VKN – VK Narasimhan And The Joy Of Being the Lord’s Instrument

Sathya Sai Gopala Baba

Sathya Sai Gopala Baba

VKN – VK Narasimhan And The Joy Of Being the Lord’s Instrument

In passing I might throw in a nice little story concerning our beloved Swami. This happened many years ago in Trayee Brindavan, and I was a witness to it. It was evening, and the post Bhajan period when boys gather around Swami’s jhoola (swing) inside Trayee, waiting for yet another of those memorable sessions to start. As usual, after Swami entered and was seated, there was small talk for sometime, after which Swami said, “Narasimhan, say something to the boys.” The remark was addressed to late Mr. V. K. Narasimhan, a distinguished journalist and for long the editor of Sanathana Sarathi, after Kasturi could no longer handle that job.

Narasimhan, who was widely read and could speak on practically anything, replied:

“Swami, when You are there, what business do I have to speak? It is You who know everything and it is You who should speak. In any case, the boys are waiting for You to speak, not me!”

Sathya Sai Baba smiled and said, “No Narasimhan, you go ahead and speak.” When Narasimhan persisted with his prayer adding that it is God who should speak to man and give advice, not man to man, Swami said, “Narsimhan, you know, sometimes man listens better to man than to God!”

Narasimhan was shocked and said, “Swami, how can that ever be?” Swami then said, “Narasimhan, don’t you remember? When Bhishma told Krishna that He should advise Yudhishtra, Krishna insisted that it was Bhishma who should speak and not He! And it worked, did it not?”

Narasimhan smiled and accepted that he had been vanquished in argument and went on to give yet another scintillating talk! Unfortunately, I don’t remember a word of it, though I remember every word that preceded that talk! In any case, that incident is what is important to Sai Bhagavatham! Sometimes, God uses man as His instrument, even though He could do it all Himself!

Getting back to the bits and pieces of the remaining part of the story, accepting Bhishma’s advice, Yudhishtra assumed the rulership of Hastinapura and ruled for many years as a wise king who never deviated from the path of Dharma. Mindful of his responsibilities, he gave shelter to Dhritarashtra and Gandhari though this was not quite liked by some of his younger brothers. And in due course, the Pandavas one by one shed their mortal coils, their mission on earth having been completed.

The story of the Pandavas is an inspiring saga of courage and determination. It also illustrates that having the Lord on one’s side does not automatically provide exemption from troubles or difficulties. However, the Lord does help in bearing the difficulties with courage and fortitude.

Moving on, Swami has also made a few other remarkable revelations concerning the Kurukshetra War. First is the fact that the war was fought in 3141 BC, when Krishna was 86 years old (Krishna, Swami says, was born on July 20, 3227 BC).

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