Shocking Defamations From Ex-Devotee Of Sathya Sai Baba

Following several scathing exposures about Anthony Tony O’Clery‘s very disturbing online behavior and shocking defamations, he continues to viciously, erroneously and defiantly defame others without proof. This is the guy who is trying to “expose” Sathya Sai Baba and who attempts to deceive others into thinking that he is dedicated to the truth and morality.

After publishing my article about Tony O’Clery’s Vandalism On Wikipedia, he made the following comments on the SSB Yahoo Group and the QuickTopic forum:

Are these extreme pro sbs pedophiles?
It seems to me that the pro sai activistd defend too much. Is it
because they themselves belong to gay pedophile rings? (Reference)

Is the real reason pro sb activists are so vituperative because they are gay pedophiles like sb.? (Reference)

There is a strange connection between simon defending pedophilia and the actions of simom joe and lisa, they all seem to be gay but are they more? (Reference)

With regard to the 3 amigos of the gay-pedophile-groupie club.
One of the greatest problems that pedophiles like sb and his ring have is self-delusion. Like the ancient greek hoplites they think that pedophilia is just like being gay and that one day it will be recognised as a normal human interaction instead of Ahimsa. This is why the supports of sb in the gay-pedophile-groupie club, namely joe, simon and lisa are so vehement for they are on a crusade and are locked in physically, psychologically and sexually to the concept. (Reference)

joe lisa and simon answer a question.
As founder members of the gay-pedophile-goupie club, I need a question answered, from joe lisa and simon. Do members of the club do anal intercourse and fellation like sai baba? Do female members do cunnilingus and use dildos?This is a puzzling question, perhaps you sai devotees can answer it for from your own and sb’s experience… (Reference)

sb and prashant nilayam have enlisted a gay pedophile groupie club
It is obvious that perhaps not only jose geraldo moreno is being financially retained but lisa and simon as well. If they are not then joe and sb are conning them. However it is interesting how the world of gay pedophiles is coming to the defence of sb. (Reference)

Hi got into the hotel internet cafe
I have a question did nirmal at the brothel in prashanti nilayam get a hold of joe or simon yet about their unpaid bills, and the death of devadatta?…S. (Reference)

Brothel owner trying to contact simon and joe.
Just got this from offshore.
Devadatta’s mother wants to contact simon and joe. Namaste, I hear Nirmal, the prashanti nilayam brothel Madam, is quoted as saying that poor little Devadatta’s mother is looking for Simon and Joe. He had said they were the nicest clients to him notwithstanding the disgusting things they made him do. His mother wants to know why he died, who stole his organs and why Joe didn’t pay his brothel bill, causing the sequence of events. She said that she wants to thank simon for giving Devadatta dope to kill the pain of his existence………. (Reference)

That’s right, Tony O’Clery is questioning if Pro-Sai Activists, Lisa, Simon and I belong to “gay pedophile rings”, are “gay”, are “gay pedophiles”, are “3 amigos of the gay-pedophile-groupie club” and that we are being “financially retained”! O’Clery also defamed India’s President as being “in all liklehood a gay pedophile like his guru”.

Tony O’Clery makes the case for me that Anti-Sai Activists are a bunch of liars, defamers and vindictive people who bitterly resort to lies, deceit and dishonesty because the truth simply does not argue in their favor. Where are all the moral and truthful Anti-Sai Activists taking a stand against Tony O’Clery’s defamations against others? They silently endorse and approve his comments (which is evidenced by their silence and continued support of Tony O’Clery).

The truth about Anti-Sai Activists is now out and there is no stopping it.