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MAJOR UPDATE: Indian Skeptic Endorses Psychic Trance Medium

Introduction To The Indian Skeptic:
The Indian Skeptic is a radical rationalist magazine that is published in India by Basava Premanand (an atheist and skeptic) who is also the chairman for the Indian CSICOP. Although the Indian Skeptic attempts to portray itself as an honest, accountable and scientific magazine that exposes alleged paranormal phenomena, it is actually a cover for rationalist propaganda that resorts to unscientific and tabloid-like sleaze. This webpage is devoted to exposing the truth about the Indian Skeptic Magazine and the shocking truth about its publisher, B. Premanand.

Who Is Responsible For The Indian Skeptic Magazine?
The editor, printer, self-publisher and owner of the Indian Skeptic periodical is B. Premanand, Convener Indian CSICOP, 11/7 Chettipalayam Road, Podanur 641023 Tamilnadu, India (Ref).

Editorial Board For The Indian Skeptic Tabloid:

  • Rahul Singh, Bombay
  • Mrs. Margret Bhatty, Nagpur

Legal Advisor For The Indian Skeptic Tabloid:

  • K.N. Balgopal, 18/21 W. E. A., Arya Samaj Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi 110 005

The ExBaba website published no less than five articles pertaining to the Jessica Lal murder case (Ref), which they continually cited as proof to support their claims that courts of law in India are corrupt and are influenced by high-ranking Indian politicians.

One of the men implicated in the Jessica Lal murder case was Vikas Yadav (Ref) and he was defended by K.N. Balgopal (Ref). Vikas Yadav is the son of D.P. Yadav, a known crime Mafioso (Ref). For those who do not know, K.N. Balgopal is the same lawyer who assisted Basava Premanand to file his bogus petition against Sathya Sai Baba for violating India’s Gold Control Act. KN Balgopal is currently the “legal advisor” for Premanand’s Indian Skeptic magazine (Ref).

It is very disturbing that Basava Premanand’s legal advisor (KN Balagopal) was one of the lawyers who defended the son of a corrupt high-ranking Indian politician who was clearly an accomplice in the murder of Jessica Lal (he was eventually convicted and sentenced to four years in jail – Ref). Just as Premanand loves to insinuate impropriety based on perceived affiliations, one is left to wonder if there are any ties between Basava Premanand, K.N. Balgopal, D.P. Yadav, the Indian Skeptic and the Indian Mafia?

Who Is Responsible For The Indian Skeptic / Sceptic Websites?
Indian Skeptic Website:
The official online version to the Indian Skeptic is maintained by Gerald Huber (Gruss Gerald Huber) and was originally published on the University of Regensburg website. Gerald Huber is a contributor to the Indian Skeptic and he is the registrant and webmaster for the original Indian Skeptic domain along with Ferdinand Huber:

Created On: 07-Dec-2000 06:53:04 UTC
Registrant Name: Gerald Huber
Registrant Street1: Adolph-Kolping-Str. 17
Registrant City: Schierling
Registrant State/Province: Deutschland
Registrant Postal Code: 84069
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +49.9451850
Registrant Email:
Admin Name: Ferdinand Huber
Admin Street1: Adolph-Kolping-Str. 17
Admin City: Schierling
Admin State/Province: Deutschland
Admin Postal Code: 84069
Admin Country: DE
Admin Phone: +49.1752191295
Admin FAX: +49.94519489089
Admin Email:

Indian Sceptic Websites:
Dr. Bevinje Srinivas Kakkilaya is the registrant and webmaster for the and domains (which are mirror websites). These websites are specifically associated with Premanand’s Indian Skeptic tabloid:

Registrant Name: Dr. B.S. Kakkilaya
Registrant Organization: Spandana Centre for metabolic medicine
Registrant Street1: Light House Hill Road
Registrant City: Mangalore
Registrant State/Province: Karnataka
Registrant Postal Code: 575001
Registrant Country: IN
Registrant Phone: +91.8242422972
Registrant Email:

Dr. Bevinje Srinivas Kakkilaya is married to Dr. P. Balasaraswathy and also provided the following contact information:

K.S. Hegde Medical Academy
Nityananda Nagar
575018 Mangalore, India

B Srinivas Kakkilaya

B Srinivas Kakkilaya

Strangely enough, on Dr. BS Kakkilaya’s website, he published pictures of his son’s Upanayana (sacred thread ceremony), which is a Hindu religious ritual using various threads that symbolize three Hindu Goddesses (Gayatri, Saraswati and Savitri). As a matter of fact, Dr BS Kakkilaya took pictures of his son with a Hindu priest and praying to the Sun and/or Gayatri (Ref). Is this the type of religious behavior one would expect from a man who promotes rationalism, atheism and skepticism?

