How Sathya Sai Baba Saved Mr. Radhakrishna From A Watery Grave

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

How Sathya Sai Baba Saved Mr. Radhakrishna From A Watery Grave
This incident concerns Sri. V. Radhakrishna of Kuppam, whom Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had seven years earlier ‘raised from the dead’. This time, he was again sick and suffering a good deal of pain. The morphine injections administered by the doctors to subdue the pain had left him in a state of drowsiness. In that state, he happened to wander near a well near his house and fell into it. The well was about ten feet in diameter, and had thirty feet of water. It had smooth edges and no holds to raise oneself on. His daughter, Vijaya who was present in Kuppam at the time of the accident takes over the narration from here:

My mother awoke at about 3 a.m. and saw that father was missing from his bed, so she went to search for him. Outside she called his name and presently she heard a voice shout, ‘I’m in the well.’

She ran over and looked down with an electric torch. There he was. He seemed to be standing in the water, about up to his waist in it, but she knew that there was nothing there for him to stand on. She called down to him but he did not reply, just remained there in the water.

She rushed inside and awoke my two brothers and me. So we went over, but we did not know how to get him out. There was a stone slab across the top of the well with a gap on either side, through one of which he must have fallen. My eldest brother, Krishna Kumar, tried to reach my father from the slab, but father was too far below for this.

We must have been making a lot of noise because the Chief of Police suddenly appeared on the scene. He told us later that he just happened to be passing that way from the railway to his office when he heard us. It was not his usual nightly route home, and he does not know why he went that way. Incidentally, he was a friend of our family.

With ropes and a pulley and a basket they finally fished my father out. I’m not sure exactly how, because I kept out of the way. But it did seem to me at the time that Krishna Kumar had superhuman strength in pulling my father up. Yet now I believe that he was helped by a force from below. My father seemed half-conscious when they got him out. He was taken into the house and put on his bed. We sent for the doctor. Then as we waited, we heard father say, ‘When will I see you again, Baba?’ just as if Sai Baba was standing there in the room. No doubt He was, though we could not see Him.

When the doctor came and examined father, he would not believe the part about his being in the well, but the Chief of Police was still there and confirmed our unlikely story. The doctor said there was no shock and in fact the patient was much better than he had been before his misadventure. There was no need for any treatment or medicine, he said, just a cup of strong coffee was all father needed.

Radhakrishna himself narrated to Mr. Howard Murphet, his version of the events:

I knew that it was all Baba’s work, keeping me up in the water. So, on the same day I hired a car and we drove to Puttaparthi. As soon as we arrived, Baba greeted us from the balcony. Then, laughing, He called down, ‘My shoulders are aching with holding you up for so long last night, Radhakrishna!’ Indeed, earlier that morning Baba had told other devotees that He had been ‘away’ during the night helping Radhakrishna who was in trouble!

Reference: “Sai Baba: Man of Miracles” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 144-145 (paperback edition, 1972). Published by Macmillan India Ltd.