Muz Murray (aka Ramana Baba) And Swami Muktananda

Muz Murray (Ramana Baba)
Public Domain Picture of Muz Murray aks ‘Ramana Baba’ (Refs: 0102)

Muz Murray (also known as “Ramana Baba”) is the webmaster and registrant for the domain, through which he advertises and solicits himself as:

  • A “world renowned Mystic and Mantra Yoga Master”
  • An “awakened mystic and western spiritual master of mantric knowledge”
  • “One of Britain’s best-loved mystic masters”
  • A “world-travelling mystic master with an international reputation”
  • A “mantracharya”
  • A “maestro”
  • Muz Murray recently claimed that Swami Muktananda (Siddha Yoga Guru of Ganeshpuri) told him that he “adjudicated in a court case regarding Sai Baba’s molestation of the son of two of his disciples”. When Robert Priddy asked Muz for further clarification, he changed his story and claimed that (if his memory served him right) that Muktananda really did not adjudicate in an actual court case but that the “matter had been settled out of court”.

    Robert Priddy published his own article about Muz Murray on his wordpress blog on the April 15th, deleted the post as per Murray’s request and then reposted it on the 17th with Murray’s permission.

    Muz Murray also told Robert Priddy that Sathya Sai Baba was a “scumbag” that needed to be “behind bars where he belongs” (revealing Muz’s bias, hatred and predisposition to rumor mongering).

    Although Muz Murray’s claims are highly questionable, unverifiable and strongly suspect, there are some known facts about Sathya Sai Baba and Baba Muktananda. There is photographic proof that Baba Muktananda visited Sathya Sai Baba, had Sathya Sai Baba’s darshan, embraced Sathya Sai Baba and offered Sathya Sai Baba a jasmine mala (with at least two known pictures of the encounter):

    Baba Muktananda
    Baba Muktananda Embracing Sathya Sai Baba

    Joe Moreno (A Pro-Sai Activist) provided a full response on his own website entitled: Muz Murray & The Swami Muktananda Imbroglio.

    And to top it all off, Muz Murray also told Moreno that he personally knew two women who had sexual relations with Baba Muktananda and that Muktananda was “no saint”. It remains unclear why Muz Murray would believe Muktananda’s alleged claims about Sai Baba (which were allegedly provided through a translator in third world India -in the early 70’s- where they do not even speak correct or proper English) when he believes that Muktananda is a shady character who engaged in inappropriate relations with women.

    A strange case of a self-professed “World renowned Mystic and Mantra Yoga Master” (with an extremely small following and virtually non-existent fame) bashing and trashing other Gurus with significant followings and world-renowned fame.

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