Robert Priddy, Barry Pittard, Sai Isa And The Baba Sling

Robert Priddy, Barry Pittard, Sai Isa And The Baba Sling

Robert Priddy (a caustic defamer and critic of Sathya Sai Baba) wrote a foaming-at-the-mouth diatribe on his Anti-Baba WordPress blog attacking Joe Moreno for “libel”, “extreme vilifications”, “slurs” and other equally fanatic accusations (because of a fully documented and well referenced article written by Moreno about the history behind the Baba Sling). Needless to say, Robert Priddy’s rebuttal contained no factual, credible or verifiable material and relied wholly on spin, deflection and rhetoric.

Robert Priddy erroneously contended that the BabaSling business is “unrelated” to Sathya Sai Baba despite the fact that Shanti McIvor (the founder of the Baba Sling) was devoted to Sathya Sai Baba when she founded her business, named the Baba Sling after Sathya Sai Baba, i.e., “Baba” and named her son after Sathya Sai Baba (the guru foretold the birth of her son many years prior), i.e., “Sai Isa”. There are no known terms for babies, children, kids, etc., in which the word “Baba” would apply. “Baba” means “father” and Shanti McIvor praised Sathya Sai Baba on her “Baba Slings” website when it first went online (references provided later in this article).

Robert Priddy said:

“This maliciousness is further evidenced in Moreno’s conscienceless naming of a young child. This boy, out of childlike curiosity, googled his own name, and found viciously aimed barbs at the father whom he loves. This is a man, moreover, who has for years remained unprovoked by Moreno’s constant and extreme vilifications. Indeed, he has all along recommended to other former devotees whom Moreno has attacked not to retaliate or at least if bent on doing so to avoid malice and heated language.”

Far be it for Robert Priddy to point his self-righteous fingers at Moreno and accuse him of being “conscienceless” when Robert Priddy maliciously published (in true tabloid-like style) pictures of the lifeless bodies of men who were shot in the 1993 police shootings incident at Prashanti. The mothers and fathers of those men must now endure the fathomless anguish of seeing their son’s lifeless bodies cheaply broadcast on the internet like entertainment news. Both Barry Pittard and Robert Priddy published those macabre and bloody pictures on their Anti-Sai WordPress blogs despite their psuedo-moral and pseudo-conscientious objections against Moreno’s naming of Sai Isa, whose name was openly stated, published and discussed on Shanti McIvor’s public domain BabaSlings websites (there were a couple of them) for many years! As a matter of fact, Barry Pittard himself publicly divulged that he is the father of Sai Isa and mentioned Sai Isa’s name in relation to the Sai Controversy. On Robert Priddy’s Anti-Baba website, Barry Pittard said (which Pittard originally published on QuickTopic in 2002): “…a neighbour Connie Raadsma of Cooma, inspired by stories told to her by Gerry Gibson (still my closest friend and Godfather to our son Sai Isa) decided to visit Sai Baba…”. Therefore, Sai Isa’s name was made a matter of public domain by Shanti McIvor and Barry Pittard before I wrote my article mentioning him.

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It is also important to point out that the very first public picture that Barry Pittard released of himself was on MySpace, prominently showing Sai Isa (Ref)!

After widely soliciting himself on the internet as an “international coordinator” to bring Sathya Sai Baba to “justice” (even widely advertising his address and phone number on numerous websites), Barry Pittard brought Sai Isa into the foreground of the Sai Controversy by recklessly releasing his very first picture with Sai Isa.

Let us not forget how both Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard wrote several articles ridiculing, mocking and maliciously publicizing the tragic suicide of J. Jagadeesan’s son and the death of his wife! Barry Pittard also wrote an article accusing a high-ranking Sai Devotee of being a homosexual and running a pedophile ring from his apartment in New York! Unsubstantiated accusations resulting in no legal action or investigation from any legal authorities despite complaints allegedly filed by Pittard with New York’s Mayor, Interpol, the FBI and other high-ranking officials. The only people who are “conscienceless” are Barry Pittard, Robert Priddy and other Ex-Devotees. For more examples of “conscienceless” attacks, Click Here.

If Sai Isa googled his father’s name (Google Results For ‘Barry Pittard’), he would find numerous articles written by his father viciously attacking, maligning, defaming and libeling Sathya Sai Baba (the Guru after whom he was named). Apparently, Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard think it is okay for Sai Isa to find defamatory and libelous articles falsely accusing Sathya Sai Baba of homosexuality, serial pedophilia, murder, international racketeering, fraud, human trafficking, etc., and Sai Isa is not supposed to be concerned whatsoever (although his name belongs to the Guru in question)! One could certainly make the argument that both Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard are doing far more harm against Sai Isa by trashing & bashing the Guru he was named after than I allegedly did for simply saying Sai Isa’s name.

