal Brooke believes are brainwashing the public with demonic, satanic, New Age and Wiccan themes include: Clockwork Orange, Rosemary’s Baby, the Exorcist, Dr. Strangelove, Cocoon, Angel Heart, Harry Potter, Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (also see “Spellbinding a Culture: The Emergence of Modern Witchcraft”, SCP Journal 24 no. 4 year-2000: 8). Most of the articles that Tal Brooke authors or co-authors have to do with conspiracies against Jesus, conspiracies against the Church, conspiracies against the Bible and the “great lies” of Paganism, the New Age and the Occult.

There seems to be no end to Tal Brooke’s conspiratorial views. Everything non-Christian is taboo and holds the possibility of evil in Tal Brooke’s eyes. Therefore, it is of little surprise why Tal Brooke’s self-aggrandizing accusations (which have never been corroborated in 30+ years) and his smear campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba have had such little effect on Sai Devotees. As a matter of fact, it appears the only people who have gullibly swallowed Brooke’s Anti-Sai pabulum are fellow Christians and bitter Ex-Devotees (who can often be seen bashing Christians and Christianity).

Tal Brooks – Lord Of The Airways:

Tal Brooks – Lord of the Air ways
by Bon Giovanni

Over the years many folks have written me to say, “I read a book by an ex-disciple who tells of his experiences with the Sai Baba. Some of the experiences (of a sexual nature) are shattering my belief system.”

My view is that ‘belief systems’ which are based on secondhand stories deserve to be shattered because they can never support actuality.

Belief systems that do not support reality are most useful when they are outgrown. So, I say to my correspondents, do you want to outgrow yours in due course or do you want to burst it before the chrysalis opens? You see, more than one person has expressed alarm after having read Tal Brook’s opus, “Lord of the Air”, and some have felt ‘oh no, there goes my faith’. One can almost hear the chrysalis pop as doubt grows.

But then, that is after all Tal’s function: to bring doubt up and into view, and to bring it up sooner rather than later.

To aid that burgeoning effect, among Tal’s fans it is now claimed that “all (3000) original copies of his first book were mysteriously destroyed”— as if some Darth Vadar like force had made the books vanish,or as if Tal is now a hero for making that book available, ( and for only $15.00– a mere nine times the cost before the entire first printing mysteriously vanished.) Frankly the claim that Tal was “silenced” is absurd, in that Tal has been talking for a long, long time. Besides, I bought one of those 3000 allegedly destroyed copies in Higgenbottoms Books on MG Road in Bangalore, right out in the open, in 1978, long after the books were supposedly “destroyed.”. I suggest therefore that Tal had not been the “victim” of any dark force other than the green kind: money and envy. By that I mean that when Tal first published LORD OF THE AIR, he made no money on it, drew attention from but few carpers in India, but then a few years later apparently saw the bucks and the attention to be gotten from American fundamentalists. Poof. “All the copies vanished”, but are now available (at much higher cost).

Surely Tal deserves that, because according to Tal he is but an humble evangelist battling against Satan, waging holy war against all those dark forces that want to Silence The Son of God, battling like a simple man against mighty odds, with nary but a quill and a will. [cough]

I note that any humility in that battle, however, has never been Tal’s strong suit, since he intimates in print and on tv over and over, that Tal was THE number one disciple of Sai Baba– or when Tal explains that the HEAD of the Ramakrishna Order was “prepared” to hand him monkhood, presto, just like that. Further, Tal is not surprised at any honour, since he was just soooo “spiritually advanced”, doncha know. (For those unfamiliar with the Ramakrishna Order, Tal’s story is like claiming the Pope saw you in a crowd, came over to you and said, “You, yes You, I know you are not Catholic, but because you are so holy, I am naming You as Cardinal of Rome, now”. Still, if you were like Tal, you would turn it down, as a station not becoming a person so Chosen and Special and Humble as yourself.)

As far as I can tell, Tal’s “humility” is like that; it is paramount to hubris– at any rate, his fundamentalist talkshow appearances as well as his later books evidence why I hold that impression.

But no matter how proud or humble the fellow seems, at least Tal speaks from his own first-hand experience when he relates gossip. That establishes another honour for Tal: it makes him unlike the vast majority of all other online critics, in that Tal went to see Sai Baba for himself, (even though he later altered the experience to fan his fantasy. In his later stories, Tal enhances his 14 months in India into either ‘many years of intense discipleship under Sai Baba’ or as ‘several years of close personal intimacy with Sai Baba’). Nowadays on talk shows Tal almost always “mentions” that he was ‘the number one western disciple of Sai Baba’– a title which is not only bogus, (and is a title which Tal alone gave himself), but which is a status noone else with him in India attended.

In whatever way fourteen months has now become several years, or however whichaway scant interest in his first book somehow becomes ‘satanic forces arrayed against Tal’, his later efforts do show he has since advanced in one area in particular: he has learned the value of using “doubt” as his shill. But then, that is after all Tal’s function: to bring doubt up and into view, and to bring it up sooner rather than later.

