Ex-Devotee Of Sathya Sai Baba Claims He Has Not Told A Single Lie!

Robert Priddy (an Ex-Devotee of the Indian Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba) said on his WordPress Blog (robertpriddy.wordpress.com – which contains numerous unsubstantiated and unverifiable defamations, libels and slurs against Sathya Sai Baba & Sai Devotees and provides links to defamatory and libelous articles written by Alan Kazlev, Brian Steel and Conny Larsson against Joe Moreno):

“Since fanatical defenders of Sathya Sai Baba and his abuses attack me constantly, I can confidently say that I have told not one single lie. I am confident that fair-minded readers will see this from the breadth and depth of my output.”

Needless to say, Robert Priddy’s amusing claim that he has not told “one single lie” is his penultimate lie. Robert Priddy’s numerous bold-faced and gutter untruths have been thorougly exposed by Joe Moreno on his Pro-Sai website, saisathyasai.com. Robert Priddy has not even attempted to refute Moreno’s fully documented webpages exposing his penchant for prevarication.

The following list contains a small sampling of numerous pathological lies that Robert Priddy has told and which he has never retracted or apologized for up to the present date:

In addition to these fully referenced webpages, Robert Priddy also publicly accused Joe Moreno of (again, a small sampling):

  • Having “no other work but is well-funded”
  • Using “dirty tricks, like posting names of his opponents on porno sites, then publicising it”
  • Being “an old friend of Robert M. Baskin”
  • “widely propagates lies and slanders and the wildest kinds of misinformation”
  • Having his website linked to by RadioSai (an official Sai domain)
  • “openly claiming to have contacted the Sathya SaiOrganisation in U.K. by telephone (Mr Bhagwani) who has replied to his questions etc.”
  • Breaking “US copyright laws and would also be liable to conviction for unsupportable slander and defamation in a court of law” (although Priddy and other Ex-Devotees have not even attempted to file any kind of legal suit against Moreno)
  • Posting “images of a pornographic kind” (see Moreno’s response)
  • Using “sexually explicit language” on Yahoo Groups (see Moreno’s response)

Of course, one will not find Robert Priddy substantiating any of these bold-faced lies with any referenced or verifiable material. Joe Moreno, on the other hand, has fully responded to Robert Priddy’s libels, defamations and slurs in three seperate articles entitled “Defamatory Attacks Addressed” (See: 010203).

The truth of the matter is that Robert Priddy’s Anti-Sai rodomontades on his Anti-Sai websites and Anti-Sai WordPress Blog are full of anonymous accounts, exaggerations, conflations, illogic, fanaticism, irrationality, extremism, speculations and outright prevarications.

Despite Robert Priddy’s loud whining and gnashing of teeth (for about 8 years now), it is significant that Sathya Sai Baba has never (ever) been formally charged with any crime (sexual or otherwise) and not even one alleged victim has even attempted to file a basic police complaint or a court case against Sai Baba in India (Ref). Nor have any alleged victims come forward stating that Robert Priddy can speak on their behalfs. Since Robert Priddy was never an alleged victim of Sathya Sai Baba, his second-hand commentaries, observations, arguments and articles about alleged victims and their alleged sexual abuse are entirely hearsay.

Joe Moreno stated he welcomes any dialogue with Robert Priddy (or any other Ex-Devotee for that matter) on an open forum to discuss the issue of “slander”, “libels” and “defamations”. Any non-partison individual(s) interested in hosting or mediating an open forum regarding these issues is encouraged to contact Joe Moreno.

Incredible Experiences With Sathya Sai Babaji

Incredible Experiences With Sathya Sai Babaji

Incredible Experiences With Sathya Sai Babaji

Mr. Raja Omapathi Rao
N-1-1195 / 2, AC Guards
Hyderabad – 500 004
Tel: 040-23397783

Mr. Raja Omapathi Rao (82), a Civil Servant hailing from a royal family of Telangana in Andhra Pradesh, voluntarily resigned from service. A long time devotee of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Sai Baba in his own words.

‘I had the Darshan of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for the first time in 1953 at Hyderabad. Owing to His boundless compassion and love, Swami blessed my wife and me with many memorable leelas of His Divinity.

