Saving Grace

Sai Sadguru Chananam

Sai Sadguru Chananam

Saving Grace

When Sathya Sai Baba appears in a dream, it is no longer a dream. It is the way He awakes us to the Atman. It was on one such occasion that He appeared and told me: “you know the story how one gopika crossed the turbulent river Yamuna with namasmarana alone to serve as her guru. Do you want to know the condition of her mind then?” Abruptly the scene changed. There was a splendid golden yellow light, no form (not even Baba). Time has no relevance in such a state. It was blissful and all pervading. At one stage even these feelings were not known. After sometime I was aware that I was part of that light and so was Swami. Suddenly there was a rapport between us. “You know now this state is really indescribable. Even the nearest descriptions like ‘Tatwamasi, Aham Brahmasmi …… ‘ when once put into words are far away from the Truth.” This blissful state continued for some more time.

Swami told me two more words which I could not recollect later inspite of my best efforts, partly because I have no knowledge of Sanskrit and mainly because of my ignorance of the Upanishads. The reader can well imagine the depth of my ignorance if I say it took me nearly a year to recall the missing words which were communicated to me by Baba. They are “Pragnanam Brahma and Ayamaatma Brahma”. I also came to know that these four constitute the “Maha Vakyas” (great pronouncements) taken one from each Veda—‘Pragnanam Brahma’ from the Rigveda, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ from Yajurveda, ‘Tatwamasi’ from Sama-veda and ‘Ayamaatma Brahma’ from Adharvanaveda. Still more recently I was amazed to see these were the Maha Vakyas with which Sri Adi Sankara was initiated by his guru, Sri Govindapada.

Acquisition of this book knowledge itself makes an interesting story. In 1972 my mother-in-law became sick and both her lungs showed extensive lesions. Experts varied in their opinion—lung cancer or massive tuberculosis. In either case, the count down had begun in her life. I thought that if it was cancer then there was nothing that could be done at that late stage. If it was advanced tuberculosis, I thought that injection of streptomycin and other drugs could be tried, hoping against hope. This was explained to the old lady. She wanted to have the darshan of the Lord before her last breath. Immediately my wife, Dr. Sanyasamma, and her mother took the next available train. This they did simply because we had heard that Swami wanted to start some Summer Course (the first Summer Course) and that He would be at Whitefield. On April 30, 1972 both the ladies were seated in the Bhajan mandap. Swami asked Dr. Sanyasamma abruptly, “why are you still sitting here? What has happened to that Kasturi?” Later, Sri Kasturi explained that Swami had instructed him the day before to hand over a badge and ask her to stay for the whole summer course. This clearly showed that Baba’s will and will alone put the two ladies in the train and drew them to His feet.

Later her mother had a reeling sensation—a reaction to the streptomycin injections she was receiving. She thought it could be remedied only by placing her head on Swami’s Feet or if Swami placed His hand on her head. The very next day Swami, while talking to the lady doctor about the symptoms of her mother, created vibhuti and was about to hand it over to her. He then said: “if I give it personally, the patient would be more happy.” He went among the crowd of devotees and stood before her. She made use of this opportunity and immediately bowed down at His feet. While getting up Swami placed His hand over her head and blessed her, thus fulfilling both her wishes. Immediately all treatment was discontinued. When she returned after three weeks to Vishakhapatnam, her X-ray picture revealed that both lungs were absolutely normal.

Dr. Sanyasamma brought all the notes of the summer course in long hand and both of us studied the originals one by one and came across the ‘Maha Vakyas’. Then it became apparent that whatever Sathya Sai Baba says either from the stage or in a side talk or even as an apparent joke is pregnant with meaning, always paving the way to the final goal of knowing our own self.

—Dr. M. S. Krishna Rao, Chittoor


How the Aerodome Officer’s Cancer Was Cancelled With Sathya Sai Baba’s Vibuthi

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

How the Aerodome Officer’s Cancer Was Cancelled With Sathya Sai Baba’s Vibuthi

Captain Jagdish Oberoi retired as General Manager, Commercial, Indian Airlines. A devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for many years, he settled down in Prasanthi Nilayam after retirement and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave him the opportunity to serve as the Aerodrome Officer in the Sri Sathya Sai Airport, Puttaparthi for many years.

A lover of music, Captain Oberoi, used to sing Ghazals, a form of music popular in North India. He was advised by Swami to sing Bhajans. Towards the end of 1981, he developed a severe throat problem. Diagnosis showed it to be throat cancer. Oberoi came to Bangalore and found that Swami was flying from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Oberoi joined Swami on the flight. Capt. Oberoi describes what happened next:

During the flight, Swami called me and asked me to sit beside Him. When I was seated, Swami asked me about my health. I replied, “Swami is Antaryami [the In-dweller], and He knows my problem.”

