250 Religious Heads Flag Off Save Ganga Campaign In Delhi

Varanasi On The River Ganges

Varanasi On The River Ganges

250 Religious Heads Flag Off Save Ganga Campaign In Delhi
18 Aug 2008, 0722 hrs IST, IANS

NEW DELHI: A group of 250 spiritual heads representing most of the religious sects and Hindu organisations across India on Sunday launched the “Save the Ganga campaign” in the capital.

The campaign, “Awiral Ganga, Nirmal Ganga: From Gangotri to Ganga Sagar”, aims to clean up the river right from its source in the Himalayas to where it drains into the Bay of Bengal at Ganga Sagar in West Bengal by reducing pollution and demanding national heritage status for the river.

The agenda of the umbrella organisation Ganga Raksha Manch includes penalising polluters, preventing drainage of industrial and domestic effluents in the river, opposing the proposed Ganga Express Highway by the Uttar Pradesh government, lobbying for the relocation of industries along the river bank, and opposing the further expansion of the Tehri Dam project in Uttarakhand.

The 250-member Marg Darshak Mandal, or the advisory committee comprising the religious leaders, will advise the Ganga Raksha Manch on how to make the campaign effective.

Senior Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Ashok Singhal and yoga guru Baba Ramdev are at the helm of the committee.

As part of the campaign, pressure groups across the country will organise rallies September 18 and march to the offices of the district collectors and district magistrate to submit charters listing the demands of the Ganga Raksha Manch.

Seers like Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation, Asaram Bapu, Murari Bapu and Pranab Pandya, head of the Global Gayatri Parivar, will observe a token fast for a day September 18 to protest the unchecked pollution of the river and press for steps for clean Ganges.

The Ganga Raksha Manch has constituted a Kar Sevak (workers’) committee, which will mobilise the youth in 550 districts across 28 states and seven union territories to implement the Ganga action plan on the ground in a phased manner.

“The campaign will also include cleaning up of the Yamuna river and its tributaries. How can we clean up Ganga without cleaning up the Yamuna first?” VHP leader Ashok Singhal said when asked if plans included cleaning up of Yamuna river as well.

“This is a not a political campaign. The threat posed by the pollution of Ganga cuts across party lines and we want all political parties to join the campaign,” Baba Ramdev told a packed a press conference Sunday at the Pahari Gurudwara in south Delhi, where the spiritual heads congregated to flag off the new Ganga action drive.

The Raksha Manch is also protesting further construction of the Tehri Dam. Sounding a note of caution, Ramdev said: “The dam will collapse one of these days and the entire eco-system along the catchment area of the Tehri river, its tributaries and the Ganga will be jeopardised, resulting in a natural disaster.”

The Ganga Raksha Manch said the proposed Ganga Express Highway in Uttar Pradesh would take away nearly 155,293 acres of fertile farmland and displace 600 villages along the route.


Shiva Ganga Devi

Shiva Ganga Devi

Baby With Abnormal Heart Breathes Easy Thanks To Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Medical Sciences

Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Medical Sciences Bangalore

Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Medical Sciences Bangalore

Baby With Abnormal Heart Breathes Easy Thanks To Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Medical Sciences
15 Aug 2008, 0742 hrs IST, B S MANU RAO,TNN

BANGALORE: Eight-month-old Sinan from Kerala was a bonny baby with a charming smile. But behind that brilliant smile was a baby with a serious problem. He was born with his aorta having an extra arch.

Sinan’s breathing was laborious with a choked wind pipe and could not eat solid food. It was a dangerous condition that required complicated and expensive surgery, beyond the means of his parents.

Surgeons at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences came to the rescue and performed a complex operation on the baby to rectify the complicated congenital defect. Now, the charming smile on Sinan’s face comes easier . “This was a rare condition known as double aortic arch. It accounts for only around one percent of all congenital heart diseases”, said Dr Choudary Voleti , the cardiac surgeon who led the surgical team.

The aorta is the biggest artery in the body and supplies blood pumped by the heart to all the vital organs. When it forms a ring around the wind and food pipes, it turns into a vice-like grip due to pressure of the blood inside the large artery.

“This made the surgery complicated and difficult. We had to identify a section of the arch in front of the wind and food pipes that we could sever and seal off. At the same time, we had to ensure it would not result in loss of blood circulation to any part of the body”, explains Dr Voleti.

After an angiography by Dr P K Dash, chief cardiologist at the hospital, and CT scan, the surgeons reached the aorta from the left side of the chest. The smaller of the two aortic arches was severed to let the food and wind pipes breathe normally.

“This procedure involved a team of paediatric cardiac surgeons to work in conjunction. These are rare surgeries and many surgeons never come across such cases through their careers”, adds Dr Voleti.

The charitable super speciality hospital saved another life. Many such babies, however, lose their lives for want of expensive healthcare. “This surgery would have cost over a lakh, not counting the diagnostic procedures. How can people from the economically weaker sections afford it?” asks a concerned Dr Voleti.


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