Basava Premanand Libels Gerald Moreno

Basava Premanand’s Delirium
Is Basava Premanand Senile, Confused, A Liar Or All Of The Above?
On the saibaba-invigilator blog (run by an anonymous ex-devotee), the following excerpt was cited, apparently published in Basava Premanand’s Indian Skeptic magazine:

“The Indian Skeptic 15.10.2007 Vol. 20 No. 6
(Editor, printer, publisher, owner Basava Premanand)

Editors Page: Failed Sabotage by SSB. Through Gerald Moreno, who tried to confuse people with false hood on behalf of Ratnakaram Satyanarayana Raju and to prove that all my findings about SNR are false. He even claimed that I had a concubine and cheated my wife! That the kidney stealing case filed by Balaji in High Court of Andhra Pradesh was dismissed; that Prof.A. T. Kovoor died, of syphilis that my findings of the 6 murders in SNR’s bedroom were all false and many more starting from the National Award given to me in 1998, that the applying of oil by SNR on. the erogenic zones of the children for awakening the Kundalini shakti to raise it to the Sahasrara – and not a sexual abuse and many more like blackmailing the youths who have been sexually abused by SNR who were interviewed .in two documentaries one seduced by Sai Baba and the 2nd one by BBC titled ‘The Secret Swami’. When my friends knew that 99% I would die, a DVD was produced interviewing me on my work, my dreams and fights exposing miracles and specially Sathya Narayana Raju. This an 85 minute documentary on DVD which would cost you Rs. 10O/-. If any one needs copies of these three CD’s can get them if you send me by MO Rs.250/- being the cost and postage by Registered post parcel.”

It is not surprising that Basava Premanand is resorting to gutter lies against Moreno (which he is notorious for doing with Sathya Sai Baba).

Believe it or not, this issue was already discussed a while back in 2005. As a matter of fact, in one of his responses to Moreno (located on Conny Larsson’s Anti-Sai website at, Basava Premanand wrote about Moreno:

“His crafty dishonesty can be seen in how he has also supported on his website one who spread the worst, most vicious and false lies about expose workers, including: ‘and I hear Premanand has or had a concubine, i.e., cheats on his wife’. What a role mode! In the same post, this spiteful liar wrote that Premanand’s hero Kovoor died of cancer AND syphilis so it makes you wander WHO he was keeping company with Rather, it is Gerald Moreno who needs to watch what company he keeps! This was despicable spite and cowardliness against the good name of upright and widely revered man who is not longer here to defend himself.”

In the comments above, Premanand claimed that Moreno “supported” (and kept the “company” of) another person on my website who claimed that he (Premanand) had a concubine, cheated on his wife and that Kovoor died of syphilis. Premanand was speaking about Lisa De Witt, who referenced a post made on the sathyasaibaba2 Yahoo Group.

As a matter of fact, Moreno responded to Premanand with the following comments:

MORENO: Premanand has not confronted me with ‘dozens of indisputable facts’. I am sure he thinks his facts are indisputable. I disagree.

The person whom Premanand is referring to (in reference to me supporting someone who lies) is Lisa De Witt. First and foremost, I was not aware of these claims and I do not believe that: 1) Premanand has/had a concubine; 2) Premanand cheated on his wife; 3) Premanand is an illegitimate child or 4) Dr. Kovoor died, in part due to syphilis. I do not believe any of these statements because I have not been able to verify them.

