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Isaac Tigrett

Isaac Tigrett

Isaac Tigrett – House Of Blues – Hard Rock Cafe – Isaac Burton Tigrett
Founder-Creator: The Hard Rock Café – The House of Blues BOZO’STM Hot Pit Bar-B-Q

Throughout his professional career Isaac Tigrett has followed the evolution of music, art and other social trends and their impact on culture. Mr. Tigrett’s keen insights into trends and social/cultural movements, together with expansive creative capabilities, fuel his visionary approach to creating experiences and environments that entertain and educate customers and participants.

In his early career, Mr. Tigrett’s focus was on the evolution of music and pop culture and their impact on society. In 1971, at the age of 22, he created the world famous Hard Rock Café in London with his 50/50 partner Peter Morton (23). Tigrett was the concept creator and named the venture HARD ROCK CAFÉ. Morton was from a distinguished restaurant family in Chicago USA. He supplied the food and catering know-how. Eric Crisman, an early manager, describes the two young entrepreneurs.

“Tigrett and Morton couldn’t have been more dissimilar! Like oil and water! Tigrett was a revolutionary hippie activist with long hair, dressed in King’s Road “blue velvets” and snake skin boots. Morton sported Saveille Row tailored blue blazers, Turnbull & Asher shirts, blue jeans and Gucci shoes (See Newsweek photo shoot 1971). While Tigrett’s musical tastes were Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin; Morton’s brand music was the group Bread, Cat Steven’s and Roxy Music. Tigrett’s crowd consisted of hippies, artists, and musicians while Morton hung out with models and fashion designers.”

Tigrett and Morton held together their shaky partnership until 1981. Tigrett then bought out Morton’s interest in the only existing Hard Rock Café on London’s Hyde Park Corner and all World Rights to the name Hard Rock Café. Morton retained rights to develop the Hard Rock Café’s in the USA states West of the Mississippi River and three foreign countries; Israel, Colombia and Australia. Tigrett controlled all the USA States East of the Mississippi, and all other countries “world wide”. Morton opened the 1st Hard Rock Café outside the original in London, in Los Angeles Calif. in 1983, with its original 1971 Americana décor.

Tigrett re-launched The Hard Rock Brand in 1984 in New York City with long-time friend and partner Dan Akyroyd. Tigrett wowed the music world and its fans with his creation of The World’s First “authentic” Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Musicians World Wide rushed to donate their Rock Memorabilia to Tigrett’s Rock Museum for “time immemorial”. A week later he re-launched the original London Hard Rock Café as Europe’s First Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Morton quickly copied Tigrett’s creations in London and New York keeping the “new” HRC brand consistent.

Tigrett went on to develop the Hard Rock Hall of Fame in Stockholm, Sweden; Tokyo Japan; Dallas Texas, Reykjavik Iceland; Boston Massachusetts; Orlando Florida; Cancun Mexico; Washington DC; Jackson Tennessee (Tigrett’s home town) based on his “Original” HRC in London, and began to develop franchise opportunities “world wide”. Tigrett took the Hard Rock though three Public offerings in the United States and Europe.

Morton went on to develop Hard Rock Café’s in San Francisco CA; Chicago; Denver Colorado; New Orleans Louisiana and other sub markets in his territories, West of the Mississippi River. Morton developed the 1st Hard Rock Café Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, using original designs created by Tigrett and “the world renowned” Graphic Artist – for their “Royal Majesties,” The Beatles – Alan Aldridge.

Tigrett and Morton sold their perspective Hard Rock Café companies which eventually went to England’s Rank Origination PLC. Rank went on to expand the Hard Rock Café Brand in 40 countries; 124 HRC’s 4 Hard Rock Hotels and 2 additional HRC Casinos. Rank sold the Hard Rack Café Brand to the Seminole Indian Nation of the USA in 2007.

Following the sale of his interest in the Hard Rock Café, Mr. Tigrett was involved in numerous charitable activities. Prominent among those was his role as a founding trustee of the Rama Foundation of Zurich, Switzerland; and principal sponsor of the creation of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medicine, a free 500-bed advanced surgical hospital that serves the rural poor in Anantapur, India.

Following the opening of the Medical Institute, Mr. Tigrett turned his attention to his next venture. Using the skills that he has demonstrated in building the Hard Rock Café “Brand”, he again wowed the music community with his “new creation,” the famous HOUSE OF BLUES, again with long time friend and “Blues Brother” Dan Akyroyd. Mr.Tigrett’s vision for The House of Blues grew from his belief that popular tastes were evolving from rock’n’roll to alternative original music art forms such as Blues, Jazz, Latin, Country & Western, Urban, Rhythm & Blues and Rap.

Tigrett’s new HOUSE OF BLUES “cultural creation” consisted of a dynamic Live Music Venue for 2000 people plus, an exclusive Private Club and gourmet restaurant called The Foundation Room, and a 350 seat “New Orleans Restaurant” filled with previously unseen Original American “Out Sider Art.” He extended the HOUSE OF BLUES brand into other media including a record company (with BMG), radio shows (with CBS), television production (with Time Warner), and the Internet’s First Live Music Address, (in partnership with Real Audio). House of Blues also launched the now famous music tours “Smoking Grooves” (Urban&Rap) and “Barn Burner” (Heavy Blues).

Tigrett founded the much-heralded HOUSE OF BLUES venues in Harvard Square, Cambridge Massachusetts; New Orleans, Louisiana, Los Angeles CA, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Orlando, Florida; and Chicago Ill. Including the HOB Hotel, (340 Rooms) in Chicago.

