Searching for Gold

Searching for Gold: Redefining the Value System for a Wealthy Life
April 16, 2008

Oliver H. Jobson, a retired army officer, graduate of England’s Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and former Aide-de-Camp, has been on a personal quest, since childhood, to unravel what is regarded as the elusive. Jobson’s life focus is nothing less than the examination of the “essence of humanity,” as he puts it. What makes Jobson qualified to undertake such a task?

Jobson has been a practitioner of meditation and Eastern philosophy for over forty years. He was a student of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, an Avatar in India. “Sai Baba’s teachings are worthy of deep study. He teaches the secrets to prosperity, achieving a sense of balance, compassion, understanding, harmony, self-confidence and wisdom,” says Jobson. “He has provided me with guidance for using my intelligence to live a life of quality and fulfillment.”

Jobson’s military and professional experience, combined with his philosophical studies, have empowered him to write a book that captures the wisdom he has gained. Expanding the Boundaries of Self: Beyond the Limit of Traditional Thought is a powerful new guide for personal and national transformation. Says Jobson, “It’s about tapping into your own inner intelligence and power source. It’s equally valid to those who are interested in improving their leadership skills.”

Jobson’s ideas are applicable for the current political climate and for everyone who aspires to lead, particularly in business and sports. He reminds us that:

• “One is only as good as one’s word. Therefore, if one cannot commit to one’s word, of what value is one?”
• “A Society is the magnification of the sum total of the scruples, ethics, and values of its individuals.”
• “A country is only as healthy as the ethics, humanity, and moral fiber of the population, political leaders, and corporate executives.”

A man of strong conviction, Jobson believes that readers will be inspired and acknowledge that positive change is inevitable. He sees his book as “a practical guide to decision-making and direction-finding.” His book introduces Self Discovery Analysis (SDA), a technique that amplifies the understanding that the nation is a manifestation of each individual’s humanity, values, thoughts, and actions. According to Jobson, “SDA is founded on the principle and technique of Introspective Psychology and Reflective Philosophy. It’s a particularly useful tool for personal motivation and prosperity.”

A handbook, presented in the form of a philosophical biography of personal development, Expanding the Boundaries of Self explains the unifying philosophy of Monism, a discipline showing the common thread that links religion, science, nature, humanity, and daily life into a synergy of being in harmony.

Many of Jobson’s SDA techniques are applicable in politics, daily life and business—as you might expect from someone who is an entrepreneur and business consultant. “Excelling in life, with compassion, is the same whether you’re a politician or homemaker, a billionaire or pauper, an agnostic or atheist, or whether you are on a mountaintop or in a boardroom,” he says with an easy-going smile.

Jobson emphasizes, “Whether you’re looking to embark on a journey of inner or outer exploration, seeking an edge in business and leadership, or analyzing your political preference or direction, Expanding the Boundaries of Self is a practical guide. It is more than just an enlightening read; it has the potential of becoming a cherished companion for the Nation. For more information, please visit .

“A combination instruction manual and inspirational guide that will enable [Jobson’s] readers to tap into their ‘inner intelligence,’ and to take charge of their own thoughts, actions, and emotions. . . . Expanding the Boundaries of Self… teaches by example and many of the principles and SDA techniques Jobson presents are applicable with respect to any form of relationship—be they business, family, social, or cultural. Articulate, enhanced with a glossary, and thoroughly ‘reader friendly, ‘Expanding the Boundaries of Self’ is very strongly recommended for community library self-help collections and personal improvement self-improvement reading lists and reference collections.”

—Midwest Book Review

Oliver H. Jobson, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and global business consultant, graduated from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, England, receiving the Queen’s Commission as an Officer. He retired after twelve years from Her Majesty’s Service as a Battle Group Commander.

A Roman Catholic by upbringing, practitioner and facilitator of Monistic Philosophy and mediation and a lifelong student of Eastern philosophy; Jobson has served on many boards, as a director, in a range of industries including entertainment, hospitality, procurement manufacturing and trade. He is also a certified hypnotist and life coach.

Among his other interests are martial arts, soccer, music, and travel. Mr. Jobson lives in Florida. He has two children and three grandchildren.

1. In what way did your childhood experience affect your life path?
2. You have a chapter in your book dedicated to “Self Development Analysis.” How does it help one spiritually?
3. There is a chapter on Transformation. How is this translated to life?
4. What is unique about your book?
5. What is the difference between Sin and Karma?
6. Why do you think Oprah is loosing popularity with Christians?
7. What is your opinion of Oprah’s “New Age” slant?
8. Religion says the “Devil” exists, but in your book you say he does not. How can this be so? How do you reconcile this paradox?
9. You have a section dedicated to Meditation. How can one benefit from Meditation?
10. Atheists don’t believe in a supreme being. How can they relate to your book?
11. Do you accept that Jesus is the only way to God?
12. God has said, “Do not kill.” How do you reconcile terrorists killing us and our killing them, as in Iraq. How did you justify this with your former military career as an Officer in Her Majesty’s service?
13. How do you define God? Do all religions pray to the same God, no matter what we call him?
14. Does Sai Baba’s teachings conflict with your Christian teachings?
15. What does Expanding the Boundaries of Self reveal that every one needs to know?


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