Refuting Alan Kazlev’s ‘Intermediate Zone Guru’ Argument Against Sai Baba

‘Intermediate Zone Gurus’ – An Introduction:
This blogged post was created to expose Alan Kazlev’s hypocrisy, equivocations and erroneous “intermediate zone guru” argument against Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Alan Kazlev (who is heavily cited on Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard‘s wordpress blogs) claimed on his website that Joe Moreno “never addresses his intellectual arguments” and instead resorts to “personal attacks”. Needless to say, Alan Kazlev is blind to his own feral and abusive “personal attacks” in which he resorts to gutter and blatant dishonesty (even claiming that Moreno was sexually abused by Sai Baba, was “massaged” with oil by Sai Baba and was perhaps “inspired and uplifted” by Sai Baba’s sexual advances!). See: Joe Moreno Refutes Allegations Of Sexual Abuse.

Alan Kazlev (a self-professed “all round eccentric”) coined (as he put it) “the somewhat clumsy phrase ‘Intermediate Zone Guru'” (Ref) to describe what he subjectively believes to be: Gurus who are not as “enlightened” or as “liberated” as he thinks they ought to be. Therefore, one should not confuse Aurobindo’s notable “intermediate zone” phrase with Alan Kazlev’s “somewhat clumsy” and non-notable “intermediate zone guru” phrase.

Let us start by taking a look at Sri Aurobindo’s original letter and convoluted words pertaining to the alleged “intermediate zone”:
Click Here To Read Sri Aurobindo’s Letter About The Intermediate Zone

Sri Aurobindo, Theosophist W. Q. Judge and Paul Brunton have all made reference to the “intermediate zone”, which has also been described as:

  • The “astral plane”.
  • “Astral intoxication”.
  • The “hall of illusion”.

The “intermediate zone” argument is a broad-spectrum supposition that essentially states that visions, spirit guides, clairaudience, clairvoyance, channeling, psychic experiences, spiritual experiences, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, moments of peace and inner revelations are not true “self-realization”. Rather, these experiences arise from an “intermediate zone” that is described as a perilous and deceptive psychological region in-between ordinary consciousness and genuine self-realization.

The “intermediate zone” argument is not an “intellectual” argument. It is a philosophical, subjective, speculative, judgmental and often a self-serving argument. Anyone who has ever had any sort of “spiritual” experience may be a victim to the illusions, deceptions, voices and enticements of the “intermediate zone”. Anyone who claims realization, psychic experiences, miracles, visions and experiences of God may also be a victim to the “intermediate zone”. Therefore, according to one’s likes or dislikes, one can use the “intermediate zone” argument against Jesus, Krishna, Rama, Mohammad, Zarathustra, Moses, Buddha, Mahavir and innumerable other Gurus, Teachers, Spiritual Masters, Avatars, Prophets, Visonaries, etc. After all, there is no objective way to determine whether or not someone is truly “self-realized”. Alan Kazlev’s methodology in determining which gurus are “intermediate zone gurus” is based solely on his subjective, biased and speculative guesses rooted in his personal likes and dislikes.

Is Alan Kazlev A Victim Of ‘The Intermediate Zone’?
Indeed, one can make the argument that Alan Kazlev is being influenced by forces from the “intermediate zone” because he is a believer, promoter and endorser of Integral Transformation, Integral Metaphysics, Reincarnation, Spirit Possession, Trolls, UFOs, Aliens, Alternate Realities, Cosmic Redemption, Planetary Buddhas, Avataric Gurus, Psychic Powers, Devas, Earth Spirits, Elementals, the Occult, Kundalini, Astrology, Karma, Auras, Astral Bodies, Astral Planes, Astral Beings, Geomancy, Theta Magic, Natal Charts, Samskaras, various New Age philosophies, etc.

Alan Kazlev claimed past life associations with Ancient Rome, Atlantis and Ancient Greece on his bio page. Alan Kazlev explicitly stated that he reincarnates two to three times a century and lived past lives as a Polish Kabbalist, a German Soldier and a 19th Century English gentleman-scholar, philosopher theologian and naturalist raised as a British Israelite (Refs: 0102). Of course, Alan Kazlev’s spiritual experiences and spiritual claims are all indicative of the very “intermediate zone” he warns others about. Consequently, Alan Kazlev is not credible because he very well may be possessed by the voices, deceptions, sounds and sights of the perilous “astral realms”.

Alan Kazlev said the following about Sathya Sai Baba:

“I always had a good vibe from Sai Baba, and i still do, but i distanced myself because of what i heard (and the huge rumour-mill on the internet)…Yeah he once healed me from the astral plane. So i knew he was genuine!”

“Yet in addition to this more positive Intermediate Zone energy, I have also felt a very ugly and slimy astral energy associated with the sexual abuse. It may be that a lower astral adverse entity is using the human Sai Baba as a puppet to inflict suffering on many.”

