Positive Affirmations – Powerful, Beautiful & Inspirational Words And Quotes To Live By

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations – Powerful, Beautiful & Inspirational Words And Quotes To Live By
Positive Affirmations involve a three-step healing process. All three steps are required in order to harvest the precious benefits of doing them.

The Three-Step Healing Processes for healing affirations are: Think, See and Feel.

You need to:

1) Think Positive Thoughts
2) Visualize Radiant, Positive Images
3) Feel Positive, Sparkling Energy flow within you.

The First Step:
To begin, make a List of Power Words that make you feel Happy, Alive and Empowered! You can choose any of the words from the following list, adding to it, or using specific words or phrases that evoke your Inner Joy or that Tickle and Delight your Soul!

List of Happy, Positive, Inspiring and Empowering Words:

Abundant; Accept; Acceptance; Affirm; Alive; Allow; Amaze; Angels; Appreciate; Art; Aspire; Auspicious; Awaken; Aware; Awe; Babies, Balance; Bathed; Beautiful; Become; Believe; Bliss; Blossom; Blossoming; Blue Skies; Bountiful; Breath; Breathe; Bright; Brilliant; Brilliance; Bubbles; Buzz; Calm; Caring; Carress; Centered; Challenge; Charged; Cheerful; Chocolate; Chirp; Choose; Clarity; Clear; Cleansing; Colorful; Compassion; Composed; Confident; Confidence; Conscious; Courage; Courageous; Create; Creative; Crystalline; Curious; Dance; Dazzle; Decisive; Delicious; Delight; Determination; Dream; Dynamic; Earned; Earnest; Effervesce; Electric; Embrace; Empathize; Empower; Energy; Energetic; Energize; Enjoy; Enthused; Enthusiam; Equanimity; Excite; Exuberant; Faith; Fantastic; Flow; Flowers; Fly; Forgiveness; Fragrance; Free; Freedom; Fresh; Fruity; Full; Fun; Gentle; Giggle; Glorious; Goodness; Grace; Grateful; Groovy; Growth; Happy; Heal; Healthy; Humane; Humble; Humility; Humor; Imbibe; Improve; Informed; Inhale; Innocence; Inspire; Inspiration; Intuitive; Invigorate; Jasmine; Joy; Jump; Kindness; Kinetic; Kiss; Laugh; Lavender; Learn; Liberate; Light; Listen; Lively; Love; Majestic; Meaningful; Manifest; Miracle; Music; Nature; Natural; New Beginnings; Nourish; Nurture; Open; Optimistic; Overflow; Passion; Patient; Peace; Peaceful; Play; Playful; Poise; Positive; Power; Powerful; Prosperity; Pure; Purpose; Quiet; Radiant; Realize; Reflective; Refresh; Release; Renew; Responsive; Richness; Sanctified; Savor; Scintillate; Serene; Shine; Sincere; Simple; Simplicity; Sing; Smile; Soften; Sparkle, Special; Spontaneous; Stainless; Strength; Stretch, Strong, Success; Suffused; Sunshine; Surprise; Survive; Sweeten; Taste; Tender; Thankful; Thoughtful; Therapeutic; Thrill; Thrive; Thunder; Tickle; Titillate; Tolerant; Tough; Transcend; Transform; Tranquil; Trust; Trusting; Understanding; Unfold; Unperturbed; Unselfish; Unshakable; Uplifting; Useful; Warmth; Wellness; Whole; Wholeness; Wild; Wonder; Wonderful; Worthy; Valued; Vibrant; Vibrancy; Vigorous; Visionary; Voltage; Yoga; Youthful; Young; Zest; Zeal

Great! Now form your own Special list of “Power Words”! Now, USE them! Think with them. Talk with them. Write with them! Take these Power Words into your dreams. Your Power Words will Refreshen and Invigorate! They will make everything Brighter and more Radiant. And you too will be suffused with Brightness and Radiance! As you Think, so you Become!

Now for steps Two and Three:
Steps two and three go together. When you Visualize Radiant, Positive Images, you also Feel as if Bright, Sparkling Energy is flowing into and through you. You inhale Sunshine and you exhale tension. You Breathe Bliss into every pore of your body! If you are going to Visualize and Feel, you might as well make it as Enjoyable and as Electric as possible!

