Lead By Example

Dozens of British-trained doctors who descended on Yonibana through the largesse of the Sathya Sai World Organisation and Alphasorie Trust had rendered various medical services to that impoverished community, such as operations to remove hernia, appendix, stomach diseases, respiratory disorders and other serious and life-threatening diseases for which the residents were so grateful to the volunteers from abroad who had come to do a sacrificial assignment which the home-based doctors were never prepared to do, because no one was prepared to pay their exorbitant charges.

With four thousand patients already treated, former President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah in his launching remarks sang the praises of the unique partnership that had brought relief to the suffering people.

The benefit realized included, hundreds of free surgical operations for all kinds of patients, five thousands mosquito nets to break the malaria chain, a bag of rice for every family to strengthen the bodies and the spirits, three tractors for expansive mechanised farming to end hunger and free drugs and equipment bought by the foreign doctors.

And to make the benefit of their presence in Yonibana more endearing and productive the partners are now engaged in the erection of modern hospital where it is needed most and where none has existed.

The benefits of this partnership cannot be quantified in terms of money alone, because the money needed to provide all the logistics for the venture and fly-in dozens of doctors from across half of the world into the heart of Sierra Leone staggers the imagination.

“This is what man ought to do for his follow men,” Dr. Jacob Kanu opined.

“Moreover, until companionate sharing becomes the order of the day in Sierra Leone, suffering would continue,” Mr. Mike Singh added.

And in effect this is also what former President Kabbah said during the launching of the Sathya Sai World Organisation camp in Yonibana.

At that launching, former president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah appealed to every illustrious son of Sierra Leone to imitate the good example of Dr. Jacob Kanu and Mr. Victor Kanu by bringing relief to their depressed communities, through free medical services to the poor.
Without saying it in as many words, former president Tejan Kabbah decried the attitude of Sierra Leoneans who forsake their homes and their contemporaries the moment they achieve success in life.
Politicians are particularly noted for the speed with which they abandon their supporters and constituents the moment they achieve political office, never returning home until the next elections. They even refused or forget to say thanks to those who elected them, let alone provide free health care and employment opportunities.

From this message, it is clear that a man doesn’t need to be very rich before he can look back and help his people.

In fact, any man who wants to help his people is capable of doing so in his own small way.

But very often what are lacking are the goodwill and the willingness to help, which are only available to men of lofty spirit and benign streak.

Now is the time to lead by example and there is no better example than that of the productive partnership between Sathya Sai World Organisation and Alphasorie Trust, created and operated by men and women of goodwill, within and without the boundaries of Sierra Leone.

Posted on 08 Nov 2007

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