At The Feet Of Sai By Robert Lowenberg

Sathya Sai Baba

At The Feet of Sai
By Robert Lowenberg
Sai Towers Publishing, Prasanthi Nilayam; 1983 (Fourth Reprint 1998 )
155 pages
ISBN: 81-86822-46-1

It was the year 1973. War in Israel broke out on 6th of October between Israel, Egypt and Syria. Raymond, who was serving in the Israeli army, was killed on the first day of the war. Raymond’s parents Bob and Naomi and his brother Alex and sister Louise were shattered as soon as they heard the news. Soon after this episode the family read the book called Sai Baba Man of Miracles by Howard Murphet. Instantly they were all drawn towards Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and accept Him as their Preceptor and the family eventually settles down in Whitefield where Baba’s Ashram is located. As they were traveling in South Africa, U.S.A, and India, they came across many devotees of Bhagavan. These devotees have shared their amazing experiences, which have taken the shape of this wonderful gem titled ‘At the feet of Sai’. The book contains one fascinating and hilarious experience of a former anthropologist from U.S.A who actually lives in the Ashram and has surrendered herself completely to Bhagavan. The book also presents the first hand account of the amazing story of resurrection of Mr. Walter Cowan and many other intimate encounters with Bhagavan. After the publication of this book the author Mr. R. Lowenberg has written two more books titled ‘The Grace of Sai’ ‘The Omnipresence of Sai’.

Back Cover
At The Feet of Sai is the author’s exultant contemplation of the centripetal relationship between Man and the Divine. Sated by the joys and sufferings of ordinary life and seeking to transcend the trammels of existence, the Lowenbergs respond spontaneously to their first experience of the all-encompassing divinity of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Everything pales into insignificance and life becomes one perpetual craving, a mystical desire to beat at the feet of Sai. Once near Him, every darshan becomes a spiritual event; every gesture and movement of Baba an inspiration. Recording the experiences of several other devotees, the author delineates Baba’s divine immanence. It is a process of purgation, the repudiation of the Ego… a restoration of the inner purity of man by the celebration of Love, Beauty, Truth and Compassion.

The First Step On The Ladder
Transvaal Foundation
American Devotees
More South African Miracles
Alex’s Story
Baba’s Teachings
Bhajans and Reincarnation
In England and In Israel
Puttaparthi Again
Early Morning Darshan
Faith At Last
Christmas With Baba
A Spiritual Painting
Towards The Goal
Vitamin B For Baba
Sivarathri 1978
The Drama Teacher
Vibhuti Bath
A Small Wedding
Summer School, 1978
The Aura of Divinity


I have gone through Mr. R. (Bob) Lowenberg’s book on Baba with real pleasure. Baba’s light is reaching out quickly to the West. Quite a few European countries have responded strongly to Baba’s message in recent years – Italy, Greece, Germany, Canada, Mexico and South Africa now. Mr. Lowenberg comes from South Africa. When Baba’s message reached him there, it was a total response. Mr. And Mrs. Lowenberg and their son Alex migrated to India and they have settled down in Whitefield within a few furlongs of Brindavan, Baba’s Whitefield residence (Mr. Lowenberg was a well-to-do lawyer in South Africa). How this happened is a fascinating story and is told with a remarkable loyalty to truth in the pages of the books.

One swallow does not make a summer. Mr. Lowenberg tells us about other devotees in his South African Saga, adventurers on the Sai path in South Africa, Europeans, Indians, Africans. One is amazed at the all pervasive love, wisdom, and miraculous power of Baba, as they come out through these narrations, even when one has known about them in other context. The divine is unpredictable.

Another distinguishing fact about the Lowenbergs is that they all took spontaneously and whole-heartedly to the Sai path, one no more than the other. There was not the least doubt and hesitation on their part in accepting Baba as an Avatar, as God. The same faith continued with even greater intensity after their arrival in India and in Whitefield or in Puttaparthi. Each darshan was regarded as a spiritual event, every gesture and movement of Baba was an inspiration. “Having the continual darshan of Baba in the physical form,” says Mr. Lowenberg, “those persons who are fortunate enough to be near His physical form can imbibe, not only His form but all His attributes: His love, compassion, the way He carries out his duties, and generally the whole manner in which He lives.” Watching Baba’s movements is meditation, is bhakti, and it sums up all the pathways to reality. One cannot think of a more complete surrender than this attitude indicates.

It is with considerable devotion, loving labour and care that the narrations of the other devotees – American, Indian and so on – have been tape-recorded and then reproduced in this book. The reader’s interest is keenly aroused, for he does not know what the next narration is about, except that it deals with the all-encompassing divinity of Baba. The narrations present a wide range of purpose and sadhana and one wonders how many diverse types of personalities Baba tackles with the same love and care and how His methods are geared, precisely and fastidiously, to suit each type.

Mr. Lowenberg’s unerring eye for the quintessence of Baba’s teachings is seen in the selections that the author has made for incorporation into his book. Books on Baba are coming out fast in many languages. What we have in English is also a growing library on Baba. Sai devotees have to be grateful to Mr. Lowenberg for the very interesting and characteristic addition that he has made to this library. One would love to expect from his pen many more narrations of his own experiences and of the experiences of other devotees to enable us to understand a little more of the infinite integer that is Baba.

Bangalore-April 1979
– Vinayak Krishna Gokak

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At The Feet Of Sai