It is also important to point out that Lisa De Witt did not make these comments. An anonymous user (on a Yahoo Group) made them (Reference), and Lisa De Witt reposted them. Earlier, Premanand claimed that information, submitted anonymously, is completely justified when it comes to Sathya Sai Baba. When it comes to anonymous information about Premanand, he is outraged and feels they are ‘vicious and false lies’! More phoneyness from Premanand. Why wasn’t Premanand aware that Lisa De Witt did not make these comments? Again, Premanand is being spoon-fed lies and he is repeating these untruths like trained parrot.” (Reference)

First, Premanand falsely accused Lisa De Witt of saying he had a concubine, cheated on his wife and that Kovoor died of syphilis. The truth of the matter is that Lisa De Witt referenced an anonymous post from a person using the name “Sathya_Sai_Baba_1926” that said:

“Premaswaroopuulaara rsainath,

You have my name in your name,ah,what protection for you! Premanand is able to live comfortably in life is because of me. His background, especially his parents,were a pious lot. Premanand is actually not their child, but was born out of wedlock, fathered by a landloed, its a open secret in Gobi. By virtue of ridiculing me this man has become rich. In the name of ratioanalisation, this man is minting money, bloody rascal. Apart from his wife, he has a concubine. Characters like this, do you think will be able to stand testimony? rsainath,i think its better,you shut your trap, and listen to me like how your parents are listening to me, OK. Premanand secret desire is to become like Abraham Kovoor, ah thats another story, the bugger died of cancer and syphillis.

Sai Ram.” (OriginalArchived)

Now, Premanand flip-flopped (and flipped out) and falsely accused Moreno of saying he had a concubine, cheated on his wife and that Kovoor died of syphilis! Premanand then had the audacity to publish these libels against Moreno although he explicitly stated:

“First and foremost, I was not aware of these claims and I do not believe that: 1) Premanand has/had a concubine; 2) Premanand cheated on his wife; 3) Premanand is an illegitimate child or 4) Dr. Kovoor died, in part due to syphilis. I do not believe any of these statements because I have not been able to verify them.” (Reference)

Please note that although Premanand wrote his comments against Moreno on October 15th 2007, saved Moreno’s webpage reference on November 7th 2006 ( Reference), proving that Moreno’s comments have not been changed or altered on his website.

Moreno never claimed that the alleged “kidney stealing case” was dismissed. He rightly stated that it has been 5 years (now 9) since the alleged writ petition was filed and no ruling has ever been made against the Super Speciality Hospital. This is a statement of fact and if Premanand has the court records to prove otherwise, the general public would like to see them.

It is true that Moreno considered Basava Premanand’s “findings” (regarding the 1993 Police Shootings) to be nothing more than a shabbily researched conspiracy theory. It is also true that Basava Premand did not receive “the Indian Government’s Highest Award”. He received the NCSTC Award (Reference). The “Bharat Ratna” is the Indian Government’s highest award and Premanand never received it. Also, Premanand’s NCSTC Award was not given to him for his “campaigns against Sai Baba” (as was erroneously stated in an Indian newspaper).

It is completely untrue that Moreno said (directly, indirectly or otherwise) that Sathya Sai Baba applies oil on the “erogenic zones” of children for kundalini purposes. This is a bold-faced and gutter untruth and Moreno has no idea where Premanand got this information from. He most certainly did not get it from Moreno or his website.

It is indeed peculiar that although Basava Premanand alleges he is on his death-bed (with a “99%” certainty), he is still attempting to make a few quick bucks by peddling CDs and DVDs about himself. Since Premanand is allegedly dying, he apparently thinks he has nothing to lose by libeling others. In fact, Premanand has everything to lose. History will record him as being a vicious defamer who cared more for sleaze and slime and cared less for honesty and decency. Despite all of Premanand’s defamations and attacks against Sathya Sai Baba, the guru is visited by the ex-President of India, Prime Ministers, India’s intellectual elite and devotees from over 120 countries. Premanand has miserably failed in his smear-campaigns against Sai Baba.

Thankfully, Premanand exposed himself as a thoroughly corrupt individual who tells pathological lies about others (even when there is verifiable information to the contrary of his claims). It has long been Moreno’s opinion that Basava Premanand is a tabloid critic, a con-man and a liar. Premanand’s publication is proof to support these opinions. Is Premanand going to print a retraction? Moreno seriously doubts it. Next, Premanand will probably accuse Moreno or Sathya Sai Baba of falsifying his magazine.


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