Swami’s Divine Poornachandra Session With Alumni Students

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

Swami’s Divine Poornachandra Session With Alumni Students
January 7th 2009

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Swami had decided to bestow a great boon upon the 700 Alumni Students them as He had sent word that He would interact with all of them in the Poornachandra Auditorium after the morning bhajans. By 8:30am, all the students sat ready in Poornachandra and it was at about 9:00 am that Swami arrived for darshan. The time scheduled for the alumni was 10:00am.

But though Swami took a complete round of the Kulwant hall, He seemed to be in a great hurry as His beloved children awaited Him in the auditorium and He seemed to be wanting to be there as soon as possible, ASAP as its called! It was just 9:20am when Swami received Aarthi and then moved into the Poornachandra auditorium.

A small stage had been arranged for Swami so that He could be seen by one and all assembled. Swami was welcomed by a small contingent of Veda chanting boys and soon He took His place – on the stage and in the thirsting eyes of every alumnus sitting there.

There were also the elders whom Swami brought with Him- Sri Chakravarthy, secretary of Central trust; Prof. Vishwanath Pandit, the Vice chancellor; Sri V Srinivasan, the All India Sai Organisation President; Prof. G Venkatraman, the great scientist and director of the Radio Sai studios and Sri S V Giri, the former vice chancellor.

Sri Chakravarthy introduced the speakers for the day. First Sri S V Giri spoke on the responsibilities that rest on the strong shoulders of the alumni. As he spoke, an interesting incident took place. One of the members of the alumni, a senior above 50 years of age maybe, was moving to and fro right at the back, to get a good view of the proceedings maybe. Swami noticed that and seemed a bit uncomfortable. And sure enough, in two minutes, the student next to Swami came walking all the way to the back asking, “Who was it that was walking over here?” At first everyone felt that Swami was disturbed. It got confirmed soon but why had He been disturbed? The student located the disturber and asked, “Sir would you like a chair to sit on? Swami sees that you are not able to sit on the floor.” The answering was done with a nod saying, “No” and profuse tears down the cheeks. The alumnus then got up and moving towards the front, sat in the corner but in the first row! Swami saw that and seemed satisfied!

The second speaker was Sri V Srinivasan. He spoke very inspiringly on the growth and spread of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations in India. Many facts little known to most of the devotees and students were revealed and very deservingly, there were 4-5 rounds of applause for him. After he finished his speech, Swami told him with great pride to announce that he was the All India President. An overwhelmed Srinivasan said that more than anything else, he wished to be a humble devotee and concluded his speech.

The Alumni coordinator then went forward to request Swami for the divine discourse. Swami materialized vibhuti and gave him and then also agreed to address the students. Another poignant scene took place now. Swami noticed a student, Raghuram, who currently works for Radio Sai global harmony. He has been physically challenged due to a tragic accident and has been on the wheelchair since. Swami asked him to come over to the dais.. As the boy reached there, Swami waved His hand and materialized a gold ring. Amidst the cheer that ran about the hall, Swami enquired into the well being of the boy’s mother and sister. HE promised him that he would very soon speak to them as a family and then put the ring to the right hand. He asked Swami for paadanamaskar. Swami agreed and knowing that it was very difficult for the boy to bend down, Swami did something that none imagined. He slowly lifted His right leg and placed it near the knee of the boy. After he touched it, Swami now raised His left leg too and placed it there! The boy was thrilled at this special paadanamaskar. As he returned to His place, Swami began His divine discourse.

Important Points of the Wonderful Divine Discourse:

  1. Swami emphasised on the message of Advaita, stressing the point that there is nothing in this world which is not divine, and that we should conduct ourselves bearing this in mind.
  2. Swami also stressed on the need for one and all to realise the inherent divinity.

The most interesting part was when towards the end, Swami asked, “Does anyone have doubts? Ask and I shall answer them now in a perfect manner.” What followed was a Divine Question and Answer Session

Question: Swami. We know that we are truth and the truth is everywhere. So we must be everywhere right…..Swami could not follow the question hence the boy tried to explain! “Swami I’m everywhere but I don’t realize it…!”
Swami: You are not everywhere, you are right now here! (everyone laughs )…If you are in path of Truth then you will know you are the Truth…..(Swami conveyed to boy that if he believes he is the Eternal Atma then he is everywhere and if he restricts himself to body then he is now here!)

Question: Swami. We don’t have time available for spiritual activities and service as we are bogged by daily activities.. ..what shall we do (there were tears in his eyes out of helplessness) …
Swami: Don’t feel bad about it…do as much as you can in little time available …do little service but offer it to lord….if you can’t do even that then do your job or activity as the service to lord…..That’ ll make Him happy.

Question: (In kannada), Swami as we (boys) plan to do activities and projects in larger scale how do we go about doing the same….do we need to form organized groups and start off…
Swami: (In kannada) Yes….form proper groups and go about in a systematic way…..I’ve already told this (swami has mentioned the same in management)

Question: (one student who was Teacher)…Swami. ..we all have only one prayer in our hearts …you should walk …like you used to do earlier….
Swami: (with out a pause) …Yes …I will!…I used to walk earlier properly…. only recently I had a fall and doctors told me not to walk and take rest…I’m just abiding by their words….I have organize a Yagnam in Parthi (ARMY) and one in Chenni (ARMY —II)…I’m managing quite a lot like this too…but I’ll surely walk…(Swami lifted both His legs and played them in the air as He spoke)

Question: Swami…what should we do to become closer to swami….
Swami: (without delay)…Swami should (will to) take you closer…! (Swami conveyed its His grace that matters not any amount of penance you do…., he added ), If you want to become closer keep Swami in your heart…Then you need not come to Swami and He will come closer to you….

Question: Swami…How do we get Atmanandam (perennial bliss)…
Swami: You should carry less luggage…less luggage is more comfort… Reduce your desires and put a ceiling on it.

Question: Swami..how do we take care of our kids in countries where there are not even Indian families forget the Sai centers….
Swami: where are you right now….
Boy: …I’ve returned back to India….
Swami: I’m very happy…Congratulations…America is not good at the moment…all our people should return to native land…One lakhs in USA is equal to 10,000 in India….

Question: Swami—How do we achieve total surrender…
Swami: Bangaaru!— Surrender is not so easy…so many after they surrender would still carry the burden of doubt in their minds….so just follow how much you can….and stop doubting.

It was already nearing 11:30am and Swami said that He would speak to all the next day too. Then Swami received Aarthi and blessed those who took a flower and the holy grains upto Him. As He moved back towards the residence, Swami collected letters from all the students who lined up the entire pathway. Swami retired leaving behind cherished memories and wonderful feelings.

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Swami,
    I am the student of Sri Sathya Sai College of batch 1987. It is the first batch which I had a great opportunity & pleasure to have my study in the presence of Omni presence Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Presently, I am working with Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd., in Trichy Tamil Nadu as Senior Manager.

    I am here only with the blessings of Swamiji.

    It is a great pleasure to have a seat in the college at that time.

    Any how it is a great experience and memorable life which I have spent with Swamiji.


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