Shirdi Sai Baba Statue Found Underground In Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Shirdi Sai Baba Statue

Wellington Shirdi Sai Baba Statue

Shirdi Sai Baba Statue Found Underground In Wellington, New Zealand

A find of a Shirdi Sai Baba by John Peters on his property at 195 Wise street Wainuiomata has delighted a Wellington family. The two-foot statue was found on April 15th 2010.

“Baba proved again that he is omni present,” Bhaskar Reddy (secretary of Shri Shirdi Sai Sansthan of New Zealand) said.

Water has erupted from the spot where the statue was found and has now become a small pond. Srinivas Gajula wrote in an email to Sansthan members.

“When the digger was digging he found a solid object and he stopped digging and he lifted the statue from 6- 7 feet under the ground. The developer stooped the digging and cleaned the statue and he was not sure what it was. The developer is an Indian Christian. He called a Hindu priest to identify the deity,” Gajula said.

“We are still trying to get hold off the developer to find some more details . . . apparently the developer wants to leave that particular spot and redevelop the other area. Water came from the place where the digger found the statue and it became a small pond now. Developer put the statue on a small wooden pallet and it is floating in the water now.”

Reddy said: The Sansthan organised two aarthis on 4th July 09 at Wellington and presented 30 bhajan books. Ever since, the families of our members in Welligton – Srinivas Gajula and Dharmesh Patel were conducting bhajans and Shej aarthi every Saturday. It’s amazing that a developer found a statue of Shirdi Saibaba ( about 2 ft ) while developing his 10 acres land. Blessed are Srinivas, Dharmesh, people of Wellington and people of New Zealand.

“This is a good omen and building a temple for our beloved Guru in Auckland is not too far.”

Indian Weekender Reference

Please Read Update (May 14th 2010):
The Real Story Of The ‘Miracle’ Saibaba Statue In Lower Hutt

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  1. Sairam,

    For more photos of the Idol found in New Zealand see –


  2. This reminds me of Lourdes, a holy place in France, where the Blessed Mother Mary appeared 18 times to a poor teen aged girl name Bernadette. There was no water there at the time, but at one point the Blessed Mother asked St. Bernadette to drink from the spring. She saw no spring, but had faith, so she started to dig. There was nothing but mud and a little trickle at first, but eventually there was a spring. To this day millions have gone on pilgrimage there and some miraculous cures have resulted. It is interesting that both Hindu and Christian are involved in this “Shirdi Pond.”

  3. Baba is everywhere, only if you believe in him.

  4. The property at 195 Wise street Wainuiomata where the baba statue was found is owned by John Peters. He is also the property developer who found the statue while digging, He is an Indian not srilankan. All of us Wellingtonians are behind John and fully support and thank him for donating his land to build a Sai temple . We the supporters of sai holy land (The name of the site were the statue was found) were saddened by the incorrect information provided on this web site.
    For more Info contact John directly at

  5. Thank you for the correct info. I will correct the article on this blog, although I have no control over the referenced material published on the Indian Weekender reference (from which this article was duplicated).

  6. I request anybody and everybody not to believe any miracle blindly. Test Him, then you yourself will find that He is GuruGod and start following Him.That is His speciality. No rituals no hard and fast rules. The only requirement is LOVE.. Love every body be it a human being or an insect or an animal. You will come across living beings because you have Wrinanubandha. So never speak ill of others. Then He takes care of you. Bow to Sai PEace be to all. Ramachander Rao

  7. For those you do not believe, wake up….
    DIVINITY is everywhere !!!!

  8. love sai ba ba

  9. I COMPLETELY believe in this !!

    Not just me, even my close friends & relatives have experieced His miracles & I have had the Blessed opportunity of seeing & speaking to Him in my dreams !!

    Thank you so much for sharing this on the mail!!

    Baba Bless Everybody !!



  10. You should make a big sai baba temple there and keep the statue in there.

  11. That’s an amazing news. Sai baba always say “Evenif I am miles away from you my eyes are always on you”. I think he has proved this saying by doing this mirracle. Sai has no boundries he always go where his children are.

  12. sai is every wer…

    belive him….!!! He takes care of us…!

    U r really blessed….Make a temple thr…

  13. Sairam,

    I have personally experienced Shri Shirdi Saibaba when I got severe heart attack in Zambia and left the body. While seeing from astral plane, I experienced Sai and sent back in body.

    When back home in Pune, I was being treated for body paralysis and tattering speech.

    I was told of Sri Satya Sai Baba as an incarnation of Shirdi Sai. When doctors had no medicine for my cure, I went to Puttaparti for the first time.

    On oct 10, 1990, while sitting for the darshan, the peerless master recognized me and blessed.

    Third day I was healed completely.

    Sai has declared it will appear in trinity Shirdi Sai , Satya Sai and then Prema Sai.

    Such miracles happen to awaken the latent faith in human heart. Country and planet earth is not the only place where His mission has begun…



  14. om sai ram
    belive in him and he will help out of all your problem
    and i have experiences
    jai sai baba

  15. jai sai ram om sai ram

  16. we also have seen sai baba miracles,its great , baba ia everywhere , we just have to believe inhim he believes in hindu , christ and musilum . thats who baba is .


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