Three Official Wikipedia Administrators Fail Psychic Test

Three Official Wikipedia Administrators Fail Psychic Test

Gerald Joe Moreno (a Pro-Sathya Sai Baba activist) formerly edited on Wikipedia under the nic “SSS108” and was “blocked indefinitely” for exposing a sockpuppet used by Wikipedia Administrator Mel Etitis.

On October 13th 2009, Moreno was contacted through his website by a person named “Scott” (a person unknown to Moreno) who informed Moreno that no less than three official Wikipedia Administrators supported banning Scott from editing because Scott was accused of being a sockpuppet for “SSS108” (Moreno’s Wikipedia nic). After viewing the talk page for Sbs108, Moreno was thoroughly shocked to discover this fraudulent information published against him by three Wikipedia Administrators. After a gap of two and half years, Moreno was forced to return to Wikipedia and he posted the following comment on his talk page:

I Am Not Sbs108
It has come to my attention that some administrators have ridiculously accused me of being Sbs108. I am NOT Sbs108 and the arguments made by admin that I am are wholly absurd. I was banned for exposing Mel Etitis and his Wikipedia Sockpuppet. If you look at that page, I provided a screencap that shows my IP. If you compare that IP with my IP here, you will find they are the same and they not anonymous or proxy IPs. I think it is really quite pathetic that I have to be pulled back on to Wikipedia to defend myself from stupid rumors started by conspiratorial admin who apparently have nothing better to do than play psychic instead of assuming good faith like they are supposed to do. Practice what you preach, Admin! SSS108 talk-email 05:53, 14 October 2009 (UTC)

No matter how much information Scott (i.e., “Sbs108”) gave about himself, he was constantly accused of being Moreno and Wikipedia Administrators Jéské Couriano and Hersfold even implied a “Check User” was implemented to confirm “Sbs108” (Scott) was “SSS108” (Moreno)!

Since there are no Wikipedia templates to address this type of blatant disinformation, Moreno created another account “SSS108b”, which for some reason did not work. Moreno apparently refreshed the page and didn’t realize the registration went through and it said the account was taken. Therefore, Moreno created another account “PSSS108” and made comments on Wikipedia Administrators Hersfold, Jéské Couriano and Jzg’s talk pages. Moreno promptly divulged that he used the new account of “PSSS108” on his SSS108 talk page. Moreno’s comments were disregarded and the new account of “PSSS108” was promptly blocked by Wikipedia Admin Jzg. “Sbs108” was accused by Wikipedia Admin Hersfold of using Moreno’s new account of “PSSS108”!

Moreno used the “helpme” Wikipedia template and a user named “Intelligentsium” simply told him “There is no cabal.”

Moreno finally found an email to Wikipedia Admin and informed them that if they did not retract the fraudulent information fraudulently published against him on Wikipedia by three official Wikipedia Administrators, he would be forced to contact a lawyer. A prompt investigation was conducted and Moreno published the findings on his talk page:

Cleared Of Sbs108 Sockpuppet Claim
To all interested readers: I have been CLEARED of the patently absurd and conspiratorial assumptions & speculations made by Hersfold, Crotalus horridus, Jéské Couriano and Jzg / Guy who spuriously and unremittingly alleged I was using the sockpuppet of Sbs108.

SSS108 talk-email 06:21, 16 October 2009 (UTC)

False Sockpuppetry Claim

False Sockpuppetry Claim

Instead of relying on factual information, three official Wikipedia Administrators relied on their intuitions and decided to play psychic detectives. In the end, Wikipedia Admin Jzg, Wikipedia Admin Hersfold and Wikipedia Admin Jéské Couriano had to eat their words. These are the types of conspiratorial Admin running and controlling the content on Wikipedia.

If this happens with the Administration on Wikipedia, how much more must it be happening with all the unregulated POV pushers who use Wikipedia as a forum to advance their biases, hatred and subjective opinions (just as they did —and continue to do— on the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article)?