Tears came to my eyes; I was moved. Swami wiped my tears and said, “I know, but I want you to tell Me. It will lighten your burden when you talk about it.”

I then told Him that the ENT specialist had diagnosed my ailment as throat cancer. Swami called for a glass of drinking water. He then materialized a blackish powder, dropped the powder into the glass, stirred the water with a spoon, and then gave the water to me to drink. The taste was very bitter but I drank it all.

Swami then rubbed the remainder of the black powder on His finger-tips and then on my throat. It was very soothing. The pain disappeared immediately, and the hitherto uncontrollable cough was almost gone!

Swami then asked me to consult Dr. Kameswar in Madras and get a second opinion about my problem. I pleaded that since I was now feeling better, I didn’t need to go through another painful physical examination. But, Swami insisted and said, “Apne Swami ka agya palan karo aur second opinion lo [Listen to the command of your Swami and seek a second opinion]”.

Oberoi went back to Madras and consulted Dr. Kameshwar, who after examination confirmed there was no trace of cancer – Swami had already cancelled it.

Reference: “Love All Serve All” published by Sathya Sai Publications of New Zealand. Page: 301-302.

Sathya Sai Baba Cancelled My Cancer

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba Cancelled My Cancer

Om Sri Sai Ram! Dear brother sisters. My name is Eshwar I am 23 years old, and I my family and I have been devotees of Baba since 1986.

Swami literally changed my life in every aspect. He has shaped me into the very person I am today. Every year that i go to parthi Swami always would call me in for an interview. I never knew why. I was not the greatest behaved kid at all. But when I asked swami that he said, “your heart is pure that is all I look at.” So each interview swami would tell me how to act, and how to behave and what to eat and how to be healthy and just explained each human value down to the deepest meaning. He would teach me how to be a gentleman and to walk properly, how to talk. And most of all how to love myself. He told me that, you must love yourself. If you dont love your self first and foremost, you wont love others.

So when I was 13, swami called me in for an interview. Might I tell you that every interview I had was a one on one interview with swami. So at the age of 13, swami called me in and started clapping. The reason is because swami knew my grades in school before I even did. I had gotten A’s in all subjects and got the recognition of the state of New Jersey and by my principle. So We left for parthi the day after school ended, and I did not know my grades. Swami said “Bangaru, swami is very happy of your hard work, chaala santosham (in telugu, meaning very happy)”. I speak telugu so I could understand. He materialized a ring for me and said this will help you in every aspect of your life. So after that ring, I have never gottena grade lower than an A in all my classes till this day.

But when I was 17, I was diagnosed with a tumor sitting on my cerebellum, a large massive tumor making its way down the brain step. It was spreading rapidly and the doctors told me tat it was very hard to treat and that surgery will end up in fatal results. I was given 3 months to live. But I knew that I was going to live for a long long time. I never took the doctors words seriously. That night swami came into my dream and told me to come to parthi now. So I told my parents what swami said and we all took the next flight out.

I was there for 2 weeks and swami didnt call me once. He was testing my faith and my patience. After the 2nd week, swami came up to me where I was seated in the 3rd row and pointed at me and flipped his finger to go to the interview room. I was the only one called. After an hour. I was getting very tired due to my condition and the medicines. This big light walked into the room, of course it was swami. I was still very weak and he saw me struggling to sit up and saw my eyes were ready to fall asleep and I was dehydrated and not in great condition at all.

Swami called for another chair for me sat me up like he’s my mother and I’m his child. Fed me some sugar water, rubbed my face and he called out to me. “Bangaru, Why fear when I am here, I wont leave you, swami will be here for you always.” He fed me some fruit and materialized pink vibuthi and rubbed my head. well not only did he rub my head he hit my head 3 times very very hard. But I didnt feel a single thing.

All of a sudden I had all the energy in the world and was up and walking easily. My face brightened up and I was very much alert. Swami looked at me after and said, “The cancer is cancelled.” And it was. He sent me to the hospital and I got an MRI of the brain, and there was no tumor whatsoever. I went back to dharshan 2 days later and swami called me once again and I fell at swamis feet. I said swami thank you so very much. I cannot not thank you enough, there are no words. But i thank you. I said swami, if I had died, it would have been ok swami because I know that I would be with you. I started crying and thanked him deeply.

So ever since then, I’ve been cancer free, no medicines nothing. I still go every year. This past year, swami called me in and told me to study medicine. My family and I now live in california, where I am going to medical school in months. so thats my miracle. Sai Ram!

(Originally posted on the former Kingdom Of Sai forum)