Cultural Program By Sathya Sai Baba Devotees From Tamil Nadu

Cultural Program By Sathya Sai Baba Devotees From Tamil Nadu
Music Program and a skit entitled, ‘Sri Sathya Sai Kavacham’
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August 26, 2008 – Curtesty RadioSai
This evening, the youth from Tamil Nadu presented a 45 minute drama, “Sathya Sai Kavacham”. Bhagawan arrived in Sai Kulwant Hall by 4.15 pm and moved to the interview room. After spending an hour there, He came onstage and began the proceedings after a few minutes. The drama had Narada and “Kali” – the embodiment of the Kali age – as onlookers, as a Sai youth displayed ideal behaviour and proved the Kali age to have been superseded by the Sai age. Bhagawan blessed one of the group with a chain and came down from the stage to take group photographs with the participants. Chocolates were distributed to the group and Arati was offered. Then Swami asked for clothes to be brought, and He gave safari pieces to each performer as he came up and interacted with Him. After the distribution, Bhagawan asked the group to sing Bhajans. They sang a couple of Bhajans before Swami accepted Arati once again and returned to His residence at 6.50 pm. (Reference).

August 26, 2008 -Curtesy SaiStudents:
As announced yesterday, the youth from Tamil Nadu were all set to put up a drama, Sathya Sai Kavacham, in the divine presence. Swami came out in the chair. The car seems to have been completely abandoned for quite some time now. There were times when Swami’s arrival in the chair sent shivers of pleasant surprise through everyone assembled. Now it has become part of the routine and people are shocked if He uses the car! Talk about familiarity! Many times, we miss grand and glorious things happening in our presence merely by getting used to it! The secret to happiness and peace lies in living the present moment fully and looking forward to every moment as if it is a new one for indeed it is a new one!

Moving through the ladies side, Swami reached the centre of the hall where He took a detour towards the interview room. The Primary school children were arriving in great hurry and Swami seemed to enjoy them rushing in. Anyway, rushing for God is a noble quality worth of emulation by anyone! Swami granted interviews to various devotees till 5:15 pm. He then came out and wanted the drama to begin. The initial offerings of the card and flowers were made. Once the Veda chanting stopped, flexible and foldable props erupted on the stage and created appropriate settings for the scenes to begin.

The storyline was very similar to many dramas put before but the presentation style was novel. The drama begins with a dialogue between Narada and Kali (the demigod in charge of the present age). Kali exults over his power and influence. Narada laughs at him and challenges him to influence a simple person. Kali uses all his powers to tempt that person into taking money – by ensuring that he loses his job, pressures from the family growing and finally with his mother falling very sick. But the person never yields and Kali surrenders as the hero’s mother is alloted a bed in a Super Speciality hospital under the Trust’s hospital collaboration scheme. Wondering where on earth the lad gets his sustenance and determination from, Kali discovers the power of the Sathya Sai kavacham (shield). He too desires to come to Parthi to see Swami and gives up his crown of ego.

Swami seemed very involved in the drama. He was very touched when the hero held on to his principles in the face of very stiff challenges. Swami was moved seeing the hero torn between options and was pleased to see him select the correct one over the easy one. As the drama concluded, Swami called one of the participants and told Him that He would move down for group photographs. He moved down and the boys clustered around Him. He materialised a gold chain for the Narada of the drama. He kept saying, “Romba Santosham” and His smile and beaming face conveyed the same to those who did not understand Tamil or could not catch those words. He moved up the stage and then brought Safari cloth pieces from inside. As Aarthi was performed and prasadam was distributed, He personally distributed white cloth pieces to each and every member of the performing troupe. The boys were all joy at this shower of Grace.

Icing up this cake of Grace, Swami asked the boys to sing some bhajans. The mikes were quickly transported to the youth from TN and they began singing. Swami kept rhythm as two bhajans were sung and everyone joyfully clapped and followed. After those bhajans, Aarthi was performed for a second time. Everyone seemed so happy because very rare are the days when Swami receives Aarthi twice. Swami raised both His hands in benediction and Love and told all the participants that He was very happy. Then He retired. (Reference)

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