Centrum Joga Harmonia Poznan Website Defends Sai Baba Critic Conny Folke Eugen Larsson

Centrum Joga Harmonia Poznan Website Defends Sai Baba Critic Conny Folke Eugen Larsson

In 2005, Gerald Joe Moreno received the following emails from Sebastian Zimnicki from Poland who used the anonymous name “Ramana”. Sebastian Zimnicki claimed that Psychic Medium Conny Larsson (a caustic critic and ex-devotee of Sathya Sai Baba) attempted to bribe him and his twin brother (Tomasz) with money to spread false sexual abuse allegations against Sathya Sai Baba:

Ramana Email 1

Ramana Email 1

Name: Ramana
Email: ramana@o2.pl
Gender: Male
Location: Poland
Hostname: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; pl-PL; rv:1.7.12) Gecko/20050919 Firefox/1.0.7
Comment About: Suggestions
Date/Time: Sunday, 25 September 2005 — 13:29:46 PM


I read your web site . IS very good, really very good.

Only you can write on the top this website that this is good website about sai baba, because I was thinking that this is again bad website like exbaba com. Because when you on your website on first are clear to see names like Conny Larsson,Al , Sam Young etc, So this can mean that this web site is anty sai baba, So please give or put some statment that this web site is good.

And Can I help u some how with this site?


Ramana Email 2

Ramana Email 2

Name: Ramana
Email: ramana@o2.pl
Gender: Male
Location: poland
Hostname: dzi154.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl
Comment About: Comments
Date/Time: Wednesday, 02 November 2005 — 11:09:26 AM


I sent to you few weeks ago email and I dont have time to replay you, Im sorry. Now Im again In Poland so I have time to write. I wanna share with you about Conny Larsson,well I knew him very well, I and my brother used it organizeted for Conny Larsson teaching meditation courses in whole Poland for Sai Devotees. So This was during 1997 till 1999. We were very close friends with Conny, To make this story short I want inform you that Conny is good actor and he tell all time untruth storys about his interviews, when he talked to people about Sai Baba and his interviews he all time tell different storys, he said something diffrent in 1998 and year after he said this same interview diffrent. He lies all time. I belived that Conny had maybe interiviews during 1980 till 83 and since that time he made up other interviews. So he got last interview I think in 1999.In this interview 1999 I belived him because he had witness.

When he came to Poland in September 1999 he said that Baba rape him many times and Baba is fraud. We were shocked, he said that he is now ex baba devotee. Also he wanted forses us to tell that Sai Baba rape even me and my brother! We said Why i should lie? HE replay because this is game, this demon sai baba must bit. HE said- tell people in sai movemnt in poland that sai rape you-,I said NO I will not lie! Conny said I will pay you money only say that sai baba make sex with you. I dont even tell that this was our last meeting with Conny. As you see Conny is.. I dont know little crazy? Also I met Alayer In India 1999.Even in 3 august 1999 we were sitting in same plane (in this same sitts) to Bombay from Putapartii. We were also good friends because he know Conny Larsson very well, Alayer speak about Baba in good way, he all time said that he love Baba etc. BUt when HE came back to USA he spoke with Conny in august 1999 he decided left Baba as Conny do. Maybe Conny paid him like he wanted paid us?

Ramana from Poland

Sorry for my broken english

In response to these two emails, Conny Larsson published a series of emails (which are still located at: saibabaexpose.com/morono.htm) in which the Zimincki Twins blatantly lied about Moreno and claimed intimate friendship and alliance with Conny Larsson.

Fast forward to 2009 and Anna Rykowska-Grzywna (a disciple of Psychic Medium Conny Larsson) wrote an article in which she claimed:

  • The Zimnicki Twins are liars.
  • The Zimnicki Twins came from a “pathological family”.
  • The Zimnicki Twins would do anything for money.
  • The Zimnicki Twins cheated Conny Larsson out of money.
  • The Zimnicki Twins slandered Conny Larsson when he stopped giving them money