As you say your affirmations or repeat your inspirational quotes, Visualize Luminous, Beautiful images, scenes, flowers or Angels! Feel the White Light or Luminous Pastel Light Colors suffusing your entire body and making every cell in your body Yodel with Delight! You should feel like an Easter Egg that has been Colored in all the Pastel Hues of the Rainbow!

You can also create your own positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, healing affirmations and  positive thinking cues. The most powerful affirmations are the ones you create and say with your own voice and sing with your own tunes and music.

A Universe In Our Eyes

A Universe In Our Eyes

Examples Of Positive Affirmations:

~I Breathe in Strength, Confidence and Blue Skies. My fears Yield in the Vibrant Light of My Being~

~I Sparkle and Shine with all the Vibrancy of Self- Confidence~

~My thoughts Tickle and Delight me with Gentleness and Creativity. Every day, in Every way, I Shine! Shine! Shine with Kindness~

~My Positive Thoughts Invigorate me and others! My Radiantly Positive Thoughts impart Hope, Joy and Courage~

~I am a Persistently Positive weed! I Grow! Grow! Grow! despite being chopped, poisoned or pulled! My Roots are Deep and Alive! I Thrive where others fail! I never give up! I am a Persistently Positive weed! I Rule the Garden of My Life~

~Past is Last!~

~The future sprouts from Today! Today is a Good Day! Today is a Great Day! I Create future Opportunities of Goodness by building upon Today!~

~I Am! I Can! I Will Do!~

~Every Day has Goodness within It!~

~I Expand from “me”, to “we”. I Grow from “mine” to “ours”. The Greatest Joys in Life are Shared!~

~Moderation is the Key to Balance. In eating, thinking, feeling~ Moderation is the Key to Balance. Not too much. Not too little~

~Patience is not only a Virtue~ Patience is a Strength!~

~What Others say Is Important. I Listen First. Clarify Second. React Last. What Others say Is Important. Listening is the Key to Understanding~

~There is Always something to be Happy about~

Inspirational Quotes From Sri Sathya Sai Baba:

~I am Love. I am Truth. I am Peace eternally. I am ever pure Delight. I am always full and free. Fear or grief can never touch me.~

~Help Ever. Hurt Never.~

~Love All. Serve All.~

~WATCH your:

~Love as thought is truth.
Love as action is right conduct.
Love as understanding, is peace.
Love as feeling is non-violence~

Triumphing over negative thoughts:
Negative thought processes ARE negative affirmations.

They use the VERY same processes that Positive Affirmations use, except they enforce feelings and images that deter us from being at Peace.

Breaking the cycle takes time.

Be Patient and Gentle with yourself. Set long term goals. And be persistent! Remember to Stretch, Laugh and be Unshakable!

Whenever you have a thought that disturbs your peace of mind, or makes you feel down, shout “Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!”. Immediately replace your disturbing thought with your Positive Affirmation. Visualize Bright Images and Feel the Glow Sparkling Light Energy flowing into and through your body.

There IS a difference between “grieving” and negativity. When you lose someone you love, there is a natural grieving process that must be gone through. Do not deny yourself your expression of grief.

If you find that your grief is too deep to endure, make sure you speak to a Rabbi, Priest, Counselor or Friends.

There comes a time, however, that you need to move on if your grief turns into negativity. If we examine negativity, we see that it utilizes the VERY same process as Positive Affirmations, except in the reverse!

Only when you have the Resolve and Determination to lead a Happier and more Positive life, will you be Naturally inclined to use the 3-fold Healing Process of Positive Affirmations. You cannot “force” yourself to be Happy. However, you CAN choose to foster Happiness. And when you make this Choice, you can Reinforce and Invigorate the process with Healing and Positive Affirmations. Remember~ Affirm the Good, Visualize Luminous Images and Feel Sparkling Rays of Strength and Courage fill your Being! You can do it!



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Inspirational Quotes - Affirm - Grow - Thrive

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