Tigrett left HOUSE OF BLUES in 1998 after a “Board Room” power grab by directors Chase Bank, The Disney Company, The Aeneus Banking Group and Goldbury Ventures.

Tigrett went on to form The Word Foundation with the Interfaith Center of New York, which broadcasted on the Worldwide Web. Some of those video and Internet broadcasts included: The Parliament of the World Religions from Cape Town, South Africa 1998; His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s “A Global Quest for Union”; World Sacred Music Festival 12/8-10/1999 in Cape Town, South Africa; His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s World Sacred Music Festival, April 2000 in Bangalore, India; The Sixth Annual Alternative Therapies Symposium & Exhibition on 4/25-29/2000 in Kohala Coast, Hawaii; The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, under the patronage of His Majesty Mohammad, King of Morocco, 5/31-6/8/2000 in Fez, Morocco; and “Wisdom Sharing: Community, Ritual and Healing”, The Association for Transpersonal Psychology 8/4-6/2000 in Vancouver, Canada.

Tigrett returned to his native home town Jackson Tennessee in 2001 to attend to his ailing mother, Frances, until her death and in 2005. Tigrett now lives in Prasanthi Nilayam in South India at the Ashram of his Master Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Tigrett is currently launching his next venture, a Spiritual Retreat in the “rain forest” of S. India – at the behest of his Master, “THE MYSTIC INN OF THE 7TH RAY.”


The Ark Trust of Great Britain
In 1988, after selling the Hard Rock Cafes, Mr. Tigrett became CEO of the non-profit environmental group with fellow supporters Chrise Hyne, Peter Gabriel, Kevin Godley Sting and others which, under his leadership, launched the first “environmentally friendly” Household Products in the U.K.

The Rama Foundation of Zurich, Switzerland
Mr. Tigrett is a founding trustee of the Foundation, which funded the creation of a Free (500 bed) Advanced Surgical Hospital for the rural poor in Anantapur, India.

Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City
Mr. Tigrett served as Trustee & Regent of the Cathedral, and on the Executive Board of Directors.

The House of Blues Foundation
Tigrett founded The HOB Foundation which promotes the teaching of Music and Art in American Public Schools. To date 500,000 kids have experienced this highly acclaimed program developed by Harvard University and Cambridge Bridge & Latin Schools (one public classroom at a time) at each HOUSE OF BLUES Location. 100’s of scholarships have been granted by the HOB Foundation to America’s brightest urban kids for college education (Tigrett says “the only two important things I have done in my career is opening the first classless restaurant in the UK (the Hard Rock Café at Mayfair’s Hyde Park Corner in 1971) and the creations of the House Of Blues Foundations 1991”)

(Click here to go to HOB Foundation and Outreach Video Link)

National Freedom Award
Mr. Tigrett founded the National Freedom Award, given every year on behalf of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee to an individual who has displayed a dynamic commitment to Civil Rights. Past recipients included President Jimmy Carter and Reverend Desmond Tutu.

The Smithsonian Rock & Soul Museum Memphis Tennessee
Board Member Emeritus

Blues Foundation – Memphis, Tennessee
National Board Member Emeritus

Centre College
Doctorate of Humane Letters, January 17, 1996. Mr. Tigrett was Awarded an Honorary Degree from his alma mater, Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, for promoting African American Culture and Racial Harmony.

Rhodes College
Doctorate of Fine Arts, honoris causa, May 17, 1997 for his contribution to the rebirth of the blues, his commitment to promote racial harmony and for his vision and work towards a more harmonious world.

Inner City Arts Award
1997 Man of the year Los Angeles CA.

Nation’s Restaurant News
Named Isaac Tigrett as one of the greatest restaurateurs of the 20th Century

Angel Foundation
Los Angeles, CA – Angel of the Year 1997

Museum of American Folk Art
New York, N.Y. Man of the Year, 1998

Agape Church

Los Angeles man of the year 1998

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sloan School of Business
Young President’s Organization;
Boston MA, Los Angles CA.
University of Mississippi
The Global forum of Spiritual and Parlimentary Leaders – Moscow Russia

Hard Rock Café Plc.
In 2007 British Rank Origination Plc sold the Hard Rock Café Business which includes 124 Hard Rock Cafes, 4 Hard Rock Hotels and a pair of Hard Rock Casinos to the Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida, a Native American Group, for US$ 965 million

In 2007, The Hard Rock rights for Casino’s and Hotels in half of the USA was sold to New York based Morgans Hotel Group for US$ 770 million.

House of Blues Hotel, Chicago sold in 2007 for US$ 228 million.

House of Blues Entertainment, Inc.

In 2007, Live Nation (Clear Channel Communications, Inc.) bought the House of Blues Entertainment group for US$ 350 million and is launching HOB’s Across Europe and Asia.

Tigrett was born in 1948 into an influential Southern family that founded Jackson, Tennessee in the 1820’s. Family entrepreneurial activities included lumber, farming, railroads, bus lines, real estate, banking, and manufacturing. Tigrett moved to England in 1967 where he worked as a dough boy at Carr’s Biscuits of Carlyle. On a 600 pound savings, Tigrett founded the Century Carriage Company in 1968 which exported used Roll Royce and Bentley automobiles to the U.S.A. Tigrett cleared $250,000 in 1969, which financed the Hard Rock Café in 1971. Tigrett had 1 child, Augusta, with Maureen Starkey Tigrett (formerly married to Ringo Star) and raised her children, Zak, Jason, and Lee from 1976 until her death 19 years later.

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