Fighting The Smears: Critic’s Bogus & Fraudulent Screencaps

Fighting The Smears: Critic’s Bogus & Fraudulent Screencaps

Anti-Sai Activists Caught In A Deliberate Act Of Screencap Fraud
Although Moreno has been saying for years that Anti-Sai Activists are frauds, cheats and liars, there is now conclusive proof that Ex-Devotees are openly resorting to fraudulence by publishing faked “screencaps” of webpages they alleged were taken from Moreno’s domain.

On Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson’s Anti-Sai website, he published an obviously faked ‘screencap’ of Moreno’s About Me webpage (Moreno’s picture has been covered and the thumbnail pic can be enlarged by clicking on it):

A Comparison Between Genuine Screencaps And The Obviously Faked One On Top - Notice The Complete Difference In Width

A Comparison Between Genuine Screencaps And The Obviously Faked One On Top - Notice The Complete Difference In Width

Obvious Discrepancies On The Bogus Screencap:

  1. The picture is offset.
  2. The text is offset.
  3. The spacing between the text “~About Me~” and the picture is incorrect.
  4. The spacing between the picture and the text is incorrect.
  5. The bogus screen-cap states “New Mexico ~” when it should read “New Mexico, USA~” (the word “USA” is completely missing).
  6. The line that reads “I’m captivated by India” should be on one line. On the bogus screen-cap, it isn’t.
  7. The text on the original page is tightly snuggled between two side-bars. Notice the vertical, pink line on the bogus screencap (showing a gap where the other sidebar was obviously added). This vertical line is nowhere to be found on Moreno’s geocities website.
  8. Notice that the spacing between the sidebars is significantly wider than it is on Moreno’s geocities website. For instance, the sentence “For the past 14 years I have traveled many times to India” fills the entire space between the sidebars. On the bogus screencap, there is additional spacing on both sides of that sentence although the extra word “I’m” was added (note that the font size has been set in the html).
  9. The line that reads “I’m rational, logical and down to earth. Yes, seriously. I’m Caucasian/Italian/Mexican Blend and 34 years young” is the very last and concluding statement on the page. It is not (and never has been) located in the introductory comments, conclusively proving the screencap was faked.

About the bogus screencap, Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson said:

Conny Larsson: (screen captures are from a secondary source on the web which reproduced parts of his pages)

Needless to say, Moreno’s geocities webpages were never “reproduced” on his domain. Therefore, the claim of a “secondary source” is a bold-faced and gutter lie. Why would critics need to rely on “secondary sources” when Moreno’s geocities webpages are still on the internet? The “secondary sources” admission from critics proves they did not obtain the screencap legitimately or directly from Moreno’s geocities website.

Of course, this is not the first time that Ex-Devotees have published fraudulent information against Moreno. See:

Robert Priddy’s Publication Of A Fraudulent Screencap
Robert Priddy (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba and others) published a screencap on his defamatory Anti-Baba blog that he alleged was taken from Moreno’s domain. In truth, the screencap most certainly did not come from Moreno’s domain! Even the title on Priddy’s bogus screencap is messed up (whereas the title on Moreno’s webpage has never been messed up).

Moreno still has all his backups from his domain going back to 2004 and none of those backups contain the fake URL listed on Priddy’s bogus screencap. As a matter of fact, all of Moreno’s articles (beside pictures) were published under the folder “Fair-Is-Fair” and the links page with relevant redirects can be found here (which has been online since mid-2005 when Moreno moved his Sai Controversy webpages to his newer domain).

Robert Priddy’s Bogus Screencap:

Robert Priddys Bogus And Fraudulent Screencap

Robert Priddy’s Bogus And Fraudulent Screencap

The geocities webpages in question were made using geocities webpage-maker. Therefore, all of the pictures and text in Moreno’s articles are set to exact specifications that cannot be easily duplicated on other websites. It certainly appears that someone copied Moreno’s image files and attempted to mess with the html with obvious and messy results!

Important points to ponder:

  • Why would Moreno lie about not duplicating his geocities webpages on his domain?
  • What would Moreno have to lose considering that the webpages in question are still available on the internet on geocities?
  • Critics have not (so far) alleged that there are any discrepancies between their copies of Moreno’s webpages and the ones currently online. So what exactly are critics whining about?

How Robert Priddy’s Screencap Was Most Likely Falsified:
A simple way to falsify the screencap is to simply replace the web address with a different one. A simple tactic that anyone can do in a matter of seconds. For example, look at the following screencap. By observing it, one would think that the Albert Einstein template was published on Moreno’s domain. It wasn’t. The web address was simply changed and the screencap taken.

A Simple Replacement Of The Web Address Can Be Done In A Matter Of Seconds

A Simple Replacement Of The Web Address Can Be Done In A Matter Of Seconds

These are the types of shameless liars, deceivers and counterfeiters who are attempting to portray themselves as credible and moral voices against Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!

Critics should come forward with full screencaps to all of Moreno’s alleged webpages and make them publicly available for public scrutiny. After all, what do they have to fear? One is left to wonder why critics are publishing bits and pieces of Moreno’s webpages (many years after the fact) that reveal altered and manipulated text, font and urls.

Even though Moreno’s and geocities websites are archived on, Robert Priddy (being the conspiracist that he is) attempted to argue that Moreno was somehow able to manipulate and deceive about which content they archived!

Of course, Robert Priddy is an LSD Advocate (who publicly solicited a Pro-Drug Forum intended for drug users). Robert Priddy is also a fierce defender, promoter and associate of Conny Larsson, an ex-devotee turned self-professed Prophet and Psychic Trance Medium! And to top it all off, Robert Priddy fabricated sexual molestation claims against Moreno.

  • If Robert Priddy has the temerity to falsify sexual molestation claims against Moreno, what other stories of sexual molestation is he falsifying as well?
  • If Robert Priddy shamelessly falsified sexual molestation claims against Moreno, what is to stop him from falsifying other information against Moreno as well?
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