Sathya Sai Baba And The Cure Of Faith

Sathya Sai Babaji

Sathya Sai Babaji

Sathya Sai Baba And The Cure Of Faith
The healing that faith can do

Faith in Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba can bring about miraculous cures, making lives whole and complete. Bhagawan had blessed the family of Sri Gopal Rao, former Chairman of Andhra Bank and a resident sevak at Prasanthi Nilayam with two such miraculous cures.

The first case is that of his son Suryanarayana (65) who was an engineer of high distinction serving in a large industry.

The medical check-up revealed that he had lung cancer when he consulted doctors because of his reducing weight and inability to walk even a distance of 100 yards without gasping for breath. When Swami called Gopal Rao and his family for interview on 27th December 1997 on his 90th birthday, He mentioned about his son Suryanarayana’s health problem. Swami advised him to undergo bronchoscopy and tests as directed by the doctors. The tests revealed that in his left lung, there was a malignant patch (cancer). Doctors advised immediate surgery to remove the affected part or even the whole lung. Even then there was no certainity of a cure.

His son Gopal, a computer engineer in USA wanted to come over to India and be with his father during the proposed surgery. But Swami appeared in his dream and said “Don’t come. I am looking after your father and there is nothing to worry about him.” Meanwhile Sri Gopal Rao approached Dr. Alreja of the General Hospital at Prasanthi Nilayam to inform Swami, and Dr. Alreja got vibhuti prasadam from Swami. Next day (Vaikunta Ekadasi) 8th January, 1998, Suryanarayana got into the first line during darshan time. Swami came to him and asked him, “What are the doctors saying?” Suryanarayana replied that he did not want to go to the doctors, that he was surrendering totally to Bhagawan and sought His grace to save him. Swami materialised vibhuti and gave it to him. Suryanarayana continued to sit daily for darshan for three months in Prasanthi Nilayam and for a further two months in Brindavan and Swami was noticing him. He never consulted any doctor nor took any medicine nor would he undergo any tests to check whether the malignancy in his lung had disappeared. Only darshan and vibhuti saved him. In the fifth month, one day, Swami gave him permission to go back to his consultancy work and in September the same year to go to USA for 4 months to visit his sons. It was mid-winter but he enjoyed his trip and came back healthy in January 1999. Since then he has been in perfect health. From the first day after Swami gave him vibhuti, he started improving in health, his appetite improved and he regained the lost weight.

The second case pertains to Gopal, 36, the grandson of Gopal Rao and son of Suryanarayana. Gopal who is a computer engineer in USA was suffering from acute pain in his left foot (ostero arthritis) for 8 years. He used to take palliatives and injections prescribed by the doctors but the malady became more and more acute. Doctors advised surgery but with no guarantee of a cure. He sent a letter to Swami through his father. Soon thereafter Swami appeared to Gopal in his dream and asked him what the matter was with his feet. He asked him to lift his left foot, which was affected. Gopal stretched his foot with difficulty and Swami pressed hard on the sole with His right foot twice or thrice. Swami repeated this treatment for his right foot too. Next morning, when Gopal woke up he felt the pain slowly descending from his waist down to his feet to disappear finally and all the while he was experiencing a cool happy sensation. There has been no recurrence of the pain, which had troubled him for eight years.

It was implict faith in Swami that brought about these miraculous healings.

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