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Heart Chakra

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Many years ago, I compiled the following information about the Heart Chakra from various online, offline and personal resources:
The Anahata Chakra According To Swami Shivananda:

“Anahata Chakra is situated in the Sushumna Nadi (Sukshma centre). It has control over the heart. It corresponds to the Cardiac Plexus in the physical body. This corresponds to Mahar Loka. The Chakra is of deep red colour. Within this Chakra there is a hexagonal space of smoke or deep black colour or the colour of collyrium (used for the eyes). This chakra is the centre of Vayu Mandal (region of air, Vayu Tattva). From here 15 Yoga Nadis emanate. The sound that is produced by each Nadi is represented by the following Sanskrit letters: kaü, khaü, gaü, ghaü, ïaü, caü, chaü, jaü, jhaü, aü, naü, and nhaü. The Bijakshara (yaü), the Bija of Vayu, is here. The presiding deity is Isha (Rudra) and Devata is Kakini. In the Muladhara Chakra there is Svayambhu Linga and in Anahata Chakra we have Bana Linga. Kalpa Vriksha, which gives all the desired things, is here. Anahata sound, the sound of Shabda Brahman, is heard at this centre. When you do Sirshasana for a long time, you can distinctly hear this sound. Vayu Tattva is full of Sattva Guna. Vishnu Granthi is in this Sthana.

He who meditates on this Chakra has full control over Vayu Tattva. He gets Bhuchari Siddhi, Khechari Siddhi, Kaya Siddhi, etc., (flying in air, entering the body of another). He gets cosmic love and all other divine Sattvic qualities.”

Tantra: Anahata, Anahata-Puri, Dwadasha, Dwadashadala, H’idayambhoja, Hridabja, Hridambhoja, Hridambuja, Hridaya, Hridaya Kamala, Hridayabja, Hridayambuja, Hridayasarasija, Hrit Padma, Hritpankaja, Hritpankeruha, Hritpatra, Hritsaroruha, Padma-Sundara, Suryasangkhyadala

Vedas (late Upanishads): Anahata, Dwadashara Chakra, Fourth Chakra, Hridaya Chakra

Puranic: Anahata

Name Meaning: Unstruck

Ruling Planet: Venus

Associated Age: 21 – 28 years of age

Shape: Hexagram

Sense Organ(s): Skin

Work Organ(s): Hands

Location: Middle Chest

Color: Vibrant Green, Pink, Red

Kosa: Vital-Air sheath Pranamaya kosa

Ruling God: Ishan

Ruling Goddess: Kakini

Day: Thursday

Gland/Organ: Heart, Lungs

Astrological Sign(s): Leo, Libra

Petals: 12

Sanskrit Letters on Petals: kam, kham, gam, gham, nam, cam, cham, jam, jham, nyam, tam, tham

Note: F#

Frequency: 659 cycles per second

Loka: Mahar

Tala: Rasatala

Element: Air, Fire

Crystals/Minerals: Emerald, Dioptase, Aventurine, Ziosite, Jade, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Malachite, Chrysoprase, Amazonite

Bija Akshara (Seed Mantra): Yam

Bija Bearer: Deer

Flower(s): Jasmine, Roses (All Colors), Hibiscus

Tarot: The Empress

Rune(s): Berkano, Laguz

Mantra: Om Hreen Ghrinisurya Aditya Shri

Opened, Gives: Understanding, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Patience, Balance, Peace, Contentment, Friendliness, Harmony

Closed, Gives: Fearful, Seclusion, Lonliness, Sadness, Apathy, Introversion

Reference (With Permission)

Take the demarcation of Thirupathi as a holy place of pilgrimage; Lord Venkateshwara, the deity worshipped there is called the Lord of the seven hills, for seven hills have to be climbed before the temple is reached. Obviously the six Chakras (energy centres) and the Sahasraara are indicated here, for in Raajayoga, the supreme is revealed, only when the individual raises the vital energy – the Kundalini Shakthi – up to the seventh stage. One of the hills is named Seshagiri, meaning, snake hill. From the plains, the range gives the appearance of a snake with a raised hood. ~ Sathya Sai Baba

Again, man alone is capable of awakening the serpent-power of the life-energy that lies dormant in him as the Kundalini Shakthi and elevate it through chakras (higher fields of awareness), up to the thousand-spoked wheel on the very crest of the head. This is the uurdhwa Gathi (the Upward Path). This yoga saadhana is possible for man, since he has a straight body and can sit with his trunk and head held in a straight vertical line. Quadrupeds and bipeds other than man are severely handicapped. They cannot tap the vital Kundalini Shakthi. ~ Sathya Sai Baba

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