Sai Baba Temple Is Second Richest In India

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Baba Temple Is Second Richest In India

Kopargaon, Jan 09: The famous Shirdi Sai Baba shrine in Maharashtra has become the second richest in the country in terms of income after the Balaji temple in Tirupati, trustees said on Friday.

The temple has collected Rs 81 crore in cash, 920 kgs of gold and 440 kgs of silver in the form of donations during 2008, creating a record, Ashok Khambekar, a trustee of Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, said.

The temple also collected a record amount of close to Rs four crore and fifteen lakh in its cash donation box between December 29, 2008 and January six, 2009, Khambekar said.

During 2007, about 104 kgs of gold, 235 kgs of silver and Rs 60 crore in cash was received by the temple through donations, he said.

The trust, which was formed in 1992, has an annual budget of Rs 200 crore which is used for development works such as construction of hospitals, new buildings and roads in and around Shirdi, Khambekar said adding a super speciality hospital and a ‘prasadalaya’ (dining hall) had already been constructed.

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  1. Guruvayoor Sree Krishna temple and Sabarimal Ayyappan Temple are too richest temple in the India.

    In 2008, Last season (November to January), close to four crore (40 million) pilgrims arrived and at the end of the season (end of jan 2009)number would cross 4.50 crore (45 million).

    Revenue already 100 crore over by cash and unlimited gold. This income is not 12 month income. This is only 3 months income. There is a custome that each devotee will carry Kaaniponnu(gold) to sabarimala. So we cannot calculate howmuch Kilogram gold ? 4.50 crore devotees can carry ?:)

    Guruvayoor Temple is the second richest temple in india after Thirumala Temple. There annual revenue is above 100 Crore by cash.

  2. this is the true story which happend with me i am indian living in uk from the last 40 years before 7 years i knew nothing about sai baba i saw sai baba in my dreams two time no 1 dreams in my dreams i saw i am in india and there is a very very long line which leads to a grave i asked the people why you are waiting in a long line they told me this line leads to the grave of sai baba i asked them is he a great saint they said yes i said ok i also join the line after a long time when my turn came or i was few feet from the grave being a muslim i said to my self i dont bow in front of any grave i only bow against god i should not be here to my surprise suddnely sai baba appeared on the grave and said yes you are right i dont know why these people bow against me you belive in one god dont bow in frount of my grave i said to him if i dont bow what about these security guard they would not harm me he replied no body will touch you because you belive in one god i just passad his grave after this i had a great respect for this great saint then i read every thing about sai baba dream no 2 in nov 2004 i was adtmitted to a hospital i was going to have open heart surgery my opration lasted 13 hours after the opration i was in my hospital room suddenly baba appeared near my bed and asked me do you reconiged me i said yes you are baba gi greant saint last time i saw you in india he said yes and started masaging my body and feet i said baba gi you are a big saint please i dont like that you touch my feet he said no you are sick person it is my duty to look after you next night it was the same story thihd day when my wife visted me in hospital i told her all the story she said to me ATHAR if baba gi again come to your dream tell him please dont come now trird night he again came to my dream i told him baba gi thank you very much for all this and your prayer please dont come any more i dont want to disturb you you are a great man he said to me dont worry when ever you want jst remember me how great he is i had full recovery of my heart by pass and enjoying the life with my faimly due to the prayers of holy saint people call him baba gi

  3. WOW!!!!!!

    Shirdi sai baba u r great

  4. Mr. Jassal Athar,

    This is an amazing story, i wish you would come down sometime to India and give a visit to SHirdi in real.. Am sure Baba will call u there to c u in his house.

    Best Regards
    to you and your family
    Abhijith Shetty

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