Therefore, Alan Kazlev claimed he was “healed on the astral plane and implied he has psychic powers to feel an “ugly and slimy astral energy associated with sexual abuse”. Since the “intermediate zone” deals with astral and psychic perceptions, one could argue that Alan Kazlev might be getting his impressions from false voices in the astral realms (which would explain his egotistic opinions, bold-faced untruths, flippant arguments and feral attacks against his detractors). Thank you Sri Aurodbindo, Theosophist W. Q. Judge and Paul Brunton!

It is peculiar that for someone who is not self-realized, Alan Kazlev postures himself as an authority on people who may or may not be self-realized!

Were Aurobindo & The Mother Victims Of ‘The Intermediate Zone’?
What greater deception could a conniving and ghoulish Astral Entity from the “intermediate zone” perpetuate than to deceive people into thinking that Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mirra were above the “intermediate zone” and were thereby self-realized? Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mirra claimed special and unique knowledge about the spiritual path and self-realization. It may come as a surprise to many that Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mirra were said to have communicated with each other telepathically and claimed that they used the “Force” (an “intermediate zone” buzz word) to have influenced the events of the Second World War against Hitler because he was under the possession of an Asuric (demonic) being who called himself “The Lord of the Nations, Master of the Earth” (Ref). As a matter of the fact, the following was written about Aurobindo, Mother Mirra and Hitler:

“Mother and Sri Aurobindo participated in the affairs of the earth and the universe according to the mission and the work they were doing. When it was clear that the Second World War was inevitable, they saw the Lord of Nations leading Hitler on and urging him to conquer the world with very tall promises. The Lord of Nations, it was said, appeared before Hitler in a dazzling light in shining white armour and gave him detailed advice. Sri Aurobindo called this war, ‘Mother’s war.’ He used to send his spiritual force in support of the Allies and eagerly awaited the results of individual battles. At every important turning point of the war, Sri Aurobindo took great interest. At the famous Dunkirk battle where the British troops were miraculously saved, it was reported that the fog in the atmosphere served the British navy well. Sri Aurobindo used to refer to that with a smile as the ‘mysterious fog’. When Hitler was gaining success after success and Mother was trying in the opposite direction, she said the shining being who was guiding Hitler used to come to the Ashram from time to time to see what was happening. Things changed from bad to worse. Mother decided on a fresh strategy. She took on the appearance of that shining being, appeared before Hitler and advised him to attack Russia. On her way back to the Ashram, she met that being. The being was intrigued by Mother having stolen a march over him. Hitler’s attack on Russia ensured his downfall.” (Ref)

That’s right; Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mirra were alleged to have waged a war on the astral plane (aka “intermediate zone”) by using astral powers against an astral demon radiating dazzling light. Therefore, Aurobindo and the Mother’s teachings, visions and alleged powers may have originated from the “intermediate zone” and not from genuine self-realization.

‘The Intermediate Zone’ – In Conclusion
The “intermediate zone” theory can be used to invalidate other’s spiritual experiences and can also be used to induce fear, paranoia and doubt about one’s spiritual practices and endeavors. Let it go on record that I do not believe that Alan Kazlev, Sri Aurobindo or Mother Mirra were under the influence of sinister energies from the “intermediate zone”. This article was written to expose how information can be used and abused to further one’s own biased agenda against Gurus or Spiritual Teachers. I think it is safe to say that many people who have had spiritual experiences know they are not “self-realized”. For a person who may claim “self-realization”, there is simply no empirical or objective methodology to establish the veracity of that claim.

Sathya Sai Baba’s miracles (which have been reported in unprecedented numbers on a global scale) are indicative (if true) of spiritual attainment unknown in human history. For example, see:

Alan Kazlev argued (unconvincingly) that Sai Baba is a “serial sex abuser”. Alan Kazlev believes the allegations against Sai Baba although he conceded (several times) that he did not have the “patience”, “inclination”, “time” or “interest” to research the Sai Controversy for himself. Consequently, it is not surprising that Alan Kazlev disseminates half truths and whole lies against Sathya Sai Baba and Joe Moreno. The truth speaks for itself:

  • Sathya Sai Baba has never been convicted of any crime.
  • Sathya Sai Baba has never been charged with any crime.
  • Sathya Sai Baba has never had even one single complaint lodged against him by any alleged victim, first-hand, in India. As a matter of fact, not even one alleged victim has even tried to file a basic police complaint or court case against Sathya Sai Baba in India (the only place where courts would have jurisdiction over Baba as an individual defendant: Ref) and all of the alleged victims refused free “world-class legal resources” from Ex-Devotees (Ref).

It is also peculiar that for someone who postures himself as a moral authority concerning various Guru’s alleged behaviors, Alan Kazlev is a plagiarist, posted “images of a pornographic kind” on his website (Ref) and published two cyberpunk stories replete with filthy speech and graphic, sexual content (Refs: 0102).

In conclusion, Alan Kazlev’s self-described “intellectual arguments” are not so “intellectual” after all. He coined “the somewhat clumsy phrase ‘Intermediate Zone Guru'” by twisting and extrapolating on Sri Aurobindo’s words. The end result is a “somewhat clumsy” argument that is nothing more than camouflage for a lack of original ideas.


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