Fighting The Smears – Htaccess Redirects And Framed Webpages

Fighting The Smears – Htaccess Redirects And Framed Webpages

Robert Priddy (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba who once hailed the Guru as God Incarnate and thereby the Father who sent Jesus, Allah who sent Muhammad and the Creator of the Universe) wrote another fairy tale about Moreno on his Anti-Baba conspiracy blog.

This time around, Robert Priddy took issue with Moreno’s posts on his TimeLine Page (specifically the posts dated December 8th 2004 and December 10th 2004):

(Gerald Joe Moreno:) December 8th 2004:,, and Robert Priddy banned my site from linking to their sites. They redirected the links, from their pages, to a hack-page that opened multiple windows and forced innocent users to shut down their computers!

(Gerald Joe Moreno:) December 10th 2004:, in a frenzied attempt to maintain soviet-style control over their site, redirected all external links, from their site, to an index2 page that attacks me. This means that one cannot cut and paste the links into the address bar and view the page. The links must be accessed through their main frame. Consequently, you must look for the relevant link via category. is running scared and trying to prevent the general public from validating my claims easily. This action forces the user to randomly browse their fluff site.

About these posts, Robert Priddy said:

Robert Priddy: COMMENT: No one was ever banned from linking to any of the named websites.There was no frenzy at ExBaba! Reinier van der Sandt decided to make use of frames. Moreno did not understand how to cut and paste links after the change. One simply had to right click on any page and go to “Properties” to copy the full URL. No other sites changed any parameters. There is no more control by the webmaster over the ExBaba site than Moreno’s exercises over his many websites and blogs. “Soviet-style” and “Running scared’ are laughably unreasonable claims.

Robert Priddy: COMMENT: Totally untrue all of it. None of us had any idea how to reject a particular person’s links to our websites or any way to force people to shut down their computers. An absurd false accusation. Moreno had troubles with his own computer, most likely, and – as with so many other things – chose to blame it on the exposé. This served Moreno’s intention NEVER to link to any exposé web pages, which he has never done since then. He was worried that people would then see the falsity of his highly selective materials, out-of-context references and how hugely he ’spins’ everything. Naturally, most exposé sites do not link to him, for why would any wish to link to pages full of libel, distortion, misinformation, slurs and mud-slinging?

Far be it for an internet newbie like Robert Priddy (who even attributed an IP belonging to HIS own computer to Moreno and who published several embarrassing internet blunders such as the Laughable SheilaWaring Lie) to be making erroneous assumptions about Web-Designer Moreno’s proficiency in finding URLs on framed websites! This issue was/is not about finding URLs whatsoever.

Malicious Redirection Ploys Confirmed:
It is a fact that Ex-Devotees blocked Moreno’s website through htaccess and redirected all links from Moreno’s domain to a hack page that forced innocent users to shut down their computers. Moreno viewed this malicious htaccess hack for himself first-hand and received several complaints from others as well. The htaccess hack did not occur solely only on Moreno’s computer as falsely assumed by Robert Priddy.

Even when Reinier van der Sandt created his 77 attack pages against Moreno, Reinier never once denied the htaccess ploy. Only after a couple of years of absolute silence did Ex-Devotees finally come forward claiming that Moreno lied about the htaccess event.

However, there is circumstantial evidence that strongly supports Moreno’s claim about the htaccess ploy. Just two days after Moreno deactivated all direct links to Anti-Baba domains (meaning that the htaccess ploy would no longer work), Reinier van der Sandt (the webmaster for the Ex-Baba Domain) resorted to another htaccess redirection ploy that was screencaptured by Moreno and documented on his TimeLine Page (dated December 10th 2004).

The ExBaba domain was a framed website and if one accessed the ExBaba Domain through their main index page, all of their webpages loaded into frames. However, if one accessed the ExBaba Domain through internet searches, the webpages loaded as single webpages (not in frames).

On December 10th 2004 (after Moreno deactivated direct linking to Anti-Baba websites) Reinier van der Sandt redirected all non-framed webpages to an “index2.html” file by using another htaccess redirection ploy. Therefore, it is a fact that at the time Moreno accused Ex-Devotees of using a malicious htaccess redirection ploy, they were experimenting with other htaccess redirection ploys to prevent direct linking to the ExBaba domain.

The common code used for this type of htaccess redirection ploy is:

Redirect /index.html

Needless to say, the “index2.html” htaccess redirection ploy prevented internet users from accessing the Anti-Baba information they sought because it forced them (via redirection) into the framed “index2.html” webpage. Once Reinier van der Sandt realized the ramifications of his not-so-clever redirection ploy, he removed it in February 2005, but not before Moreno screencaptured it (Ref). See for yourself:

ExBaba Index2 File Redirect - First Version

ExBaba Index2 File Redirect - First Version

ExBaba Index2 File Redirect - Second Version

ExBaba Index2 File Redirect - Second Version

ExBaba Index2 File Redirect - Third Version

ExBaba Index2 File Redirect - Third Version

After Reinier van der Sandt removed the “index2.html” htaccess redirection ploy, he then added a frame forwarding script to the webpages that reloaded them into the framed version. Many months later, this script was removed as well. To prevent easier verification of Moreno’s claims, Reinier van der Sandt blocked access to See For Yourself.

It goes without mention that although Moreno deactivated direct linking to Anti-Baba websites, he still provided the full URLs to relevant webpages, which readers were free to cut and paste if they so chose.

Therefore, Moreno’s claims that Ex-Devotees were using htaccess redirection ploys are based on facts, not speculations, assumptions or conspiracies.

  • For a couple of years Ex-Devotees never once denied Moreno’s “htaccess ploy” accusation against them.
  • Reinier van der Sandt was experimenting with htaccess redirection ploys a couple of days after Moreno accused him of using a malicious htaccess redirection ploy that forced users to turn off their computers.
  • Reinier van der Sandt blocked so that his subterfuge and deceit could not be easily verified by the general public.

Robert Priddy and Ex-Devotee’s internet behavior reeks of deceit and dishonesty and their non-referenced, unsubstantiated and unsupported speculations bear no resemblance to Moreno’s open, direct and fully referenced replies.

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