Google Bombing – Infovandalism – Disinformation On Google Rank

Alan Kazlev and Brian Steel (Anti-Sai Activists) both accused Joe Moreno (a Pro Sai Activist) of “Google Infovandalism” and “Google Disinformation” due to his high ranking webpages about Ex-Devotees on Google.

Needless to say, although many have tried to hack and/or discover Google’s Algorithm for higher webpage rankings, none have truly succeeded. Although many have resorted to Google Bombing, Google Hacks, Google Spamdexing, Googlewashing, Google Link Bombing and other attempts to manipulate Google’s Multi-Billion dollar search engine, Google has been able to track deceptive web-behavior, remove irrelevant webpages and modify their algorithm accordingly.

A similar case is when Google was accused of Anti-Semitism because a search for the term “Jew” listed the website (an alleged Anti-Semitic domain) as the first result (Ref).

Google spokesman David Krane said the company’s search results are determined by a complex set of algorithms that measure factors such as how many sites link to a given page. The company can’t and won’t change the ranking for Jew Watch, regardless of how many signatures the petition attracts, he said.

“Google’s search results are solely determined by computer algorithms that essentially reflect the popular opinion of the Web,” he said. “Our search results are not manipulated by hand. We’re not able to make any manual changes to the results.”

Ex-Devotees of the Indian Guru Sathya Sai Baba have been accused of being conspiratorial and aggressive in their attempts to deceive the general public with misleading information and self-serving propaganda. Joe Moreno gave a full response to Alan Kazlev and Brian Steel on his own webpage entitled Alan Kazlev’s Absurd Claims Of “Google Infovandalism”.

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