Robert Priddy also lied when he claimed that Barry Pittard has “remained unprovoked” by Moreno. Barry Pittard has “remained” so “unprovoked” that, in fact, he linked his Anti-Baba WordPress blog to a website that openly defames, libels and attacks Joe Moreno (apparently approving of those attacks against Moreno). How’s that for “unprovoked”? Although Robert Priddy claimed that Barry Pittard recommended that Ex-Devotees not retaliate against Moreno (a dubious claim at best), Ex-Devotees (including Robert Priddy) have ignored Barry Pittard’s alleged plea because they have “retaliated” against Moreno in the most vitriolic of ways (Ref). Therefore, Robert Priddy’s claims are without merit and he is a proxy defender of Barry Pittard, a man who cannot defend himself and a coward who continually refuses to put himself in a position where he is held accountable for his defamations, slurs and libels against Sathya Sai Baba and others.

Robert Priddy said:

“Moreno’s daily method is to slur, vilify, and to try to scare into submission.”

Don’t expect Robert Priddy to divulge how he and Reinier Van Der Sant traced the name and email of a person (who submitted a critical comment on the ExBaba guestbook) to his place of employment. Priddy and Van Der Sandt sent malicious emails to that person’s place of employment in an attempt to get him fired and to embarrass him. Robert Priddy also attacks any and all Sai Devotees (even those not involved in the Sai Controversy) on his Anti-Baba WordPress blog and thinks he is perfectly entitled to do so with impunity. Therefore, Robert Priddy’ daily method is to slur, vilify and scare others into submission with proof! For example, read the article entitled Robert Priddy’s Moon Madness to see how he viciously attacked a Sai Devotee without conducting even basic research. Needless to say, when others (like Moreno) follow in Robert Priddy’s footsteps, he gnashes his teeth, raises a huge wail and shrieks “libel”, “defamation” and “tu quoque”. Tough luck, Mr. Priddles.

Robert Priddy said:

“Although she is not now devoted to Sai Baba, having taken down her photos and stopped singing his bhajans and so forth, she has not cooperated with her former partner’s exposure activities, as has been a fact well-known to Sai Baba devotees known to her. Again, one sees Moreno’s shocking tendency to argue from a narrow range of dates and making the most elemental infractions of logic.”

As a rebuttal to Robert Priddy’s ridiculous claims, Moreno provides the following facts that wholly refute Robert Priddy’s flimsy and unsubstantiated accusations. Let the reader decide for him/her self as to whether or not Moreno made his argument from a “narrow range of dates and making the most elemental infractions of logic”:

The Truth About The Founder Of The “Baba Sling”
If you are looking for “babaslings” aka “baba slings” on the internet, chances are you have come across Shanti McIvor’s (aka “Padma Ananda”) domain (a website that sells baby and toddler slings under the trademark “babaslings”). Shanti McIvor jointly set up another company in the UK, located at, which is directed by Mrs. O’Connor and Mr. Lucas. The name “Baba Slings” was inspired by the famous Indian Guru Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba when Shanti McIvor and Barry Pittard (her mate and the father of their son Sai Isa) were his devotees.

Shanti McIvor is the founder of the “babaslings” business and it is officially registered under her name (Ref). Barry Pittard was intimately associated with the BabaSlings business, was a promoter of the BabaSlings product (Ref) and his name and person were mentioned throughout the BabaSlings website. Shanti McIvor (with the assistance of Barry Pittard) began her business by selling the baba sling at the Eumundi and Brisbane Riverside markets in Australia (they were seen together by Sai Devotees who knew them well). Both Shanti and Barry advertised their babasling product in direct association with their son “Sai Isa” (who was named after the Indian Guru Sathya Sai Baba). Sai Isa was conceived when Shanti McIvor was 21 years old and Barry Pittard was 58 years old (old enough to be her Grand-Father).

Shanti McIvor & Baba-Slings Website Promoted Barry Pittard:
Barry Pittard defected from the Sathya Sai Movement in 1999 and waged a concerted, deliberate, neurotic, obsessive and fanatic smear campaign against Sathya Sai Baba that peaked between the years 2001 – 2004. Although Shanti McIvor claimed she had nothing to do with Barry Pittard’s Anti-Sai campaign, not only was she coupled with the lead organizer, main spokesperson and most vocal defamer of Sathya Sai Baba during his peak Anti-Sai years, the phone number and address to her Baba Slings business were specifically used for Anti-Sai Activism. Barry Pittard even cited Shanti McIvor as an alleged “witness” against Sathya Sai Baba and claimed that she was his “wife”. The following screen-caps verify these facts:

ArchiveOrg Results For The BabaSlings Website:

