Amma – Amritanandamayi Ma – Ammachi

Amma - Ammachi - Maa

Experiences With Amma – Amritanandamayi Ma – Ammachi
One day, while in India with Sathya Sai Baba, I dreamed that Baba was walking towards me with a woman by his side. Both Baba and this woman were wearing brilliant, pure white attire and Baba told me, “She is my sister.” The woman’s face and form were very clear and I often wondered if she was really Baba’s sister.

About 2 years after having this dream, when I was again in India with Baba, a man shared a room with me. This man set up his altar and pulled out a picture of a woman wearing white. I immediately recognized her from my dream and asked the man who she was. He said, “Oh, she is Ammachi.” He told me all about her and I was awed that Baba had showed me an Indian Saint, who I had never heard or seen before, 2 years before even finding out that she was real!

Ammachi is considered an incarnation of the Divine Mother. She is a globe-trotting hugger who has hugged literally millions of people. And when I say “millions”, I mean “millions”. I had some very intense and beautiful dream-visions of Ammachi.

I once had a job opportunity that took me to California. During the brief time I was in California, Ammachi happened to visiting and I got to see her. She hugged everyone who was there, including me. She chanted a mantra in my ear, when she hugged me, and it was total deja vu. Whatever she uttered in my ear, brought up something in me that I KNEW I had experienced before. I still have not figured it out, but it was real.

One day, I had a very intense dream vision of Ammachi. She was wearing an unusually brilliant sari that sparkled with many colors. She just swirled into my dream, smiling, and then disappeared. As I was walking along the street wondering why Ammachi had come to me, a complete stranger walked up to me and told me that that day was the first day of Dassara, the festival of the Divine Mother! Ah!

For the past 10 years, Baba has, without fail, come to me on the first day of Dassara in my dreams. Every year, it is a complete surprise too! Dassara does not fall on the same days. The date changes every year, varying by as much as two weeks earlier or later. No matter where I am at, Baba gives me dreams on the first day of Dassara. Only one year, Baba did not come to me on the first day of Dassara. That year was when I had the above dream of Ammachi, where she came, instead of Baba!

One of my most intense visions of Ammachi happened about a week after she hugged me in California. I saw her very clearly and her face was very close to mine. Ammachi was laughing and laughing. As she laughed, surging waves of fathomless awareness filled me. I felt like I was engulfed by a tumultuous ocean, surrounded in all directions by immense depth. I have not forgotten that Ammachi experience to this day.

Amritanandamayi Maa