Anna Rykowska-Grzywna: “In the last leaflet which was forwarded to me by a gentleman from Szczecin I read about twins brothers – Tomasz and Sebastian Zimnicki, who live in GoleniÓw near Szczecin. The afore said gentlemen were allegedly paid by Conny Larsson to claim that they were sexually harassed by Sai Baba. I happen to know the two gentlemen well and I know that they can make up any story for whoever pays them. The author of the leaflet described in his own imaginary way in detail the whole life of Conny Larsson. He did not give his name but he did give my address as the headquarters of Conny Larsson’s sect in Poland. The author says in the leaflet that the twins came back contrite to Sai Baba in 2003 and begged him for forgiveness they allegedly received. Well, I wish to advise the anonymous author that in 2005 the twins came to Kamieñ Pomorski, where together with Conny Larsson we taught at a teacher training course for the whole of July, and also asked him for forgiveness. They even offered their help in publishing his book in Poland and they set up his internet site, which they then destroyed claiming that it was done by the Sai organisation. In 2006 they also came to Poznañ for Conny Larsson’s meditation courses. The twin brothers come from a pathological family and Conny Larsson took care of them when they were starving. They got so used to cheating him out of his money that they started slandering him when he stopped giving it to them.” (Reference)

Since Anna Rykowska-Grzywna claimed the Zimnicki Twins would do anything for money, did Conny Larsson pay the Zimnicki Twins to lie about Moreno?

Anna Rykowska-Grzywna would not have published her criticism of the Zimnicki Twins had she not obtained the cooperation and consent of Conny Larsson (who even supplied her with a scanned copy of his criminal report and an official translation of his criminal report into Polish by a court reporter).

Conny Larsson told Anna Rykowska-Grzywna that the Zimnicki Twins cheated him out of money and slandered him after he stopped giving them money (dubious claims considering that Conny Larrson never took any sort of legal action against the Zimnicki Twins). Therefore, it is a self-admitted and irrefutable fact that Conny Larsson had a monetary relationship with the Zimnicki Twins. It is not far-fetched that Conny Larsson may have offered the Zimnicki Twins money to make false sexual abuse allegations against Sathya Sai Baba.

The fact remains that Sebastian Zimnicki relayed the bribery allegation to Moreno freely and anonymously and didn’t realize that Moreno could trace his anonymous email to him. Therefore, the sexual abuse bribery claim made against Conny Larsson by Sebastian Zimnicki appears to be rooted in fact because Conny Larsson is now attempting to do damage control by attacking the Zimnicki Twins through his disciple Anna Rykowska-Grzywna. Shocking!

The former “friendly” email correspondence that Conny Larsson published from the Zimnicki Twins on his official saibabaexpose.com domain is therefore fraudulent. The truth has finally come out!

Anna Rykowska-Grzywna & The Paedophilia Allegations Against Conny Larsson

According to Anna Rykowska-Grzywna, Conny Larson (who is openly and proudly bi-sexual) is widely being attacked as a “paedophile”. As Ex-Devotees are so fond of saying, “there’s no smoke without fire”. It does not matter that Conny Larsson defended himself against the paedophilia allegations by releasing a police background check showing he has no convictions. Sathya Sai Baba has no convictions either. If Conny Larsson alleges that Sathya Sai Baba is a “paedophile” (although the Guru has no convictions), then it is most certainly possible that Conny Larsson is also a “paedophile” (although Larsson has no convictions)! Conny Larsson’s illogic and shabby arguments come back to bite him.

Conny Folke Eugen Larsson & Anna Rykowska-Grzywna – In Conclusion

In conclusion, it can be presumed that Conny Larsson is just as guilty as Sathya Sai Baba despite the absence of any official, legal documentation to support the accusations made against either of them. Conny Larsson set the standard of “presumed guilty without legal documentation” against Sathya Sai Baba and now Conny Larsson has to suffer the perception of alleged impropriety on the same grounds!

The facts that Conny Larsson admitted to psychic fraud, attempted to cover up and suppress the fact that he is a self-professed prophet and trance channel for Vyasa (with the help of his devotee Judith Bourque), published fraudulent screencaps against Moreno, maliciously accused Moreno of using anonymous IPs by resorting to IP header fraud and admitted to being diagnosed by a psychiatrist with Histrionic Personality Disorder raises valid suspicions that Conny Larssson is dishonest, hateful, manipulative and has something to hide.

  1. Conny Larsson remains strongly suspected of attempting to bribe the Ziminicki Twins with money to slander Sathya Sai Baba with false sexual abuse allegations.
  2. Using the very same arguments and standards that Ex-Devotees (including Conny Larsson) employ to accuse Sathya Sai Baba of pedophilia, Conny Larsson could similarly be strongly suspected of alleged pedophilia (as there are several internet rumors making that exact claim).

Conny Larsson is openly and proudly bi-sexual (even releasing this information through Swedish newspapers and on Anti-Baba websites) and conceded that he did in fact have sex with men! Sathya Sai Baba has never (ever) made such an admission. Conny Larsson has therefore solidly situated himself between rocks and a hard place.