Pasuvula Panduga – Kanuma – Mukkanuma Celebrated In Andhra Pradesh

Govardhana Krishna And The Festival Of Kanuma - Mukkanuma - Pasuvula Panduga

Govardhana Krishna And The Festival Of Kanuma - Mukkanuma - Pasuvula Panduga

Pasuvula Panduga – Kanuma – Mukkanuma Celebrated In Andhra Pradesh

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Today January 15th is KANUMA and in Andhra Pradesh we celebrate an extra day which is called MUKKANUMA on January 16th.

Kanuma is also called Pasuvula Panduga. The cattle sheds and cattle are cleaned and decorated. The cattle are also worshipped on the occasion. This day is followed by Mukkanuma which is earmarked for happy bonding.

The cattle are decorated and worshipped today. Today is most significant as Lord Sri Krishna lifted the Govardhana hill in Gokulam on this day.

The last day of this unique festival of Sankranthi in Andhra is MUKKANUMA. There are so many people especially in villages for whom we seek help for various things including to help in the farms to raise crops, to remove weeds and even to harvest the crops. This is the day we have to thank all these people to serve us day in and day out including the domestic maids, Washermen and women, barbers and those who make chappals for the protection of our feet from heat and injury with thorns in the villages and give various gifts and feed them with their children on this Mukkanuma day.

Let us all again and again remember Bhagawan’s Wonderful words yesterday in His Makara Sankranthi Discourse “Help those who hurt you or try to harm you. IT IS ONLY SAI WHO CAN HELP THOSE WHO HURT OR ABUSE HIM “.


Om Sai Ram

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Kanuma is observed on the third day of the Sankranthi festival in Andhra Pradesh. It is believed that Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill to protect the people of Gokulam on this day. Mukkanuma is observed the day after Kanuma and is primarily a day of feasting and merry making.

Kanuma festival is quite similar to the Mattu Pongal observed in Tamil Nadu. The festival is dedicated to cows, bulls and other animals that are part of agrarian economy. Cattle and cattle sheds are cleaned on the day. Cows are decorated with marigold flowers and are worshipped.

In Hindu mythology, Kanuma is the day when Lord Krishna performed the miracle of lifting the Govardhan hill. Lord Krishna asked the people of Gokul to worship the Govardhan hill, which blocked the clouds and provided rain. This enraged Lord Indra, who until then was seen as the rain god, and to avenge this insult, Indra created thunderstorms and rain and flooded Gokul. To protect the people, cows and other animals, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill. People found shelter under the hill. Soon Indra realized his folly and took refuge in Krishna.

Interestingly, there is a festival named Kanuma Autumn festival in Japan.

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