Since you have read this far in my webpage, you know I feel doubt is very valuable, and certainly is not to be feared nor ignored. At least, that is true about doubt which arises from one’s own experience. Doubt that rises due to gossip, as Tal’s doubts example, is however just a word-vampire’s delight: it feeds on assumption, not fact, and leads to delusion, not clarity.

Still, over the years I have come across many folks who say, “I read a book by Tal Brooke in which he tells of his experiences with the Sai Baba. Some of the experiences (of a sexual nature) are shattering my belief system.” GOOD! Why? Why because it is good to stop imagining things. For example, some folks imagine Tal tells of his own experiences ‘of a sexual nature with Sai Baba.’ That simply is not in the book. My correspondent, having read Tal’s Press Releases, might then say, “Well, maybe so, but still Tal renounced the Baba and then turned to Christ and only then wrote this book.”

I might then reply: “Do you think so? It looks to me like Tal simply re-wrote his journal, changing specifics here and there for drama, but please, tell me: What is it about Tal that convinces you he has turned to Jesus? As far as I can tell, Tal is using Jesus now in the same way he tried to use Sai then: as a front man. Tal is still promoting Tal; that is what he has ever done. Tal says he was The Number One Western Disciple Of Sathya Sai Baba, yet in fact he was neither numero uno, nor was he a disciple, nor was he chosen to be the Saint Paul of the Sai movement (as he ever strives to paint himself). So, please, just look closely at what Tal tells, and does not tell. For example, do you find him making any mention of Jack Hislop ?”

If, however, you yet enjoy Tal’s doubts, then know there are also three or four other such authors (such as Beyerstein and Premanand — although Tal is unique in believing that Swami does real miracles– because Sai is, according to Tal, The Devil incarnate. The other carpers assert only that Swami is “just a fake out for the cash”.) What matters to me however is not what others “report” second or third-hand, but what I experience.

Does your experience matter to you? If so, then what have men like Brooke or Beyerstein to do with you? Since you have read my webpage, surely you know I will say, “examine *your* heart, examine YOUR experience, experience YOUR doubt. If you go around picking up the doubts of others so eagerly, then when will you ever address your own?”

One devotee read the first few chapters of Tal’s first book, then wrote to me saying, “I am torn and do not know what to think.” My reply is that then it is high time you looked very closely at the basis of your beliefs, is it not? That is the way to avoid any further tears. Why fear? After all, the TRUTH will set you free, you know.

“My faith in Baba was just growing and now I’m very confused.”

Faith that is not based in your own direct experience is not faith at all, it is imagination. Faith however will come when you root out imagination; it will come as a RESULT of your inquiry into the BASIS of your present doubts. So rather than fretting, I suggest this Tal story could be a very good thing for you, if you will undertake genuine sadhana and enquire within. “I’ll bet you never expected to get this kind of letter.” Ok, but please note that perhaps because I am so vocal online, I get letters from truly regal doubters more often than you can imagine. I think folks like to tell me about their secondhand doubts because they know I went through the same thing when I first heard Tal’s tale. (Tal is very good at what he does: sprouting doubts.) In the spiritual realm, like can attract like– you know.

Relax; the truth is greater and more wonderful than any story anyone can spin– and the truth is so far beyond gossip and fiction that doubt itself shudders in fear of seeing itself unmasqued.

Enquire within. Enquiry ends doubt.

But perhaps that sounds too distant or cold. If so, then for another view of the time Tal talks about, consider the first hand report of a fellow present there with Tal, but who saw it a mite differently than Tal did. The book is GOOD CHANCES , and is available from Toronto Bookstore. Still, since you have interest in Tal, you may know he has many more books at his own site , including a newsletter, videos, and cassettes, plus ample sermons.

Whatever you decide, my hope is that the Lord of all beings ever blesses you with His Loving Presence, so that doubt is seen as a conscious tool, not a hidden master.

Books By Tal Brooke

  • America’s Waning Light: The Betrayal of Our Christian Heritage
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • AVATAR OF NIGHT The Hidden Side of Sai Baba
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • Lord of the Air: Tales of a Modern Antichrist
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • Lord of the Air (Aslan Paperbacks)
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • The Mystery of Death
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • Riders of the Cosmic Circuit, the Millennial Edition: The Dark Side of Superconsciousness
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • One World
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • Harvest (Gang members, drug addicts, mental patients, society’s rejects…Chuck Smith’s amazing story of Calvary Chapel and the unlikely leaders God called.)
    Authors: Chuck Smith and Tal Brooke
  • The Conspiracy to Silence the Son of God
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • Virtual Gods
    Author: Tal Brooke
  • When the World Will Be As One: The Coming New World Order
    Author: Tal Brooke


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