Once – I do not remember dates – I was following Bhagavan to Hyderabad from Suryapeta. He was going in a car and I was following in a jeep. When we were near Nakirekal, the jeep stopped as the petrol tank was empty. In those days, petrol bunks were not there nearby. Swami who was racing ahead asked His car to be stopped. ‘What happened?’ Swami told His followers in the car, ‘the jeep got stuck some where.’ So saying, He asked the car to get back and came nearly 10 miles looking for our jeep.

When He came near us, He asked, ‘what is the matter?’

‘There is no petrol in the jeep, Swami’, I replied.

‘Raja Reddy!’ Swami called His follower, ‘where is our drinking water can?’

Mr. Raja Reddy brought from the car a 10-liter fresh water can. In those days, Swami used to take with Him drinking water for Him and His followers.

I was wondering why Swami was asking for drinking water.

‘Pour the water in the petrol tank’, Swami ordered.

I was afraid that Bhagavan was indulging in some prank to chide me for coming without sufficient petrol, and felt apprehensive that the water, if poured in the petrol tank, would damage it.

Mr. Raja Reddy, like the ever-complying Hanuman, poured water in the petrol tank before I could say anything.

‘Start!’ ordered Swami coolly. The jeep was started and, miraculously, it began to function as if it had received ample supply of petrol.

‘Let’s go!’ Swami told us and asked His driver to turn back His car and proceed to Hyderabad.

Our jeep followed His car. Till we reached Hyderabad, the vehicle gave no trouble.

Once Swami went on a pilgrimage to Badari with about 200 devotees selected by Him. My wife was one of them. At that time, Mr. Burgula Ramakrishna Rao was the Governor of Uttar Pradesh. Before the departure of the team, Mr. Burgula gave me a telephone number on which I could contact him at Badari. In those days, the tele-communication was not as widely dispersed as it is now. The service, too, was not appreciable.

After a few days, I read in a newspaper that a South Indian Swami who was going to Badari with a party of 200 devotees met with an accident and that all members of that party fell in the river Alakananda. I was stunned. Being human, I felt anxious about the safety of my wife, forgetting that all of them were in the protective and loving care of Bhagavan. I remembered the telephone number Mr. Burgula had given me and booked a call. Usually, such long distance calls took lot of time to materialize in those days. But, owing to Swami’s grace, the call materialized soon and Mr. Burgula came on the line.

‘What Mr. Omapathi!’ Mr. Burgula accosted me on phone, ‘what is the news? We are all ok.’

I told him what I had read in the press.

He laughed and said, ‘why do you worry when we are with Bhagavan?

Then Bhagavan took the receiver and told me, ‘you don’t have this much faith in me? How can anything untoward happen when I am here? Speak to your wife. She is here’.

My wife spoke to me on the phone and assured me that they were all ok. I was repentant that I allowed my human response to ride over my faith in Bhagavan in a moment of weakness and anxiety.

Once my wife and daughter were returning from Puttaparthi after attending Bhagavan Baba’s Birthday celebrations. On the way some ladies of working class entered into the first class compartment and slept in the corridors. Early in the morning my wife woke up to find that her suitcase was broken open, and cash and jewellery were missing. They immediately lodged a complaint with the Railway Police at Mahabubnagar. They told me about it when I went to the Kacheguda Railway Station to receive them.

Immediately I sent a telegram to Bhagavan informing Him about the theft in the railway carriage. My wife was worried more for the loss of a sphatikamala, which was given by Bhagavan, than for the jewellery. To my surprise, we received a reply telegram from Sathya Sai Baba assuring that all the jewellery would come back. The same night, the Superintendent of Police, Railways telephoned to tell me that all the jewellery and cash were recovered, and wanted me to come and collect them.

He did not insist on any formalities – legal or departmental, but returned our things to us except the sphatikamala. Later, Swami told my wife that the sphatikamala had returned to Him and that my wife need not worry about it. Till then she was upset that while all the jewellery was recovered, there was no trace of the sphatikamala.’

— Mr. Raja Omapathi Rao