Senaka Senanayake – Rainforest Trail

Senaka Senanayake

Senaka Senanayake – Rainforest Trail
By Riddhi Doshi
Friday, August 01, 2008

Artist Senaka Senanayake is spreading an awareness about saving the rainforests through his works

Senaka Senanayake, one of the most famous artists in the world, will exhibit many of his sculptures and mix-media works in India next year. Currently, he is spreading awareness about saving the rainforests through his works. Some of his works to be exhibited in India will contain that message.

Though, born and brought up in Sri Lanka, Senaka is a great follower of Sathya Sri Sai Baba of Putaparthy. So he visits India at least thrice a year.

“Baba always says to squeeze out the happiness from sadness. So I decided to portray positive aspects of life in my works rather than the sad and dark side,” he says.

And when in Mumbai, Senaka just loves to chill out. “I love going to different restaurants. Mumbai is a vibrant place. It is fun to be here,” he says.

His works find a place of honour in important places like United Nations Building in New York, the White House and the National Geographic Building in Washington DC, the FAO headquarters in Rome, the International Post Office in Berne, the Lodge in Canberra, the National Panasonic Headquarters, Osaka, the Berlin State Museum, the Lidice Museum and in several art institutions and private collections abroad. Cricketers like Wasim Akram, Arvinda D’Silva and Kapil Dev are few among those who love his works and have also bought a few of them.

Senaka held the first exhibition of his works when he was just eight-years-old. And since then he has been called a child prodigy. Senaka’s great-grandparents were also well-known artists. But Senaka wanted to be a cricketer and his parents wanted him to be a doctor. They asked him to dabble in painting only as a hobby.

“I was set to take up science and become a plastic surgeon. But I finally took up arts in the Yale University,” he says.

Senaka Senanayake Art Piece

Senaka Senanayake Art Piece

Senaka Senanayake was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951. He is Sri Lanka’s premier International artist with over 103 one-man exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, etc. Recognised as a child prodigy, Senaka has enjoyed a reputation as one of Sri Lanka’s leading artists since his early childhood. A Paris art critic remarked many years ago: “Senaka is not a supported prodigy but an authentic painter because he cannot be linked to a particular aspect of Sri Lanka – he seems to get inspiration not only from the ancient forms of traditional Buddhist art but also from the luxuriant natural beauty that surrounds him.”

Senaka has assimilated the Sri Lankan scene and has been celebrating it in his work- the green fields, the lush vegetation, the flora and fauna, the fisher folk, tea pickers and Buddhist monks: all have been brought to life with his brush. He works in oil, water colours and mixed media. Senaka’s prolific output displays an extraordinary fertility; it also remains constantly personal in style. His love for pure colour is carried to a daring pitch as he almost instinctively pumps life into every corner of his painting.

A graduate from Yale University, his paintings adorn many prestigious buildings and museums around the world. The United Nations Headquarters New York, F.A.O. Rome, International Post Office Berne Switzerland, Virginia State Museum, Hirchorn Museum, Lidice Museum to name a few. His paintings have been reproduced and feature articles in leading journals and magazines worldwide. There is no doubt his art has been a great source of joy to many in many lands.

Senaka Senanayake Art Piece

Senaka Senanayake Art Piece

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