Lord Sai Baba Opened His Eye

Lord Sai Baba Opened His Eye

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Bangalore, Jul 18 : An Industrialist’s house here has turned out to be a centre of attraction for thousands of people gathered following a rumour that an idol of Shirdi Sai Baba there had opened one of its eyes. On hearing about the news, curious people started visiting the house to offer prayers, police said. (Reference)

Bangalore: It was blind belief, but people came with their eyes wide open, all for a glimpse of the one-eyed Sai Baba.

A one-foot high idol of Sai Baba attracted a huge crowd as well as huge donations all through Friday, when word spread fast that Sai Baba had come to bless one and all by opening one eye on Guru Purnima, his birthday.

The crowd thronged the house of A Babu, a trader who had bought the idol some seven months ago.

“When we bought the idol, both eyes were closed. However, on Thursday, one eye opened. I thought at first that it was just dirt, but Baba has opened his eye to bless us,” says he.

Word of mouth was enough to draw both the young and the old, the devout and the believers. Police had to be called in to control the huge rush.

But miracle or not, the devotees ensured that they paid Baba back in currency for his blessings. People even took photos of the idol for keepsake and the sale of Sai Baba idols also shot up parallely.

So the question is: Can you have life in a stone figure? Well, it is a thin line between faith and reality which got blurred enough to get the crowds to the home of A Babu, and as always blind faith is proving to be quite profitable to the owner of the Sai Baba idol. (Reference)

Hyderabad: Guru Purnima was celebrated with gaiety across the twin cities on Friday. Right from dawn to dusk, various temples, particularly Shirdi Sai Baba temples located in different areas, buzzed with activity as city dwellers thronged the temples to celebrate the auspicious day.

Guru Purnima is celebrated to pay tributes to the spiritual gurus, their teachings and their lives. Embellished with flowers and lights, special rituals were performed in various Shirdi Sai Baba temples that reverberated with religious hymns and chants.

Late in the afternoon, with visuals of a Shirdi Sai Baba idol opening an eye in a temple at Bangalore being screened in almost all television news channels, people turned out in even more numbers at various temples. Soon rumours spread across twin cities that another Shirdi Sai Baba idol at a temple in Yellareddyguda too, had opened an eye leaving the local residents spell bound.

Serpentine queues were witnessed at the temples and it was reported that people in some localities had even performed ‘abhishekam’ to the Shirdi Sai Baba idols with milk, honey and water as part of the rituals. (Reference)

Bangalore, July 18 (ANI): A large number of devotees has started thronging a house in Bangalore’s Hanumanthnagara after learning that a miracle which has occurred in a revered Sai Baba statue.

The one-foot high marble statue started captivating the religious minded people after they heard about the statue whose one eye has opened up in a miraculous occurrence.

Lakshmi in whose house the miracle took place feels that it was her great fortune that the God has taken rebirth in her house.

“I am very happy. It has happened on Thursday that too on Buddha Purnima the God has taken rebirth in my house. It was when I was trying to cleanup the idol that I noticed that the left portion had some particles. I cleaned it up and the God opened his eye. It is my fortune. People are thronging to my place,” said Lakshmi.

Hope scientific community stand up and answer this miracle. By Kestur Vasuki (ANI) (Reference)

BANGALORE, July 18, 2008: Thousands of devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba on Friday found thronging to a house at Gavipuram in Bangalore city, located in southern part of India. The reason is that TV channels are showing visuals of the idol of Shridi Sai Baba with one eye open.

Today being Gurupoornima day considered very auspicious by Sai Baba devotees, the news spread and thousands of devotees are thronging the house to experience what they claim as miracle by Sai Baba. Some believers say that it is a trick to draw crowds to the house and temples.

Surprised at the one-foot high marble idol with one eye open, the house owner Babu said the he was blessed by the Lord. Hundreds of women visited the house to seek the blessings of the Sai Baba. “When I was trying to cleanup the idol I noticed that the left portion had some particles. I cleaned it up and the God opened his eye. It is my fortune. People are thronging to my place,” said his wife Lakshmi. The police have been posted at the house to control the crowd.