The Indian Skeptic Libels Gerald Moreno:
Basava Premanand published the following information against Gerald Moreno in his Indian Skeptic tabloid:

The Indian Skeptic 15.10.2007 Vol. 20 No. 6
(Editor, printer, publisher, owner Basava Premanand)

“Editors Page: Failed Sabotage by SSB. Through Gerald Moreno, who tried to confuse people with false hood on behalf of Ratnakaram Satyanarayana Raju and to prove that all my findings about SNR are false. He even claimed that I had a concubine and cheated my wife! That the kidney stealing case filed by Balaji in High Court of Andhra Pradesh was dismissed; that Prof.A. T. Kovoor died, of syphilis that my findings of the 6 murders in SNR’s bedroom were all false and many more starting from the National Award given to me in 1998, that the applying of oil by SNR on. the erogenic zones of the children for awakening the Kundalini shakti to raise it to the Sahasrara – and not a sexual abuse and many more like blackmailing the youths who have been sexually abused by SNR who were interviewed .in two documentaries one seduced by Sai Baba and the 2nd one by BBC titled ‘The Secret Swami’. When my friends knew that 99% I would die, a DVD was produced interviewing me on my work, my dreams and fights exposing miracles and specially Sathya Narayana Raju. This an 85 minute documentary on DVD which would cost you Rs. 10O/-. If any one needs copies of these three CD’s can get them if you send me by MO Rs.250/- being the cost and postage by Registered post parcel.” (Ref)

The statements above contain serious libels against Gerald Moreno. Basava Premanand is a liar and a conman and his libels were fully discussed in an article entitled Is Basava Premanand Senile, Confused, A Liar Or All Of The Above?. Needless to say, Basava Premanand has not issued a retraction and refuses to admit that he got his information incorrect even though he was sent an email by Moreno. This is the type of shabby accountability and lack of honesty that altogether exemplifies the Indian Skeptic Magazine and its publisher, B Premanand.

In addition, the Indian Skeptic has published numerous defamatory, misleading and libelous articles written by Robert Priddy against Moreno (with citations from Brian Steel, Conny Larsson, Alan Kazlev, etc.). Basava Premanand even published a book against Moreno entitled “Failed Sabotage by SSB Through Gerald Moreno” that sells for Rs 250 (even more expensive than Robert Priddy’s book End Of The dream, which was also published by Premanand). Basava Premanand is a pseudo-intellectual imposter who uses his Indian Skeptic magazine as a front to peddle his venom and vitriole. Basava Premanand never (ever) attempted to contact Moreno even once (although Moreno’s email is easily found on his website, with links on almost all webpages leading to his contact details) so that Moreno could respond to the accusations leveled against him. Consequently, Premanand’s publications are nothing more than unscrupulous cock-and-bull stories. This is the bitter truth about Basava Premanand and his Indian Skeptic tabloid.

The Indian Sceptic Cited Sanjay Dadlani Against Gerald Moreno:
The Indian Sceptic website published a defamatory article against Moreno written by Sanjay Dadlani. In an article entitled “Another Defensive (Oz) Pro-Sai Nazi-admirer?”, Sanjay Dadlani accused Moreno of being a “Nazi-admirer” and an “insidious and nasty perverted” person who is “only interested in harassment and attacks” (Ref). Sanjay Dadlani also referenced the unscrupulous characters Robert Priddy and Alan Kazlev against Moreno, as well as Reinier Van Der Sandt (a man who openly admitted to viewing child pornography and using numerous, fraudulent internet nics).

The Indian Sceptic apparently see absolutely nothing wrong with Sanjay Dadlani’s homosexual-fantasizing slurs, perverted Jesus-sex fetish and deviant boot-sex fetish. This is the type of person that the Indian Sceptic publishes, promotes and endorses.

Sanjay Dadlani even posted on the QuickTopic Forum (using multiple fake names, including female names) and made disgusting posts under the name “Marquis de Sade” . Sanjay even posted under the name “kick his head in” and said that someone should murder Sathya Sai Baba (of course, this is the same guy who rejoiced when a Sai Baba temple was bombed). This is the type of sleaze, slime and bold-faced lies that the Indian Sceptic publishes against its detractors.

Needless to say, Sanjay Dadlani (unlike Moreno) cannot source his defamations with any verifiable or credible sources or references. Moreno emailed the Indian Sceptic website and informed them that he fully responded to Sanjay Dadlani’s defamations and the Indian Sceptic ignored and adamantly refused to publish Moreno’s responses to Sanjay Dadlani’s defamations (proving that the Indian Sceptic’s agenda is one of blatant deceit, dishonesty and disinformation).

The Indian Sceptic – Attempt In Subterfuge And Picture Fraud:
On the ExBaba Domain, a fake picture of Sathya Sai Baba holding hands with Idi Amin was created and published by Reinier Van Der Sandt (a caustic critic and defamer of the guru):

ExBaba Fake Pic

ExBaba Fake Pic

Although critics and ex-devotees continually boast how “honest”, “credible” and “non-vindictive” they are, their actions speak volumes for them to the contrary. The truth of the matter is that critics of Sathya Sai Baba are thoroughly dishonest, non-credible and vindictive individuals who continually attempt to con the general public with their viperine scribbings, fake and/or sexually deviant composite images and unsubstantiated accusations.

