How Does Swami Know Everything?

How Does Swami Know Everything?

Sathya Sai Baba often teaches us through His devotees. I (Venkatesh Prasad) would like to share with you one such incident that occurred at Trayee Brindavan. This happened during a darshan session.

It so happened that on that day there was a devotee from Puttaparthi whom Swami lovingly called His ‘Hanuman’, sitting next to me. This devotee had, in Swami’s own words, achieved a different plane of living. The relationship between him and Swami was totally different. This devotee, during the strict silence that generally pervades before Bhagavan’s arrival, asked me a question, “How does Swami know everything?”

At that point I did not want to answer this question because I did not want to talk as it was darshan time. Also, I knew that such discussions could potentially last a long time! I realized that I would be creating trouble for myself entering into such a conversation sitting right outside Swami’s main door. So, I tried to avoid the topic, but he would not let me go!

Therefore, without turning my head towards his side, I said, “Swami is antaryami (All-knowing one).” He immediately said, “That is what Swami says in His discourses, but now you tell me how Swami knows everything?” I had only one thought running through my head: stop this conversation. Again I replied tersely, “Swami is God.”

He gave me the same response, “That is what Swami says in His discourses, but how does Swami knows everything?” The question-answer volley was heading in a direction in which I did not want to go.

So, with all humility I asked him, “Uncle, why don’t you tell me how Swami knows everything.” I thought by making him talk I might escape. But, what followed after that was one of the greatest blessings that Swami has showered on me. What he told me is perhaps the greatest truth.

He said, “I will tell you how Swami knows everything. When an ant bites your foot or hand, how do you know?”

I said, “It is my hand and my foot, so I know.”

“Very true!” He said, “Have you seen in Hindu households a picture of a standing Vishnu with twenty arms, twenty heads, a cow in His stomach and so on? That is the Viraat Swaroop (cosmic form) of Vishnu.”

“Yes, I have seen that.”

“Through the art, the artist wanted to communicate the cosmic form of the Lord. If you notice, all living forms are present in His body, in fact, the entire universe. Everything is contained in Him.

Everything is Him, He is everything. Now, just as you come to know of the sensation when an ant bites your hand or leg, the Lord knows whatever happens in this universe and the universes beyond, because everything is sustained in Him. They are part of the Lord. That is how Swami is Antaryami and how He knows everything.”

I cannot describe the profound impact that simple explanation made on me. It was a very lucid, crystal clear explanation of how Swami is omnipresent. I wondered in total amazement at how many years this uncle would have struggled and prayed to the Lord to arrive at this state of mind, and here he was putting everything in one small, sweet easy to swallow capsule.

With that the devotee stopped talking and as if on this cue, Swami opened the door, walked towards us and then stood right in front of us. I had a wonderful padanamaskar. The devotee too prostrated at His feet.

From that day on I always had the thought that I am not alone. He is always with me. There was never an occasion after that where I found making decisions tough, for I am in Swami and whatever happens is His will!

Sathya Sai Baba With Venkatesh Prasad

Sathya Sai Baba With Venkatesh Prasad

As told by Mr. Venkatesh Prasad, an alumnus of the Sri Sathya Sai University, Prashanti Nilayam. He joined the university in 1987 and passed in 1992 after completing his B.Com and MBA. Venkatesh currently lives in Bangalore and works as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).