SaiBaba Invigilator Blog Alleges Sathya Sai Baba Promotes ‘Tantric Corpse Eating’

SaiBaba-Invigilator Blog Alleges Sathya Sai Baba Promotes “Tantric Corpse Eating”

Critics and Ex-Devotees have become so desperate in their smear and defamation campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba, they are now claiming that the guru is a promoter of black magic, tantra and tantric corpse eating!

The anonymous Anti-Sai blog promoting this rubbish is the saibaba-invigilator, which is specific to Sathya Sai Baba and whose objective is stated as:

Sathya Sai Baba – The Truth A blog for collecting breaking news, opinions and other materials concerning Sathya Sai Baba which reveal little-known facts and the concealed truth about his works, acts and words.”

Needless to say, the saibaba-invigilator blog is heavily referenced, linked to and promoted by ex-devotees (including Reinier Van Der Sandt, Sanjay Dadlani, Barry Pittard, Brian Steel and Robert Priddy). Ex-devotees openly endorse and associate themselves with the sleaze, slime and extremist views disseminated by the saibaba-invigilator blog.

Absurd Tantric Corpse Eating Claim

Absurd Tantric Corpse Eating Claim

Relevant Text Extract:
“The traditions of Tantrism in India vary from relatively harmless theological speculations to some of the vilest practices. Closely related to black magic and witchcraft, various Tantric superstitions infuse much of Indian religious thought among the less sophisticated masses. Such matters are regularly exposed by the Indian Skeptic magazine (Indian rationalists).

It is of note that the widely-worshipped guru, supposed avatar Sathya Sai Baba, who has many followers among the top Indian elite, believes in black magic and promotes Tantric ideas along with many other Indian doctrines!“

Of course, the saibaba-invigilator blog could not provide a single credible or verifiable citation or reference to support their preposterous claim that Sathya Sai Baba promotes “Tantric Corpse Eating”. The only references the saibaba-invigilator blog provided were scans to four articles published by the Indian Skeptic tabloid, which did not make a single reference to Sathya Sai Baba (either directly, indirectly or otherwise). The complete texts to these four articles are as follows:

Tantrik held for eating corpse – Deccan Herald – 11.4.2006 – A tantrik and his disciple were arrested in Jaunpur in UP on Monday for digging up the body of an 18 – month – old boy and eating it to attain “supernatural powers,” reports PTI. The two had admitted to exhuming the body and consuming it after cutting off the head in order to attain supernatural powers.The head of the child, who had died a week earlier due to some illness, was found lying near the grave. (Reference)

Blind faith Witch doctor drives family out of village – Deccan Herald – 6.9.2006 – KOLKATA, DHNS: A witch doctor proposed and the villagers did not oppose. Consequently, an entire family of 15 in a village not too far from here was hounded out of their home on suspicion that they were practising witchcraft and causing the deaths of humans and livestock. The police, who had initially offered them shelter at a local government office, on Tuesday asked the 65-year-old Haridasi Sardar and her family of ‘witches’ living in Nadia district to move elsewhere. According to reports, Sardar, her four sons their wives and six children, all residents of Balaighata village, were charged with practising black magic and casting a spell in the village, resulting in the deaths of several people and livestock. The witch doctor, hired by the villagers to probe the deaths, ordered their immediate expulsion from the village. “We are engaged at present in talks with the village administration for some alternative (to evicting the family),” said Nadia Additional Superintendent of Police Subrata Mitra. The police have already tried twice to get them to be allowed back into their village, but have failed. (Reference)

Suspected witch killed by mob – Deccan Herald – 7.7.2006 – RANCHI: Accusing a woman of practicing voodoo, a mob killed a 50 year – old woman Bigalahi Devi with sharp edged weapon at Sadma village in Ranchi district on Wednesday evening. Confirming the incident, Ranchi Superintendent of Police (Rural) Upendra Kumar said six persons including a woman have been arrested in this connection. The arrest was made on the basis an FIR lodged with Ormanjhi police station. Earlier on Tuesday, a woman, Patiya Devi was paraded through the main thoroughfare of Alankera village in Gumla district and forced to consume human excreta for, what the villagers alleged, practicing black magic and causing the death of 14 year – old girl. Sources in the police said that irked by the death of two children of the villagers, a mob on Wednesday evening barged into the house of Bigalahi Devi and killed her. The villagers suspected Bigalahi Devi to be indulged in practice of black magic. (Reference)

“Ghost’s mobile” haunts police – Deccan Herald – 11.7.2006 – RANCHI: Priya Dubey,Sperintendent of Tata Nagar (Railway) Police, faces a strange problem these days. She is being “haunted” by a rumour about a ghost. “Ab tak takariban 100, na jane kitne aur aate (Till now, it is around 100; don’t know how many more will come),” she wonders as she keeps count of the number of calls she received on her mobile, asking whether it is a “ghost number”. Lodging a first information report, Ms Dubey stated that some people spread a rumour that her cell phone (9431117171) was a ghost’s number and as a result, she had been receiving a number of calls from the curious public. The Jamshedpur police have prepared a list of about 100 errant callers and they are being summoned for interrogation routinely. The incoming facility to the aforementioned number has been discontinued. Priya Dubey does not know how the rumour spread. “But whoever is playing prank will not be spared,” the police officer said. Among the many callers, 12 year – old Neha Afroon in the course of interrogation said she was just trying out the “ghost number” as everyone in her locality said the number costs no charge to the dialler. Sheer curiosity Another caller told the police that he dialled the number out of sheer curiosity as he had missed a similar chance before. Sometime ago, a local daily carried a report about a mobile phone being carried by a ghost in some other state. “That time too, I had tried the number but it was switched off. But as the rumour spread again, I did not want to miss the opportunity,” he said. (Reference)

“Tantra”“Tantrism”“Tantric Corpse Eating” – In Conclusion:
In a nutshell, critics are out of touch with reality and have no moral compass. Critics are (as many have observed throughout the years) a bunch of angry loons and extremists whose only flair is in their nostrils. Although critics love to deride others as belonging to the “lunatic fringe” seen in cults, ashrams and religious movements (because of perceived “superstitious” and/or “spiritual” beliefs), they wholly ignore the members of their own group who hold similar beliefs. See: Lunatic Fringe In The Anti-Sai Movement.

The propaganda published by the saibaba-invigilator blog would have others believe that Sathya Sai Baba is a promoter of black magic, tantra and trantric corpse eating. The amusing ramification of this argument is that former followers of Sai Baba (many who were faithful devotees for decades) must have engaged in black magic, tantra and tantric corpse eating! Who, among Ex-Devotees, engaged in black magic, tantra and tantric corpse eating while following Sathya Sai Baba? That’s the big question the saibaba-invigilator blog actually poses to its readers but fails to answer.

Despite negative media attention, not even one critical media agency or journalist has ever insinuated that Sathya Sai Baba is a promoter of black magic, tantra or tantric corpse eating. Even India’s sensationalistic media won’t venture into the gutter in which critics wallow.


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