Sathya Sai Baba Golden Healing Shiva Lingam?

The following images are pictures of a healing Shiva Lingam that Sathya Sai Baba manifested in 1993.

Healing Shiva Lingam 2 Healing Shiva Lingam

Even Robert Priddy (a former-follower and current critic of the Indian Guru) published a picture of the healing lingam in his Pro-Sai book, “Source Of The Dream” and said:

Lingam of solid gold materialized during a discourse at Prashanti Nilayam in 1993. Sathya Sai Baba said that every household should have this picture since it has healing properties.

Connie Shaw also wrote about the healing lingam picture in her book “Mary’s Miracles and Prophecies” (pg 270):

On May 5, 1991, Sathya Sai Baba materialized a golden egg that has several names and is rich with symbolism. Baba said that the Hiranyagarbha Lingam (Golden Heart Lingam) “contains the entire universe in microscopic form. It is a manifestation of the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (God as the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer). It is also the Atmic consciousness (Holy Spirit) – like a thread running through a pearl necklace. It is at the Spiritual Heart.” In the Spiritual Heritage Museum in Puttaparthi there is a quote by Baba referring to the lingam (lingams in general) as the “Cosmic Seed of Creation.”After Sai Baba had manifested it, He said that it is a great blessing for anyone to receive this photo and that it should be kept in every home. His energy will work miracles through it. This is the first time anyone has every heard Baba say this about any photo.Dr M Doraisingham, whom I have never met, who sent the photo to me from England, sent the following story in a four and a half page letter. Baba had just materialized the Golden Lingam while standing on the auditorium stage at the Trayee Brindavan Summer Course assembly.Baba asked Professor Sampath to hold the lingam awhile so that Baba could watch the student cultural program. Professor Sampath is Vice Chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Puttaparthi, South India; he was thrilled beyond words. During the hour that Professor Sampath kept the lingam he became warm and said that he was in a “state of divine ecstasy”.After the conclusion of the cultural program, Swami played a little joke on Professor Sampath. He touched the professor’s pocket as if to brush off some dust. Later, as they were riding in the car together, Baba asked Professor Sampath for the Golden Lingham. In his excitement to return the lingam to Baba, Professor Sampath searched everywhere – his shirt pocket, trouser pocket, the car seat. Be he couldn’t find it. Finally Baba gave a joyful laugh and said that He had sent the Golden Lingam back where it had come from.Dr Doraisingham also said that on June 7, 1991, while walking to darshan to see Baba, he came upon a dead child beside the roadside, held by his mother. The doctor had just been given the Golden Lingam photo and held it against the child, who had just fallen out of an overcrowded van onto the road and been killed. He chanted “Om Sai Ram” many times while praying to Baba and massaged the boy’s chest and abdomen. The dead child was restored to life with the energy of Sai moving through the photo and the next day, in an interview with a friend of Dr Doraisingham, Baba confirmed the entire incident.Baba impressed upon the doctor to stop, to heal the child using the photo, and later said to Professor Anil Kumar, “The child was dead at that point in time.”

In January of 1994, when this author (Connie Shaw) gave a talk in Houston, Texas, USA, on the lingam photo, several people were healed on the spot simply by touching it to the afflicted area. For example, a few people who had experienced headaches that very moment were relieved of pain. One man was in pain from kidney stones; he placed the photo against his lower back in the kidney area and the sharp stabbing pains vanished.


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