Masalila Rallies Batswana To Donate Blood, Save Lives

Masalila Rallies Batswana To Donate Blood, Save Lives
By Potso Thari

FRANCISTOWN – Botswana is in great need of donated blood, says the Assistant Minister of Local Government.

Speaking at the Global Blood Donation Camp day organised by the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation in Francistown over the weekend, Mr Ambrose Masalila said according to the Botswana National Blood Transfusion Service (BNBTS), the country needs about 40 000 units of blood per year but collects only half of that amount per year, which is not adequate.

He said it is also disheartening that just one per cent of the people donate blood annually while about 80 per cent may need blood at some time.

Mr Masalila said it was for this reason that the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation should be applauded for having continued to run these kinds of camps for the past 19 years saying they have been donating blood selflessly for a long time.

He said this is a selfless effort as the organisations and individual donors neither know the recipients of such blood nor the recipients ever know the donor, but that has not stopped them from donating blood.

He said as donated blood is used for various situations, at times critical, it was important for every eligible blood donor to register with the Sri Sathya and the BNBTS to donate blood to save lives.

Mr Masalila said donating blood is a safe measure and no diseases can be transmitted as only new and sterile disposable equipment is used for each donation.

Therefore all those eligible should donate and meet the country’s Vision 2016 pillar of “a compassionate, just and caring nation”.

He further said donating blood was in line with the President’s road map of the four Ds of Development, Democracy, Dignity and Discipline. He said:

“The act of donation of blood supports all these Ds because in a democracy people should practice the act of ‘give’ and ‘take’ which happens when a donor gives blood and a receipt receives it. For development to take place, people should be healthy and for an anaemic patient to feel fully healthy and dignified they need a pinch of blood.

“As for discipline, we can only commit to donate blood regularly if we are disciplined and committed to the exercise”.

The Camp Coordinator, Dr Viera Sayana said about 90 per cent of the blood they collect from the camps was used in hospitals. He appealed to eligible donors to always donate blood as this will save the lives of others.

He also said they usually get more than 100 pints of blood from the camp. It would be nice if more people donate blood. He said contrary to what people might think, donating blood was a healthy exercise. BOPA


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