Reinier Van Der Sandt’s fake picture of Sathya Sai Baba holding hands with Idi Amin was published in Basava Premanand‘s Indian Sceptic tabloid. Reinier’s fake picture was skewed, air-brushed and made black & white by the Indian Skeptic in a brazen attempt to deceive their readers into thinking that the fake picture was an original. See for yourself:

Exposing The Idi Amin Fake Picture

Exposing The Idi Amin Fake Picture

What was the end result of the Indian Skeptic’s subterfuge? One of the Indian Skeptic’s readers (by the name of Sean G. Stanton) submitted an entry to the ex-baba guestbook expressing shock and surprise that Sathya Sai Baba was literally holding hands with Idi Amin! Sean G. Stanton said:
Comment From Sean G Stanton On ExBaba

Comment From Sean G Stanton On ExBaba

Why does Sairadio never protest the pedophilia of Sai Baba. Why is Sairadio so enraged by the recent post by a person named Missy. The Indian Skeptic published in India with readers around the world a cover photograph on their magazine showing Sai Baba holding hands with the violent former dictator of Uganda Idi Amin. Everyone knows Idi Amin was known for his mass killings, extreme human rights abuses, the destruction of the Ugandan economy, and was even thought to be a cannibal.

He is known for the expulsion of Asians from Uganda. He was known to “love wealth more than human life” and terrorized his people. He was called the ” Butcher of Uganda.” Is this Sai Baba’s idea of his own words ” Love all Serve All Help Ever Hurt Never.” ?

The post that the Sairadio wants to have removed is not to far fetched considering who some of Sai Baba’s friends may be.

First and foremost, Sean G. Stanton incorrectly called RadioSai “SaiRadio” several times. Secondly, Sean G. Stanton blindly believed the fake picture was authentic and gullibly accepted it without question although he is apparently an admirer of rationality, logic, science and double-checking facts! Thirdly, Sean G. Stanton is obviously unaware that not even one parent has lodged a formal complaint, basic police complaint, public grievance or court case against Sathya Sai Baba in India for the alleged molestation of his/her child. When parents are not protesting against Sai Baba, why should RadioSai?

Strangely enough, an internet search for the name “Sean G. Stanton” turned up a result for a “Sean G. Stanton” (age 30 residing in Gorham, Maine) who was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol and attaching false plates to his car on 12/30/07. He received a $700 fine and a $150 fine (Ref).

One will notice how Reinier Van Der Sandt added the following clarification to Sean Stanton’s post:

[NOTE by ExBaba admin: The photo is a constructed image to illustrate the closeness that did exist between Sathya Sai Baba and Idi Amin (reported by Dr. G. Venkataraman on RadioSai]

Needless to say, the Indian Sceptic tabloid did not say one word about the image being a composite or a fake picture. Nor did the Indian Skeptic publish the original composite created by Reiner Van Der Sandt. Rather, the Indian Skeptic took the fake picture and altered it in an attempt to deceive their readers into thinking it was genuine. They suceeded.

These are the types of gutter individuals who have misled so many people about Sathya Sai Baba for so many years. The truth is now out and everyone can see and verify it for him/her self.

USA CSICOP’s Amusing Comments About The Indian Skeptic:

“Another group operating from a smaller base but doing very important work is the Indian Skeptics. Not only does it have its hands full investigating the claims of various yogis, but it is also involved in efforts to dismantle the caste system and free women from second-class citizenship. Its magazine, Indian Skeptic, is in English (mostly) and is quite interesting. U.S. subscriptions are just $12 a year (address: 10 Chettipalayam Road, Podanur 641 023, Tamilnadu, India). And they need bucks so badly, they accept American checks … even mine!” (Ref)

That’s right, the Indian Skeptic “needs bucks so badly, they accept American checks”. Why did they need “bucks so badly”? Can it be that the Indian Skeptic magazine was not in demand, had low circulation and was struggling to stay in publication?

GuruBusters And Indian Skeptic Basava Premanand:
The Indian Skeptic associates and promotes various militant rationalist groups that travel throughout India who claim they are not “Anti-Religion” but rather “Anti-Superstition”. However, in the GuruBusters Documentary (in which Premanand made an appearance), the true agenda of these Indian rationalists was inadvertently exposed when the camera filmed large posters in the background that read (in large, bold and caricatured letters):


These militant Indian rationalists even showed training camps where young children (who were being indoctrinated with rationalist beliefs) were being taught karate so they could “protect” themselves.

The GuruBusters Documentary showed Indian rationalists giving street children free education in special schools in exchange for food and being indoctrinated with their atheistic beliefs. The street children were forced to chant, over and over (in true cult-like style), “down with witch doctors, gurus are frauds”, “long live the modern science and Rationalists Association” and “long live rationalism”. Furthermore, these same rationalists would travel from place to place in a bus and fervently chanted (just as religious fanatics can often be seen doing) “LONG LIVE RATIONALISM!!!”.


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