Sathya Sai Baba, The Holy Man And The Psychiatrist

Sathya Sai Baba - The Holy Man And The Psychiatrist

Sai Baba, The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist
By Samuel H. Sandweiss, M. D.
Birth Day Publishing Company; (1975)
240 pages; illustrations; ISBN: 0-9600958-1-0


Foreword by Dr. V. K. Gokak

Part I – The Journey
1. Sweets, Sweets
2. Good News
3. Letters Home
4. First Meeting
5. From Thin Air
6. Shattered Rock
7. Psychiatry & Spirituality
8. Monkey Mind
9. Caduceus & Kundalini
10. A Soul In Transformation

Part II – Coming Home
11. The Avatar
12. Gold Spot
13. Prasanthi Nilayam
14. Burning To Ash
15. A Trip Of love
16. Questions & Answers
17. Sai Baba’s Teachings
18. Lotus Feet

Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, in his thought-provoking book on Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, has opened up three main avenues of communication: a fascinating narration of his own experiences with Baba; his probe, as a psychiatrist, into the roots of psychiatry and his consequent discovery that what passes as psychiatry is an incomplete science and that quite essential additions have to be made to it from the field of spiritual awareness to make it truly effective; and the reproduction, from Baba’s writings and speeches, of passages which are regarded by Dr. Sandweiss as key passages for an exploration of Baba’s teachings.

Turning over the pages in which these passages are printed, one can easily see that Dr. Sandweiss’ choice is a happy one. Baba on Avatarhood; Baba on the nine forms of devotion; Baba on the relation of the individual to society; Baba on Sadhana: these and other pivotal quotations take us to the heart of Satya Sai philosophy.

Dr. Sandweiss’ own experiences with Baba are not only interesting but fairly typical. He is first rendered unsettled and “unmade” and the remade in the light of spirit. The “monkey mind” crumbles gradually and gives up its struggle and is replaced by a genuine sensitiveness and receptivity. Allowing his skepticism to fly as high and as long as it can, he still realizes that, if there is any honesty in doubt, it has to admit and accept the existence of a soul and a transcendental reality–a new spiritual dimension to the universe. He also grasps the truth about the role of the Avatar in human affairs. In short, Dr. Sandweiss undergoes a profound transformation. He becomes a different person, gaining as he does a new spiritual dimension.

This change is reflected in the consequent attitude toward his own profession–that of a psychiatrist. A scientist of consciousness in required. Psychiatry itself has to change into an art of healing based on the science of consciousness. Dr. Sandweiss may raise a hornet’s nest around him by this strange assertion. But truth has to be accepted as truth even if the heavens move around you and fall.

It is his sensitive discernment, his honesty and forthrightness in the course of his exploration that will endear Dr. Sandweiss to the readers of this book. A transparent sincerity permeates this piece of writing. The writer takes his readers into confidence regarding all the changes in his thoughts and moods. We come to know every bend of the road he has taken and the direction of each step. This is what makes it a genuine document of human sensitivity and of the psychology of profound inner changes.

Dr. Sandweiss is a valued friend and we cherish many deep interests in common. I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to write these few lines by way of an appreciation of his book.

Vinayak Krishna Gokak
Brindavan, Whitefield
Bangalore, India

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