Sathya Sai Baba Mahashivaratri Celebrations 2008

Mahasivaratri 2008 Puttaparthi, Prashanti Nilayam, Sai Baba Ashram

March 6th 2008:
This morning, Bhagawan did not come for darshan. The morning bhajans commenced at 9 o’clock and ended after 45 minutes with Arati. So the Shivarathri celebrations got underway in the evening. Video screens had been set up in Sai Kulwant Hall and a large LED screen was mounted on a truck next to the Ganesh temple, to enable the devotees to see the festivities. Bhagawan came at 5.15 in a new mobile chair and took a round of the Hall while Nadaswaram and Pachavadyam were played by the students along with the Vedic chanting. Just after 5.30 pm, Bhagawan asked Sri V. Srinivasan, the All-India President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, to speak. After his twenty minute talk, Bhagawan stood up to speak.

Bhagawan spoke standing for ten minutes, then sat down to continue for an hour. He spoke about the trend to divide people based on culture, caste and country, and said that soon all would grow united on these three fronts, in the time of Prema Sai.

After Bhagawan’s Discourse, the all-night Bhajans commenced. Swami sat onstage for a few minutes before returning to His residence in the chair. The microphones were switched off at 9 pm, after which group Bhajans continued till morning.

March 7th 2008:
Bhagawan arrived in His chair this morning a few minutes past seven o’clock, and moving through the Hall, came onstage as the Bhajans went on. After twenty minutes more of spirited Bhajans, Swami asked for the Arati and the Bhajans concluded at 7.45. Prasadam of Tamarind rice and laddoo was distributed to all as Swami watched. He returned to His residence after most of the Sai Kulwant Hall had been served.

In the evening, Bhagawan had a surprise in store for everyone. He arrived at Sai Kulwant Hall while the Bhajans went on at 5.15, and moved around the Bhajan Hall and the verandah in His chair. Later, He moved out to the stage area, and at around half-past six, asked for the Bhajans to stop, and for Mr. Ajit Popat of the UK to speak. After Mr. Popat’s twenty minute speech, Bhagawan asked for the microphones and spoke for an hour from His chair. Swami’s Discourse stressed on the necessity to do good in order to yield good results. At the end of His Discourse, He asked for a Bhajan to be sung, after which He accepted Arati. After Arati, Swami spoke a couple of words more, on the importance of the “Loka Samastasta Sukhino Bhavantu” chant, and Prof Anil Kumar translated them into the mic before Bhagawan left for His residence.

You can see pictures of the Shivarathri celebrations at the Book Trust website.

(Curtesy RadioSai)

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