The famous Shirdi Temple is located at a distance of 260 km from Mumbai in Maharasthr, but lakhs of devotees adore Sai Baba idols at home and worship the lord. A few years ago, television channels, radio and newspapers eagerly covered a unique phenomenon called Lord Ganesha drinking milk offered by devotees in Mumbai and other parts of the country. Even sceptical journalists held their milk-filled spoons to the statues of gods – and watched as the milk disappeared.

Speaking to this Mangalorean.com correspondent, a devotee said “I am a devotee of Sai Baba and today I am really feel very happy.” Many people, young and old, found standing in a queue in front of the house in the small locality of Hanumanthnagara to offer their prayers to their Lord. (Reference)

Door No. 7, Chitra Block, Gavipuram Guttahalli, Bangalore ,which, till the other day, was a non-descript residence of phenol merchant Babu, suddenly turned into a pilgrimage centre, when hundreds of people descended on Friday to witness what they believe is a miracle – the Shirdi Sai Baba idol is purported to have opened its left eye.

After reports of Ganapati idols drinking milk and the recent story of a bleeding Christ, the Sai Baba miracle too saw both the devout and the curious rushing to the house.

With devotees queuing up to have a glimpse of the statue, the area wore a festive look with small-time traders trying to make a fast buck by selling prasadam and Baba’s idols. There was also a huge flow of cash as the devotees put dakshina (cash offering to God) after the darshan.

The police had to be called in to control the surging crowds. (Reference)

BANGALORE: A day after a Sai Baba statue reportedly opened one of its eyes in a house at Gavipura Guttahalli, the mob frenzy seems to be evaporating.

Although devotees continued to throng near the house of owner, Babu, on Saturday morning, the frequency was low compared to Friday.

The number of devotees decreased slowly and by afternoon, there were only a handful of them.

The police, who had a tough time in handling the mob on Friday, were relieved to see a smaller crowd on Saturday.

Some Sai Baba devotees have camped in the house and continued with their prayers and bhajans.

But a section of the devotees and onlookers are looking at the episode with a critical eye.

One common question asked was why Baba decided to open only one eye and not both? Neither Babu, nor his family members, had a convincing reply to this question.

The public and journalists were barred from going too close to the statue by the family.

Other than the family members, nobody was allowed to touch the statue.

Some devotees tried to go as close as they could near the statue but were stopped on their tracks by the family, who looked after the statue and placed offerings given by the devotees.

The entire episode of Baba reportedly opening his eye in Babu’s house has come in the right time, the police said.

According to sources, had the incident been delayed by some months, Baba would have had to look for some other house.

According to a senior police officer, Babu’s house was built on a civic amenity site and there was a long-standing legal battle in this regard.

The BBMP had filed a case against Babu and recently, the court had directed the authorities to evict him and take possession of the land.

Meanwhile, Babu is making grand plans of constructing a temple on the premises.

Babu is also a close friend of a local politician and had campaigned in the recent assembly polls. (Reference)

Is it Faith or blind faith? Hundreds of devotees thronged the door step of one Mr. Babu and His wife Lakshmi who reside in Gavipura, Kempegowdanagar, Bangalore to catch the glimpse of Sri Shirdi Saibaba’s statue glimpsing through an eye opened wide on 18th July 2008 . It is also said that He opened His eyes later in a temple in Yelahanka, Bangalore. It is to be noted that the day was Guru Poornima, an auspicious day to render one’s worship to one’s Guru.

The event provoked a long serpentine queue to flow continuously into Mr. Babu’s home that resulted in mounting money. Well is it a farce or a fact? Did Baba really open His eyes ? It is left to the devotee to believe or disbelieve.

A Baba’s devotee envisions Baba within himself day in day out. He is surely aware of Baba’s eyes wide open to His cares and His arms widely stretched out as well, to comfort those who seek refugee in Him. Baba touches each and everyone’s life in a very personal way, like that of a flower that sends out its fragrance in the most subtlest way.

Since Baba was a great miracle worker, it is natural to believe in any happenings connected with Him. However we never question strange happenings wrapped in a religious covering that awe inspire the world.

The event provoked a long serpentine queue to flow continuously into Mr. Babu’s home that resulted in mounting money.

Faith or blind faith, it is however in the hands of Baba to tend His sheep without being tethered within the limits of superficial convictions. After all He is the eye opener, the spiritual eye opener who dissolves all illusions in His infinite illumination. (Reference)

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