Pennywise Head Dies At 73

Pennywise Head Dies At 73
By RHONDOR DOWLAT Sunday, September 6 2009

LALL PALADEE, founder/Chairman of Pennywise Cosmetics Limited passed away peacefully at the age of 73 on Friday at his Sai Centre, two houses away from his Prescott Lane, Tunapuna home.

Paladee was described by many as the “Community Charity Guru” for he was popularly known for serving people and helping them by giving groceries, establishing medical camps, giving away new clothes, medicines and eye glasses as well as building homes for the destitute.

On Friday at about 7 am Paladee went to his nearby Sai Centre to perform his daily meditation and offering of prayers. He was sitting in the centre, which he built, when he died.

Paladee’s funeral will take place tomorrow at about 9.30 am at his home in Tunapuna and then to the Daaha Sanshaar at the Caroni Cremation Site. All the eight branches and one warehouse of Pennywise Cosmetics will be closed as a mark of respect.

Speaking with Sunday Newsday, one of Paladee’s son, Satnarine, who is one of the directors in the company, described his father as a loving individual. He assured that he and his siblings will continue to carry on his father’s legacy. “He was such a loving person, very strict but loved by all. He built a centre accommodating all religions and served the community. He was fondly called ‘Mister Service’. We love him and he will be missed.”

Paladee was a frequent visitor to India, having visited there about 20 times and given the fact that he was a very strong Sathya Sai Baba devotee, considered himself blessed when he met with Sathya Sai Baba on three occasions, including a private session.

Paladee was the husband of Shanti and father of six children – five boys and one girl. He was also the grandfather of 12.

Paladee was born to Kausilya and Shree Paladee on November 20, 1935. He attended the Tunapuna CM (now Presbyterian) School, where he gained the School Leaving Certificate at the age of 15. He immediately entered the world of work, his first job being with a business in Tunapuna where he earned 50 cents per day as a salesman, among other things.

After three and a half years he joined Louis Thomas as a van salesman engaged in wholesaling haberdashery lines. His stay, however, was short-lived because one day his keen business sense spotted an opportunity for self-employment and with Thomas’ blessings, he launched out on his own.

He was about 19 years old at the time when he ventured into the wholesale business selling haberdashery items including hair pins, clips, toothbrushes, etc.

Initially he walked the streets, taking an order from a shop keeper or store owner and then returning with the merchandise. In the beginning, because capital was very limited, he had to fill order by order and there were times when on Fridays, especially, he would travel several times to Port-of-Spain to turn over his capital and deliver orders.

From pounding the pavements he graduated to a bicycle, which he won in a raffle. He then bought a used Husky van, followed by an almost new Husky motorcar. Eventually he bought a new Hillman Hunter station wagon, TW series. Between the ages of 37 and 40 years, Paladee suffered three heart attacks, which forced him out of business and confined him to home for several years. His wife, Shanti played a significant role. Her earnings as a professional seamstress and income received from her sewing classes helped sustain her family during this difficult period.

The Chaguanas market provided the solid foundation upon which the present corporate business was established. From small, insignificant beginnings the wholesale/retail business founded by Lall Paladee became LPS Trading, then Lall Paladee and Sons Trading as Pennywise Cosmetics and in 1996 the business was incorporated as Pennywise Cosmetics Limited.

The first branch was opened in Arima around 1984 followed by Trincity Mall, Tunapuna, Chaguanas, San Fernando, Grand Bazaar in 1996 and Port-of-Spain in 1998.

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