Sathya Sai Baba And Dr. Jayalakshmi

Sai Baba - Bring Back Safely

Sathya Sai Baba And Dr. Jayalakshmi
By Dr. D.J. Gadhia
Sai Smaran (Chapter 19, pages 150 – 151)

About this time, Dr. Jayalakshmi, who was working in Beloved Swami’s hospital in Puttaparthi, told ‘this Das’ how Baba had saved her from death.

Swami had not only made ‘this Das’ go to the United Kingdom for higher qualification, He also asked Dr. Jayalakshmi to do the same. When she said as I did, “Swami, it is very difficult to get admission”. He replied, “You send your application. Swami will get you admitted within three months!” What Baba decides never fails! She got her admission and made all the necessary preparations to start her journey. When she went to Swami to get His blessings prior to her departure, he asked her: “What blessings do you want?”

Dr. Jayalakshmi was very clever and asked for everything in one sentence. She replied, “Swami, please see that I come safely back to your Lotus Feet.” This meant that she would reach London safely, pass her examination, and return safely in good health. Swami blessed her: “Swami promises to bring you back safely. Go and study well.” She was extremely happy.

On her return flight back to India after completing her course, Dr. Jayalakshmi had a transit stop for a few hours in Paris. She decided to go and see the famous Eiffel Tower, having been assured by a taxi driver that he would take her in time for her flight.

On the way back to the airport, for some unknown reason, a railway crossing gate was locked and the taxi could not proceed till it opened. She was delayed nearly half an hour and missed her flight! She lost her temper with the driver and put all the blame on him!

However, she was put on the next flight. While sitting in the transit lounge, she heard a news flash – the previous flight, the one she missed, had crashed and there were no survivors! She cried and thanked Swami for having saved her life. She also repented for having been angry with the taxi driver.

Later, in Prashanti Nilayam, Beloved Swami told her:

“You said you wanted to come safely back to me; therefore I locked the gates at the railway crossing. Speaking harsh words to the taxi driver in an angry mood means that you have not imbibed the Code of Conduct, which says Speak softly and lovingly to everyone! When you have totally surrendered to Swami, you must think: Whatever happens in life happens for good. You did not accept this in your life. Now forget the past. The future is not in your hands. Go and start work in the hospital and concentrate on the present!”

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