Click Picture To Enlarge
Above: ArchiveOrg Results For BabaSlings Website On January 18th 2001 (2001-01-18) Where Shanti And Barry Refer To Themselves As An “Aussie Couple” (Click Here For Picture Reference)


Click Picture To Enlarge
Above: ArchiveOrg Results For BabaSlings Website On July 28th 2005 (2005-07-28) Where Shanti And Barry Refer To Themselves As An “Aussie Couple” (Click Here For Picture Reference)

BabaSlings Contact Number & Address Used For Anti-Sai Activism:

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Above: BabaSlings International Contact Number Was (and currently is) 61(7)54429597


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Above: Barry Pittard Listed The Baba Slings Phone Number [61(7)54429597] As A Personal Contact Number On The Anti-Sai Website. He Also Listed His Address As: 599 Hunchy Road, Hunchy Queensland 4555


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Above: The Baba Slings Business Was Advertised With Barry Pittard’s Past Address: 599 Hunchy Road, Hunchy Queensland 4555 (Click Here For Picture Reference)

Shanti & Barry Met As A Couple With Lunamama In July 2003:

Click Picture To Enlarge
Above: Shanti McIvor And Barry Pittard (described as being “from Babaslings”) Met Together With “Lunamama” As A Couple In July 2003 (Click Here For Original Reference)

Shanti McIvor And BabaSlings Associated With Barry Pittard:

Click Picture To Enlarge
Above: Shanti McIvor And BababSlings Associated With Barry Pittard As Late As March 5th 2005 (Click Here For Picture Reference)


Click Picture To Enlarge
Above: Shanti McIvor And BababSlings Associated With Barry Pittard As Late As June 8th 2003 (Click Here For Picture Reference)

Shanti McIvor: An Alleged Witness And Wife To Barry Pittard:

Click Picture To Enlarge
Above: Barry Pittard’s Post On QuickTopic Claiming Shanti McIvor Witnessed An Alleged Incident Of Abuse And That She Was His Wife (Please Note That Only Relevant Portions To The Post Have Been Duplicated Here)

Sathya Sai Baba, Barry Pittard, Sai Isa And The Baba-Slings Business:

Click Picture To Enlarge
Above: Shanti McIvor (BabaSlings Founder) Holds Her Son Sai Isa In A Baba Sling (Click Here For Original Picture Reference – Still Available On The Sunshine Valley News Public Domain)

Take a long, hard look at Sai Isa (the child in the photo above). Cute kid? Right? Before you let your paternal/maternal instincts get the better of you, it is important to remember that Sai Isa was named after the revered Indian Guru Sathya Sai Baba. Both Shanti McIvor and Barry Pittard decided not to change Sai Isa’s name, so he still bears that name. The reason why this is so very disturbing is because Barry Pittard is currently a very vocal and vicious Anti-Sai Activist who spearheads many gutter, smear and hate campaigns against his former Guru, whom he erroneously, obsessively and fallaciously accuses of being a “serial pedophile”, “homosexual”, “fraud”, “implicated in murders”, among numerous other slurs and wholly unsupported accusations. Strange enough, Barry Pittard still believes (even after his defection) that Sathya Sai Baba possesses genuine paranormal powers and even claimed that the Guru foretold the birth of his son (Sai Isa) when he was allegedly observing celibacy.

A day is coming fast when Sai Isa will seek the meaning and history of his name and he will be scarred for life and will probably develop some sort of mental complex after being teased and bullied by others that his own father (Barry Pittard) named him after a Guru he hates, defames and constantly accuses (with no proof, mind you) of being a raping, killing and homosexual serial pedophile who runs “elite pedophile rings” and people trafficking rings throughout the world! This is unconscionable!

Although Shanti McIvor has not publicly spoken out against Sri Sathya Sai Baba, she was coupled with Barry Pittard during his peak Anti-Sai years (never refuting or disagreeing with his Anti-Sai Activism), allowed Barry Pittard to use her Baba Slings address and phone number for his Anti-Sai Activism and thereby silently endorsed him and his shameless defamations, slurs and libels against Sai Baba. The BabaSlings business and Sai Isa are inextricably entwined with Sathya Sai Baba’s person and thus entwined with Barry Pittard and the Sai Controversy.

Non-Controversial, Child-Friendly Websites Selling Baby Slings:
There are many non-controversial and child-friendly websites on the internet that sell quality baby slings, pouches, wraps, mei tais, onbuhimos, podaegis and carriers. For example, see the attachedtobaby website listings for:

As one can see, the only people who jeopardize Sai Isa’s future are those who defame, ridicule and libel the Guru he was named after. The harder Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard wage their smear, hate and defamation campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba, the harder Sai Isa will suffer in the future when he will be inevitably targeted by teachers, students and others as being named after a Guru his own father falsely accuses of being a “serial pedophile” and “homosexual”. Sad. Very sad.

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