Fighting The Smears – Bogus Sai Petition And SaiSathyaSai Server Claims

Fighting The Smears – Bogus Sai Petition And SaiSathyaSai Server Claims

Robert Priddy (a caustic defamer and critic of Sathya Sai Baba and others) said:

Robert Priddy: Ever since shortly after he first appeared as a pro-Sai obfuscator (and saboteur of the International Sai petition with bogus and untruthful submissions and comments) in 2004, Gerald Joe Moreno has tried to hide his face and cover his tracks on the Internet. He posted his website via an Indian third party web service to make locating his server undiscoverable to non-technical Internet users. This was nonetheless traced to U.S. server, where libelous websites by him are still hosted.

About The Bogus ‘Sai Petition’:
Click Here To Read About The Bogus ‘Sai Petition’ mentioned by Robert Priddy.

Robert Priddy just fully acknowledged that “bogus and untruthful submissions and comments” were submitted to the Sai Petition by Moreno. Of course, the big questions are:

  1. How was Moreno able to submit “bogus and untruthful submissions and comments” to the Sai Petition if it was truly a legitimate and legal Petition that verified its signatures and submissions?
  2. If Moreno was able to submit “bogus and untruthful submissions and comments” to the Sai Petition, then who is to say that others did not submit “bogus and untruthful submissions and comments” to the ‘Sai Petition’ as well?
  3. Why did Robert Priddy take one of Moreno’s openly faked names from the Sai Petition (which Moreno publicly disclosed on his website) and use it as a genuine and first-hand signature against Sathya Sai Baba (Ref)?

Thank you Robert Priddy for finally admitting that “bogus and untruthful submissions and comments” were submitted and accepted into the ‘Sai Petition’! That’s exactly what Moreno has been saying all along.

About The Server:
Robert Priddy’s comments about Moreno’s domain reveal his profound ignorance about the internet. Of course, this is not the first time that Robert Priddy publicly embarrassed himself with his remedial research (which he attempts to peddle as the “truth” to other unsuspecting “non-technical internet users” such as himself). Robert Priddy formerly claimed (and still does) that Moreno used/uses anonymous and cloaked IPs, since proven ridiculous lies. Robert Priddy and other Ex-Devotees do not know how to read IP headers and even attributed IPs generated by their own computers to Moreno.

Moreno’s domain has never (ever) been posted “via an Indian third party web service”. Robert Priddy does not provide any verifiable references to support this ridiculous claim against Moreno. Moreno purchased his domain names through, which provides privacy services that protect domain registrants from spammers, scammers, spoofers, etc., by hiding one’s name, address, phone number and email address from public WhoIs results. Server information, however, is not hidden and is readily available on WhoIs inquiries.

Robert Priddy’s Domain:
Robert Priddy anonymously registered his domain (which attempted to fraudulently impersonate an Official UK Sai Organisation domain). The WhoIs results for Robert Priddy’s domain provided the following details:

Domain name:

Registrant: None

Registrant type: Unknown

Registrant’s address: Agathe Grondahlsgate 2b, Oslo 0478 NO

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 20-Aug-2007
Renewal date: 20-Aug-2009

Therefore Robert Priddy implicates himself in the very same reprehensible behavior he attributed to Moreno. Hypocrisy, clear and simple! Why did Robert Priddy register his fraudulent domain anonymously with a UK designation when he lives in Oslo, Norway? If anyone is attempting to deceive others about web hosting servers, it is Robert Priddy.

Robert Priddy should first come clean about his fraudulent domain name and how he was barred from posting Sai Baba material on that domain (the details of which are fanatically guarded secrets) before attempting to criticize Moreno who has done nothing wrong.

Moreno has to repeatedly deflate Robert Priddy’s fatuous arguments that are fueled by his total disinformation, lack of knowledge about the internet and self-generated hot air. But then again, what more to expect from Robert Priddy, an LSD advocate and pathological prevaricator who openly advocated for a Pro-Drug forum intended for drug users and who publicly libeled Moreno as being sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba?

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